Panzanella Potato Salad | Chris Loves Julia

I took an International Foods course in college where each week we would make a big feast of foods from a different region of the world. It was the biggest face-roll course I’ve ever taken (ie, could not have been easier and more enjoyable) and many of the dishes I learned to make are still […]

Dairy-free Rosemary Salted Caramel Sauce | Chris Loves Julia

This is the one, folks. This is the recipe that changed it all for me. I have to be honest – as someone who loves to cook and experience every kind of food, once Jules and Greta developed their food allergies, there were times I would feel a little like my hands were tied behind […]

The battle to eat more vegetables is an uphill one, to say the least. Modern meals are centered around the protein (usually meat of some kind), starch (grain or potatoes), with a small portion of vegetables on the side. We’re all familiar with those sad few spears of asparagus tucked next to our 12oz steak […]

Panzanella - Tuscan Bread Salad

A couple weeks ago, Jules called me up and gave me the news. “Well,” she said, “my thyroid numbers are now completely in the opposite direction to where my doctor says I have HYPERthyroidism, instead of hypo.” Being a husband who loves his wife, I immediately assumed this meant she was going to die and […]

All right, quick rant. You know what drives me up the wall? When people talk about liking one ingredient, but not another, as though they’re supposed to be interchangeable. Miracle Whip and Mayonnaise, for example. “I like Miracle Whip!” “Well I like Mayonnaise!” Um… they taste nothing alike. Let’s see, what do they have in […]


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