Our Modern Cottage Kitchen Makeover (on the cheap!)

August 16, 2019

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2 weeks ago, we started a phase 1 kitchen renovation. Our goal was simple–to spend only $1000 to bring our kitchen to a place that we could live with for a year or so until we had more time to live in the space and figure out how we want it to function. Our big motive was a Thanksgiving shoot we had earlier this week and I’m happy to say, we made the deadline. But what’s more–we are sure we can now live with this kitchen much longer than a year, aesthetically at least.

Here’s how it looked 2 weeks ago:

And today:

And a few more angles:


And the other side:


Same. Kitchen.

This renovation was all about working and using what we had. Countertops, floors, appliances and cabinets are big ticket items in any renovation, so we brainstormed ways to make what we currently had, look less dated and more like us without spending much money. It took a small financial investment and a relatively small time investment of two weeks (although I will say, we really pushed ourselves during that time) to make it happen.

So very many of you followed along religiously on Instagram the last two weeks and we can’t thank you enough for that (I saved the whole process in my story highlights, start with 1-ktchn) but in case you missed a few details, here’s a brief rundown of how we went from this:

to this:


Here’s what we did to transform our kitchen into what it is today over the last two weeks:

  1. Rearranged the cabinets. (read more here) We removed some uppers (and the kitchen desk area that only collected junk) to let the kitchen breathe, and moved others (the glass front cabinets by the range hood) and repurposed them in a place that made more sense. This also allowed us to have cleaner lines and get rid of the staggered upper cabinet look that we don’t prefer.

2. Our plan was to move the range hood up because it hit us (tall folk) right in the mouth area at its current height) but when we demo’d the cover, we saw that they actually installed the wrong kind of hood entirely that didn’t vent anywhere. Because we have another exhaust fan in the ceiling over the island area and plenty of windows in this area, we decided to go without a hood for this phase since in the future, we dream of moving our range to the other side of the kitchen.

3. Removed the tile backsplash and replaced it with vertical tongue and groove paneling. This decision was made during the project when the removal of some cabinets destroyed the tile. But it turned out to be a happy accident. We love the modern cottage vibe it brings to the kitchen.

4. Painted everything the same moody green/charcoal/sometimes a tinge blue (it’s a total chameleon that changes throughout the day!) Thunderous by Sherwin Williams. You can read the full tutorial on how we did that here. Painting all the cabinets and the backsplash the same rich tone really unified our somewhat disjointed kitchen. There were 3 different kinds of cabinet fronts and a monotone color makes none of them stand out. Whew!

5. Built two simple open shelves, below the upper cabinets (9″ deep, 10″ board) and in the range nook (11″ deep, 12″ board). Chris used 1″ pine to whip these up and I painted them, again, the same color as the walls and cabinets so the pots, pans, mixers, bowls, boards–everything, popped!

6. Built and installed a cover for our panel-ready dishwasher. A few weeks ago, shortly after moving in, we had to get a new dishwasher because our old one sounded like a jack hammer when it was on. We went with a Panel-ready Bosch knowing we would eventually buy a cover for it, but instead Chris built one! The dishwasher came with a template for size and he used 1/2″ plywood with these trim pieces and 1/2″ cove moldings to make it. I primed and painted it and I can’t believe we even waited this long to do this.

7. Swapped out the lighting. In the spirit of using what we had, I remembered I had purchased two of these 14″ white enamel pendants for the cabin and never used them. I ordered one more and outfitted them with these slightly oversized G40 bulbs and I love the look and the memory that comes with them.

8. Updated the hardware. We had 5 bin pulls left over from our last house and I mixed in a bunch of these budget friendly polished brass knobs (they’re beautiful and heavy!) to freshen up the look.

9. Swapped all the receptacles for black ones and painted the cover plates to blend in better with the walls.

10. Spray painted our faucets (sink, prep sink and pot filler) a satin black. They were all that brown oil rubbed bronze with copper-ish peeking through. Two weeks ago, I didn’t even notice, but as the kitchen started to transform, it became clear they needed their own mini makeover, too.

11.Painted the window sashes black–read that tale here.

12. And then the arched cabinet arrived on the day of our shoot. Just in time. I knew I wanted to get rid of the desk area and just put a free-standing china cabinet of sorts in its place to hold a lot of our servingware and table linens (those are in the baskets at the bottom) and this one was love at first site. It mimicked the arches we have everywhere in our home and the black and glass combo would have sold me. But then it was on sale for $1349 and I threw the budget out the window and ordered it, knowing I could and would love to use it elsewhere in our home even after we eventually really renovated the kitchen. Under the desk area there was tile missing and a whole house vacuum system (that we’re still figuring out) and this cabinet doesn’t exactly hide that, but I painted the floor the same color as our tile and it’s pretty disguised. We shrugged our shoulders and said “phase 1!”

We said that a lot during this renovation–phase 1! There are so many MORE things we could have done and some things we did that many wouldn’t do if they allotted $1000 of their budget to renovate their kitchen.  And I think that’s the beauty of this project and this exercise–it would yield different results for everyone that participated. But everyone would end up with an improved space. I’m so glad we didn’t wait until a full gut renovation to spend time and money improving our kitchen.

There’s so many valuable lessons to be learned in a phase 1, whether it’s trying out a color or a skill or just the ability to fall in love with your house. A lot of you wondered what our final spend was on this kitchen, so I broke that down below. Please note, this was not how to redo your kitchen for $1000. This was a budget we set for ourselves knowing what tools, supplies, materials, cabinets, appliances, dishes and decor we already had. I encourage you to look at what you have and see how you can build on it!

window paint $9.96

brass knobs – $63.36

light bulbs – $29.94

black outlets – $179.16

lumber for shelves and dishwasher cover – $150.75

shiplap & crown – $297.82

painting materials – $122.96

sheetrocking materials – $33.83

extra pendant light – $143

SUBTOTAL: $1030.78

+ arched storage cabinet – $1349

TOTAL: $2379.78

Small investment. Huge impact. We can’t thank you all enough for supporting us during this renovation, but also through this entire year that has been bumpy for us, and the last 10+ years we’ve been doing this. It just keeps getting more fun and we credit that all to you.

Sources below (note: Most of the accessories we’ve had for years, so I’ve linked what I could!):

Paint Color: Thunderous by Sherwin Williams in a Satin finish

Range Nook

Hardware Knobs
Hardware Pulls
Dinner Bell (old, similar)
Round Wood Footed Tray (old, similar)
Oil Cruet
Pepper Grinder
Marble Spoon Rest
Marble Utensil Holder
Copper Tea Kettle
Pyramid Cheese Grater
Mortar & Pestle
Mini Copper Cocottes
Large Strainer Stock Pot
White Enamel Dutch Oven
Copper Kitchenaid Stand Mixer
vertical tongue and groove paneling


Over the Counter Wood Cutting Board
White Dipped Vase
Rattan Tray

Cabinet Side

Cream Smeg Toaster
Honey Pot
White Speaker
Long Wood board
Natural White Speckled Melamine Bowls
Marble Rolling Pin
Olivewood Salt and Pepper Mills
Round Pizza Board
Wood Fruit Bowl (similar)
Art (vintage)
Soap Set

Arched Cabinet

Black and Cream Striped Cotton Rope Baskets (these are the best and affordable!)
Marble Tiered Serving Tray
Live Edge Wood Serving Bowl (styled on its side behind plates)
Copper Planters
Faux Stems

Dining Room



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What do you think?

  1. Allison says:

    Amazing and beautiful transformation!!!!

  2. MC says:

    Are you liking the tongue-and-groove paneling for your backsplash? I really like the look and we’re planning a (budget) kitchen remodel and our contractor is against this idea – he says it would be hard to clean. What is your experience after a year with it? Does dust show or is it hard to clean?

  3. Maggie says:

    I do love the colour you chose and I love how the tone transitions — even see it in your pictures. But I feel there was a bit too much of it and, to me, it feels rather dismal. Perhaps the tongue and groove paneling could have been a different tone . . . .

  4. Sara says:

    Are those CB2 chairs comfortable and good quality? Ive had my eyes on them for a while but I have seen mixed reviews. Thanks in advance your space is stunning!!

    • Julia says:

      We love them! I will say the boucle fabric tends to collect crumbs, but I’d reupholster the seat before even considering getting rid of them–they’re great!

  5. Lisa says:

    Nice job! Love this design! What a huge improvement!

  6. Lea says:

    It’s lovely! Only change I would have left the island cabinets the original color for warmth- but I love a little rustic wood in every space. But this is very soothing and beautiful nonetheless!

  7. M says:

    How did you patch the holes in your island. We’re getting ready to pain our knotty alder kitchen cabinets. Trying to decide the best way to move forward.

  8. Laura says:

    Love how you styled the china cabinet!

  9. Phuong says:

    I just discovered your blogged and love your content. I’m actually going to try to do shiplap behind the stove after seeing what you guys did. Was there any protective coating you paint on ? Does the application of shiplap behind stove break any fire building code?

  10. Michelle says:

    I am so inspired to do my own “phase one” with vertical shiplap as a backsplash and then tie it to same in the mudroom. Here’s my question: when you installed it vertically, did you 1. use liquid nail and apply directly to the drywall, 2. use horizontal furring strips and nail to that, or 3. nail to the drywall (not sure that would even work, but maybe because it was such a small area?)?

    And as a quick follow-up, if you used liquid nail, are you concerned about trying to remove it when you do “phase 2”?

    I found your blog when Emily Henderson shared your cabin heartbreak. I do believe that when God closes one door, he opens another – thank you for letting us all in; I’m completely hooked.

  11. Tara Schaubert says:

    just started rewatching Downton Abbey and THIS is the vibe in the downstairs kitchen! so so good!

  12. Justin says:

    Love it! Where did you get your shiplap & what is the width?


  13. Erin says:

    Hi! LOVE your black iron cabinet-looks like you got from Crate & Barrel. Do you like it so far? Is it black or more of a dark charcoal? I noticed one at McGee & Co. almost identical except it has solid iron on sides (no glass). Not sure which I prefer….hm…but I’ve been eyeing for some time!

  14. Maria says:

    Love ALL of it! Where’s the dinning area light fixture from?

  15. Brittny Smith says:

    Where is your cutting board from underneath your Smeg toaster? It hangs over the edge of the counter somewhat right?

  16. Where is your cutting board from underneath your Smeg toaster? It hangs over the edge of the counter somewhat right?

  17. Meghan Felix says:

    Do you have a tutorial on spray painting the faucet and other fixtures? I know I saw the boxes and tape in your stories, but do you need to prep the fixture in any way? I’m looking to spray my silver bathroom sink faucet black. Thanks in advance!

  18. Diana says:

    Hello, could you please provide a link or name for the metal plate you installed behind the stove?

  19. Hey Julia, sent this kitchen redo to all my peeps. Love it. I did see on stories that you might be reposting the photos due to some export issues. Has that been done? Keep up the good work. Love following along.

  20. Jennifer says:

    Wow! You painted your faucets? Was this the first time you had ever done that? What spray paint did you use? Looks awesome!

  21. Jayla says:

    How did you handle going from one ceiling mount lighting to three separate mounts over the island (electrical wise, new drywall holes, the support pieces in ceiling- all of it.)
    Did you DIY, or have your contractors complete?

  22. Rebecca Neustel says:

    This looks so much like a Devol kitchen!! Maybe this will give you more time before you feel like the major reno has to commence. Your creativity just boggles my mind—I wouldn’t even realize these changes would be a possibility.

  23. Annette says:

    Great job as usual. I get such inspiration from you both. I have a quick question about the tongue and groove paneling. I would like to do a similar wall treatment behind my range but I am being told that it is not safe. The backsplash has to be fireproof. Any concerns with having a wood product behind the stovetop?

    • Julia says:

      Check your local code! We had to add a non-combustible material at least 4 inches behind our range and had to be 4″ high. We went for 6″ high

      • Karell says:

        How did you guys add that sheet metal? Was it just regular glue? We’re thinking of doing the same on ours and I was just wondering.

  24. Patty says:

    I love your kitchen makeover. It’s amazing what you did in a short period of time. It’s very inspiring. Especially for DIY’ers with a lower budget!
    One question – it looks like the electrical strip on the island was painted the same color as the kitchen. Did you spray the outlets or did you cover them and handpaint them?

  25. Caeli says:

    Absolutely stunning. And inspiring for our own mountain cabin reno. Here’s a random question: what type of (brownish) matting do you have on the framed picture that makes it look so antique and amazing?

  26. Bob says:

    Wow! This looks great. What a difference! Can’t wait to see it in person! You two are amazing!

  27. Leanne says:

    My answer to EVERYTHING now is “phase one”. Go ahead. Put it on a shirt. Phase one. So, so brilliant.

  28. Naomi says:

    Where did you put the microwave for phase 1? Is it just not even mentioned for styling and photo shoots but realistically put back on the counter? Or do you not use one enough?

  29. Erin says:

    I love how you showed that rearranging cabinets can transform the space. And removing some cabinets to open shelving really opens up the space. Curious if there is no longer hood fan for stove or is it just hidden? The new paint updates the cabinets so beautifully!
    I think using a china cabinet is a great idea too and s/o could easily redo one thrifted and do entire update for around $1000. Amazing. Thk u for sharing!!

  30. Lissa says:

    Looks awesome. I’m curious how much paint total was needed for this amount of cabinets? We’re about to paint ours, and I’m trying to get an idea of cost using a paint sprayer. Thanks!

  31. Emily Jane Zarov says:

    Oh my goodness, this transformation… It is so, so, sooooooOOOOOOO darn good! I can hardly even stand it! (you inspired a new pinterest page : ) Just wow… I mean -WOW. Congratulations you guys -phenomenal…

  32. Colleen says:

    Well done! My new inspiration for any home project is “What would CLJ do?” You guys never disappoint and keep getting better! Hands down my absolute favorite blog!!! Love you!

  33. Michelle says:

    Can you share a tutorial on how you make the shelves? Where are the corbels from?

  34. Ange says:

    This has to be one of my favorite makeovers ever. I love your style and even though I did really like your bathroom at the other house, the budget was so Kim & Kanye LOL. It seemed like a magazine article more than a blog. This makeover is not only gorgeous but it’s attainable. Win-win.

  35. Laura Reynolds says:

    Phase 1, has been fantastic. By far, the best thing on Instagram. You could not have picked a more perfect color for the cabinets. Would love to hear more about how you picked the color and other paint contenders that didn’t make it. Well done on everything. It really is a show stopper.

  36. Laura Reynolds says:

    I been along for the ride and its been fantastic. By far, the best thing on Instagram. You could not have picked a more perfect color for the cabinets. Would love to hear more about how you picked the color and other paint contenders that didn’t make it. Well done on everything. It really is a show stopper.

  37. Sandra P says:

    Brilliant!!! Just so freaking Brilliant!!!

  38. Alex says:

    So beautiful and reminiscent of English or deVOL kitchens with the rich cabinet color and simple backsplash. I have a question, what are the white things on the window shades? Have you thought about painting those to blend in?

  39. Yvonne T says:

    This is gorgeous and so inspiring. We have great quality cabinets but I thought I was stuck with the awkward layout. This has me pulling out the graph paper and figuring out how to transform our kitchen without spending big money on new cabinets or granite!

    Would you guys consider doing a peek into your drawers and cabinets – maybe on your insta stories? I’m curious about where you keep sippy cups, water bottles, coffee tumblers – all the not so pretty things. That’s the hardest part of kitchen organization for me!

  40. Maddy says:

    You have such a talent for transforming a space! I doubt this is on your radar (I am sure it’s been mentioned numerous times) but it sure would be amazing if you offered e services for those of us facing similar situations in our homes for phased makeovers! Or just did posts here and there for all of us to be inspired be. I love your recent mantra of enjoying our home where it’s at in this age of digital “perfection.”

  41. this makeover is beyond amazing!!! Such a great inspiration. We have actually built a business doing this exact kind of transformation for people making over their existing kitchens on a budget working with their existing elements. Thanks for giving me new inspiration. Love every detail!!!

  42. Linda says:

    The pendants, the painting, the dinner bell— make my heart happy ❤️

  43. Khanyisa says:

    You did an amazing job. Bloody amazing.

  44. Rachael says:

    Ah! What a stunning transformation. Your account is hands down my favorite to follow because of your transparency and creative ideas!

    I do have a quick question. Did you purchase or make the cutting board/ crumb catcher under your toaster? It looks like it fits perfect.

    Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  45. gigi says:

    Wow! Will you share how you painted your faucets and how they are holding up.

  46. Joan says:

    One of the things I love the most about this transformation is one you didn’t change—the flooring! I’m amazed at how much different and how great it looks with the different cabinetry color.

    I’m inspired to paint cabinetry now, but probably will practice on my laundry room first.

    It all looks so great and fresh and moody at the same time.

  47. Alison says:

    Bravo!! It’s nothing short of amazing…and such an encouragement to those who think they can’t afford a kitchen renovation.
    Question: What paint did you use for the faucets?? I need to do the same to my bathroom faucets for a quick fix before we renovate. Just wondering if there is a “safe” paint to use…or do you bake to cure?

  48. Kaja says:

    Following along these past weeks has been so much fun! I would wait when you posted new stories, and then binge once or twice a day, something I looked forward to and a highlight of my day.

  49. Megan says:

    Sort of a silly question, but how did you paint switch plates and outlet covers? This would help things blend so much in our house, but I never considered it an option!

  50. Jeannine says:

    Wow! What a transformation! You’ve definitely tamed that beast. :-) Looks great.

  51. Sara Karlson says:

    We did a phase one kitchen reno when we moved it- so happy we did it! We spent a bit more- but removed a wall and reconfigured a closet/pantry. It’s not perfect- but it’s 100% better than the “before” and functions well for our family! It’s what we could do at time financially. So glad we didn’t wait! Love this project- can’t wait to see more like this in your new home.

  52. cat says:

    Good gracious, what a wonderful, confident, Phase I you designed and executed! You were bold and brave and it paid off. The result is stunning. Enjoy!

  53. Susan says:

    Painting the window sashes was a wonderful idea; they all look great and the arched window over the sink looks awesome. The Thunderous paint color is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and amazing work.

  54. Cassie says:

    I’ve never been so addicted to checking Instagram Stories… worth it!!! Love it all so much and I’m SO glad that you enjoyed doing it on that tight timeline and sharing it all (as opposed to finding it super stressful and overwhelming). It was nice to hear your recent story where you just gushed about how much fun you had, because WE had so much fun! Thank you for doing it this way! xoxo

  55. Patty says:

    This is amazing.. I’m still in awe. So glad to see you guys back in action and doing what you love! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  56. Tonja says:

    This is so awesome!!! The cabinet is absolutely incredible and I agree, worth it!! I was so apprehensive about your cabinet color choice but I’d honestly have this in my house when I see it now. Your ability to envision and create it is unmatched! I kept deleting IG because I’m sick of it and literally would download it to watch your stories every other day and delete it again. Heh It looks so so nice, and love the final look of the faucets now, too!

  57. Lindsay says:

    I’ve been longing for an all white and bright kitchen for as long as I can remember… but now I day dream of the moody comfort and sophistication of your new kitchen! I’m here for it and fully obsessed. Love your style and cant wait to see how the rest of the house turns out.

  58. Sara says:

    SO beautiful! I loved watching on Instagram and the build up to the finale. I love the dark and moody direction you went and that you added architectural interest. I have to admit the final after photos are less exciting to me than your process pics and I think I figured out why – it feels too over-styled and cluttered versus the clean and simple feel it had in-progress. I’m curious to see how the styling of it evolves as time passes. Similar to your old kitchen after you edited out a bunch of stuff on the shelves and counters, and even in the way you simplified your art in your last house. I love the finished product but all the “stuff” takes away from the cottage feel and the details you added in the finishes.
    Can’t wait to continue following along for the rest of your renos!

  59. Jody says:

    I have been following every single move on Instagram and the kitchen turned out absolutely amazing. Your style is innovative, fresh and attainable. You should be very proud! Well done!

  60. laura says:

    This is insanely beautiful!!!

  61. Julie S says:

    Behold the power of paint!! Seriously, you got the new/classic DeVol look down for not that much money and time! I’m definitely impressed. I do wish the green paint wasn’t so desaturated, while still moody like your old library room at the former house. It seemed to have a bit more life & depth in your Insta photos and I notice these shots appear super cool toned in comparison so maybe the flattish gray cast is all in the editing. I still prefer a kitchen with a significant dose of white to bounce light around, but my admiration of what you’ve accomplished is real.

  62. Stephanie says:

    This transformation is gorgeous!!! Every time there was a before pic, my eyes hurt. There was so much going on and now it’s cleaner and simple. I love how the cabinet is arched as the alcove and window. The cabinet color works very well in he space. ????

  63. Jackie says:

    Nice job you did here! Just a friendly tip: might be worth investing on a tilt shift lens, or shoot wide then crop.

  64. Kelly says:

    I am impressed with this transformation! But…it feels very cold and dark (I’m sorry…). I would love to see it with the lights on. Do the pendants warm the space at all? Would fresh flowers make it more…happy? Regardless, you do you, and you are confident in your style, so congrats on the renovation! :)

  65. All the changes you made are so beautiful! I’m also amazed at how much better the end of the island looks without that lone handle! xx

  66. Monica says:

    Maybe I missed this- will you add some kind of lighting over the stovetop? While I do like the dark paint it appears to make the cooking area very dark!

  67. Madi says:

    Ohhhh man this is so, so good. Amazing job!

  68. Nadia says:

    :::Slow clap::: I am floored. This is stunning. I’m amazed how the places you focused on for change made such a huge impact.

    You are really transforming this McMansion into something beautiful.

  69. Olga says:

    I’m kind of wondering what was your girls reaction to the new kitchen? I know they are very young but I’m just curious because my almost 11 year old trying to participate very hard in choosing new appliances for our kitchen remodel lol

    • Julia says:

      Hahaha that’s so cute. I think because it was over 2 weeks and it wasn’t like they left and came back and it was done there was less than a wow factor for them. But my 5 year old keeps calling it a “famous” kitchen which she sometimes mistakes with fancy! haha

  70. Vicki says:

    Really looks great…just like a CLJ kitchen should look! You made a tremendous impact with $1030!

  71. Candice says:

    I literally fell off my seat when I saw this. I’ve been following you guys since the beginning and you guys continue to inspire me.

  72. Stefanie says:

    It looks beautiful!

    I’m so curious about the double-layer look of the granite on the island (I know it wasn’t touched by the phase 1 – it’s just something that pulls my eye in every picture). I’ve never seen that before – any idea why it’s done that way?

  73. Jan says:

    WOW!!! You both make an amazing team! Thanks for sharing your home and process!

  74. Rebecca says:

    This looks amazing! And honestly, this budget project probably speaks to so many of us whose realistic budget is more on this scale. I had basically given up thinking about how to do any updates in our new to us, but builder basic 10+ year old kitchen and home. We have a very small budget and nothing seemed doable. Thanks for the inspiration to keep trying and keeping doable DIY going out there online!

  75. joanne fevens says:

    This is the best thing I have ever witnessed ❤️ You are absolutely incredible and I can’t wait for more!

  76. Rachel says:

    So moody, so lovely, so fun to watch and especially loved the process and how you make decisions and pivot when needed. Thank you!!

  77. northerngirl says:

    Love. This. Makeover. One question: did you think about painting out the kitchen window trim in the cabinet colour? Wondering about that decision making process, since everything else got painted out.

  78. Kellyn says:

    Looks so good! The link for the white dipped vase doesn’t seem to be active anymore. Any chance you remember where it’s from?

  79. Allison says:

    AMAZING! You guys killed it. I watched along the entire time and LOVED it!!!

  80. Cori says:

    So beautiful!!! I love these projects just as much, if not more, than the big budget projects, because they prove that those of us who will never be able to afford spending tens of thousands of dollars on a renovation can still make truly BEAUTIFUL spaces for so much less! As always, we’ll done!!!

  81. Susanna says:

    It. Looks. So. Good. I can’t. For the last five minutes I have just been scrolling between the last before and after pictures. It looks cleaner, it looks brighter – even though its darker?? Magic!!! Awesome awesome job guys!

  82. Barbara says:

    I can’t stop looking at this beautiful transformation! So incredible!

  83. Trudy says:

    This is a ???? improvement. It’s also exactly the kind of content I like.

    My only thought is the shelf above the cooktop could be a little lower. Styling wise I think the Kitchenaid makes it look crowded to the top of the arch, also it completely terrifies me to have that heavy object so high.

    We had a similar situation in a basement powder room as you do with the black cabinet, a pipe we couldn’t move and was visible from front. I am wondering if you could run a black board, say thin plywood or even foam core, around the inside of the cabinet legs, similar to a wood toe kick. Not the way you want the cabinet to look ideally but would cover vacuum pipe.

    Great job!

  84. Angelica A. says:

    Looks awesome! I’d love to see pics of the kitchen at night too. Great job and what a transformation in such a short amount of time.

  85. Steph says:

    Amazing! Thank you for taking us through the process: bumps and surprises and wins!

  86. Molly says:

    It is so, SO good. You must be insanely satisfied with it! Feels like y’all are BACK, baby! And I was obsessed with the IG stories – would save them every day until the end of the day for a long “episode” of CLJ!

  87. Amy says:

    No microwave? or do you hide it for the shoot?

  88. Vicky says:

    I can’t believe how much the dark paint on the cabinets seemed to chang the colour of the floor! It appeared beigey-yellow before and now it looks white. Unreal reno, just gorgeous!

  89. Candice says:

    It looks like two different kitchens!!! Massive improvement! And that china hutch. ????????????

  90. Emily says:

    absolutely floored with what you have done in such little time and with only $1,000. WOW. So inspiring.

  91. Angela says:

    One word—-LEGIT!

  92. Susan says:

    I never post comments anywhere. But I had to break that habit to tell you how excellent this make over is. Truly well done and thoughtful. Your style is not my style but I could so live in this space! Kudos!!

  93. Ty Reynolds says:

    I loved watching every bit of this transformation! Truly inspiring to see how we can always work with what we’ve got. It turned out beautiful. Love the shelves under the cabinet & over the range so much. Thank you for letting us in!

  94. JENNIFER I says:

    Wow! I could be content with that for a long time! Crazy how you got that done in such a short time. Looks completely different.

  95. Katie says:

    This really is a beautiful kitchen!! I love these windows, countertops and chairs!
    The color combination is something I was never sure about. I always loved to admire all of the dark kitchens on Pinterest, but never had a darker kitchen myself. I think your renovation finally convinced me! :)

  96. Carly says:

    Love love love it!!!! There are so many great transformations. It’s crazy how much the paint color changed the color of the counter tops. Very inspiring to just get it done! I love so many things. I’m ready for another room :)

  97. cathryn says:

    Wow, I love the transformation! I love that the new cabinet mirrors the arched window and arched indent area over the stove. Such a beautiful job making the kitchen more of your own style with a reasonable budget and reasonable expectations of not replacing the big items that may not be your taste. I think we all have less than ideal kitchens/baths (the big ticket rooms) and feel overwhelmed with how to change them to make them better but this is so inspiring!

  98. janelle says:

    FANTASTIC! Way to go. I can totally see doing something similar. I think you were smart to live in the house for a while before you do your dream kitchen. Thanks for letting us follow along.

  99. Lauren says:

    I followed along on Instagram and my jaw still dropped at these photos! This is seriously so good and so inspiring! I’m looking at my ugly 80s bathroom with dark green tile and shiny brass fixtures in a new way…

  100. Wow guys, just amazing! I am in the process of building a home and the dark cabinets are making me want to go that route with our butler’s pantry and dining room built-ins.
    Love following you guys and seeing the progress!

  101. Brenna says:

    It’s so so good! I’m in absolute awe. It’s so incredible, but attainable. Great work!!

  102. Hannah says:

    You guys! This turned out better than I could have imagined. So good. I have been wanting to paint our cabinets a dark moody green and I think this made my mind up. I absolutely love what you did with everything. Great job!

  103. Anne Marie says:

    Love!!! You’ve officially inspired me to do our phase 1 as well.

    Do you recommend buying the pulls in unlaquered brass if we plan to use them with the knobs you have used? Do the finishes match well? They appear to in your photos, but I thought I’d check.

  104. JULIA. and CHRIS. (haha) This is incredible. I can’t believe how different it looks! Great & inspiring work.

  105. Paula says:

    Love it Julia! I would never have had the vision. It’s giving off all of the quaint cottage vibes even though I know it’s a large space. The color did wonders for making it feel cozy and inviting.

    Excellent vision. Beautiful space. :)

  106. Melody says:

    seriously like Christmas morning, I’ve been following along on Insta and each day I couldn’t wait to see what you’d done. I have been brainstorming rearranging my uppers for 2 years and am tempted to throw caution to the wind and just do it. haha! Beautiful job!

  107. Lisa says:

    Is there something like an Emmy for bloggers? This transformation has been the best thing I’ve followed for a long time (ever?). It wasn’t just the transformation that was great, but the documentation and content creation that came out of it. Great job!

  108. Kelly says:

    Looks absolutely amazing!!! Question for you on your new dishwasher. We are getting a panel ready Bosch dishwasher as well In a few short weeks and I’m wondering if you have to have to make any special considerations for the cabinet hardware for the dishwasher? I sometimes see bigger handles on the dishwasher panel than other cabinets but can’t find any literature about why that would be.

    • Julia says:

      This 4″ one is working great for us

      • Julie M. says:

        I love all of this!! Just wanted to add that we have the same Bosch dishwasher (with a custom panel front) and we also have a 4 inch handle pull. (Has held up great for us for more than two years now.)

      • Rhonda says:

        How do you like this dishwasher? Does it clean well? Do the dishes come out dry or wet? We are renovating and have to decide on our panel ready dishwasher this weekend!

  109. EP says:

    I love your “new” kitchen and I loved following along on IG. I have to say initially I was wondering if it was going to be worth the tremendous effort involved to do a phase 1 remodel. I was feeling like, is there really anything that you could do with the brown granite and ornate cabinetry to make it THAT much better? Happy to say I was wrong! Just goes to show that it’s worth it to put in some effort if it makes you happy for even 3, 6, 12 months.

  110. ashley jensen says:

    That is absolutely amazing and beautiful! I love the way the natural wood pieces and bronze pieces pop against the paint! And that cabinet looks even better than the picture from the website!

  111. Coleen says:

    So amazing and inspiring! You must be so proud of your hard work and innovation.

    I have been dreaming of a similar color scheme for three years since I moved into a 2004 constructed home. Maybe you could suggest some things to help. I have samples of similar paint that you used on your cabinets that I have had for three years and just can’t get started. I am fighting a similar battle with lighting getting mostly afternoon sun and poor light in the morning. My granite is shiny black with greenish gray and some gold speckles. A dark moody color would probably make the whole room too dark all day. I have knotty alder cabinets with non-shaker style trim that will just look “too country chic” which I don’t prefer (haha) if painted ANY color. I do have an island I could paint a moody color. A full kitchen renovation is not going to happen for a few years. How do I make this all work for a temporary fix!?

  112. Amy says:

    I love the transformation of your kitchen, so warm & inviting.

  113. Susan says:

    Strange question but you took the light down over breakfast table. Would you consider selling it? I think it might work in my entry?

  114. Beth says:

    can you comment more about the stove vent fan and not having it above the stove anymore and using the vent to the right of the stove. Will you be able to get enough of the steam, and cooking smoke away with out getting your fire alarms from sound off? May sound like a silly question, but we are constantly thinking about our stove vent fan and upgrading to a more powerful on for our cooking needs.

    This is a beautiful renovation and I would also love to hear more about the process and what to expect in cost if you are not doing all the work yourself.

  115. Melissa says:

    Absolutely amazing what you guys did in 2 weeks with everything going on in your life during that time (aka – spider bite, wedding, funeral, birthday). You guys are superhuman! Your cabinet painting tutorial was very inspiring and gives me hope that I can try to tackle my own paint projects. Quick question, did you take down the light fixture over your dining table? Are you planning to replace it with something new? Can’t wait to see what’s next!!

  116. Joanna says:

    The moodiness. The cottage vibe. The openness. It is all on point. I also love that you set a pretty small budget for new items and worked in things that you had on hand. To me, that makes it the more realistic. This was a project for YOUR home, not simply a blog challenge to see how you can inexpensively renovate a kitchen. I think that actually makes it more useful because it doesn’t limit the reader by saying “this is how you do a kitchen for a small amount of money,” but rather, “here are is how we tackled our specific situation and we hope it gives you some inspiration for your own space.”

  117. Amy says:

    I’ve been so drawn to this kitchen reno and haven’t been able to put my finger on why exactly until seeing this reveal. I love how you’ve used what you have, but for me, what I really like about this kitchen is that it has such a level of sophistication yet still seems attainable. Thank you so much for the beautiful inspiration!

  118. Sara says:

    Wow..just wow! I was following along the whole time on Instagram……you guys did ana amazing job!!! You’ve inspired me to pull out my paint sprayer…????

  119. Anika Clarke says:

    The kitchen looks beautiful! I noticed that you painted the faucets, what paint did you use and how long do you think it will hold up? I wanna spray paint my door knobs and hinges, but seeing this makes me wanna go crazy and paint everything that’s currently silver in my home lol! I just wanna make sure it’s something that will last. Thanks!

    • Julia says:

      We used Rust-Oleum satin black spray paint. We’ll keep you posted

    • Wilma says:

      My mom painted her doorknobs a few years ago (maybe 4 or 5)? The ones that get the most use (main doors, main floor powder room) are quite chipped. Realistically, spray painting these things will not hold up as well as buying in the finish you want. However, it does work reasonably well. It will not hold up forever, so as long as you are realistic with your expectations, it’s a great idea. I have spray painted tons of stuff at my place, including the vent furnace covers. The ones that get walked on or are near the kitchen chairs, etc, need to be touched up every year or two. But it’s worth the savings to me. Maybe you could buy new for the few things that really get used and spray paint everything else?

    • Jacqueline says:

      I was wondering about this too. I’ve spray painted dated door knobs at my old house old rubbed bronze. I bought new hinges and strike plates in old rubbed bronze for better durability. I would guess powder coating hardware like the faucets would be better. I have no idea how to find someone to do this though…

    • Chris says:

      We spray painted some hinges (against my contractor’s suggestion) and they are already showing wear after just 6 months. I can’t imagine a kitchen faucet would last at all with so much use… but it looks pretty ????

  120. Gloria says:

    AMAZING and for 2 weeks !? Incredible job, you two ????

  121. Coco says:

    I am speechless!!! I knew it would be good, but this is beyond amazing!!!! I’m so so impressed with how everything turned out. Absolutely beautiful and so “you”! I’ve been glued to my phone following along every step of the way. Thanks for including us in the journey!

  122. Jess in Sweden says:

    Stunning! If the missing tile under your china cabinet bothers you, maybe you can hide it with a toekick painted in the tile colour?

  123. Emily Dennis says:

    Absolutely incredible!!! It’s like Christmas morning for me. However, I do wish you’d stop calling it the $1000 kitchen makeover. I understand it’s not a how to and just the budget you set for yourself but it continuously implies that you accomplished it for that amount. When it really goes far far over that when you include the cabinet AND the dishwasher.

  124. Marina says:

    Eh, feel like you maybe need more outlets???? Just kidding :). This looks amazing! I’ve loved following along on stories. You made that brown granite look GOOD.

  125. Allison says:

    What happened to your microwave?

  126. Merideth says:

    This. is. so. good. What an incredible transformation. Photography is on point!

  127. Susan Atwood says:

    Forget phase one – I could live with this gorgeous kitchen long term! Love and inspired by your vision.

  128. Hannah says:

    You guys. It’s so good. My favorite parts are the two shelves Chris built, they add so much character.

  129. Aleena says:

    Staying within that budget and achieving such dramatic results is extremely impressive!!

  130. Kara says:

    The kitchen turned out so good!!! It’s crazy how the tiles look more cool with the different color cabinets!

  131. Emily Smith says:

    This is so good. SO SO GOOD. Even you have to be surprised at how good it turned out! Glad to hear you can live with it longer, because I can’t imagine tearing this gorgeousness apart!

    Alternatively, in our last home’s galley kitchen (re: cheap because of area alone), we kept the ok-but-not-quite-my-style dark wood cabinets and replaced the dated “traditional style” tile backsplash and terrible dark green laminate countertop with clean modern white subway tile and white laminate with grey veins. Painted the walls battleship gray, added sleek bar pulls and new pendant lighting and it was a whole new kitchen for around $500 I think? SO SO worth it and I kick myself for waiting years to do it. Fast forward to our new (old) house with it’s dated worn in kitchen and I’m brainstorming our own Phase 1… Thanks as always for the inspiration!

  132. Danna says:

    Absolutely amazing transformation! That glass and metal cabinet has me wanting to build an entire kitchen around it! Its just beautiful no stunning!

  133. Kate says:

    So beautiful! I love seeing how a relatively small amount of money can make such a difference with some time and effort.

  134. Hannah says:

    WHERE did you put your microwave?

  135. Jeana says:

    I absolutely love how gorgeous this turned out!! Wow!!! Do you have a link for the cake server in the arched cabinet? And the white dipped vase link isn’t working. ????

  136. mary says:

    What fun to follow this! Can’t believe how obsessed I was. Such an amazing result and great inspo for those of us who can’t afford a major reno.

    So jealous of that copper Simplex kettle. My chrome one looks sad now lol.

    (under the arched cabinet I would take the bottom and back out of a long low basket and slide it over the mess)

  137. Carolynn says:

    This is the most fun I’ve had following along on a renovation in a long time. Usually, we just get to see the before and magic transformation. It was really riveting to follow along in real time and see how often you have to pivot and adapt as things evolved and how you picked up on small queues to re-evaluate the next step. I also loved that you were honest when the timelines slipped and just asked everyone to wait rather than pretend it was finished and take pictures from tricky angles or settle for less than your vision. That is real life and and makes everything more realistic and accessible. I’m in love with phase 1 and can’t wait for the next step of the journey!

  138. Sara says:

    This is truly fantastic and a dream kitchen! It reminds me so much of those Devol kitchens I drool over, but with a Chris Loves Julia modern touch. Thanks for sharing so much of the process, it is inspiring!

  139. Darcee says:

    This is amazing! You two inspire me to keep plugging at different rooms in my house. I think I need to invest in a paint sprayer now!! Question. How do you buy the right spray paint to paint things like faucets? So it’s safe to still have in the kitchen and doesn’t look awful and just chip off? Cause I have things I’d love to spray paint. But I’ve never found a good one.

  140. Erin says:


  141. Carmen says:

    These pictures are just so satisfying to look at, I hope the feeling is the same for you when you’re now spending time in this space. Thank you for sharing.

  142. Ronda Watson says:

    This kitchen looks amazing! It’s unreal the difference you made with the amount of money spent. I love the color of the cabinets and the black /glass cabinet! Can’t wait to see what y’all do next.

  143. Summer says:

    Like many others, I have so enjoyed this whole process! I think that is what I miss most about design shows on tv-the process! Thanks for showing us every step. It is absolutely stunning and I’m trying to restrain myself from ripping out my desk in my kitchen and buying that cabinet-gorgeous!!!!

  144. Ashley says:

    Simply stunning!! I’ve been following y’all for just under a year, but have know about you from YHL ( I’ve followed the for almost 10!). Man, I wish I had followed along sooner. You guys do some pretty amazing things, and have quite the style! Can’t wait for all that’s to come. And I like how you take your time and not rush into all the things at once.

  145. Renae says:

    This is the best transformation I’ve witnessed in…forever! I absolutely love every detail.

  146. Trista says:

    This is so gorgeous! I am so obsessed with how amazing this kitchen turned out! Amazing job!!

  147. Lindsay Manly says:

    I am crying happy tears at 1) we finally get to see the reveal and 2) this gorgeous moody, bright and beautiful kitchen! Can you even imagine what it’ll be like come fall with autumn elements in this kitchen!? My husband has been poking fun about how much I have been talking about your project with so many ideas of beautifying our own space until we are fully ready for a full on demo. Thank you for helping us love our homes more, finding beauty in small changes that coordinate with our own tastes, and letting us share in the journey! You guys hit it out of the park – It looks INCREDIBLE and Beautiful!

  148. Lisa says:

    Stunning!!! I wouldn’t even need to move on to the Phase II reno if this was my kitchen. So many charming items, layering and texture. Just beautiful

  149. Kate says:

    Perfection! And now I am inspired to tackle a few of my own spaces. Keep up the amazing work!

  150. Natasha says:

    This has been the best content on my insta feed in a long time! I’ve been hooked, waiting for the big reveal. You’ve totally empowered me to get started on my kitchen and be ready to fall in love with the space again. Thanks for the inspiration and well done. Enjoy your beautiful space with your beautiful fam.

  151. Audra says:

    AmAzing!!!! You guys are amazing! You brought this kitchen to life, I love it! And I didn’t even notice the floors before bc they just blended in and I think they look so much better next to your dark cabinets! It’s so good! Good work! You should be proud of this !

  152. Nicole says:

    I love that you actually reduced the number of cabinets. It makes it look soooo much more open and it just breathes more. I’ve been considering taking my L shaped kitchen with an island and making it just the long wall with a much bigger island. I don’t think I would lose much storage (and I have a huge pantry that I use for some storage anyhow). But I just think it would breathe better. I’m just afraid it will look strange being a “smaller” kitchen in a larger home/space. With such a trend of huge kitchens and ALL the cabinets, it’s refreshing to see you actually go with a little less for the sake of breathing room and openness. Even if it is just for phase 1

  153. Katherine says:

    My favorite moment is the shelf above the stove that Chris built and you styled. I want one!

  154. Ellen says:

    So amazing ! What a beautiful transformation. And the vision you have, that’s a talent. I couldn’t wait to watch insta-stories to see what was happening. Thank you so much for having us following along. Very excited for the rest of the house.

  155. Kelli says:

    Seriously so good! That paneling pulled everything together in the coziest way! This might stave off the need for phase two for quite a while. ????????????

  156. Wendy says:

    Looks awesome! I love the way you found a color to work with that granite color. It’s eye-opening to me to see that there are ways to work around dated trends while still being complimentary. I’m also curious about your thoughts on the prep sink… does it function well being so small? Would you include a prep sink in your phase 2 reno?

  157. Christin says:

    This is sooooooooo good. I have loved following this renovation and have been literally hanging on every single Instagram update. Love you guys, love your content, love your mindset. Thank you for sharing with us. Truly.

  158. Roxanne says:


  159. Emily Head says:

    This transformation was truly inspiring! I have been wanting to do a phase 1 update in my kitchen, but our cabinets are about 40 years old (original to the house) and they are in really rough shape. Some doors are breaking off the hinges, multiple really bad paint jobs, etc. What would you recommend to do for a phase 1 update without having to invest heavily in new cabinets?

  160. Katie says:

    The only problem with this phase 1 renovation is that a bunch of us are going to be hard to impress/sad to see it go when you are ready for phase 2. :) Seriously love this! You guys do kitchens really well; I’m using the Fullmer kitchen has major inspiration for our new build kitchen, but I might actually like this kitchen even better.

  161. Lisa says:

    The kitchen looks incredible!!! I’ve loved watching every moment of this reno! You’re so good! It’s so good! Great photos!

  162. Lori Pham says:

    You guys move so fast! It is so exciting to follow along. Not only do you inevitably always end with a beautiful result you make the process appear fun and it’s so inspiring! I especially love the photo of you both in your new “phase 1” kitchen. Bravo! Magnificent transformation!

  163. Amy Mitchell says:

    This renovation really taught me the value of a phase one renovation. I never understood it before. It really does allow you to experiment with different things knowing that it isn’t permanent. I really see how it also helps make a final renovation ever better. It allows you to tweak a lot of different options and make a better decision for the final renovation. I realize the cost could be a deterrent, but if funds allow its a great first step!

  164. elizabeth Reynoso says:

    Slow clap. . . EVERYTHING about this makeover is amazing. The space is completely transformed into a space that is so true to you and your style. I love the beautiful moody color and the consistency of it throughout the space. Its amazing how a simple thing as paint color can unify your space. Before all I could see where those columns on your island and the country style paneled doors. Now it is so sleek! Love the window trim with the light wall color next to all the moodiness underneath. To me it seems to help let the light in and actually brightens the space (that and not having cabinets crowding the window. Ugh its just all soooo good!!!

  165. Laurielulu says:

    Loved every minute of the mini reno! It turned out AMAZING!!! What ugly granite? (I have the same and can say it.) I live in CA and would never go dark and moody, always been super into light. It really is a great space and the budget? Incredible! So excited for you. Loved seeing your sister too! Such a fun time, can’t get enough. ????????????

  166. Sarah Clark says:

    What you guys do is literally mind-boggling. HGTV or someone! Give these people a show! AND MAKE ME THEIR FIRST CLIENT!

  167. susan says:

    This is truly amazing! You really unified the whole look. I’m loving the board and batten back splash and that arched cabinet is perfection! Thank you so much for showing that a phase 1 update can be transformative and affordable…

  168. Cici Haus says:

    WOW! Everything you did is so approachable. So, possible. And the results are stunning! Thank you as always for inspiring us.

  169. Rachel says:

    Whoa! Hard to believe this is “phase one”. It’s beautiful!!!

  170. Emmy Blakely says:

    I mean, it’s just stunning! What an AMAZING transformation. It was so much fun watching you guys do this. I can only imagine what it took to pull it off. Thanks for sharing it with us all! Well done.

  171. Lynn Sargent says:

    Incredible transformation! I’ve been following along on IG and everyday your the story I look for! It’s been so fun to watch this process! Just love how it turned out!

  172. Kimberly Tseko says:

    This is so good I seriously got emotional for you. It is just such a great feeling when you make at least one part of your home really YOU while you’re living through a transitional phase. You guys are geniuses! I even bought the pendant lights from OBL this morning after seeing the finished product. Totally an inspiration watching this transition with you!

  173. Shuchi says:

    Where did the microwave go?

  174. It’s seriously unbelievable! It’s three cabinet colours, right? Charcoal, green, and black by the range? I wouldn’t have thought to use three colours in a kitchen but they look amazing!! This is 100-% my style and my colour palette and I love it! I can’t wait to see what you do with a full kitchen budget in this cottage!

  175. Amy P. says:

    So amazing!!!! Bravo :) Question: with the removal of the hood, do you still have ventilation over the range?

  176. Megan says:

    I am a new follower after your trip with YHL and WOW! Its just amazing! I loved following along on your instastories, you are inspiring me to finish some DIY projects of my own!

  177. This is honestly probably one of my favorite blog posts / design blog journeys I have ever seen. I loved following along so much!

  178. Maegan says:

    Wow! You guys!!!!!! This is so well done!!! I love the budget friendly aspect. We have been saving for our kitchen reno for the last 2 years and now I really wish we had done a phase one. Why wait? Ugh.
    Thanks for all your continued inspiration and for never giving up (you have been through a lot). You guys rock!

  179. Megan says:

    Absolutely remarkable transformation!

  180. Lil says:

    It is seriously unbelievably truly beautiful. I found this project INCREDIBLY inspiring. I’ve been in my house 3 years. The cabinets are fine. Everything else is a little dated. I think I’ll be able to incorporate some of what you did in my kitchen. Thank you!!!

  181. Patricia says:

    Wow! I couldn’t wait to check Instagram stories everyday to see what Chris and Julia were up to today… This is exactly the kind of story I want to follow. I also love long range with floor plans and mood boards and test paint swatches too.

  182. Shelley says:

    This is so good, and so inspiring. What a lesson in both learning to love what you have and not being afraid to tweak what you have to love it even more.

  183. Sara Knudson says:

    Wow! I’m in awe! I wish I had even 1% of your vision

  184. Jessica says:

    I was surprised how interested I was to see the end result of this remodel, since it wasn’t going to be your final phase, I didn’t think it would be this dramatic. Great job! The black paint on windows was so transforming, glad you did it. I wanted to know- do you plan on keeping this layout in the final phase in the future? I feel like the stovetop is very far from the sink, like taking the dirty dishes all the way to the sink on the other side of island is a little less desirable. We will be remodeling our kitchen soon, so I’m looking for tips. Love the remodel, enjoyed seeing the process so much. :)

    • Julia says:

      The layout is the main reason why this is only a phase 1. The range being on the other side of the room –behind stools! no access to the island!! is a big struggle for our family life. And I’m always worried about the girls getting burned and Chris doesn’t have a ton of prep space. But this will tie us over!

  185. Jay says:

    Are you guys considering changing the floor in the future?

  186. Angela says:

    Phase 1 is totally perfect! Can’t imagine how you could improve or why you’d need phase 2! Especially love the shelves and how you decorated them!

  187. Gayle says:

    Absolutely amazing!!

  188. Hannah says:


  189. Mandy Beachy says:

    So excited for this!! It’s so amazing i have no words. You two are unstoppable. Amazing amazing job.

  190. Jessica says:

    This is AMAZING!!! I absolutely love that you did this on such a small budget. I would love to see more of these small budget makeovers. It proves that you really can make over your space without a huge investment or complete renovation. Great work :)

  191. Chrisy says:

    You guys are just SOO GOOD. What a team the two of you make! I have loved watching this process and all of your hard work. I’m looking forward to buying this house one day (furnished, of course) after the girls are all married in the backyard. ;)

  192. Catherine says:

    I love it! It’s amazing the impact you achieved in such a short time and how you were able to make the kitchen feel so “you” without a complete demo. I felt a little threatened by the knife on the counter though. #sinister

  193. Jenna says:

    My brain can’t even comprehend this transformation! I did a phase 1 kitchen reno 7 years ago and have been waiting to redo it but, ended up liking my phase 1 enough that I have been happy to live with it! But, seeing this stunning paint colour makes me want to phase 2 my phase 1! You guys did something super special here!

  194. Emily says:

    When Love Island ended, I wondered what I would do with my time. Thankfully, you were renovating your kitchen and I could tune in daily. Loved following the process and am so impressed with the transformation. But now that it’s over, I am going to have to resort to watching Bachelor in Paradise. SIGH.

  195. Ashlyn says:

    LIVING FOR THIS TRANSFORMATION!!! Not going to lie, a few of the days I was thinking “there’s no way, they’re lying, they haven’t done ALL THAT already!!”. I’m inspired to fix up my kitchen!

  196. Heather Roecker says:

    Beautiful! Truly inspiring transformation!

  197. Jen says:

    Stunning!! Beautiful job, so fun to follow along the way!

  198. Karen says:

    Shoot! This is stunning. I wish I had your vision. I’m not happy with my kitchen but have had no idea where to start. My countertops are tiled. Thank you 1976.

    I did just have a big birthday and have been saving up to treat myself to a beautiful piece of art I’ve wanted for years. Price? $1000. Now I’m totally rethinking this plan. Wouldn’t a “phase 1” of my own be more rewarding? Yes. Yes, it would.

  199. Marcia says:

    I love that the kitchen is so you now. The cottage look isn’t what I’ve come to expect from you, but the way you rearranged everything, painted, changed the finishes, and styled it makes it feel quintessentially Chris & Julia. And to complete it on such a short time frame! It truly has been impressive and exciting to watch. It’s a fantastic example of making something your own even if you can’t redo everything. Thanks for that!

  200. Tanieka says:

    Justice has been done to this space! You guys breathed so much life into this kitchen, and made such a smart decision changing the cabinet placements. Im so in love with this reveal!

  201. Morgan G. says:

    Beautiful, that cabinet is sooo good!

    Quick questions that come to my mind. Is there a specific type of paint you used on the faucets, so it will not chip or scratch away due to wear and tear? Or is this usually a non-issue with spray paint. Also, is the paint used on the back splash easy to wipe down in case of grease?

  202. Amy says:

    Worth the wait! It’s so incredible what you did here in 2 weeks. Beautiful! Can’t wait to see the new light in the dining area ????.

  203. Michelle says:

    SO beautiful. I loved watching this come together! But I see blue and charcoal now. Where’s the green?

    • Julia says:

      Interesting. I see green on my end!

    • Tracy says:

      I was just coming to say the same! The cabinet color looks different in every picture! It’s cool, but I was wondering if he was the same in person.
      I guess this answered my question.
      It looks incredible & if I could change one thing about my husband, I would make him more “handy”! The labor you guys can do saves so much!

    • Heather says:

      This is the most amazing kitchen reveal!!! I’m shocked and can’t believe the transformation! ????????????

      The after images have a cooler white balance temperature than the before pictures. This makes the cabinets look blue rather than green. (Viewing on my iPhone. )

      • Camille Baello says:

        I agree @Heather! The cooler white balance temperature makes it look like a completely different colour! I would love to see more photos of the space with less editing to the photos to get a better idea of the colour.

      • Julia says:

        This is pretty true to life

  204. Dayna Mailach says:

    Girllllllllllllllllll this is AMAZING. You have to do a styling tutorial. I know you’ve done them in the past but the styling you guys did here is SO GOOD. How do you go about buying pieces? Do you always overbuy and return? What’s too much clutter in styling for a kitchen? Any advice on any of this would be amazing! SUCH AN INCREDIBLE JOB GUYS!!

  205. Suzanne says:

    So incredible!!! You guys did fantastic!!

  206. Christina says:

    Thank you so much for showing us this process! It is so beautiful! You guys have shown me what it takes to love my home even if I don’t have the money right now to do all that I want. I do have the money and some elbow grease for some phase 1 improvements and I’ve already done a few. Also, my phase 1 might last 5 years and I’m ok with that.

  207. Sarah says:

    LOVE IT!!! This has been so fun to watch.

  208. Mindy says:

    THIS!!!! This is bonkers good!! It has been so joyful and inspiring to hear your minds and watch your bodies use what you have and make your kitchen SO. MUCH. BETTER. Your new space gives me all the feels! I’m anxiously awaiting following along on all your future house projects!!

  209. Jen says:

    I was hoping you’d include a brief tutorial on how you extended the fridge top to meet the cabinets next to it. So cool!

  210. Susan says:

    I can see how the revamped kitchen more closely matches your design aesthetic. To me this kitchen is dark and shadowy and gloomy. It appears fr.the photos that you would need undermounted cabinet lights just to see what you were doing, especially in the winter when daylight is short and you have less light streaming in window. We also.did a phase 1 makeover of our kitchen for around $800, and it made a huge difference. So much so, we may just leave it and sell before we get to phase 2

    • Julia says:

      It’s actually so much brighter because all the uppers and window valances were blocking the recessed lights from shining on the counters.

      • Susan says:

        I believe you. I just know that walking in here every day would leave me feeling depressed. Clearly I’m in rhe minority

      • Kelly says:

        I agree with you, Susan! I feel like I’m in the minority too. The cold, dark tone of the room isn’t inviting. I think tile would have added some relief from the darkness instead of beadboard, honestly.

  211. Julie says:

    The fact that you guys pulled this off in just a couple weeks – for a PHASE ONE nonetheless – is SO UNREAL!!! And all while the rest of your main living space is under construction lol. The vision you guys have is so incredible. Thank you for sharing.

  212. Wendy says:

    What a transformation! I was glued to Instagram the entire time. You have such good ideas! I’m inspired to try some things in my kitchen now. I’m kinda new to your site…is there a how-to on the shelves?

  213. Melissa says:

    Loved following along during this makeover! The finished product looks awesome. Really looking forward to more of your projects in the new home :)

  214. Becca says:

    Seriously amazing transformation. Love love love it. One thing I don’t understand, though… Why hasn’t HGTV roped you into a tv show yet???

  215. Jackie says:

    BRAVO. BRAVO. Truly in awe of your talent. This does not look like a $1k kitchen update. This is truly a dream kitchen for most (aka me)! So so impressed. Keep up the great work, guys!

  216. Jessica Dupont says:

    It’s so gorgeous!! Crazy how a phase 1 small budget project can make such an impact!

  217. Sarah says:

    You guys are just amazing!

  218. Linda says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! It was so worth the wait!
    Very, very nice!!! Can’t wait to look again at all the wonderful details you provided…… right now I have to go pick up my husband-who had a tire blow out !
    ( just HAD to get a quick look at your post- I mean, first things first- right!!!) Lol!

  219. Angie says:

    Beautiful transformation! Every detail is well thought out. Just wondering with 3 young children if you have glasses, plates and snack bowls accessible for them to use if they would like to get a drink or snack or make toast for themselves? I have always tried to make the function of our kitchen accessible for our children. Are they stored at child level but just not in a picture for us to see? The look is gorgeous!!! Just curious about the function.

  220. Bridget says:

    This was so educational for me. It never occurred to me that I could remove and relocate my cabinets (they are weirdly low and also there are way too many of them). I just assumed i was stuck with them that way until a gut reno. Now I’m thinking about how to relocate and paint! And everybody also got a great lesson into using a paint sprayer! You guys are the best.

    • Ann says:

      This is something that is definitely only possible with newer cabinetry. I live in a late 1950’s home with built-in cabinets that are all connected together. They are not able to be re-arranged, they only come out in large, broken pieces. So it cannot be assumed that this is possible in every kitchen.

  221. Effie says:

    Such an amazing transformation. Followed all the way through & I still can’t believe that it’s basically the same kitchen…it looks brand new!!! Stunned at what some ingenuity, inventiveness & lots of elbow grease can do!
    More! Please! ????

  222. Lisa T says:

    Wow! This is just absolutely beautiful!!!! You guys are incredible. So talented. I only started following you guys about a year ago (my loss!). I am so inspired and challenged stylistically by you guys and dreaming of having such an amazing kitchen someday!

  223. Sessia Viera says:

    I Love Love Love it. I have been following every single day on Instagram story your work and dedication. I LOVE the final product. Its amazing how paint and some boards change it drastically. I truly love it. But where is that bell from?Me and my husband both fell in love with it.

  224. Ling says:

    You guys are seriously amazingggg!! This turned out so incredible. I love how the arch is echoed with the cabinet and the paint to accentuate it in the nook & window. Bravo!!!!

  225. Doris says:

    Wow, it looks AMAZING!!! I love the wooden accessories against the cabinet color. Also, that arched cabinet is just dreamy. ????????????

  226. Melissa says:

    It looks beautiful! I have to wonder what the previous kitchen designer was thinking!? The four island pillars being different sizes would never be a part of any kitchen plan. I love what you all did here!!! It has improved so much!!! I’m curious why the new dishwasher was not included in the budget?

  227. Doris says:

    Wow.. wow.. wow.. It looks amazing. I love all the wood accessories against the cabinet color, and that arched cabinet is just dreamy. ????????

  228. Nathalie Copas says:

    This is incredible! Thanks for educating us along the way on how to do some of the project work. Are you able to share the source of the wine glasses in the arched cabinet?

  229. Christine says:

    The dishwasher cover looks great, but it has me wondering, where are your buttons to operate the dishwasher? We have an eyesore of a dishwasher, but the buttons are on the front of it, so I don’t think we could put a full cover on it to disguise it!

    • Julia says:

      Ours are on top.

    • Mandy says:

      Hi Christine! To add a cover onto a dishwasher, it has to be a specific type a – “panel ready dishwasher”. With a ‘regular’ dishwasher, whether the buttons are on the front or the top, its not possible to add a panel/cover to it. Hope that helps!

  230. Julia says:

    This is the most gorgeous kitchen transformation I have ever seen. And that is not hyperbole.

  231. Michelle says:

    It looks amazing! Such an huge difference for a relatively small amount of money and time! The cabinet was totally worth busting the budget for. It’s beautiful! I love what you said in your stories about setting a budget to allow yourself to spend the money. Even with a budget I have trouble spending the money but that’s what a budget is for!

  232. Miranda says:

    I’ve loved watching you do a real-time renovation. I think it really opens the public up to understanding the time and pace of a real renovation. Now, you had a tight deadline and worked your butts off to meet it! and so it was much faster than most, but I really appreciate the realness of your reno :)

    I am curious, though, why did you decide to keep the window trim the same color as the rest of your trim, but not paint it the same color as the paneling and trim?

  233. Liz says:

    So inspiring! It looks fantastic!

  234. Danna says:

    It’s gorgeous!!!!! The window trim painted black looks fantastic and finished it off perfectly! Love it all!!!

  235. La Rae says:

    Seriously this is one of the most gorgeous kitchens I’ve ever seen. I can’t even believe it’s just phase one! Your creativity astounds me!! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWO!!!

  236. Jamie Conrad says:

    This has been so inspiring!!! I’ve been living with orange oak cabinets for 5 years because I thought I had to do everything at once, but I will be changing them within the month thanks to your encouragement. I love everything you do, but for some reason, this project really drew me in. Thanks for showing us how to make things beautiful with what we have.

  237. Chelsea says:

    Thank you for taking us along on this project. How do you determine what paint type/finish to use. There are so many, it’s a little overwhelming.

  238. Stephanie says:

    LOVE IT! Are you guys worried about not having a vent above the range?

  239. LB says:

    This looks amazing! I’ve loved watching the transformation the past two weeks. A true testament to how a small (to some) investment of money and lots of creativity can reap big rewards. Enjoy your “new” space! Hope this gets you even closer to feeling like this house is your home.

  240. Kelsey G says:

    You guys are incredible. I am speechless and in awe.

  241. Christina says:

    This has been such a fun couple of weeks to follow along with y’all!!! Congratulations, it looks incredible!!!

  242. Abigail R. Jacob says:

    It looks amazing! And I gotta say, that arched glass display cabinet is what absolutely KILLS IT.

  243. Erica says:

    Wow, just wow

  244. Nani says:

    It looks so good, like a completely different kitchen. This is awesome for two reasons, one because it shows people that anyone can update a space for the phase 1 and number two it’s not going to cost a fortune. This is insanely great because we are looking to buy a house in the next year and one of my biggest fears is a crappy kitchen.

  245. KWu says:

    I did not know you can paint faucet hardware!! Would be awesome to hear more about that–I HATE the brushed nickel that our house came with in the bathroom and kitchen but am not sure I want to replace them entirely just yet.

    Kitchen looks incredibly transformed–not having that uneven cabinet line or the hood above the range in particular. China cabinet is gorgeous.

  246. Tara says:

    I love this!!! It looks sooo good!

  247. Anna says:

    IT. IS. AMAAAAAZZING! Thanks for the inspiration! The love you have for your home is infectious!

  248. Sarah says:

    That colors is to. DIE. FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  249. Beatrice Teller says:

    It is crazy how different it looks. Moody but warm at the same time!! You are so good at mixing metals. Between the stainless, cooper and gold it all meshes. I suck at it , to be perfectly honest , and want to learn. My house has been traditional for the past 20 years and i would love to make it modern/traditional . Warm but cleaner lines. You two help me get inspired. I also have tons of flea market landscape pantings which are beautiful , but they also need new life – Mayb put some modern cleaner pieces with them? Gah. Do you two do house calls? Love your work!

  250. Diana Y says:

    SO good!! All I can say is you deserve a standing ovation
    THUNDEROUS applause!

  251. kristen says:

    proof that you guys are the absolute best. this is amazing! I am so impressed with your vision and thankful we all get to learn from you!

  252. Sarah says:

    This has even inspired my husband to pull the trigger on a phase one kitchen reno as a full renovation is farther down the road for us. I can’t believe what you accomplished in such a short time! Obsessed! And that arched cabinet is everything.

  253. Tarynkay says:

    Wow! This is gorgeous! I really like that you are continuing to mix in more accessible DIY projects alongside less accessible (but still inspiring) work.

  254. Megan says:

    I saw on one of your stories, someone said the dark green cabinets were going to make the kitchen too dark. Maybe if all you did was paint the cabinets that would be true. But the completed phase 1 renovation actually feels lighter/brighter than before. I think taking down the cabinets/arch around the window and making all the cabinets the same height really helped with that, along with the new lighter wall color. Great job, as always Chris and Julia!

  255. Danielle says:

    It is absolutely beautiful! I’m impressed that you guys could even think of all of those things to do, and then get them all done so quickly. I’m impressed!! Great inspiration as always.

  256. kristin says:

    Amazing!! Have been waiting for this reveal & can’t say enough how amazing it is & the work you do for everything!! This is SO good.

  257. Eileen says:

    Beautiful! This is amazing and could easily be a forever kitchen rather than phase 1. I love your use of dark, moody colors. Can’t wait to follow along the rest of your renovation.
    Just curious, noticed the light fixture above the table is gone. Would love to see what you plan to put there.

    • Julia says:

      I’m on the hunt! We had to take down the other to shoot our Thanksgiving overhead photos, and I actually did order a different one but it’s not going to work. Back to the drawing board.

  258. Lauren says:

    Amazing!! Kept refreshing your blog this morning dying for the update!! Thank you for sharing all your tips and tricks. ❤️

  259. Kiera says:

    This is so great! Thanks for sharing phase one. I’m currently trying to figure out a phase one for our kids/guest bathroom, with a $300 budget. This has given me the motivation and inspiration that I need.
    Also, it’s crazy how sometimes we can’t see past the little things. All the different colors of the cabinets would have had many just straight up demo’ing them out. Thanks for showing how a little paint and some re-purposing gave your kitchen new life. I hate seeing so many things sent to the dump just because it’s not someones style/taste. We tried to repurpose our cabinets when we remodeled our kitchen, but they weren’t great quality, we did save some for our laundry space in our garage.

    • Laurielulu says:

      Yes, it’s really important to note that the bones of CLJ’s house is of high quality, well maintained and gently used. There was also a great amount of luck in the removal of things, very unusual. But, like Julia said they did damage tile but because of their ingenuity they added bead board Gahhhhh, so great. I’m gushing I know, but I can’t help it.

  260. Samantha says:

    What a strange kitchen it was to begin with! This looks amazing now.

  261. Hayley says:

    WOW! This kitchen is Peak CLJ. I can hardly believe it’s only a phase one makeover. It’s like it was always meant to look this way.

  262. Lyssa says:

    What happened to the microwave?

  263. Julia says:

    I watched the whole thing on instagram and loved the finished room! it its so awesome to see how you can transform the kitchen with a small budget!

  264. Leslie Peterson says:

    Amazing. Just amazing. It’s a completely different kitchen. I’d be curious to see how the previous homeowners react.

  265. Denise says:

    The results are amazing! Watching the two of you tackle this kitchen in doable steps has been so inspirational. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us.

  266. Amanda Peters says:

    insanely good! so inspiring.

  267. Molly says:

    I cannot get over this kitchen. Jaw dropping! I can hardly believe it’s the same kitchen! Did you remove the dining nook chandelier/pendant light too?

    • Julia says:

      We had to for the Thanksgiving photoshoot and thought it wasn’t worth putting back up. Nothing like a little pressure to get something in its place

  268. Maggie says:

    Stunning. As you said above, so many lessons to be learned in a phase 1 renovation that we can all translate to our own homes. Also, the Instagram mania was So. Much. Fun.

  269. Nicole says:

    What an amazing transformation! It must feel great to accomplish a quick & low budget reno, and to have a finished space in your own style that you use everyday.

    The cabinet color works soo well with the counters, they almost look like new!

  270. Maja says:

    This is gorgeous and inspiring! You truly are visionaries. ????

  271. Pascale says:

    Unbelievably moody and gorgeous! And I can’t believe your budget. You two are in inspiration, full of style and can-do-itness. Well done! Can’t wait for what’s next!

  272. Carol Siminoski says:

    Amazing and inspiring! Love the lean towards real-life remodeling – it is so refreshing.

  273. Cathy Birkas says:

    I love the contrast between the dark windows, light walls and beautiful cabinet colour. Pretty remarkable “phrase 1”! This reveal was well worth the wait.

  274. Cassidy says:

    Amazing! I’ve been following closely each day and wish my own mind worked this way in seeing the possibilities so quickly. Way to go!

  275. Natasha says:

    I’ve been been refreshing your blog page since 6am because I couldn’t really start my day until I saw everything together. This makeover is stunning and a huge inspiration to me to find ways to work with what I have. Outstanding job!!

  276. Gisele says:

    Wonderful!!! Please delete this message as I only want to quickly point our early in the morning a typo/autocorrect? ” love at first site” should be love at first sight. Thanks for the great morning read! Best reno content out there! This is what people need to see, always possible to improve what you’ve got!

  277. Dannette says:

    The timeline, the budget, the design…bravo on all three!!! I just love it! Wondering if you have any plans to place a runner or area rug?

  278. Jess says:

    I love this so much! I wasn’t sure about the backsplash or the color when you first mentioned them but everything looks so good together.

    I’m all about Phase 1 renovations. We’re in the middle of doing a kitchen gut (completely unplanned, yay mold!) and we’re on a very tight budget so while we’re basically building a whole new kitchen, it’s still a Phase 1 reno. I’m trying out colors I never thought I would, using tile I never planned on using, and we’re having to get a little creative for counters but the more we work on it, the more we think a lot more of this Phase 1 will be staying around in the future.

  279. Kelly says:

    Oh my GOODNESS! I literally got chills when I scrolled to the first “after” photo. Gorgeous work!! I think you two are going to single-handedly bring back beige granite because it actually looks so good here :)

  280. Sara says:

    The most inspiring work you’ve done to date, in my opinion!!

  281. Karen says:

    Dang! What a transformation. From the first “before” pic to the first “after” pic, I said “WOW!” outloud. With no one around – at 5:11am in the morning, alone in the dark mancave in my robe with coffee, perusing design blogs. Ha!

    I have that tea kettle, she’s shiny and bright the few days after you polish her….then good ole’ copper tarnish takes over. Between my vintage silverplate and copper kitchen items, I enjoy the ritual of polishing and shining.

  282. Aliyah says:

    OMG!!! This looks amazing! I woke up and eagerly jumped over to your site to see the reveal and what a sight for sleepy eyes ???? congrats! So original and dreamy. That China cabinet is so so good! Can’t wait to see more!

  283. This just made my day. You guys are amazing, frickin’ superheroes.

  284. Kerri says:

    Incredible what some paint, ingenuity, and hard work can do. I’m so blow away by how every choice is so thoughtful to who you are as a family. It’s amazing what y’all were able to accomplish. It feels like a completely different, modernized yet cozy and totally functional space…. and those black sashes!! All the heart eyes ????

  285. Brenda says:


  286. Alison says:

    The black window sashes look amazing With the contrast trim!! I can’t stop staring!

  287. Debbie says:

    Oh my gosh!!! The lighting was due to the setting on my phone!!! It’s perfect…. I usually look at this on my computer at work and I’m off today!!!

  288. Cathy says:

    Absolutely amazing! I have followed along and contrast is so breathtaking. Well done! This really does feel like Christmas morning and you’ve inspired me to “not wait” in my own space.

  289. Tanya says:

    Seeing it all together painting the windows was 100% required – well worth it. Looks amazing!

  290. Louise says:

    I’m so inspired by this. I love it all. Its different and unique yet still has some classic and traditional elements.

  291. Meagan says:

    I’ve never met an all white kitchen I didn’t love, but this renovation makes me want to reverse my wall and trim color and paint my cabinets. Seriously stunning. And so resourceful. This could be my stage forever kitchen.

  292. Tara says:

    What an incredible transformation within one week and 1000 dollars. So many high tens. Is a runner and rug under the table coming in phase 1? Wondered why you didn’t have them for the reveal. Also… will you have enough lighting in the kitchen nook now that the light fixture is gone. FYI – I never ever send messages. But I feel like I’ve been part of this process!!! Haha.

    • Julia says:

      I’m on the hunt for a new breakfast nook light. We had to take it down to shoot Thanksgiving and thought it wasn’t worth putting back up but we definitely need another one there.

  293. Cait says:

    Gorgeous!!! The one tiny thing jumping out at me is the window frame over the sink, since so much of it is up against the backsplash, my eye really wants it to be painted!

  294. Amber says:

    It’s So. So. Good. Great job! Qatched every second of this on Insta. I have the same countertops, this gives me the hope I can DO SOMETHING, even if we can’t do a whole reno.

  295. Tracey (From KY) says:

    So beautiful! The anticipation was so exciting and this did not disappoint. Love all your little touches!

  296. mandee says:

    unreal. seriously.
    Fantastic work to you two!

  297. Ryan S says:

    I love it. For a phase 1, all I can say is ????????????????????????. I’m so impressed and can’t wait to see what you guys continue to do with this place!

  298. Meg says:

    This looks so beautiful!! Really impressive. I’m really curious about using spray paint for the faucets. I have used spray paint (Rustoleum) for a few small DIY projects like repainting metal side tables for the patio, and even if I let it cure for a week or longer before use, it has always ended up chipping. Seeing that you used spray paint for something that’s getting so much use, I’m thinking that you must know something I don’t know! Do you think the paint has chipped because I’m spraying over old paint? Is there some other variable that I’m not taking into account? Should I be using a primer beforehand or a sealant afterwards? Thanks for your help! And congrats on a beautiful job!!

  299. Jessica says:

    Love so much. Loved following along. It was such a thrill every day. It is such an amazing transformation. One question – do you think it’s possible to paint the grill green above the fridge ?

  300. Deb says:

    where did you relocate the dishwasher? I love your new fresh look! It looks so polished!

  301. You guys are magical! This was the most I’ve enjoyed anything that has ever been on Instagram and I am so in love with your phase 1! The color you chose is everything…and what a name; Thunderous…ooooo! It’s such a nice compliment to the components you weren’t changing. You even inspired me to update a PERFECTLY FINE bathroom that I just finished only 4 years ago for $250. A day and a half, new paint color, new lights, new hardware, and a few accessories and it feels fresh and like a new space. It can be amazing how much your tastes can change in that time, too.

    Back to your kitchen though – it must feel like a giant sigh of relief to walk into a space in your new home that just feels so “you”. You have changed the way I think about design and renovation (and I’m a builders daughter to boot), so thank you for being so inspiring!

  302. Haley says:

    WOW! I have been following along on Instastories, but this reveal seriously blew me away. Soo freaking good! I love it all!!!

  303. Sara says:

    ::slow clap:: Wow!! Just gorgeous. I really loved following along on insta stories and I know we had peeks, but seeing it all in full glory is just amazing. I really love that you explained it’s not HOW to reno a space for $1,000, but how you guys spent X amount to make such an impact. My husband and I have lived in our house for five years and keep talking about the full reno of our kitchen, and it hasn’t happened. This whole process you documented lit a fire and we’re on target to stat ours this fall. Thank you for sharing!

  304. Carmil says:

    Wow! How do you do it?! The transformation is great–the arches now look good (accurately implying that I wasn’t so crazy about them before!), the black mixed in with the moody green–so fantastic, the change of cabinet location and open shelving–I could go on and on!!! I’ve been inspired to take a fresh look at my very dated kitchen and see what we can come up with. I’m enjoying everything you are doing in the new house…..

  305. Meagan says:

    And this is why you two are my favourite. This is an incredible transformation using existing cabinets and making a few small changes. INSANE. This is the coziest kitchen I’ve ever laid my eyes on!! Bowing down to the masters, again and again and again!

  306. Jan says:

    Incredible! Wish I had the guts to go with the dark color – it’s so English country cottage kitchen. Love everything about this (glad you changed the lightbulbs)! It’s been so fun watching it pull together.

  307. Kristen says:

    I love all the projects I’ve seen you do but I’m truly in awe of this kitchen! I’ve never seen such a transformation with just a little paint and a lot of hard work. As a kitchen designer I can’t wait to share this with my clients as the best example I’ve seen of working with what you have on a smaller budget. Thank you so much for sharing all your hard work with us!

  308. Jill T.M. says:

    Wow! You guys totally nailed it! This has me thinking about my parents kitchen and what I could do to help update it without gutting it. If you find yourselves in need of more projects, that would be an awesome series.

    Also, the best line of the post— “get rid of the staggered upper cabinet look that we don’t prefer.” So politically correct, hahahahaha…

  309. Emily says:

    I followed along RELIGIOUSLY on Instagram and just itching to do a phase one renovation! I love the modern cottage look!

    For a minute I thought, wow the pics are dark, different than what it looked like on IG and then k noticed my screen brightness was alll the way down ????. You guys make magic happen with every room you touch!!!

  310. You two make real magic. Kudos. This is absolutely beautiful.

    Colleen Wisniewski

  311. Mary says:

    Holy cow. This looks off the charts good! Also thank you for scheduling this post early so I could read it in bed when I first woke up! Made my day :)

  312. Kelli says:

    I’m getting such cozy feels from this kitchen! It looks a lot like how home is supposed to feel. I just want to jump through my screen and bake some cookies. Oh and I’m living for that arched cabinet! You guys are the best!

  313. Mitch Fly says:

    I love everything about it! Watching the process on Instagram was very exciting! Congrats! Enjoy!

  314. Marta says:

    The kitchen is beyond gorgeous! <3
    But what is going on with the white balance on the reveal photos? They are way too cold and inconsistent with what you usually post. Something is off :/

  315. Nicole says:

    Absolutely awesome job guys!

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