Don’t wait. We’re all about embracing our home at every stage — from fixing it up to adding finishing touches. We take pictures and celebrate progress all along the way. And even though we love a good before-and-after, you’ll see a lot more of the in-between. 

We believe in loving the home you’re in and making it beautiful along the way.

how we got started

In the end, this blog is a

from the beginning

chris & julia

In 2009, Chris came home from work to my announcement: “I started a blog, and I called it ‘Chris Loves Julia.’ Is that okay?” He said, “Yeah! It’s true.” The name stuck, and the blog evolved into a love of home, a love of uncovering potential, a love of each other, and a love of family.

love story.

We’re a couple of progress-embracing home renovators, bloggers, brand ambassadors, and educators. We love: modern cottage design, s’mores around the fire pit, and our three cute kids (but not in that order).

We started this blog in 2009, the year after we got married. But it wasn’t always a business! Like most bloggers back then, we were all about showing off our home projects and cute pictures of our kids. Our budget for home improvements was $20/month, and we were DIYing our hearts out (with borrowed tools).

In 2015, we took Instagram by the horns and started photographing our home and our projects with a *real* camera. We started talking to our audience every day. We got really consistent with our content, and we took big, go-with-your-gut risks. 

our story

A year later, Chris quit his day job, and we were pinching ourselves: We get to work on our house as a *job*. And we get to work right alongside each other. 

Looking back, I probably should have known that the girl who would beg the local bakery to let her design their store window (and get paid in cookies) would find a way to make a living out of making spaces beautiful — a truly sweet life.

We’re an in-progress blog.
We’re a troubleshooting blog.
We’re a figure-it-out-and-then-try-again blog.  

We make mistakes. We change our timelines. We get sidetracked by new inspiration. We embrace project creep. We scratch our heads and ask, “What’s not working here?” We’re a mood-boarding blog. A changed-my-mind-again blog. A what’s-my-budget blog. We do teamwork. And DIY. And knowing when to hire help. We don’t wait. We embrace what we love about where we live now and try to help our home realize its potential while we realize ours. 

Right now, we’re probably spooning PB2 over our Nice Cream and gushing with gratitude that we get to inspire so many to love where they live. We’re also staying busy collaborating with our dream brands and mentoring passionate, enthusiastic content creators on their path to goal-conquering, money-making, unprecedented success.

We’re not a before-and-after blog.

We've said it before and we'll say it again:



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can't live without

toolbox mvp

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Karaoke song


We fell in love through handwritten (and typed) letters back and forth.


Got Married


And moved into our first apartment, in the basement of a house in Utah.


Greta was born!


Bought our first house! We did our first IKEA hack in the living room, made our first fauxdenza, and made-over our first kitchen.


look at these babies!

it's the shorts for me.

The timeline

Fell In Love

Started the blog! 

Bought our First House

And of course we gutted the primary bathroom


Moved to Idaho!

because it all starts somewhere

(We laid 1700 square feet of tile in our home)



Faye was born

Completely gutted and redesigned the floor plan of our kitchen.




what a year, eh?

Kitchen Reno

6-day Pittsburgh Kitchen Project

Launched our clothing brand, ProperTee! 

Chris quit his job 

Built our outdoor fireplace

So we could both work on CLJ full time

3-day Baltimore Kitchen Project

Polly was born!

Launched our sofa line, the Charly, with Interior Define

We bought a cabin!

And bought our modern cottage!


Cabin Fire

Launched our cabinet door line with Semi-handmade

Fullmer Kitchen Renovation

Moved to Idaho Falls


Launched Loloi Line

Renovated our Exterior

And spent Christmas there


Completely renovated our Cabin


Sold our house in Idaho Falls


Moved to North Carolina

new adventures await!