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Chris Loves Julia is a home design platform dedicated to inspiring you to Love Where You Live. Our goal is to empower you to make decisions for your own homes that are rooted in happiness and fulfillment.

We accept criticisms — that is, disapproval based on judgments of the merit and “fault” in our posts — so long as they are on topic and lacking malice:
Malicious comments — that is, comments that are “mean,” insulting, and may attack the character of our brand — will be deleted. If the perceived intent of a comment is to inflict emotional distress on our team and, at times, draw attention to the commenter, these commenters will be restricted or blocked.

We also delete comments that fall under “trolling,” that is: mocking and discrediting discussion participants, inciting and escalating arguments, and spreading bad advice and false information. Repeat offenders are restricted and/or blocked.
Because this is ultimately a home account, personal attacks — even when presented as opinions — will be viewed as off-topic and won’t be tolerated.