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Testing 17 of The Softest Plush Blankets (Perfect for Snuggling)

October 26, 2022

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For the last couple of weeks, Chris and I have been hard at work, lounging around with the softest, plush blankets we could find. It’s taxing work, but we’ll do what it takes to find the bestest (should be a word), softest snuggle blankets for you. These blankets are different than throw blankets! To me, a throw blanket’s main purpose is to look good, and while they sometimes double in softness, they are not mutually exclusive. These are the blankets that you grab for some movie night snuggles, cozying up by the fire, or reading in your favorite chair. Although the priority in this test is snuggability, any and all of them would also look so attractive on display. So go ahead and throw them over the sofa, store them in a chest, or toss them in a blanket basket. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Sectional | Rug | Faux Fur Blanket | Sherpa Blanket | Olive Tree | Table Lamp

Some of these blankets are favorites from the CLJ team, some are highly rated on Amazon, and some we purchased per your recommendations! The criteria for being one of the best plush blankets are, of course, softness, but we also paid attention to size, quality of material, and aesthetics. I guarantee there’s a blanket here for everyone at every price point.

Pro tip: Make sure you pay attention to the washing instructions for these blankets! The way that you wash them can make or break how soft they stay. A lot of them suggest you don’t use any fabric softeners because they leave a waxy residue that ruins the material.

Testing Plush Blankets

*Sorted by price from low to high!

Looks-wise, this blanket is so cute and trendy. I’m obviously a big fan of the check trend, and the caramel color is a really nice brownish toffee. It comes in 16 other colors, and there are three different size options. The fleece is super soft; the only thing that could have made this blanket better is if it were thicker. The same blanket, but double-layered, would be perfect! You can’t beat that price, though… This would make a great Christmas present for a teen!

Also in the fleece family, this one feels like a snuggly baby blanket! It’s a bit thin, but so so very soft. The subtle texture definitely elevates its look, and I could not stop rubbing my hands along it. I think this would be perfect for a warmer season because it’s not going to overheat you, but it’s still super soft. It comes in 15 different colors and 6 sizes!

Sherpa is one of those materials that you either love or hate! I love, love a good sherpa, but sometimes they can be kind of sticky on those rough parts of your hands. From what I can tell, this one doesn’t do that! It’s really beautiful and I especially like the fringe, but I did notice some shedding. It comes in 4 different sizes and 5 different colors, with or without the fringe!

The fleece side of this is so good. It’s definitely thicker than the first three blankets, which is nice, and if you like both sherpa and fleece, then this could be your blanket! Comes in 4 sizes and 30 colors!

If you haven’t heard, these micro-knit blankets are all the rage right now! This is a dupe of the infamous Barefoot Dreams blanket that the Kardashians loved so much. It really is so soft, but the biggest difference is that it’s not as tightly knit, and it’s a bit thinner. However, it’s well worth the price! There are 6 other colors and two sizes available. This is the price for the 60×80, and it’s the perfect size.

I am so obsessed with this blanket. It’s so incredibly soft and fluffier than the other sherpa blankets. It literally feels like you’re petting a cute little teddy bear. The pom-pom tassels are freaking adorable. My only complaint is the size. It’s 50″x60,” and I just wish it was a tad bigger. Only comes in one size, but there are 6 color options.

My first impression is the color is a lot lighter in person than the picture. It’s so lightweight, and after the Pottery Barn sherpa blanket, this just doesn’t compare. It’s brand new and already feels a bit matted. It’s slightly larger in size, but if you’re wanting to spend $50 on a sherpa blanket, get the Pottery Barn one!

This is where these plush blankets start getting really, really good. This is a dupe of the Anthropologie blanket still to come. It’s double-sided with two different Minky materials. One is a bunched texture, and it’s so plush and fluffy. The other is more of a flat Minky, still so soft. Comes in 2 different sizes and 18 colors.

Another micro-knit plush blanket. I obviously love the checkered pattern on this, and it would make such a great statement throw blanket. It’s soft but not quite as soft as the other knit blankets. I do love that this one is double-layered and has a really tiny knit texture. Available in 2 sizes and 8 different colors!

Leave it to Kim K to take her favorite Barefoot Dreams knit blanket and make it even softer and better. This is what I imagine it feels like to pet a brand-new golden doodle puppy. It’s so cozy to the touch, plus it’s a neutral color that will look great year-round. Of course, it’s available in 6 other great color options. I only wish it was slightly bigger!

People rave about their Minky Couture blankets! Immediately I was impressed with the substantial weight of this. It’s almost like a weighted blanket without being super thick. The crushed Minky is so soft, but when I compared it to some of my other favorites, it’s not as soft. I do love that it’s the same material on both sides! One thing I did realize after doing this test is that the Minky Couture Hugs collection is their coveted star blanket, so if you have that one, I’d love to know how you like it! This blanket, however, comes in 3 sizes and 6 colors.

This bunched bubble blanket is gooooood. It’s double-sided with a longer faux fur on one side and a flat Minky on the other. The Luxe faux fur color looks like bunny fur but without the animal cruelty! If you get your hands on this blanket, you will not be able to stop running your hands through it! The size is a substantial 50″ x 70,” and it comes in 6 colorways.

I wanted to find a chunky knit weighted blanket for those of you who like the weight but want something more breathable. This is that blanket! We first tried out one from Target that was honestly not great. It was stiff and not soft at all, so we returned it and found this one! It’s super soft and velvety and has a good stretch but won’t lose its shape over time. Somehow there are 10 size options and 30 color options!

If you want a cable-knit, 100% spun cotton, heirloom quality throw, this is it! It has such a classic look, but it’s not necessarily what I’m reaching for when I need a snuggly movie blanket. The size is 50″ x 70,” and there are 4 colors available!

The only thing that’s better about this blanket vs. the Skim’s blanket, and it’s the size. It’s slightly bigger, but unfortunately, it’s not as soft as the knit SKIMS. It’s a close second! Comes in 13 colors!

There could not be a more perfect way to describe this blanket than “cuddle puddle.” The size of this is incredibly substantial at a whoppin’ 100″ x 100.” You could fit a whole family of bears under here and still have room for Goldilocks! So good. The softness is so luxe, and it’s double-layered, with one side a longer faux fur and the other a flat Minky. Similar to the Anthropologie one!

After hearing so many good things about this Lola blanket, we had to feel it out with our own two hands. If you buy this blanket, you’re going to turn into a little couch potato because you’re never getting up ever again. This is THE most luxurious blanket there is. It’s a bunchy, bubbly, bouncy blanket! I didn’t even know I wanted my blanket to be all of those things, but now I don’t want anything else. It’s by far the softest blanket we tested, and it’s the same on both sides. There’s nothing I would change about this blanket! There are 8 colors to choose from and 3 size options.

The Best Plush Blankets!

The clear overall winner is the Lola Blanket! Nothing compares to it. It’s a pretty penny, but this will be the most coveted blanket in the house.

Second place goes to either the UnHide or the Anthropologie! You can’t go wrong with those. If you’re wanting a more budget-friendly option, definitely go for the Anthropologie dupe!

The top knit blanket goes to SKIMS. It’s going to look incredible wherever you style it, but it doubles in softness and snuggliness.

Did we miss your favorite plush blanket?

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  1. Ashley says:

    I have the lola blanket and it is the best! There are codes that you can use to save! I used kalee55 and got 55% off.

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We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 

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