We love our open shelving in the kitchen.  It is so convenient to have our everyday dishes handy.  That being said, it has been a slippery slope keeping it organized and looking good.  When we put the shelving up back

First, I just wanted to thank you for all of your feedback yesterday.  Planning a new kitchen layout takes a lot of mental legwork and it’s so refreshing to hear outside pointers and opinions.  That being said, we got out

Or, “If you need multiple possibilities for your future kitchen reno, we’re your peeps!” Two weeks ago exactly we spilled our new kitchen plans for our upcoming renovation.  Leave it to us to change our minds–again.  We want to make

Lately, we have been thinking it might be time for a little chore chart for Greta.  She’ll be two in exactly one month from today and she has become such a good helper around the house.  Granted, the girl, like

We have had a rough couple months ’round here–especially the last two weeks.  You may have noticed a lack of big projects here lately.  My handyman and the muscles of the operation, Chris, has been working extremely late at his