Friday Night.

We got a sitter and hit the town. Turns out:  Pizzeria 712 proved itself once again and remains our favorite restaurant.  We proclaimed our love through every one of our 5 courses.   Also, Crate and Barrel’s Lounge Sofa is

Last week, I told you that our family room is one of my least favorite rooms in our home.  It is not very family friendly right now or comfortable.  … Or good looking.   Granted, it is an improvement from

Chris and I have been working on a secret project.  And when I say “secret” I mean, it isn’t our business to share all the details and photos.  Chris’s brother, Brandon and his wife, Stephanie just closed on a house

The cool thing about blogging is if you don’t want your readers to see something (like the laundry piled up in your closet) you just don’t take a picture of it.  This perk has been used quite frequently when photographing