Laundry Room Mood Board and The Two Elevations we were Deciding Between

April 12, 2022

We believe we should all love where we live.

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Since I shared the layout of the new laundry, bunk room, and connecting bathroom, demo is in full-swing! Actually demo is more than done and now it’s time for the fun part. Chris and I have been working on the laundry room configuration for some time now and ultimately it came down to two options!

There’s a main wall in the laundry room where we plan to put our washers and dryers (we plan to have two sets). In our last house, we got spoiled with two sets of machines and while we could manage with one, we’re going to take full advantage of the space! In the first rendering we can fit all four machines in a row, plus some drawers in the middle. Those middle drawers would store laundry soap, dryer sheets, and all the laundry essentials. The pro to this configuration is all the countertop space we would have, which is ideal for folding laundry! We’ve also been teaching the girls how to do their own laundry and having the machines on their level would make it really easy for them. Additionally, if you saw the laundry room inspo post, you know we would love to have a hanging rod, which this allows for!

Elevation Option 1

The second option would be to stack the machines in the center, giving us ample storage on either side. This way we get some lower cabinets–perfect for storing some laundry carts! We do lose the hanging rod and of course the continuous countertop. We’ve never had stacked machines so we haven’t experienced the pros and cons of them. Of course for Chris and I, not having to bend over so frequently would be a dream, but that makes it harder for the girls doing their laundry independently. I will say, any time we’ve stayed at an Airbnb with a stacked washer and dryer, I’m in heaven! If we went with this layout and lose the counter space I think we will have to bring in a free-standing island. Is there room for that? Possibly, but we might lose the openness of the room if we do.

Elevation Option 2

Ultimately, we opted for the machines in a row for more countertop space and a convenient hanging rod. Once this main wall was mocked up, we moved to the adjacent wall where the sink will go.

Second Wall Elevation

Added curtained storage for the rolling hampers (you know I had to), and a sink with lots more cabinetry for wrapping supplies.

When it comes to selecting the finishes in the laundry room, I’ve been having the hardest time putting together a mood board. It’s been challenging to picture this brand new space with a utilitarian function, out of a long, narrow playroom space. I couldn’t picture the room with anything other than carpet, let alone tile, and that was honestly the biggest roadblock. I kept trying to stay away from the checkerboard tile because I know it’s trending and that scared me! Individuality is something I value and I was trying too hard to do something bigger or bolder or (dare I say) unusual at the cost of doing what I love. Once I allowed myself to embrace the checkerboard tile (I’ll never forget our grand dining room), the rest of the room started coming together.

I really tapped into the traditional, warm, beautiful, yet functional design for the laundry room. The neighboring room is the bonus room with the bold blue paneling and I wanted this to be softer and more organic. Enter in the soft wallpaper and creamy cabinet color with effortless brass. One thing to note is that we’re thrilled to be working with Lowe’s on this project! Everything on the mood board is from Lowe’s, except I had to incorporate something vintage. I’m so so beyond excited to add this large, vintage linen-press armoire from Chairish to store towels and bedding.

Laundry Room Mood Board

I can barely wait to get everything in the space!! Seeing it all together like this makes me feel like laundry just might be my new favorite chore. :)


Flush Mount
Cabinet Door
Floor Tile (white, gray)
Laundry Hamper
Cabinet Pull
Cabinet Knob

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  1. Karisa says:

    Your dilemma of how to design a utilitarian room reminded me of SOPHIE PATERSON… If you look at her personal home, you’ll actually find it to be very similar to what you have now created!

    Can’t wait to see it all come together!

  2. kim weigand says:


  3. Sarah C says:

    What about stacking one set and doing the other set side by side? You could enclose the stacked components in a tall cabinet/closet on one side and, if you really want it symmetrical, do a matching cabinet on the other that is actual storage. Then, do the other set centered side by side. You’d have a large folding area between the two cabinet/closets, and you could do the hanging rod and you could also do two sets of drawers on either side of the side by side washer/dyer set.

  4. Tiffany says:

    Okay but my biggest question….will it be washer/washer and dryer/dryer next to each other? Or will you have washer/dryer and washer/dryer? It’s like the sock then shoe or both socks then both shoes debate.

  5. monica says:

    HJust wondering if you have considered preserving the very attractive (especially for future homeowners) ensuite bath situation by switching the bedroom (“bunk”room) with the laundry room? Am sure it will all look lovely. I would prefer having all washers and driers in a row for folding and overall feeling of the room

  6. Since all of you are not vertically challenged at all, have you considered raising your washers and dryers on pedestals and letting your countertop be that much higher. I feel like for your family it could work. I do prefer having the washers in a row, as you have chosen. My washer and dryer/laundry room It is also our guest bathroom. It’s a terrible combination! It leaves no room for any sort of folding space. I think you will really love having a long countertop for that.

  7. Jessica says:

    Have you seen laundry jet? Not for me in my small flat but hoping to live my laundry jet dreams through you!

  8. Amanda says:

    Julia! This looks so good. I love the design elements you have chosen. I personally would go with the option you have chosen, but I can’t help think that there could be other variations to be considered. With option B, removing cabinets on one side and putting in a rod with a shelf above or two rods could be best of both worlds, where you have the counter space, hanging and stacked washer and dryers. Or having the machines aligned to the left (either all the way or more than half) could give you additional countertop space as well. Either way it’s going to be the laundry room of your dreams!

  9. JL says:

    That armoire! And the hardware is gorgeous. I have to say, I was really hoping for toile wallpaper. You didn’t mention what type of counters you’ll use or if you’re panelling the ceiling. It’s going to be beautiful Julia.

  10. Lindsay says:

    This is going to be so dreamy! Good luck with all of it! Have you decided on a countertop yet or is that still TBD? I don’t think I saw it anywhere on the mood board.

  11. Katie says:

    You had mentioned in comments previously that you were considering putting a washer/dryer combo in the pool bath for towels, and perhaps even for your own laundry so you don’t have to lug it upstairs. Is that off the table now that you’ve settled on two sets in here?

    PS – our laundry room is MUCH smaller but needs serious help. It is not maximizing the storage space at all and the walls and flooring are in rough shape. The units are stacked and I didn’t think I would love it, but it’s so much easier to move the clothes! I’m excited to get some inspiration from this project!!

  12. Merry says:

    Is it possible to stack a washer on top of a washer and a dryer on top of a dryer so that both the littles and the talls can have washing and drying in easy reaching distance? I’ve never seen anyone put a washer on top, so I assume it’s a no-go but I don’t actually know.

  13. Susanne says:

    And after the Lowes ‘collab’ ends, will you ditch that for something more ‘bespoke’?

  14. Amanda says:

    I assume the armoire is an antique and one of a kind, if so, how is it still for sale on Chairish? Hot tip: North Carolina has incredible antique stores and armoire’s just like that can be found for thousands of dollars less if you just put in a little effort to go hunting. I’m bummed about the basic floor tile, there are soooo many amazing and interesting options. Everything else looks pretty

  15. Reehana says:

    If you stacked the machines washer on top of washer, dryer on top of dryer, instead of the usual dryer on top of washer, would the work for your girls and for you? Your girls could easily use the lower set of machines and you and your husband could use the top set.

  16. Tess says:

    I’m so happy you went with the checkerboard floor. First, because you love it & secondly, because it’s such a fun throw back to your previous dining room that we all loved. Beautiful job!

  17. Katie says:

    Had the hardest time reading this- the ads kept changing sizes and reformatting the screen. Any way to fix this?

  18. Michelle says:

    Oo, looks fun and glad you can find the look you love at Lowes. I was also wondering why they symmetrical layout with machines centered was the only idea on that wall. I’m guessing this is the long wall across from you when you walk in? Then where will the sink be? I went back to view your plan sketches, but didn’t see where you may be thinking about placing everything. Guessing the linen cabinet will go in the previous closet nook or is that where you are adding plumbing for the sink? Love following along and seeing all your ideas and progress in real time.

  19. Michelle says:

    Love it! That armoire is stunning. I would love to see how you manage that large interior top space tho. I have built in linen storage that has wide and deep shelves behind cupboard doors above three shelves. It’s been a little bit of a challenge to work out how to see what’s in the back. We use it for household cleaning supplies, extra medications and first aid equipment (our primary bathroom is extremely small and the only one on the main). Anyway, I’m interested to see if you add interior shelving or a hang bar or find some other clever way to use that space. But with all the other planned storage I can see why this piece is mostly about its beauty. Excited for you!

  20. Judith says:

    Isn’t there a third option, by losing the attachment to it being a symmetrical layout?

    Using stacked machines sounds like it would make a big difference in convenience for items you use every day. I’m not a tall person, but if I were, that’s not something I’d give up in a hurry. And since there still are two bottom options, the girls could still do their laundry. Greta also appears to be quite tall, and will likely begin to prefer higher machines, too, in the not to distant future.

    But by putting the machines on one side (I’d probably choose the side not next to the window, so the don’t block light) instead of the middle, you’d still get a stretch of counter long enough to work well as folding area with room for a hanging rod to boot. AND lower cabinets AND the under-counter baskets.

    It really looks like you could have it all by going with that option. Since I’m sure you did think about that one as well as many others, would you share what made the two options that come with that big trade-off instead the only viable ones for you?

    Symmetry is nice, but in a space that derives at least part of its beauty from working as hard for your needs as it can, I’m curious what other considerations may have contributed here that I’m not thinking of.

    • Ann says:

      Great comments. I also think putting the machines to the left or right is more functional. In a former laundry room we were able to place the hanging rod in front of the cabinets since the washer and dryer are so deep. That way you have plenty of counter space, cabinetry and a place to hang clothing

  21. Lavinia says:

    Are you going to turn the tile on the diagonal? So much more drama and interest that way! Love the design.

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We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 

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