Inspiration For The Upstairs Laundry Room

April 7, 2022

We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 




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One of our biggest projects this year is building out an upstairs laundry room using borrowed space from the playroom. Chris and I have been drawing up and re-drawing floor plans and elevations that I can’t wait to share.

The biggest hurdle we’re designing around is this great, big window which is a blessing and a curse! Love having natural light coming through (something our last laundry room didn’t have), but it’s a floor to ceiling window so there’s no room for lower cabinets below. In other words, my ideal place for a sink is below a window, but we can’t do that here. So we’ve been troubleshooting the ideal layout. Maybe I’ll put a bunch beneath the window.

We were totally spoiled in our last laundry room with two washers and two dryers. We could manage without, but since we’ll have the space we’re going to double up and I can’t wait for that! Speaking of double, this space will double as a gift wrapping station so we’re going to include plenty of storage. Other things on our wishlist include a sink and a place to hang clothes to dry!

Sharing a bunch of images that have been inspiring me for this space. It’s funny because in this inspiration, not all of these are even laundry rooms. I think it’s good to look at other utilitarian spaces like a kitchen, or pantry, or mudroom for laundry room inspiration because they all kind of have the same things (tile, cabinets, sink)…

Randi Garrett Design

This cloud wallpaper makes me think I want wallpaper in my laundry room! Yes??

The Fox Group

Our last laundry room had both sets of machines all lined up on the floor. I love that it leaves plenty of counter space, but having them stacked like this leaves so much lower cabinet space! Definitely taking notes on this elevation.

Jason Arnold Interiors

I don’t know if we have room for an island but then I see photos like this and I feel like we have to have one!

Jean Stoffer

I love that it’s a stand alone sink, and this is a great example of having a lower window. Seeing this makes me think I can still have a sink by a window and it’s still so beautiful.

Designs by Craig Veenker

I’d love a hanging bar like this rather than a pull down, drying rack, so I’m being mindful of that!

Jackson & Leroy

I’ll never get over this checkered tile, similar to our last dining room. Also I’m drooling over that counter space, thanks to the machines all on floor level.

Marie Flanigan Interiors

I’m really into sinks with a backsplash that goes up behind the faucet like this one!

Whittney Parkinson

Love, love the taupe-y checkered flooring here, paired with the blue.

Laure Joliet

Wood cabinetry and a colorful floor! Stop it right now. This is actually a pantry so it goes to show, you don’t have to look specifically at laundry rooms to get inspo for your laundry room.

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  1. REK981 says:

    I had a hanging bar in my last laundry room and LOVED it so I am putting one in my new laundry room next week. So helpful. I would still like a flat rack for knits, may figure something out later. A folding area is so great, I had no folding area in my last house and it was such a pain. I have done pedestal front loaders and then stacked and both are nice. I wish I could stack them ON a pedestal! I have never had a laundry room sink, what a dream!

  2. Kassie says:

    My personal favorite is the the Laure Joliet, but I love how the Jason Arnold one looks like a real room. Not just a laundry room. As always, I’m looking forward to what you come up with!

  3. I think you can totally put a sink under the window! There are plenty of examples of this being done, usually with an open cabinet & cleaner plumbing layout. Can’t wait to see what you decide to do!

  4. Olivia says:

    If you stack your washer and dryers then make sure the doors open french door style so that it makes it easier to unload the washer to load the dryer.

  5. Claire says:

    My laundry is in my kitchen and I LOVE using the kitchen island to fold everything. So nice to have that layout space!

  6. Heidi says:

    I owned a front loading washing machine many years ago and ended up getting rid of it for a top loader. The seal around the door of a front loader gets mildew/mold if you don’t keep the doors open to properly air them out while not in use. This is problematic if your washers are located in a high traffic area such as a mudroom, etc. My kids were constantly bumping into the doors when coming in and out of the house. I am so much happier with a top loader for this reason. No more mildew/mold smell transferring to my clothes.

  7. Wendy says:

    Beautiful inspiration pictures. Will you have to reinforce your floor to handle the weight of the washers and dryers?

  8. Mira says:

    Just a lesson learned I had with stacked washer dryers that I wanted to share so that it’s not a surprise: washers have to be located on the bottom (would be too top heavy with the water), only dryers can change the door operation. So you’re kind of stuck with washers on bottom and dryers on top and all left handed swing. That may be okay, but something that annoyed me when I realized we couldn’t have stacked right swing doors! Beautiful inspo! Always glad you bring us along through your process.

  9. Bre says:

    Curious if it’d be possible to do a floating sink in front of your window. Similar to the last image, but with floor water connections. Could look really pretty.

  10. Jas says:

    Since you didn’t ask :joy:, (currently lugging everything a couple of blocks to a laundromat), my dream laundry room would have:
    – Plenty of hanging room for all our air-dry clothing
    – Pull out mesh drawers for flat drying sweaters
    – A sink to hand wash delicates – or baby bathing!
    – High counters for ease of folding
    – Front loading machines
    – Storage for linens
    – Built in ironing board
    – Maybe a Samsung AirDresser
    – Long clothes lines for drying sheets if can’t put them outside (nothing like fresh crisp sheets that were dried in fresh air!)

  11. JL says:

    If I’m not mistaken, this will be the first time you’ve taken us along on a full service laundry room reno and I’m here for it! I have quite a few suggestions, so I’ve listed them below. Hope you or your readers will find some of these helpful.

    1) LOVE the stand alone inspiration sink shown above
    2) Repeat kitchen elements in the laundry; e.g. soapstone, panelling, stained wood accents, perhaps even use the same pantry door for the entry
    3) Window seat options – a cushioned bench with storage baskets underneath or a floating counter with a couple of bar height stools (a nice place to send and mend)
    4) A mending station – sewing machine (if you have one) pull out stand, a wide drawer with dividers for all your threads, needles, lint brushes, pin cushions, etc.
    5) A steaming iron station, if needed (I think most new dryers include this function)
    6) Pull out drying rack drawers for drying sweaters flat
    7) YES to an island! Can hold extra storage or you can place individual rolling laundry baskets underneath
    8) Floor tile ideas: checkered or a larger hexagon (similar to downstairs powder room) or a brick tile laid in herringbone pattern
    9) Toile wallpaper, with laundry day vignettes?
    10) For washer/dryers on same level, a built-in pedestal along the bottom for ease of use
    11) If not included in the pool bathroom, a swimsuit dryer/water extractor
    12) A gift wrapping station, with horizontal rolls for wrapping paper and ribbons
    13) A mini beverage station/fridge to service the family room and bedrooms upstairs

  12. Tanya says:

    I would love to see a budget breakdown for creating an upstairs laundry room. My husband and I are hoping to move ours from downstairs to upstairs, but we are so unsure about how much to budget for the project.

  13. Joellyn says:

    This room is going to be a dream! You may have addressed this somewhere, but do you have room to put a main floor washer and dryer in your master closet or pool bathroom? I’m thinking that would sure be handy for pool towels and your own loads… just curious. Thanks!

  14. Michelle says:

    I love a hanging bar and use countertop for things that lay flat. I hang dry about 50% of my clothes as it helps exercise wear and natural fibers last longer. I wonder if you looked at a ceiling system, Stoffer design has one but they are also all over Etsy. They could hang in front of a window. Sunshine is a natural sanitizer for duvets or pillows.

  15. Janice says:

    Philip or Flop did a soapstone backsplash in his laundry room! I love it too

  16. Kat says:

    These are all gorgeous options – you can’t go wrong! As a stackable laundry owner – I highly recommend the LG washtower – its one solid unit (reduces the vibrations) and the controls are all centrally located in the middle of the unit (rather than having to reach high – impossible if you ever want your kids to pitch in :)). Life changing!

  17. Susan says:

    A family of 5 “managed” with one set of appliances? Please tell me you are kidding. None of you have jobs where you get especially dirty and I don’t see the kids making mud pies so I truly don’t understand where the need for 2 sets of washers and dryers comes in? If you really did that much laundry, you would need to hire someone to help do it because how would you have the time? We have a family of 5 and there are days when our single set gets no use.

    • Deb says:

      We are also a family of five, and we’ve got messy boys, some land, and a creek out back. Our single set is in use every day. I can see how a family with a pool and daily exercise laundry would want an extra set of machines. But if they’re going in the pool room bathroom, would you really need three?

    • Katie says:

      This seems unnecessarily harsh and critical. Julia has shared that they do laundry nearly every day, and some of them have multiple outfits a day (Julia and Chris have workout clothes and Greta has a uniform and after-school clothes). Also, saying they don’t have jobs where they get dirty while watching them constantly demo, paint, caulk, build, etc. seems like an odd observation. If they have the space, funds, and desire for two sets, what is the issue?

  18. Heather says:

    Funny, we have the bar with hangers like you want, but I always envied your pull down drying racks in Idaho. Gives you a lot more drying room and allows you to lay sweaters flat to dry. So I ended up installing a Sheila Maid drying rack and love it!

  19. Lavinia says:

    I’m wondering if you’ll need to add a fan ot the like to control humidity in a space that’s for cleaning clothes and storing paper?

  20. Vicki Williams says:

    I loved that stand alone sink. Could it be possible to put one like that in front of the window? Somehow i can see the sun shining through on that. Tubs have plumbing coming up from the floor… or if the sink had the backsplash and the faucet in that backsplash…could that maybe work. I’d sure give it some thought. Love what you are doing in this home. It seems every iteration just gets better and better. I am especially loving the lighting choices you have been making. So beautiful!

    • Mae Stanbro says:

      I second the sink in front of the window.
      If it would be the best place for it, I wouldn’t rule it out yet as it could be an opportunity for a unique design choice. There are some great inspiration photos out there by searching “Sink in front of full height window” or low window.
      These inspiration photos has similar styling to your house:
      PS, thank you for sharing you on the interwebs, always inspired.

  21. Pia says:

    Why do you need a big sink in the laundry room? What is the purpose of it?
    The purposes I have for my big sink is not valid for an upstairs laundryroom:
    1. only sink in the basement
    2. only draining solution from the washer
    3. only place indoors for the icky cleanup stuff
    If I had a laundry room on my second floor and had a bathroom near it I think I would only have a minimal sink to have more space to fold my clothes. And I would never stand at the sink for more than a second so what is the point in having that in front of the window? Am I missing something obvious?

    • Just nice to have for pre-treating stains and messes from kids.

    • Michelle says:

      It’s certainly a luxury. But I hand wash sweaters in my laundry sink. I also soak some whites over night using the Laundress bleach alternative. Some yellowed items take a day or two but it always works. A sink just gives you a place to do this out of the way of other things. I also use the sink in my laundry room for washing up after gardening. It’s near an exterior door tho. It’s not a glamorous sink or anything, but it’s a workhorse in our house. Oh I also clean the vacuum filter, muddy shoes, paint brushes and small wastebaskets there because it’s a deep utility sink and can fit awkward things. Plus I don’t like washing some things where I make food or brush my teeth. But yeah, it’s certainly not necessary.

      • Pia says:

        I don’t do any hand wash. If it doesn’t go into the washer it doesn’t get washed. I am lazy :-)
        I get the work horse sink issue with the icky stuff which is the reason I have for mine as well. But I would never carry my/my kids muddy shoes to the upstairs to clean them? For getting sheets white again I usually just use a bucket. The sink is just not the place where I would like to put my sheets. I guess it depends on the clean level of that sink and if it is needed for the water outlet for the washer. :-)
        Thanks for the answers and I now understand the reasoning better!

    • Teresa says:

      The obvious reason for me to have a large sink in the laundry room is to be able to hand-wash my clothes.

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We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 

HI! We're Chris + Julia

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