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Casual Friday

A couple weeks ago, we got to make Christmas cookies with the girls and yesterday we shared our favorite recipe and a few photos over on Crate and Barrel’s blog. Over the years we have learned it’s not about the way the cookies taste (they WILL have too much frosting), or how they look (really, way too much frosting–gobs on top of gobs), or the mess that will be made (flour. everywhere.)–it’s about the memories and traditions we’re able to make as a family–and there’s not a more heart-warming feeling or sight. So, we pump up the Christmas playlist, hang some garland across the range hood, don our aprons and take a few hours together in the kitchen. You can see the full  article along with links to everything we used and the recipe, right here. The girls’ favorite part was definitely stamping the cookies for Santa. If you don’t already…

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