Casual Friday

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I took the day on Wednesday to get out of the house and go on a hike with my girlfriends. We left early in the morning, before the sun came up, and got home after the kids were in bed. We hiked up the side of a mountain where there were a series of hot springs and then spent hours hopping from one to another. There were several times that I started slipping into a feeling of guilt–who am I that I get a day off to just be an individual, with no responsibilities?–but Chris has been urging me to get out and do something for months now.  I’m not really a fun seeker and often times I feel like I find the most satisfaction in life checking things off my list. But Wednesday taught me, there is more inspiration–for inside my home and my mind–found in doing than looking at a computer screen. After…

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First Look: Building Our Outdoor Fireplace

First Look: Our Outdoor Fireplace

We pretty much always have somewhere between two and thirteen projects going on at any given time. Most of you probably read about the wall covering we worked on last week for our office. We’re also working on a few finishing elements for the basement, ordered a new ceiling fan for our bedroom, and are working on a little side thing that will be revealed at some future point (hopefully in the next month ;) ). And, right now, we’ve teamed up with on a few upcoming projects, the first of which is our outdoor fireplace. When we built the deck, we knew we would eventually have a fireplace, so you may remember that we designed it to have a place so we could add one when that time came. Well, that time started last week and will end this weekend. Here’s the spot we added for the fireplace: One…

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Progress Report: 3 Years In

Progress Report: 3 Years In | Chris Loves Julia

This week, we’ve lived in this home for 3 years. Three! I have been saying two and then Chris reminded me that I was just barely pregnant with Faye when we moved here and she is over 2 years old now–forget the fact that the year was 2013 (haha!), I do better with gauging my life by pregnancies, I guess. Today, I thought it would be fun to do a 3 year progress report. A lot has changed in three years. A lot. But, it’s also fun to go back to these kinds of post in the future and see how much more has changed. The truth is there are still rooms, major rooms like the master bathroom (!), that we haven’t even touched yet. For that reason, you don’t see them often or ever, but I’ll share bits about them in this post too. While a lot can happen in three years,…

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Adding Wainscoting to the Home Office


A couple weeks ago we introduced one of our new room projects to you–a dedicated home office/studio–and this weekend, after a lot of planning and a trip to Ikea last weekend to pick up desk supplies, we finally got cracking on it. It’s a pretty vanilla room to start with, and although it’s in the basement, it gets a good amount of sunshine throughout the day. When we were planning the furniture, our desk, lighting and the walls–it was the walls that kept stumping me. Would an interesting paint color be enough to turn it from vanilla into something more “us”? It didn’t seem so. Then, we turned to wallpaper–which I definitely loved the idea of. But it would have been pretty pricey and this small of a room couldn’t get by with just an accent wall. So, we decided to apply a wainscoting to all the walls. We still have a…

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