Our Little Faye is Here!



A week early and a little unprepared (my water broke in the middle of the night!), Monday we became a family of four. Chris and I rushed around the house at 3am showering, packing a hospital bag, and making arrangements for his mom to come stay with Greta. We made it to the hospital eventually and our little girl was born at 12:33pm.



We named her Faye Andrea Marcum. I’ve loved the name, Faye, forever (okay, since watching That Thing You Do as a tween) and it was on our list when Greta was due to arrive, too. She is a perfect Faye. We like to use family names for middle names (and all of our middle names start with “A”) so Andrea is after my sweet little sister. We are naturally exhausted over here, but so happy and so in love. Greta is over the moon about her new sister, although struggling to remember her name. She gives her countless hugs and kisses all day long and is turning out to be the best little helper when it comes to grabbing diapers or wipes…or my water bottle just as I start nursing. We are settling into our new life over here–and it’s a good one. We still have a nursery to put together, so things won’t be too quiet for long.

Faye Andrea Marcum | Born 4.07.2014 | 12:33 pm | 7lbs 4oz | 20 inches long

Installing Baseboards in the Nursery

Are we behind on the nursery? Ha! With Greta, we had her nursery ready with 2 months to spare. We’re down to a week over here and we still haven’t put the crib back together since moving our furniture back up last week. We’re buckling down this week to get it done hopefully before she arrives.

First on our to-do list, before we could get to more fun things, was installing baseboards. When we tore out all of the floors, the teeny 2 3/4″-3″ (varying from room to room) baseboards throughout the first floor went with them. Although we plan on tackling this project a little at a time on the main floor, we knew we wanted to install them in the nursery before our kitten gets here.


In our opinion, our standard height 8′ ceilings wouldn’t accommodate really tall baseboards that we’re generally drawn to, so we went to Home Depot looking for something in the mid-height range that was both traditional and modern–the style we’re going for around here. We found this great 4.5″ option that had an extended straight base (the modern) but some nice curves up top–I’m butchering any baseboard jargon, sorry!–(the traditional). For $1.78/ft we were sold.


I gave all the pre-primed baseboards a coat of white semi-gloss paint (off the shelf Clark+Kensington Designer White) and once the paint was dry, we carefully measured each wall section and Chris made the appropriate cuts with our miter saw.



To be honest, attaching the baseboards with our finish nailer took the longest because our nailer is the worst. It constantly pops open or shoots blanks, which irritates Chris to no end–all of which slowed down the process. Needless to say, we’re in the market for a new one before we tackle the baseboards elsewhere on the main floor. Besides the unreliable nail gun, the process is straight forward. Locate the stud, drive the nail through and then I take over filling in the nail holes with spackle (this is my favorite because it doesn’t require sanding, doesn’t shrink or crack and dries really fast) and caulking the corners and tops for a seamless look.



Which is weirdly addicting for me and highly satisfying. It’s the cherry on top. While touching up my paint job on the baseboards, I also finally painted the window and door trim with the same semi-gloss white paint.

In 2 hours, we went from this:


To a fresh “after”:



Now we’re absolutely itching to get the baseboards in everywhere else–it finished the new floors beautifully!!–but, we have a nursery to finish first and foremost. Although, when you see where we started:



I feel a little better about our progress and how far we’ve come.


UPDATE: This post was written Sunday evening. Monday morning, at about 3:00, Jules went into labor and as of this writing (5:40am Mountain time) we are in the hospital getting ready to have a baby. Holy crap… – Chris

Big, New, and Blue in the Living Room

Earlier this week, the new area rug for our living room arrived. You can read more about our decision making process here, but ultimately we went with the 10×14 Baxter area rug from Crate and Barrel in Indigo. And, whew, it has made a really big difference. Here’s how things were looking right before we started renovating the floors a couple months ago:

Chris Loves Julia | A Neutral Bold Area Rug Transforms the Living Room

And here’s our (still very much in-progress) living room today:

Chris Loves Julia | A Neutral Bold Area Rug Transforms the Living Roomopt1

I can only describe it as suddenly feeling alive and energized! It feels so much more like us, too. Going from an 8×10 to a 10×14 made the biggest difference, but also opting for a bold neutral color (like a good pair of blue jeans, I say) helped pave the way for us to inject more color into the room. Any color we want. Which could be why I finally broke out our Pendleton blanket that was gifted to us at Christmas (thanks Victoria and Jenn!) and whipped up a gallery wall.

Chris Loves Julia | A Neutral Bold Area Rug Transforms the Living Room

To back-track, after the area rug arrived I was so anxious to unroll it just to see if I loved it as much as I hoped I would after ordering it online (I do!), but before we could even do that, we exercised some patience to prep and place the rug pad down. I am a recent rug pad convert and I can assure you, if you haven’t felt they were worth it or do anything–give them a try. They really do make a big difference! Some help with cushioning, keeping things straight and/or preventing movement, but they all extend the life of your rug. Since the Baxter was already super cushy, we went for the keeping-things-in-place option and ordered this 10×14 ultra non-skid rug pad from Amazon for relatively cheap. Your rug pad should be a couple inches smaller than your area rug on every side. I actually trimmed the length when it was still folded up so it went really fast, and then I spread it out and trimmed the ends:

Chris Loves Julia | A Neutral Bold Area Rug Transforms the Living Room

Chris Loves Julia | A Neutral Bold Area Rug Transforms the Living Room

And then, at last, we were able to roll out our new blue beauty.

Chris Loves Julia | A Neutral Bold Area Rug Transforms the Living Room

The couch sits completely on the area rug, which adds to the luxe feeling under our feet. Even when I’m walking past the living room en route to somewhere else, I find myself side-stepping just to walk on it. It’s so soft and thick and although it is big and a bold color, the heathered effect tones it down while adding a comfortable/casual vibe and, bonus!–helps camouflage dog hair.

Chris Loves Julia | A Neutral Bold Area Rug Transforms the Living Room

Chris Loves Julia | A Neutral Bold Area Rug Transforms the Living Room

Obviously we’re still in the honeymoon stage over here, so I’ll have to write another review down the road to update you on how it is wearing and if we still love it as much as we do right now. It was not a cheap rug, but as of today, we feel it was worth every penny not only for how it looks and feels underfoot–but for the way it has transformed our home. Magic carpet, I tell ya.