We got a new big entry rug and Charly has a new favorite spot.

photo 1

The runner we got for this space a couple months ago is a perfect fit for the laundry room, so we set our sites on something bigger. Ideally, we were looking for something in the 5×14 range. So, that’s nuts. I looked into a custom-sized sisal which ended up being so much more than I wanted to spend for not the exact look I wanted. I also spent some time on ebay where they have so many beautiful, large vintage rugs that are so perfect and then also $2000. Not perfect.

I am so, so glad we landed on Flor tiles, which you knew if you saw the mood board.  We got the exact size we needed and this Suit Yourself design (the color is Linen) is a part of their Better Than Sisal category–great for high traffic area, cool design, soft under feet (and paws) and hi, washable. It seemed like the best possible rug for our entry with a dog in house, too. We used Flor tiles in my studio, so this wasn’t our first rodeo but it was exciting all over again seeing a new design come to life.


I decided to center the carpet tiles on the floor in between the wall to the right and the banister since that is the closest space. And since our design used 10 squares in length, I laid those out second so they went from the door to under the bench. Filling in the rest was fun. I decided to have them all go the same direction, instead of parqueting the tiles–which is also a good look, but with the wallpaper going on on the back wall and the huge painting to soon be hung on the wall to the right, there was pa-lenty to catch your eye already.


The carpet itself has a subtle herringbone design that is a little random which only makes it more interesting.  I love unpredictable.



Our new Target bench also got here!


Greta has already attempted a nap on it. It’s cushy and the perfect size for that wall. The legs aren’t quite as red as they are appearing in these photos, but I wish they were a little less saturated. Enough to strip and re-stain? Meh. The blue is a really good tie-in to our big living room rug, too. We hope to figure out a mirror situation this weekend and hang the hooks! I have never been so nervous to hang something. Putting holes into the new wallpaper? I can’t look.

Happy Halloween, friends! I’m sure I’ll be overgramming (@chrislovesjulia) all weekend. ;)

Ps. Looks like Flor extended their 25% off sale! Run!!

Wallpaper!! + $100 Ace Giveaway

We got the wallpaper in the entry up and it is dreamy and just what we hoped! It actually made the area look bigger (hard to portray in photos–you really must stop by) and so much more interesting.


As a refresher, here’s how the entry looked last month.


For our Ace Hardware project for October, they urged us to spruce up our entryway and we’ve been doing just that. We were able to get a new finish nailer to install our baseboards (finally) this month and had enough left over to get all the supplies we needed at our local store to hang the wallpaper.

While I knew I wanted some accent or wallpaper on the far wall in the entry, I struggled finding a wallpaper that would suit it, and to be honest, to suit me too. Wallpaper is kind of personal like that. I wanted something smaller scale but still classic. I came across this photo and tucked it away as my inspiration. I loved the abstract dottiness. It felt classic but cool.


I went hunting for something similar and found this paper from Hygge & West. Up close you can see “the abstract stone shapes uniquely arranged to create an alluring pattern.” … Their words, but just as true. ;)


And as you step back, it softens considerably.



Although Ace did have everything we needed for the project, I didn’t get any actual in progress photos, but our friends Kim and Scott just hung wallpaper from, coincidently,  the same company, so do go check out their tutorial. This wall took about 4 hours not including the time we took removing the old doorbell box. What a difference, right?! I think I would like to wallpaper the switch plates, but I was advised to get a different glue for that so I’ll have to track that down and give you an update on that later.


Now I can’t wait to wallpaper something else–the bedroom? Yes. It’s addicting and so satisfying. Our entry is coming along quickly now so you’ll definitely see an update on that front before the week is up. And as always, Ace loves to help our readers get their projects done, too. Together with our friends at Ace, we’ll be giving away a $100 Ace Hardware gift card to one of you! The giveaway runs through this Friday, October 31st at midnight MST, and the winner will be announced as an update to this post. You can easily enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Take Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



We’re excited to be collaborating with Ace Hardware as a part of their Ace Blogger Panel. Ace has provided us with compensation and the materials necessary to complete this project and strive to be as generous with our readers (thanks, Ace!) All opinions are our own.

A Little Living Room Refresh

Remember this post when I told you I was going on a purging spree. Oh boy did I ever. We were left with bare floors, bare couches and nearly bare closets. And then there was this post when I professed how bad I was at spending money on accessories when there were so many larger things to buy. Good news–I have started building back up after all that purging with things that we truly connect with and it feels so good. Like maybe we’re grownups with real jobs, a house and two kids.


Our living room needed a lot of love after my purge session it was not only empty but feeling cold. When a room is feeling particularly that way, I like to start by adding art, plants and lighting. The living room got all of those things and some warm textures and textiles, too. It’s still a work in progress, but I wanted to show you this little corner today.

I didn’t take a proper before, but here are a couple pictures of the same corner from recent posts. Back to before there were baseboards. It hurts to see!


And then in this one you can kind of see that we moved the couch away from the wall a bit and moved our old coffee table to use as an end table. This couch is that big…or that coffee table is that small? Maybe a little of both.


The biggest problem we were facing was the imbalance of light. We have our tall arc lamp on one side of the couch and nothing on the other side. I decided to hold on to the arc lamp rather than go for two matching lamps because–boring/expected. But knew I needed something substantial on the coffee-turned-end table. I had some credit to Lulu & Georgia, an online home decor shop perhaps best known for their beautiful rugs, and thought I’d poke around to see if I could find something suitable. Spoiler: they have so much more than rugs and I ended up spending my own money on top of the credit I already had. Isn’t that always the way?


The new lamp we got is huge and just what we needed to stand up to the large couch and arc lamp. The green-gray color is really soothing, too, so while it has a presence, it isn’t distracting.


I also purchased that beautiful blue geometric down-filled pillow you see next to my DIYed Pendleton pillow. I have never spent money money on a pillow before and, shoot, there’s such a difference. It feels as luxe as it looks. And that embroidered blue catches the light so attractively throughout the day. The Dwellstudio faceted white vase I plopped an aloe plant in (they are unkillable!) rounded out the look. Of course there is more to talk about here. Like what’s new that’s lurking at the top of the photo above, but I am still waiting on a few art pieces to get here to spill about that.


Look at all of those colors and textures working together. It makes my heart and home so happy. We’re getting there, people! Corner by corner.

Lulu & Georgia has generously agreed to offer our readers 20% off their orders using code LOVE20 for the next week. Happy accessorizing, friends!