Casual Friday 011

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Chris comes from a large family (he’s the youngest of 8 kids) and last weekend we had them all over for a BBQ. Everyone was there but one of his brothers who lives across the country and it was almost emotional for me to see our home and deck filled to the brim with family. It’s everything we imagined and hoped for the space. I feel like I brought every chair in the house outside and Chris made the most tender, juicy, smoked pulled pork sandwiches. There was also a spread of all different kinds of specialty chips; the Island Lemon chips were amazing and the Mango Habanero, we ended up having to write a disclaimer on–“very, very VERY hot” with flames under the name. When the sun went down, we made a little fire and talked some more. The kids played badminton and chased each other and jumped on the trampoline in the…

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Really Good Persian and Oriental-Inspired Rugs that AREN’T One-of-A-Kind


Oriental and Persian rugs are big right now, but the truth is, they’ll always be in. They’ve been around for several hundreds of years and they’ll be around that many more. They work across all styles–modern, traditional, farmhouse, bohemian, industrial–and add a great deal of interest, pattern, warmth and charm to a room. We have a few in our home from eBay, Etsy, eSaleRugs, and The Vintage Rug Shop in our home that I love to pieces, but it’s always a little disheartening to tell our readers, “Sorry! It’s a one-of-a kind” when they ask where they can get the same eye-candy under foot. I know that if you hunt long enough and search high and low with a little bit of patience, you will be able to find one in your price range and size you need (Persian rugs generally come in very unstandard sizes). But, prepared to spend more for the real thing….

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The Renovation Realities behind the Pittsburgh Kitchen

ChrisJulia Pittsburgh Kitchen

Thanks for all of the love on yesterday’emi reveal of the Pittsburgh kitchen! We put so much time and effort into this project and we fell head over heels for the kitchen over the six days we worked on it, making it hard to even leave. A true labor of love. I always get a little anxiety before I hit publish on reveal posts because these renovations are so personal and represent so much more than the pretty pictures we can share on this platform. Frigidaire had my sister, Andrea, a creative director, film and create 2 videos for them, one of the reveal and one of the appliances in action in the form of a very sweet day-in-the-life video, both of which are coming. But, Chris and I also asked her to put together a bonus video for us, documenting the renovation side of the project. It spans over the 6 days…

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Before and After: A Small, Pittsburgh Kitchen Gets A Complete Makeover in 6 Days


My aunt and uncle’s home in Pittsburgh is more than 90 years old and full of character, but the kitchen, like so many other kitchens, definitely had its fair share of challenges: the small 9×9 footprint, the outdated electrical, the radiator in the corner, no dishwasher, the in-swinging door that hindered so much usable space, the lack of counter space–and if all that wasn’t looming over us, we were given just 6 days to tackle the complete gut job renovation. We spilled a lot of our plans in this post, but as a reminder, here’s the before: And six days later, here’s the after! Of course there was a lot that happened in those six days. My sister, Andrea, documented the whole renovation process via video so we’ll cover a lot of those details when we release that footage later, along with a couple other videos she did for the project–including the reveal…

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