Chris Loves Julia, The Podcast!

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We’ve been sitting on this project for so long, it’s exciting to finally announce we’re launching Chris Loves Julia, the podcast! We love listening to podcasts, and felt there was a gap in the DIY/Home Design podcast space that we could fill. The first 3 episodes will be live a week from today, May 9th, and we’ll put out a new one every Monday from then out. The podcast will be hosted by Preston Pugmire, our favorite friend whom you’ve all come to know from the blog (he helped us with our concrete countertops here, we showed off their kitchen here, their laundry room here, and above we’re sitting in his gorgeous studio!). He’s an avid DIYer, an incredible musician and performer and we’re so ecstatic that he’s taking this next venture by the horns with us. What can you expect? First, you should know, this will not be re-hashing the blog….

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Casual Friday 004

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I’ve always been a busy-body, a planner and a bit of a workaholic, and then a couple years ago, Chris pulled me aside and said, “We never do anything spontaneous!” Guilty. I’m the person that doesn’t like surprises or straying from the plan. But at that moment, I looked at the calendar and said, “How about we do something spontaneous every Wednesday!?” We stared at each other for a silent 3 seconds and then burst into laughter when I realized how ridiculous that sounded. I wish I could say I’ve gotten better–I’m still the same ol’ scheduling queen. But this week, sandwiched between our water main breaking, our deck starting (heard it here first!), Chris leaving for back-to-back conferences, and finalizing the details of another huge project across the country (I’ll spill next week, I promise), I decided we needed a BREAK, exclamation point! and I booked a little retreat…

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Before and After Fireplace: From Squatty to Stacked Stone


Opportunities outside our home, to pay our time and sponsorships forward to our readers and friends are becoming more frequent and we couldn’t be more excited about that. In all actuality, it feels like we’ve been working on this blog thing for the past 7 years to get to a point where we could help other people with their spaces and it’s a really great job. It’s a dream job and we’re soaking every chance up. Our biggest project yet is coming up in two months on the other side of the country, but I’ve digressed. A couple months ago we were asked, along with a few other bloggers, by Angie’s List to makeover a fireplace. We had just finished making over our basement fireplace, (remember the one in the basement family room that we revamped for $100?), but fortunately, they were open to us making any fireplace as long as it stayed…

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A Peek Into our Toy Storage in the Playroom


We’ve had our toy storage for a couple months now (in their proper spot for a few weeks) so I figured it was high time I show them off and give you an initial review. And since we recently hung this large canvas print from Anewall above the dressers, this portion of the room is finally feeling presentable. If you remember this post, from back in January, I ordered two of these chests from Urban Outfitters for about $300 a piece. Online, although the description said “white” they definitely looked like more of a natural wood with brass hardware, but I can assure you, it is a warm white with a little bit of a distressed look but not enough to put them in the shabby chic category. The hardware and label holder is painted in the same white. You’ll probably notice we haven’t labeled the drawers yet, although things…

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All Flowers Remind Me of You, Mom + Free Printable!


Every year for Mother’s Day, my mom always asks for a letter. It used to make me roll my eyes, Can’t I get you a new purse or something!? But now I totally get it. She has a stack that she’s collected from each of us over the year. And what a treasured collection that must be. Even still, I always love to throw in a little something extra, too. When I was little, we used to sing this little song: I often go walking in meadows of clover, And I gather armfuls of blossoms of blue. I gather the blossoms the whole meadow over; Dear mother, all flowers remind me of you. Chris and I each picked flowers from our favorite floral shop, The Bouqs Company, that reminded us of our moms.  Since we live close, we had them delivered to our house, so we could hand-deliver them ourselves, but you can…

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Casual Friday 003

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This week was hectic. We did some major spring cleaning, which always feels fantastic. We had a big, exciting photoshoot that will come out in late summer. And then we got a knock on the door from the city that that our house had used 12,000 gallons of water in 4 days. Commence panicking. We ran all over the house checking every room’s walls and floors for a sign of a leak. Chris shut off the water and the meter was still running like crazy, which meant the leak was somewhere in an underground pipe. The city shut off our water indefinitely. Right now, it’ll be at least two weeks until the can come and dig up our whole front lawn to find the leak and replace the main water line to our house. We’re bracing ourselves for a big, fat, unexpected expense. In the meantime, it pays to live…

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DIY Shiplapped Built-Ins: Finished and Styled!


We got word that our sectional will be here next Tuesday! That mixed with finishing the built-ins this past weekend has us just about ready to stick a fork in our downstairs family room. It’s hard (for even me!) to believe that the last time we showed you our built-ins downstairs they looked like this: You can catch the tutorial up to that point right here. Since then, we added carpet, cabinets, baseboard, speakers, a tv, shelves and a whole bunch of decor and now it looks like this, all finished!: Let’s rewind, and I’ll take you through the process of getting to this point. Before the carpet was installed, we added baseboards. If you look at the first photo, you’ll see Chris took extra care to make the bottom “shiplap” board taller, so when we added baseboard, it would shorten that bottom board to a width that looked similar…

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