Our Garden Tool Storage + Creative DIY Ideas!

We’d really like to get to a point where we can sell our shed and downsize to a smaller one, or be rid of one all together. Ours takes up so much of our yard (it’s huge!), that we are starting to think the extra storage space is just not worth it. That has lead to some serious organization in the garage. We have a large garage, but we also want to continue to be able to park our 2 cars in there–I think we can do it! With our smaller tools and supplies in check, we needed a solution for our larger garden tools. Monkey Bars has a ton of storage solutions, and they are actually based in our town–go local! We hung up one of their large garden tool racks next to our new shelving in the garage so we can hang up our garden tools once and for all.


It took less than 10 minutes to hang. It’s no fuss, the hooks are adjustable and it keeps our tools off the ground. Plus, there’s lots more room to grow our collection. This rack alone can hold up to 20 tools!  Of course we love DIY as much as more than the average person, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to purchase something that does exactly what you need it to do. But, in the name of DIY, here are a few other DIY tool organizers that I’m seriously smitten with.

Like this one that up-cycled an old file cabinet:


Or this one that used a pallet:


Or these people that got creative with PVC pipe:


So many creative people out there! How do you store your tools?


We’re excited to have a home for our tools that is sturdy and versatile, now we just need to find a place for the lawn mower and table saw. That might prove to be a bit more challenging. Is there any way to really live shed-less?

Ps. 20% off print orders from the shop through Sept 2nd using promo code LABORDAY20 at checkout. Happy long weekend to you all!

Our Barn-Style Door (Part 1)

After deciding we wanted a sliding modern barn door leading from the kitchen to the future laundry room/mudroom, the search was on! We kept our eyes on Craigslist. We went to a ton of thrift stores and the ReStore. We hunted and hunted and nada. Nothing even close. So, we decided to not waste any more time and just make a door.

photo copy

To get inspiration, I pulled up a photo from Ebay of a door that I really liked and maybe we could draw our inspiration from it.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 8.50.53 PM

Cool, huh? Originally we really wanted glass in the door, but going the DIY route, we just weren’t sure how to do that and it would add so much money to the project. Tempered glass is not cheap! We mapped out all the dimensions and decided to add a third row of paneling so our door would be nice and wide. When we went shopping for the supplies, all of the wood came to about $150. Chris and our friend, Preston, worked on making all the cuts for a few nights and then planing the wood and then, two days ago…

We got a text from my mom:


There were two really old large solid oak doors WITH GLASS next to the dumpster! I was in the middle of painting a floor to ceiling eiffel tower on my niece’s wall (apparently the eiffel tower is trending among 14 year olds), so Chris drove right over and hauled them home. We had to call a neighbor to help get them in the house because these suckers were heavy at about 125 lbs a piece. The stand about 89″ tall and 36″ wide and just like that, our barn door plans have changed.


We are thinking one will hang here in the great room and the other might end up in our bedroom. We don’t have a door going from our room into our bathroom and have always wanted one–weird, I know. We need to do some work on the doors before we can hang them.

-Remove the hinges and swinging hardware from the top and patch the holes
-Give them a good cleaning
-Polish the backplate on the handle
-Sand and refinish the wood (but keep the vintage charm!)
-Frost the glass
-Possibly raise the door frame up


So, yes, we already spent some money on wood for a different door, but “you gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em” amiright? This is the door our dreams are made of and we can’t wait to see her all fixed up and pretty. Did we score or did we score? #dumpsterdivingftw

A Colossal Garage Upgrade (and $100!)

It’s been a busy year, full of projects and…boxes, apparently. Last month, my mom and I tackled our garage that has been holding a lot of evidence of the past few months–all of which had been haunting me.

photo 5

It only took a few hours, if you can believe that!, and the next day, my dad came over and helped Chris install our new garage door opener they got us for Christmas. Ha! It all truly felt like Christmas morning.

photo 2

As good as a clean (and working!) garage felt, we still felt wanting for more storage. There just wasn’t a place for everything, which I knew meant things could get out of control again. The weakest link was definitely that squatty shelf in the nook by the stairs. It was there when we moved in and has been okay for stashing things, but it was shallow and not very sturdy.


This past weekend, we emptied the small case, moved it into the shed for now, and upgraded to these Colossal Rack shelves from Ace Hardware.


Ta-da!!! As I was organizing and loading up the shelves, I might have pretended we now had our own little hardware store. You need gold spraypaint? That will be on the middle shelf on the right. I loooooove these new shelves. We went for the 48x24x72 size, (which is under $100!) and the shelves are nice and deep, but not so deep we can’t find things. The distance between the shelves help, too, because I can easily reach for things in the back without unloading everything. 5 stars from us.



The shelves took Chris about 25 minutes to put together (easy!) and then I took over the organizing just by grouping like things together. Gallon paint buckets got their own shelf. Spray paint, quarts and painting supplies are next to wall fixers (technical term) like joint compound, seam tape, and an array of caulks and silicon. The bottom shelf holds our car washing supplies all in one bucket, the miter saw and our steamer.


We had a few miscellaneous items that I corralled in these colorful and sturdy egg crates I picked up at Walmart for $3 each. Knee pads, work gloves and protective eyewear in one. Rope and cables in another and then really really miscellaneous stuff in the other–drywall screws, a tile puck…etc.


But maybe my favorite part is the top shelf that holds all of our tool cases, tool box and power tools. Chris ran an extension cord and set up a little charging station right on the end which makes me ridiculously excited. (Sidenote: We are obviously equal-opportunity drillers). No more wondering where the driver is and where the charger is. No more excuses for a dead battery. I’m thrilled about this setup. The whole shelving system is 6 feet tall, which is perfect for us from the ground level. But, BUT, it is also extremely nice to walk out the garage door and have things handy at the stair level as well.


Oh man. This whole thing has us very excited. You can see how our fellow Ace blogger, Kelly at The Lily Pad Cottage, used the same shelves in her garage here. And if you want to get your own, Ace actually is giving one of our readers $100 gift card. Just enter through the Rafflecopter widget below. We’ll announce the winner on Friday. I’m gonna go check out my power tool charging station…again.

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We’re excited to be collaborating with Ace Hardware as a part of their Ace Blogger Panel! Ace has provided us with compensation and the materials necessary to complete this project (and something for you, too!). All opinions are our own.