Here Comes The Sun

In case you missed our last post, or the dozens of recent instagrams of #sweetbabyfaye, I’ve been in newborn la-la-land for the past 2 weeks. All the days run together now and dust has been collecting on my laptop. I’ve opened it twice in the past two weeks. The first time I had all intentions of blogging, but I got overwhelmed by email–still catching up there, sit tight!–and then yesterday, after 5 sporadic hours of sleep throughout the night–I actually felt rested enough to give it another go. It’s pretty amazing how my body has adapted to an average of 3 hours of sleep a night while we work on getting Faye’s schedule switched around. I don’t have a lot of energy, but I can function enough to take care of Greta and Faye and, really, not much else feels important these days. Greta made me a mother, but for some reason–it really hit me when Faye came. I am feeling so motherly in the best way.

We were planning on finishing up the nursery the week Faye arrived (she was a week early) and now, we are piecing things together bit by bit. It’s slower, of course, but we’re making some nice progress in there and now that I am spending so much time in the room, I’ve been able to really study every bare wall (boring. boring. boring.) and I’ve tweaked a few things and plans for the better, I think.

Hey, Sunbursts!


I swapped out the oversized letter print above the crib (still hanging in the room–just elsewhere), for this really pretty, large, sunburst mirror. It feels appropriate to talk about the curtains first though, because they came first and inspired the mirror. This is the sunniest room in the house (well-suited for sunbursts, I guess!) and I didn’t want to lose that lightness and brightness, but, a baby does need to sleep in here. Preferably for long hours–ha! The large window had no blinds or curtains to begin with so I was working with a blank slate and I was truly stumped when it came to window treatments. With white walls, I felt like the room needed some sort of color or pattern but I didn’t want to lose the airy, bright, peaceful feeling it was currently sporting. I came across these Nate Berkus for Target window panels and I never ordered anything faster. The room is already adorned with metallic gold accents, so the woven cream curtains with little metallic sunbursts (I am not sure they are intentionally sunbursts, but when they arrived–they looked like little sunbursts to me) felt really perfect. Fortunately, they came in a 95″ length so I could hang them nice and high, too.


Obviously these practically sheer panels weren’t going to do much for blocking light and helping sweet baby Faye sleep, so we paired them with a plain white vinyl roller shade (ordered here) after debating between a bunch of options. In the end, the blackout vinyl won because it would: 1. Block the most light. We even opted for an outside mount so we wouldn’t get any light slits coming through the sides. 2. Keep the window uncovered during the day. The windows in our home are quite beautiful and we love a clear shot of them when possible. 3. Didn’t require any sort of cord or chain which felt the safest. It just springs up with a little tug.


I was worried that even though the vinyl blackout shade made the most sense, even monetarily, it would look cheap. But, to our pleasant surprise, it pretty much blends right in with the window molding when not in use.


And here’s where the post comes full circle. After the window treatments were in place, and I stared and stared and stared at them and the walls, and knew a sunburst mirror over the crib had to happen. I loved the slight patina color, scale (about 3′ in all directions) and shape of this one from Wayfair and it was here 4 days later.


I love the relationship between the mirror and the curtains. It’s subtle and not really theme-y, but intentional–which is a nice place to be.


We still have several things to track down and finish up before we can mark this room as finished and let the newborn enjoy it (that’s a joke–she couldn’t care less). A side table and lamp. A crib skirt. Adding a dimmer switch. Filling a couple more walls with books and art. And whatever else I can think up at 3am.

Special thanks to Wayfair for partnering with us on a few necessities for the nursery including the sunburst mirror. Complete necessity!

Our Little Faye is Here!



A week early and a little unprepared (my water broke in the middle of the night!), Monday we became a family of four. Chris and I rushed around the house at 3am showering, packing a hospital bag, and making arrangements for his mom to come stay with Greta. We made it to the hospital eventually and our little girl was born at 12:33pm.



We named her Faye Andrea Marcum. I’ve loved the name, Faye, forever (okay, since watching That Thing You Do as a tween) and it was on our list when Greta was due to arrive, too. She is a perfect Faye. We like to use family names for middle names (and all of our middle names start with “A”) so Andrea is after my sweet little sister. We are naturally exhausted over here, but so happy and so in love. Greta is over the moon about her new sister, although struggling to remember her name. She gives her countless hugs and kisses all day long and is turning out to be the best little helper when it comes to grabbing diapers or wipes…or my water bottle just as I start nursing. We are settling into our new life over here–and it’s a good one. We still have a nursery to put together, so things won’t be too quiet for long.

Faye Andrea Marcum | Born 4.07.2014 | 12:33 pm | 7lbs 4oz | 20 inches long

Installing Baseboards in the Nursery

Are we behind on the nursery? Ha! With Greta, we had her nursery ready with 2 months to spare. We’re down to a week over here and we still haven’t put the crib back together since moving our furniture back up last week. We’re buckling down this week to get it done hopefully before she arrives.

First on our to-do list, before we could get to more fun things, was installing baseboards. When we tore out all of the floors, the teeny 2 3/4″-3″ (varying from room to room) baseboards throughout the first floor went with them. Although we plan on tackling this project a little at a time on the main floor, we knew we wanted to install them in the nursery before our kitten gets here.


In our opinion, our standard height 8′ ceilings wouldn’t accommodate really tall baseboards that we’re generally drawn to, so we went to Home Depot looking for something in the mid-height range that was both traditional and modern–the style we’re going for around here. We found this great 4.5″ option that had an extended straight base (the modern) but some nice curves up top–I’m butchering any baseboard jargon, sorry!–(the traditional). For $1.78/ft we were sold.


I gave all the pre-primed baseboards a coat of white semi-gloss paint (off the shelf Clark+Kensington Designer White) and once the paint was dry, we carefully measured each wall section and Chris made the appropriate cuts with our miter saw.



To be honest, attaching the baseboards with our finish nailer took the longest because our nailer is the worst. It constantly pops open or shoots blanks, which irritates Chris to no end–all of which slowed down the process. Needless to say, we’re in the market for a new one before we tackle the baseboards elsewhere on the main floor. Besides the unreliable nail gun, the process is straight forward. Locate the stud, drive the nail through and then I take over filling in the nail holes with spackle (this is my favorite because it doesn’t require sanding, doesn’t shrink or crack and dries really fast) and caulking the corners and tops for a seamless look.



Which is weirdly addicting for me and highly satisfying. It’s the cherry on top. While touching up my paint job on the baseboards, I also finally painted the window and door trim with the same semi-gloss white paint.

In 2 hours, we went from this:


To a fresh “after”:



Now we’re absolutely itching to get the baseboards in everywhere else–it finished the new floors beautifully!!–but, we have a nursery to finish first and foremost. Although, when you see where we started:



I feel a little better about our progress and how far we’ve come.


UPDATE: This post was written Sunday evening. Monday morning, at about 3:00, Jules went into labor and as of this writing (5:40am Mountain time) we are in the hospital getting ready to have a baby. Holy crap… – Chris