Pendleton Skirt to Pillow!

Ahh! Tomorrow is our party! We have been doing a few projects on the house that I can’t wait to show you next week. But I wanted to pop in and show you a pillow I made from an unlikely source. While I was at the thrift store searching for last minute costume necessities, I came across this Pendleton woman’s suit! I could actually easily see myself wearing it, but the skirt was too big (definitely wore the blazer yesterday with jeans, though). It wasn’t until I got home that I thought I could easily make the skirt into a pillow!


I slipped a form in and it was the width of the pillow exactly which made the project even easier.


I made sure I cleared the slit and the zipper and  cut some off the bottom and top. Then just turned it inside out and I only had to sew the bottom closed, half of the top and I did I blind-stitch to close it after my form was back in.



So while you’re in the thrift store this weekend hunting down the last of your costume pieces (we can’t be the only ones that piece our costumes together at thrift stores rather than halloween stores, right?!) keep an eye out for some skirts–or sweaters!–with quality fabrics. I got myself a Pendleton pillow and blazer for $15.

Happy Weekend, you guys!

What’s In My Diaper Bag?

This post is sponsored by Oyster.

Before Faye came along, we talked about our diaper bag here. Good news–Chris and I both still love it. I find it incredibly fascinating to see what people have in their purses, and since this bag has become my purse for the past 6 months, today, I am dumping it out to show you what I keep inside.

What's In My Diaper Bag

I would have to have a lot more in there if it wasn’t for my phone–which is now my camera, planner, laptop and now I even have all my books on it!! I have been using Oyster (a subscription based app available on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Nook HD, and desktop–that gives you access to unlimited ebooks for $9.95 a month. Think Netflix for books!) Up until recently, I used to stash up to 3 books at a time in my diaper bag for when I am nursing or at the doctor’s office waiting. Now when I have a minute of downtime, it is so easy to pull out my phone and pick up right where I left off in my book. They have over half a million books in every genre and even have an easy reader feature to help with reading in the dark for Faye’s occasional 4am feeding. Let’s talk about what I’m reading (and what you’re reading! I hope you’ll share!) after we look at what else is in my bag.

My wallet, which I have had forever.

This nursing cover is so pretty and lightweight. It also has terrycloth corners on the inside flaps which makes quick wiping easy and fast.

QuestBar for me (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is amazing!) and matching Bunny Grahams for Greta.

A friend gifted me a few of these bandana bibs when Faye was born and I have since ordered more here because they are so absorbent, but also cute. Like little baby accessories.

Teething ring, changing pad, wipes–the essentials.

Another friend made the most adorable burp cloths for me I almost couldn’t use them. Good thing they wash so well. (Thanks, Chantal!)

Extra outfit. Always. I should probably put an extra shirt in here for me, too. Ha!

Floss picks, bandaids, lotion, Desitin, and Neosporin–all of which I used yesterday. Some items are just-in-case things and then there are these necessities. All of them.

A rattle for Faye and a couple of her current favorite eye-candy books that keep her still throughout all of church.

A tinted chapstick and an untinted minty chapstick. I’m terribly exciting.

So, the books I currently have in my Oyster queue (and technically in my bag) are The Alchemist (I’ve read this book ten times and love to give it as gifts, too.), It’s Raining Cupcakes (Something to read to Greta when she is in the mood), Les Miserables (I read this back in 11th grade, but since the movie came out a couple years ago, I’ve been wanting to read it again. Also, fun fact, this is Chris’s favorite book!), Blog, Inc. (Joy’s book has been on my list forever and I am so happy to have access to it along with a bunch of other favs now), Water for Elephants, and The End of Overeating.


Oyster offers personalized book recommendations based on your tastes and activity and I also love that you can get book recommendations from friends on the app, too. I am always looking for my next good book to read. Speaking of, what are you reading these days? Feel free to share the weirdest thing in your bag, too. I think I’m kind of a straight shooter as far as “stuff” goes I think?, but if you are around me and haven’t tried a Questbar, I’ll probably give you mine. ;)

If you’d like to try Oyster, you can click here to get your first 30 days free.

Frosted Window Spray vs. Etched Window Film

We knew after we hung our barn door in the great room, we’d want to frost the windows. The door leads to our future laundry/mud room which sounds like a potentially messy combination even if we plan to add as much storage and organization as we can. And until that point, it’s a construction zone of missing drywall, baseboards and exposed studs.


We have used frosted or “etched” window film  (this one!) with great results on our last home’s pantry door.


Although I liked the process and result, I felt like it was my duty to try out the other product for doing the job–frosted glass in spray form.



I cleaned the glass thoroughly and taped off the edges of the wood, although I will say that step is completely irrelevant. There was no frosted specs or film that showed up in any of the surrounding area. I did notice the counters and floor looked dusty, but is swept away with just a broom. So this stuff must only stick to glass, unlike spray paints.


Following the directions, I sprayed even strokes slightly overlapping the lines. The above (pretty blurry, sorry!) photo was after the first coat. The can says that it doesn’t fully frost until 10 minutes but you can re-coat anytime. I layered on two more coats a couple minutes from each other and it still looked splotchy so I decided to wait the full 10 minutes–I waited 20 for good measure–to see how it set up. Please note–this stuff is pungent! It stinks. Strong! Like nail polish times 100. We had all the windows and doors open, but definitely wish we would have done this before hanging the door.

This is a photo I snapped with my phoneafter that period of time. I was really disappointed with the stubborn streakiness!


After discussing it over with Chris, we decided to do another coat since it was building coverage each time. Here’s after several coats.


There’s still a definite uneven appearance. In person it doesn’t look quite as splotchy as it does in the above photo. The camera has a way of highlighting that, but even still–such a beautiful door, I’d hate to leave with a less than perfect finish.


When opened, any blotches or inconsistencies are not detectable at all. I also wanted to post the above photo because in the lower left corner you can see the dust that the spray put off. It really does sweep right up.

Verdict: I would NOT use this product again. We will most likely remove it with paint thinner and use the window film we used in our last house again. I can see someone using this product for a small piece or product that you’d want to frost. Also, the price is cheaper than the window film. But, if you are looking to frost a window, and want something consistent with no smell (!!), I’d stick with the film.