A Few Good Lights

Replacing builder grade lighting with something you love, that you pick for the space specifically will go a very long way in adding value and personality to your home, I think. We love replacing fixtures! So far, we’ve replaced the one in the half bath, Faye’s room, added sconces to the reading room, the guest room, the dining room and today we’re adding two more to the list with a newly installed light in the entry and Greta’s room! Both fixtures replaced old boob lights which are about as builder grade as they get.

I didn’t get a good “before shot” of the entry one, but you can see it in the photo below. A reddish boob light. My least favorite kind of boob light, really. Reddish? No. No. No.


The one in Greta’s room was a lot less offensive in white, although the glass was very tarnished and her room needed something with more personality.

greta's room before

We ended up going for the light from Shades of Light that we featured in the original mood board for her room and it does not disappoint!


The gold interior is very gold and shiny! And the white exterior of the shade has a nice shine to it too. The shape is whimsical. It’s just really perfect for her room and adds so much. I had a moment of doubt after the original mood board. Maybe I should go with something more school-esque, especially after I saw this fixture. I am so glad I stuck with the original plan! Her room is shaping up to be less and less about any school theme and more and more about everything she loves, which is how it should be.

That light that I fell for, that almost went in Greta’s room, I decided would be perfect in the entry replacing the red boob light.


It’s a little industrial/modern farmhouse/completely us. We’re always a little worried about semi-flushmount fixtures with our height (Chris is 6’4″ and I’m 6′) but this one doesn’t come close to our heads and the clear glass shade really helps things feel airy and light. We picked up an Edison bulb at our local lighting center. Originally we put in a 75 watt we had just to see and nearly blinded ourselves. Clear glass + 75w bulb–forget it. This 40w gives a nice glowy light off that’s easy on the eyes.


So that’s two more lights checked off the replace list. I have been looking for the perfect one for our stairwell and I haven’t found the one yet, but that may be next on the list. Also, I know a lot of you are anxious to see Greta’s finished room. We are, too! Haha. We are working in real time and are waiting on a couple more things to arrive in the mail so I hope these sneak peeks will tide you over.

Video! | Our Favorite Things: BOXED edition

Chris and I have been wanting to add some more of us into this blog. And while we have no intention of becoming vloggers, we thought a once-a-month video of us chatting about our favorite things (tools, paint supplies, baby gear maybe?) would be a fun way to inject our personalities right here. Me laughing at all of Chris’s sarcasm just doesn’t come across through writing, ya know!?

So we have our first video talking about a few of our favorite household/pantry items we use every day (kinda awkward. 100% fun.) :

Since moving to Idaho, our closest Costco is over an hour away. Sam’s Club is 35 minutes. We’ve decided to save our time and gas money and just do all of our bulk shopping online. Boxed is changing the wholesale club shopping experience by bringing the warehouse club to your smart phone—but without membership fee. Woot. You saw us ramble on about their variety of all-natural/organic/health brands in the video. Coconut oil for Chris. Annie’s for Greta. The Honest Co for Faye. I ordered some of my favorite Mrs. Meyers cleaner in bulk. And something for Charly, too–Greenies at a steal! (In case you think we’re pretentious organic wannabes, HiChews and the biggest box of Alpine Apple Cider made it into our order as well).

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 12.48.50 PM

Bottom line: Boxed is a free and easy-to-use app available on iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets offering nonperishable bulk-sized goods at pint-sized prices–delivering your favorite items, in bulk, direct to your door in two days or less. There’s complimentary shipping on all first orders (as well as orders starting at $75). They also have a rewards program where for every $1 you spend on merchandise at Boxed, you receive 1 Boxed Rewards point and during promotions, even MORE points! What, oh what did we do before online shopping?

This post is sponsored by Boxed. Please note, they did not ask us to make a video and “our favorite things” monthly videos will not always be sponsored. Hope you enjoyed!

DIY Vintage Poster Frame for Greta’s Butterflies

Alternate Title: Greta’s Butterflies

You see, Greta has a thing for butterflies. Her last room had a wall of butterflies above her bed and when we moved I packed them carefully back in the box to be used in her new room and I. cannot. find. that. box! Greta and I opened every unopened box from our move and still no luck. It’s hiding somewhere and I’m still on the hunt.


In the meantime, I needed a backup plan. She still really wanted butterflies in her new room and I wanted to give them to her. Taking inspiration from this piece, I ordered this butterfly specimen poster from Urban Outfitters for $24. The quality is really nice. The paper has an almost canvas feel to it. Greta’s eyes lit up when she saw it, “My butterflies!” She would be happy just having it taped up on her walls, but I, of course, had plans to add a vintage-looking frame before hanging it in her room.


Ta-da! Here’s what I did:


I gathered some 1.5″ thin pine for the back piece and used leftover white oak we had cut to the same size for the front slats. The oak was considerably denser and heavier and I didn’t want to risk ripping the poster (even though it is thick itself), so I used pine on the back. All four slats got a coat of walnut stain.



Then we pre-drilled just what would be the front pieces (the oak in our case) for 2 screws per slat that would connect the front and back pieces of wood once our poster was in between.

photo 4

The last step before sandwiching the poster was attaching my hanging string. I found this cute red and white twine at my craft store. I just eyeballed a string length, tied a little knot and glue gunned it in place. Make sure you flatten that glue dot so your wood pieces will stick together flat, as well!

photo 2

I put a line of glue to adhere the paper to the wood on both ends and when that was set, I also glued the wood together. Even though I was screwing the slats together as well, the glue gun was hot and I figured a little extra enforcement couldn’t hurt.


The last thing I adhered was a little label frame I spray painted gold and slid in an ivory card that I wrote “Greta’s Butterflies” on. I drove four screws into the front slats (2 on top and 2 on bottom) and that was it!




A “vintage” poster hanger in about an hour. Greta has her butterflies again (I think she likes these ones even better!). All is right in the world.

Have the best weekend, you guys!