Hopper in the House + The Entry is Done!

It feels like we’ve been tweaking our entry forever. But I am happy to report, the plan we set out to execute a couple months ago is all in place and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. This is how our entry looked when we first moved in:


I know it is sometimes hard to understand how everything is laid out from photos. This photo was taken from the reading room. The front door is to the left right outside the room and the living room to the right. Here’s the mood board we came up with after our failed entry:


And here’s how it looks all in place!


The last thing we were waiting on was our Edward Hopper painting. We got it from Arts Heaven which is a great place to get real oil painting reproductions for a reasonable price.  Nighthawks is definitely Hopper’s most famous work and one I studied in depth in college. We really want to expose our girls to all kinds of art. We have lots of Etsy artists represented in our home, my own work hanging, and we hope to mix in some more prints and reproductions of famous works to expose our girls to a variety of art in the home–which is exactly what my parents did.


A poster felt a little “young” for us in this home so we went with a reproduction. The quality and colors and texture are so beautiful. We couldn’t be happier. It arrived painted on unstretched canvas and for our 6th anniversary earlier this month, we decided to splurge and have it framed rather than going the DIY route. A local shop was having a 60% custom framing sale and they threw in stretching the piece, too! Even after 60% off, it was over $400 to frame, but for something this size (32×48)–that is a steal. We picked this greeny-gold frame that ties in well with our floors and the adjacent rooms and fixtures and felt appropriate for the painting, too.



It looks like it is hung high in these photos, but I assure you the top of the painting is lined up with the top of the mirror which puts it at perfect eye height with the bottom falling just below my hips.


Here’s a shot from the front porch just outside the front door so you can get an idea of how things look as you walk in our home:


While we initially thought the bench and hooks on the wall that now holds the Hopper would be best, we quickly learned it not only crammed the area, but it wasn’t something we enjoyed opening up the door to see. Now, it’s a welcoming entry and the hooks off to the side are perfect for guests. We’ll eventually have our personal coats in the future mudroom off the garage entrance.




We’ll end on Charly–is this becoming a theme?! She follows me around all day and plopped down right here as I was photographing the space. What a sweatheart. We’ve talked about getting a proper art light for above the frame but we haven’t found the right one yet. We were searching for a battery operated one initially so we wouldn’t have to hard-wire it, but they all seem so small with bad reviews so we might just have to hard wire one after all. Besides that, the entry 2.0 is done just in time for the holidays. Sources and links below!

Sources || Wall color: Benjamin Moore Hazy Skies / Edward Hopper Nighthawks reproduction: Arts Heaven / Stones Throw Away wallpaper: Hygge & West / Boulevard Hooks: Pottery Barn / Mirror: Ikea (painted gold) / Blue tufted bench: Target / Canvas and leather shoe bin: TJ Maxx / Carpet Runner: Suit Yourself in Linen Flor tiles / Banister paint color: Clark+Kensington Tomcat

Perfectly Putty Paint

We got the great room and entry painted (again) last week and I’m back to show you photos! I made myself sick trying to pick the perfect paint color. I really wanted something warm and muddy. I test 5 different grays (you saw those last week) and ended up at the last minute going with something different all together and I am so, so glad! It’s beautiful and calm and warm.


As a reminder, here is what the walls used to look like. We loved our light walls, but unfortunately they were not practical when it comes to our growing family with a 160 pound dog.


The paint color is called Hazy Skies by Benjamin Moore and it is perfectly putty. It’s muddy. It’s tan. It’s gray. I guess some people call those colors “greige” but the whole time I was painting, my mind kept going back to my college ceramics class and that big hunk of clay I was assigned to make into a vase. It’s earthy. It’s putty. It is sometimes a little green. Or, yes, greige too–I guess.


I had the swatch color-matched to Valspar’s Optimus line at Ace Hardware. There was a question last week about how we go about painting with babies and pets in the house. This! This paint is zero voc and very low to no odor. And you know the best part? We did the whole area in one coat. ONE COAT!!! I’ve tried nearly all the paint lines and this is our favorite.




Now that it’s on and we love it, we’re ready to paint the stairwell walls, which felt like a big commitment considering it requires using a ladder…on the stairs! #holdme. And eventually we’ll even carry the color downstairs. I thought I would miss our nearly white walls, but this is so cozy and more importantly, suits our family so much better. Three cheers for Hazy Skies!

All of the Thanksgiving Recipes You’ll Need

I finished painting late last night and I can’t wait to share photos with you all on Monday. Can you believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away? This year, we’re hosting my parents which will make for, perhaps, the smallest feast we’ve ever had on the day but we’re excited about keeping it intimate and low-key this year. Last year, Chris compiled quite the recipe log of Thanksgiving dishes and I thought it would be helpful to link them all here for you! Chris is so good at asking our readers to leave a comment if they made the recipe or altered it in any way, and the comments of these past posts are so fun to read through. Links to tried (by many of you!) and true Thanksgiving recipes coming at you:

1. How to Roast the Perfect Turkey.


2.  Savory Cornbread Stuffing. This is the best stuffing I’ve ever had. Ever. My birthday happens to fall on Thanksgiving this year and when Chris asked me if there’s anything special I wanted with dinner, I requested extra cornbread stuffing. You must.

3. Scratch-Made Asparagus Casserole. A great alternative to green bean casserole!

4. Herbed Mashed Potatoes and Dijon Country Gravy made with Turkey Drippings. This gravy is something special.


5. Homemade Cranberry Sauce. Lots of good comments on this post, too.

6. Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Maple and Bacon Vinaigrette.

7. Light and Airy Pumpkin-Ricotta Cheesecake. One should never have to decide between pumpkin pie and cheesecake, amiright!?


8. The ever popular How to Cook an Entire Thanksgiving Meal in One Oven post.

9. A Cranberry Turkey Sandwich. Leftovers, we love you.


Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Doing anything non-traditional? Chris has hinted that he’d like to change up the menu (I am not surprised in the slightest) and maybe do a modern take on it. As long as the cornbread stuffing is present, I’ll be happy! Happy weekend to all of you!