The White and Brush Bronze Cafe Appliances that have my whole heart in the Fullmer Kitchen

May 21, 2019

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We have been moving at a quicker pace over at the Fullmer Kitchen and I owe you so many updates–and as fast as I can carve out a few minutes to type, I want to get them to you. We have been really soaking up actually doing this renovation. It has been a therapy of sorts and I haven’t stopped as much to take many photos along the way. So while I want to share about the appliances that changed everything today, you’ll also see major progress on the cabinetry and some sneak peeks of hardware and I have a big post all about the ins and outs of the cabinets and our line with Semihandmade coming at you tomorrow.

When we lost the cabin a few months ago, there were a lot of unfinished and undocumented projects there that we never had the chance to talk about. The appliances we had just had installed was a big one. They were stunning black and brass appliances from Cafe and despite never even getting a chance to share them properly, the brand sent such sincere condolences and were just as eager to work with us again as we were with them. The design I had planned for the Fullmer kitchen seemed like the perfect opportunity. This time, we chose their clean matte white appliances and brushed bronze hardware and (shhh…I might love them even more than the black!) They are so stunning and fresh and truly show-stopping.

If you are not familiar with GE’s Cafe line, it’s pretty remarkable. They have a full lineup of appliances from refrigerators to every time and size of range, dishwashers, microwaves, range hoods—everything you need. But where it gets really special is you can customize the color and hardware combinations.

For each piece, you choose the base color you’d like–we chose their Matte White (which is eons away from the plastic textured white fridge you had growing up). They also have stainless and matte black options.


And then you choose the hardware color you’d like between Brushed Bronze, Black, Copper or Stainless. We chose Brushed Bronze which is a warm brass look.

The Cafe logo is in their signature copper, but the knobs and handle are all gorgeous brushed bronze. Mixed with the matte white–I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. I have a post coming about the faucet and sink, too, but we decided to go stainless with them to tie into the stainless apron of the range. Can you tell I LOVE mixing metals? For the Fullmer kitchen we went with their dual fuel 36″ range (natural gas cooktop + convection oven) . It cost about $800 for the Fullmer’s to have a gas line run to this spot (their last range was electric) and they already are saying how WORTH it that was. Cafe has electric, induction (that’s what we got for the cabin) and natural gas options, but Chris would always say go for the gas if you can and his favorite is the dual fuel option for even more even baking.

If you’re someone that prefers a clean refrigerator front, the line is stocked with options with interior water dispensers (magic!), but the Fullmers thought with their 4 young children, a water and ice dispenser on the front (we went with this one!) would be the most family friendly for them and I agree! But this thing does so much more than give you crushed or cubed ice and dispense water. It expands to fill a pitcher. It will give you exactly how many ounces of water you want. It will give you HOT water. It’s a dream.

I didn’t style the inside of this fridge at all before snapping a pic, but I wanted to show you all the room that’s inside this counter depth option (they also have standard depth refrigerators if that’s your jam). It’s roomy and the way the doors and hinges are manufactured, the french doors can actually open ALL the way. They stick out a few inches past the cabinets for that purpose, but they’re finished off so nicely, I don’t mind it.

The dishwasher is a workhorse with adjustable racks, controllable wash zones to save water, cycles and options galore. We, somewhat unconventionally, placed the dishwasher a step to the side and behind the sink (in the island) due to some space restraints on either side of the sink and I’m happy to report (and relieved!) to report it is turning out to be a terrific setup. Even Kelsi’s mother, who was a little unsure of the idea, completely approves now that she’s loaded the dishwasher.

We are currently working on building in this convection/smart microwave into the base cabinets (they have trim kits!) and building a range hood around this insert–and then tile around the whole thing! Everything is shaping up so beautifully. And although a lot of the finishes are familiar and things we originally chose or bought for the cabin (our cabinet line, the appliances, the backsplash), each thing has been tweaked or repurposed or designed just for here and it feels so alive and bright and Chris and I both agree–our favorite kitchen we’ve ever done.

Let’s talk cabinets tomorrow!


Bin Pulls (4″)
Cabinets : Ikea Sektion boxes with Semihandmade X Chris Loves Julia Cove cabinet doors mixed with Semihandmade Supermatte White doors.


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  1. Punit D says:

    Thank you so much for such a well-written article. It’s full of insightful information. Your point of view is the best among many without fail. For certain, It is one of the best blogs in my opinion.

  2. Heather Young says:

    How hard has it been to keep the white Cafe appliances clean? We absolutely love them in white, but we also have young children and when we were looking at the white Cafe appliances in the store, the salesperson mentioned that, while they don’t get fingerprints as much as stainless steal, they could show dirt more.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Hi there! Love you blog and following along on insta. I’m wondering if you (or the Fullmers) could give an update on how they’re liking the appliances (specifically the fridge) I’ve read some reviews that it’s very noisy and wondering if this has been their experience. Many thanks, and thanks for all of the wonderful inspiration!

    • Megan Fugier says:

      Seconding this request! I love the look of the Cafe appliances, and I know it’s not fair to give more weight to negative reviews than positive ones, but I worry about the noisiness too. Hoping they are totally satisfied so I can follow your lead and outfit my kitchen with these!

    • Allegra says:

      Pretty, pretty please give us an update. We are in the process of purchasing new appliances and want to know how these have held up. Thanks in advance!

  4. Liz says:

    Can we talk about installing an above the range microwave into a lower cabinet base? Have you ever seen this? Is it an option? We purchased one of those appliance packages that included one, but we really want it in a lower cabinet…any suggestions? #NeedYourKnowledge #RippingUpOur70sCharmer

  5. Christina says:

    Looks amazing!!!! We have this gas range but I’m stainless steal. We weren’t able to get it flush with the wall did you have that problem here?

  6. L. Wheeler says:

    These appliances are beautiful! I have a question about how you switch between sponsors. A few years ago you raved about Frigidaire appliances when you did your kitchen remodel. So why not Frigidaire now…for this house? It is difficult for me as a reader to decipher if you really loved the first set or just loved them “for free”. If you did, why the switch? I hope this question is received well, as it is a genuine concern that I see across the blogosphere. How can we use these rave reviews to direct out purchases as consumers, when you as a reviewer don’t seem to have brand loyalty longevity? I am not receiving free products so I would love to know that my money is going to something that I will be happy with for a long time. I realize that it is ultimately my responsibility to do the research on things that I spend money on, but flip flops like this muddy the water.

    • Julia says:

      We still DO love our Frigidaire appliances that we got 3 years ago. These Cafe ones are on a different level visually and we love them, too! I think it would be less genuine if we said one brand was the ONLY good brand out there.

  7. Amanda says:

    These applicances are beautiful and perfectly used in this space.

  8. Kathryn says:

    Gorgeous!! This is the kitchen I’ve been waiting to see! Can you give a ballpark idea of what the costs to do this kitchen would be? Cabinets, appliances, hardware, finishes etc.. not labor because im sure it’s higher in the Seattle area but just a ballpark so I can see if its something I can start planning or save for a couple more years ????

    • Julia says:

      Because it’s not our finances paying for this kitchen, it might not be appropriate to share that. But! I have shared a breakdown of cabinetry cost in this post and links to all the sources!

  9. nancys says:

    WOW – love those appliances!

  10. Kotti Rocha says:

    So beautiful! Everything is drool worthy! Really happy this project is bringing you a little joy and peace too. :) <3

  11. Delia says:

    This looks amazing? Is there anyway you are going to do a post about building the microwave. I keep wanting to add it to my island but I think I have fear of how hard it will be. Thanks

  12. Brooke says:

    I actually gasped out loud when I saw the top picture! It is truly stunning!

  13. Lauren says:

    Im so bummed they didn’t make an even shallower fridge. Almost every “budget” appliance brand in Europe can make flush fridges for normal budgets but not in the US lol. I need those extra 4/5 inches more than I need my fridge to open all the way. The only white fridge that sits flush with cabinets and has an internal water dispenser is a $10,000 Viking fridge. GE will forever have my heart it they just offer flush hinges! Hopefully this cafe line is successful for them and they can expand!

  14. Kayla y says:

    This kitchen is soooo dreamy. I’ve loved following along. Im curious, did they already have gas line in their house that they tied into or did they have to go to the street? Id love a gas stove but don’t have any gas in our house.

  15. Annie says:

    These are gorgeous! We are renting just now,, but I wonder if there would be a way to change hardware on our rental appliances, like we did for cabinets, while we wait for the opportunity for the real deal.

    • Julia says:

      Hmm!! I know that they sell the hardware separately (well, I think!) but I’m not sure if they are interchangeable with other appliances.

  16. Beryl says:

    I am so in love with those white appliances! Question, the white on the appliances seem to be a brighter white compared to the cabinets. How does it look in real life? If I have all white cabinets, does it look odd if the appliances are in different (brighter) white?

    • Julia says:

      They maybe be ever so slightly more white, but still a really neutral to warm white so I’m happy with it! Semihandmade’s supermatte white was such a better match than Ikea’s more warm white, so it was definitely at the forefront of the design decision!

  17. Kristi says:

    Thanks for sharing this line! So beautiful and functional, and as someone who’s waited a long time for the all stainless steel appliances fad to end, this is a glorious way see it go! :)

  18. Kim says:

    One word: stunning! You guys work magic, so impressive!

  19. Kara says:

    How does a dishwasher in the island drain? Where does the waterline go to connect to the sink?

    • Julia says:

      Interesting enough, the waterline for the dishwasher was ABOUT right here before the renovation. It was in a peninsula perpendicular to the sink. But, before we laid the floors, we moved it slightly to where we wanted it. It’s pretty easy especially if you have the floors opened already!

  20. Alissa Ferry says:

    Oh. em. gee. So so beautiful. Would love a little post/input on gas vs. induction. Induction seems tempting, but I’ve never had any experience cooking on it and would love some thoughts from Chris if he has!

    • Kara says:

      I love induction! It heats so gas (like gas) and is soooo easy to keep the stove clean since the hear transfer is convection not radiation, you don’t get burned on food. Also super safe. it’s hard to accidently start a fire since there is no open flame and the heating element doesn’t work if the item isn’t magnetic.

      Cons would be you have to use induction cookware. We use stainless steel and cast iron. I would pay attention to the burner size and placement on the stove if you go the induction route since the pan/burner size has to be about the same (ie we mainly use the back burner because the front one is too big for our small fry pan) . The fan cycles on and off, so it’s not the quietest appliance.

      But 100% I want induction for ever future stove. I grew up with electric and lived with gas in an apartment for 5 years. Induction is my fav, but I’m no Chef Marcum ;)

      • Julia says:

        We had induction at the cabin and he loved it! But he just prefers gas I guess. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong.

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We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 

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