Would You Rather: Tub vs. Shower vs. Tub and Shower

October 25, 2017

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We’ve polled our readers before here when we were planning the deck (we went composite!), and here when we were considering taking our our 4th bathroom for a laundry room (we went for it!) and now that we’re in the initial planning stages of our bathroom renovation, we got another one for ya!

Our current master bathroom has a small shower nestled next to a built-in tub. The shower is not only cramped, but it has a lowered ceiling due to the insert. Before we can move forward with the rest of the plans (i.e. possibly moving the toilet closet to where the shower is), we gotta figure out what’s best for this area. We figured there are 3 options, outlined below, that we’d love you to weigh in on.

Would you rather:

1.  A separate tub and shower. Like our current set up. With a smaller shower, next to a tub. The down side to this one is we couldn’t move our toilet where our shower currently is. (And our toilet closet is kind of right in the middle of the room right now. However, this would be a very cost effective option that we could make look a million times better than it does now (that wouldn’t be hard). We’re not necessarily bath people, so I’m constantly side-eyeing all that wasted space a grand tub takes up, but there’s something very “master bathroom” about this set up. And an occasional soak could be nice.



2. A combined tub and shower: making the shower area larger, but the combination pretty standard size. Option 2 is appealing because even though Chris and I don’t take baths very often–will we want to occasionally? This option allows us to move our toilet closet next to the shower/tub combination while giving us a larger shower. It allows us to sometimes bathe the girls upstairs while still having a larger shower area. But, it does feel a little less “master” than the other two options.


3. A large, luxe shower with no tub. A large shower with multiple heads and maybe a built-in bench sounds dreamy. We also have plans to add a privacy window in the bathroom for some natural light and the shower is likely where it will go. I love the idea. We’d essentially build a large shower where the tub is currently, but is it practical to nix a tub completely? Will having only 1 tub in a large home be enough?

Inspiration Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

If you have any inside thoughts or experience, we’d love to hear! We’re so anxious to start picking out finishes, but man, we’ve been going back and forth on this dilemma for months and I’m sure there are still pros and cons we’re forgetting about.


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What do you think?

  1. Pgrube says:

    I would go with option 2 or option 3.
    That separate toilet room is key! You will regreat not having it. As for the bathtub. If you are not really bath people and there is another tub somewhere in the house I wouldn’t sweat the bath. Just pick what you like best for looks and functional layout. If you want a steam shower then option 3 is the only way to go.

  2. Jessica says:

    If I had to choose one over the other, I would choose a tub with a hand sprayer. After renting houses in several European countries, I decided I loved this. Tubs are also 100 necessary for children, and they are extremely therapeutic for many health conditions like stress, anxiety, arthritis, and psoriasis. For aging I would swap out to a walk in tub. I do love a quick shower to cool down and rinse off during hot weather, or before or after a sauna. I think if you have a shower, it should be separate. With that said, I have seen some very cool combos: giant shower area with tub inside it. Basically you shower with the tub on one side of you and a glass partition on the other side of you. Also a recessed tub with a shower floor. In this case you stand on a wood slatted floor while showering, which is removed to reveal a recessed tub!

  3. Jerry Conley says:

    Hi I like the shower tile just after the big white tub, looks like a beige subway tile, and the threshold and sill look like travertine can you provide more information

    Thank you

  4. hamid says:

    je suis interresse par une douche et une baignoire à cote.merci de m’envoyer des modeles

  5. hamid says:

    good gooooooood

  6. Monica says:

    What about a slightly larger shower plus a Japanese style soaking tub, which would be shorter than a traditional tub? That’s the way I would go, hands down.

  7. mary says:

    I’m late to this party and haven’t read all the comments but, did anyone mention doing the large shower and having a hot tub outside as a backup for those who aren’t frequent bath takers? They’re awesome for a good, hot, spacious soak. My two cents.

    We did a generous-but-not-huge shower (36″X42″) and a medium sized tub in our master bath reno. It looks pretty but we never use the tub (not once in 8 years). The shower is a great size elbow room-wise, but just a little too small for a bench, which I would include if I had to do it over. We’re in the Northeast and have chilly winters and the larger shower can be a little drafty when it’s cold out, so if I had it to do again I would put one of those transom windows across the top that can be rotated open or closed off. Actually, I would go steam shower. I would also put in a radiant floor ;) So sorry I didn’t insist on that.

  8. Katy says:

    We just redid our master bath and I vote for the separate bath and tub. However, My bath each evening after the kids go to bed is my get away each day. I needed a deep soaker tub but I LOVE my new glasses shower!

  9. Kirsten says:

    I would never want a master bathroom without a tub, but I adore baths!!

  10. Rachel says:

    I have to vote for shower only. I think it’s an expensive choice to make on the thought of “maybe we’ll take baths now”. You still have one bath in the house.

  11. Kristina says:

    Look at all these tub-loving people — I didn’t know you all existed! I vote for shower-only, every time. You still have a tub in the house. Sure, resale is important, but not as important as loving and using every inch of *your own home*, right now.

    I’m so glad we opted for just a wet room in the basement. I’m always jealous of our guests!

  12. I love the third option for you. A luxury shower is still luxurious. Bath tubs are hair collectors!

  13. Hallie says:

    I only have a shower in my master and I think it’s perfect. Much less to clean and bigger space. When my parents renovated they did a big shower with a steam shower capability and I’ve been lusting after that forever. I feel like as long as there is one tub in the house that is convenient for bathing kids you shouldn’t have any problems with resale.

  14. Candace says:

    I would rank:
    1 (BY A LOT) – tub & shower
    2 – big shower
    3/don’t even – combo.

    I agree with what most people said already: I think you are short-selling yourselves (literally!) to do a combo, and even a big shower alone. Most people I know like the option for a spa-like master, with tub. The combo- ugh. No. I would die happy if I never had to step over a tub wall, again.

    Here’s another thing. I’m just about your height, and a combo tub is not my idea of “relaxing bath.” Too short and shallow for tall people. I can see this being a concern for a shorter tub, if your space requires it. But, I think the super-deep, free-standing tub options would make up for any truncation in length. I don’t do baths often, but I LOVE when I do and would hate not having that option (it’s my Mother’s Day ritual!)

    I also question the large showers. Meaning, I think they lean towards being drafty and a waste of space. Sure, they are visually amazing. And, oo la la, I’m sure people love having the ability to buddy-up in the shower. But is that practical on a regular basis? So many of them look like a shower area with a big ol’ cold-zone tacked on!

  15. Kiera Chambers says:

    I think many of us that are tall skip the bath because we are too big for them. We just moved into a house with a bath that finally fits me and I LOVE it. 4 months ago I would have said ditch the tub, but now that I have been able to soak in a tub that actually fits me, without my knees hitting my chin and half my body out of the water, I FINALLY get it.
    Go for a tub, and make it one that you don’t have to fold your tall body into, but one that you can really enjoy.

  16. Linda says:

    Only you know if you will actually use the tub. Do you use your tub now? That would be your best guideline of whether you will use a new tub. You live in a fairly cold place and hot baths can be kind of nice in the dead of winter. But, I like the idea of moving your toilet into the the current shower spot. Hmmm…. you have a decision to make!

  17. Brandy says:

    We passed on a house we loved because the master didn’t have a tub… the bath is my happy place so it’s a must have for me. I also love the idea of a smaller tub contained within a walk-in shower, those designs are my favorite right now!

  18. Sheena says:

    Option FOUR – take the space and do a WETROOM with a large shower and smaller Japanese soaking tub! This is what we are considering doing to our current layout (similar to yours) and I’m over the moon about it! I’ve heard the best things about Japanese soaking tubs, and they can be pretty inexpensive. Check it out!

  19. Gabriela says:

    Love option 3 but when reselling people buying do want a tub =/ Quick question, how do you handle the marble in the shower or plan to? I love the look of it but people who do have it are always saying they don’t recommend it.

  20. Samantha says:

    I would do tub and shower. Even if you don’t like baths now, you may some day. I didn’t use to be a bather but now I love a warm bath every so often. I think, too, that I will help with resale.

  21. Janis says:

    We are in the same dilemma and I can’t wait to read what people have to say! Did you read emily Henderson’s post on her master? They did a shower only but she says she wishes she went more luxury with the shower and included a steam shower. I never take baths so I think he large shower will be our choice but I’m all about including the steam shower as well. Just so it feels a little bit spa like!

  22. Sarah says:

    I feel like for resale, you might need a tub. (And I personally love to have a tub to soak in). But if you opt for large shower, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t do an occasional bath for your littlest in there. My sister moved to Stockholm last year, where tiny bathrooms with only showers are the norm, so to bathe her two year old twins, she puts a collapsable tub/bucket on the shower floor and they get a nice little bath. If you have a bench in the shower that would make that easy!

  23. Hannah says:

    Separate tub and shower! From a resale standpoint no tub would be a deal breaker for me. Especially since there would only be one in the whole house. I think if you put in a beautiful tub you might be surprised at how often you’ll use it!

  24. Brandy says:

    I say do the full shower. If you already have other tubs in the house then you have the kids and bathtime covered. My husband and I did a huge shower and it’s amazing. The tub is down stairs with a separate tiny shower(guest bathroom and kids bathtime) it’s perfect. Use the best windshield cleaner on the glass, here in Southern Cali it’s Rain X… it’s been great and never allows water marks to appear. I say one or three….. but I love option three

  25. RAChelle bell says:

    GIRrrrl trust me… as a mom of a 3 year old who just custom built our master- the giant shower with bench and rain shower/wall/hand held spits… is HEAVEN. We take family showers (I know this only works for so long) but it’s really special. The invisible slot drain is also really nice. Ginny MacDonald designed it and will be posting soon. But I love your blog and wanted to share that I’m SO happy with the giant shower decision. ❤️

  26. Aimee says:

    #3 when we remodel we plan to ditch our tub and do a big shower with 2 shower heads so we can shower at the same time many mornings we are in different bathrooms, we would then be left with one tub on our main floor…we plan on being here many years…. from the sound of many commentators a tub in the master isn’t a deal breaker

  27. Ash says:

    I would go with just a walk in shower, considering Chris’ back problems. Climbing over a tub is very difficult when your back is killing you(!) and you already have a bath in the house if resale is the goal.

  28. Sara says:

    It sounds like Option 3 is best for you and your family. However, as a bath person, it would definitely give me pause if I was considering a home and the master didn’t have a tub. However, it is becoming the norm so if you’re not bath people, you should probably go with Option 3. If it were me, however, I’d do the combined. Stepping up into the tub doesn’t bother me, and showering in a much larger shower never really made sense to me, you don’t want a tiny shower, but having a huge amount of space is just vacant space. Just my two cents!

  29. Julia says:

    I vote for option number one. As a parent, I can’t see the function of a house that doesn’t have a tub on the same level as a child’s bedroom. As an occasional bath-taker, I’d prefer a tub that people didn’t shower in regularly-that sounds cleaner, and it could be a smoother, less multi-purpose tub. I think if you have a glass surround for the shower it will feel less cramped. That being said, I have no bathroom reno experience, and would very much like to reno ours and add another, so I’m excited to see what you do!

  30. Ellen says:

    We have a really large shower (7×4) and steam is essential in such a large space! Otherwise, it’s teally cold in the shower!

  31. Dawn says:

    I’m going to suggest eliminating one option: the combined tub/shower, because from both a resale point of view and a forever home point a view, you want at least one bathing option that you can walk into and not have to climb into.

    So that leaves you with options 1 or 2, and strictly from a resale standpoint you probably want two tubs in a large house. However, if your renovated shower can truly be as large as the ones in the photos, that’s not too small at all.

    We have a similar decision facing us; will be following along closely on this one!

  32. Allyson says:

    Just finished master bath renovation and did option 3, no tub, awesome shower! Old garden tub was huge, took up half the room. I love the new shower not only for its function but because we did a walk in shower with a whole wall of beautiful tile with a glass door so it’s the focal point of the room. I also have before and after pics if you’d like to see it :)

  33. Stacey says:

    Shower only, I can count on one hand how many baths I’ve taken in 15+ years, if you were a bath person you’d know it, I say skip the unused sq footage.

  34. Marcia says:

    Shower only. We have both a tub & a shower (separate) in our master and I have to dust the tub because we never use it. For people who pretty much only shower a large shower with a seat is lovely. Most people these days don’t take baths. If you ever sell, not having a master tub may eliminate a few buyers but not many.

  35. Christin says:

    Option 2, however I feel your pictures for that options don’t look very mastery. What about taking a soaker tub (option 1, picture 1) and adding the shower over the tub or beside it. I’ve seen bathrooms where only a glass wall separates the tub and shower area from the rest of the bathroom. I’m tall like you guys and having a bath in a standard tub isn’t relaxing, especially since I can’t stretch out my legs and keep them under the water at the same time #tallgirlproblems

  36. Monika says:

    One of the reasons we bought our house is because it didn’t have a tub in the master. I hate tubs! I hate cleaning them, the square footage they take up, the need for a curtain or glass enclousure…. One sizeable shower stall and a generous closet is all it took to make me swoon.

  37. Meredith says:

    Shower only! I think one tub per house is fine and it opens everything up.
    We have one tub for the kids and plan to renovate the master with shower only.

  38. Niki says:

    I say Option #1. It’s very master bathroom. However the pictures you used for Option #2 are very compelling. I think for resale, it’s best to have a bathtub.

  39. Anna says:

    I watch a lot of house hunters and having bought and remodeled three houses myself, I say option #1. It really gives the master a true “en suite” feel to have separate spaces and better for re sale value later on. I use our huge whirlpool tub for bathing our kids all the time because our other two tubs are upstairs in their rooms. I think not having a tub In the master is a deal breaker. And you guys do such lovely work, I’m sure it will be functional and beautiful!

  40. Kari says:

    Keep the tub! Please! I know resale isn’t everything, but no tub would be a deal breaker for me buying a house. For option one you could do a short/small clawfoot and really enlarge the shower. The shower walls could be glass, so then the concept still feels very open.

  41. Amber says:

    Coming from a mom with 5 kids, we love bathing the younger kids together in our large master bathtub. But as the kids grow up and it is used less, I could see how a larger shower for my husband and me would seem more functional. Personally, I would keep a tub, but it’s all about what you think makes more sense for you and your family!

  42. Angela says:

    I think if you plan on selling in the future you should go with the separate tub & shower. However, if this is your forever home, go for what you personally prefer, which sounds like a big shower! When we redid our master, we kept the separate tub & shower (I read in the tub a lot) but gained a larger shower by extending it forward a foot. That extra square footage feels huge! Not sure if that is an option in your space, though. Can’t wait to see what you do to the bathroom!

  43. sweetfe says:

    Hmmm..tough call. My thrifty side says – go with option one. Get a smaller tub so you can enlarge the shower and keep them both in their current locations. Maybe a glass wall? Or a clawfoot tub? ….as for what I prefer…it would be the large shower. The biggest downside is from a real estate perspective…losing a tub is a big deal….and not in a good way. I am sure which way you go will be fabulous!

  44. Camilla B. says:

    Shower only! We did this in our home as we already had a tub in the guest bathroom, and we aren’t really bath people. We have absolutely loved having a large shower!

  45. Pt says:

    Well, I can let you know in a month or so! We decided to nix the tub and go for the large walk-in shower…so that’s my vote. We’re renovating now.

  46. Julie says:

    Option 3 being so open without a tub looks a little like a gym shower (is it just me?). Our realtor also told us that tubs are good for resale for families so I’m curious if yours recommended anything during your recent home estimate. But since you’re both pretty tall, would a tub be that comfortable? Or would you breathe easier in a roomy shower? This room should be YOUR oasis so go with your gut! You could also try bathing in the girls’ bathroom for a week or two and see if you become a “bath person.” You never know!

  47. gina says:

    shower only! you admit yourself that you want the large shower :)
    do what works for you!

  48. Julie S says:

    This was so late to show up on my blog feed that I almost didnt’ comment since you had so much great input already! Mostly I just want to say this is one of the most helpful posts + comments I’ve read. I’ve always lived in small, 1 bathroom houses till now and it was never a consideration or anything I’d thought about. Now I have so much input for the future renovation of our own master bath!

    For you guys, option 3 sounds like the most joy filled choice. I think it does have to go on a case by case basis — if you DO want to take a bath every month or two, is it too annoying to take your stuff and go to the other bathroom? Or if you put a tub + shower in the master, will you just be giving the unused tub the side eye and wishing your shower wasnt’ so cramped? I am in the minority of finding the shower/tub combo to feel homey and nice to use. I love elegant looking things but am not a spa person so all that glass isn’t ideal for me. As for shower size, my mom’s 3×4 shower with corner built in bench is no fun because the bench is too big and makes the space feel crowded though I am a petite 5’2″. I never sit in the shower, it feels slimy in my mind even though cleaned often, but would love a low shelf to put a foot on for shaving. Hubs and I had a weekend away with a lovely enclosed shower maybe 5’x3′ and that really seemed ideal to me – big enough for two but small enough to heat up and stay warm.

  49. Lori says:

    You already have a nice bath in the new girls bathroom for when you need a good soak so… shower only!

  50. Christina says:

    I say Option #1 – hubs & I were just discussing this actually – we plan to renovate our master bath down the line (we live in a newer home with a pretty ‘builder basic’ bathroom). I think we decided that we would keep both, but expand the shower some more and just get a smaller, stand-alone tub. The tub we have now is gigantic and just feels ridiculous for as much as we use it. Speaking of – we are not big bath people, and use it maybe a few times a year – and our other 2 bathrooms have a shower/tub combo, but I would never take a bath myself in one of those rooms.. and like you mentioned, it just doesn’t feel very master bathroom like with the combo. Can’t wait to see what you do! I’m sure it will be incredible no matter what you decide :)

  51. Cindy says:

    I vote for #3: shower only!

    We *just* finished a complete master bath renovation in which we got rid of our tub, built a fantastic shower, and gave the extra square footage (which was not a whole lot: the whole room is pretty small) to a slightly expanded closet. We actually have been without a master tub for years: we tore it about about 10 years ago and have never missed it. When I need to take a bath, I use the bathtub in our other bathroom.

    I would do it again in exactly this way. I can’t even tell you how great it is to have a big shower and to have space allocated exactly where we need and use it.

  52. Jeanna says:

    Well, I am biased I think. I am a shower person……….but when I don’t feel good, or I’m in the middle of a harsh Michigan winter and I can’t seem to get warm, I love to soak in a hot bath. Since you have a bathtub available downstairs, I say go for a magnificent walk in shower. The space should feel like heaven compared to the tiny shower you now use! Can’t wait to see what you come up with :)

  53. Laura says:

    Big shower, no tub! We did this in our master last year and are SO GLAD we did! I am not a bath girl but on the rare times I do enjoy it, I go to the tub in our house with a book and glass of wine and am happy as a clam. Bonus–my husband and I can shower in the mornings together and we have the nicest time chatting about our day. If you do go the big shower route, you may want to skip the built-in bench idea. We did, because it just got in the way of standing room. I did have our contractor add that little 1/4 of a circle shelf and put it a foot high which makes shaving SO much easier. Worth every penny (although that addition happened to be cheap). If you want to see pics of what we did, shoot me an email–happy to share, and our finished bathrooms totally aligns with your inspiration pics!

  54. Stephanie says:

    Nix the tub. It sounds like that’s more for you two anyway. It might feel like for resale you might be disappointing future owners but I think majority rarely use it. And if you rarely use a tub I don’t see the point in spending $$ on something you won’t use AND it takes up all the space. Put the $$ towards an AMAZING shower.
    We are currently planning our main bathroom reno (no master) and were all about nixing the tub, having only the walk in shower and putting a tub downstairs when we redo that bathroom (it currently has a small shower only) and we are tub soaking people. But then I realized if I wanted to have a bath I would have to go to the basement which will be a hangout for 3 boys and their friends which would be weird and awkward???? luckily it is a long bathroom so we can do a wet area with the bathtub and shower side by side but all open together (does that make sense?) So we still get a walk in shower! Good luck, whatever you 2 decide will be awesome, it always is!

    • Michelle says:

      Have to put in my vote for #1. My large shower is a pain to squeegee, so honestly I wouldn’t mind a smaller one. And although you’re not a bath person now, maybe once you have a luxurious one you might use it more than you’d actually use a second shower head.

  55. Amy says:

    We went through this dilemma a little over a year ago! We had a jetted tub (although it was jetted, it was TEENY)and a little shower (which was an insert). We ultimately decided to nix the tub and move the shower where the tub was to give us a much larger shower PLUS we were able to put in a great linen closet where the shower previously was. We realized that while the jetted tub was appealing, it just wasn’t functional for us—it became an oversized laundry basket because we threw our dirty towels in there until we took them to the laundry room. This worked for us because all of our bedrooms are on one floor and we have an additional bathroom in the upstairs hallway that has a tub that we use for our daughter. If you don’t use a tub, it’s a waste of space—definitely love the idea of s luxurious shower!

    • Cathy says:

      I’m having the same dilemma with our master bath, and this sounds like the PERFECT solution for my bathroom – thank you! There are currently no linen closets, no wall space to hang out towels, and we’ve only used the tub to bathe our daughter who co-sleeps with us. We have a hall bathroom on the same level with a tub that she could bathe in, so losing our tub is not really a deal-breaker. I’d love to trade it for a dedicated linen closet + wall space for our bath towels!

  56. Shawna says:

    So, first I gotta say that I love you guys and your blog (and miss Charley as if she was some how my own – so much love to you all).

    I’m not one to comment very often, but I thought this would be a fun one to weigh in on. So, my husband and I currently live with my in laws and have a separate garden tub and stall shower, plus a separate toilet “room”… and to be completely honest, I’m not a fan (for us, that is).

    In our previous home we had a garden tub with the shower combined, no toilet room, and I personally loved it. I’m a huge fan of tiny homes (huge doesn’t even cover it), and one thing I love is efficiency, and for me, getting a larger shower plus having all my tub stuff in the same place is so convenient and lovely. That said, it’s probably not what we’ll do in our next home. My husband is a big and tall guy and as much as I love the combined shower/tub set up (and we will likely have that when moving with our in laws prior to building our home), neither that or those small standard shower stalls will work for my husband anymore. One feels way too cramped, and the other is kind of tricky for him to maneuver (hard on his knees and makes him feel like he’ll slip getting in and out).

    All that considered, I think I’ve landed on the idea that I think will work best for us and that I’m excited about, it’s more of a “wet room” approach, essentially the tub is housed within the larger shower (and it is quite large), we’re also planning a transom window above b/c we had that in our last home and I loved the light pouring in, with the guaranteed privacy (no frost or window covering required… which appeals to my minimalist tendencies).

    I’m still working out the finishes (I am literally creating a whole notebook with all of my plans for each and every space in and outside of the house as this will be a custom home… though hopefully without the insane budget, which is a huge dream of mine), and I have a huge love of poured concrete… our floors will likely be concrete and I’ve considered some version of that for the walls (since it will be a custom size), although I recently came across acrylic wall panels that can be utilized like a surround (they look like back painted glass) and are super low maintenance.

    All that to say, I say you do you – and it really sounds like having a huge walk in shower (with no tub) is what lights you up – so I say go for it! I don’t know that any one option is going to really be that much more or less appealing for resale, and as long as there’s at least one tub in the house I think that helps. I love your style and how you approach your home, and whatever you choose, I’m excited to follow along. Can’t wait! :)

    • Shawna says:

      Thought I should add, I am very much a bath kinda girl, and my hubs is a shower guy… so having both in some capacity is a must for us… :)

  57. Noel says:

    SHOWER ONLY!!! I personally cannot stand the separate tub/shower, especially if you have a small bathroom to begin with. I also don’t really like bath/shower combos because I don’t like having to step up and over the tub to enter/exit. My mom has a high jet tub/shower combo and it is so annoying to get in and out of. I also can’t stand claw tubs for this purpose, they have such high walls! Agree with comments about doing a large, luxe shower only, without the curb so you can just walk in without stepping over something. This is great for aging/elderly people. Can’t wait to see what you end up doing, any route you go, I’m sure you will make it gorgeous :)

  58. Carla says:

    Keep the tub! I have this same situation, and when we remodeled we kept both but enlarged the shower a bit, raised the shower ceiling and added a window over the freestanding bathtub. There’s also a mirror opposite the tub/window so you can see outside while in the shower! A window in the shower would fog up not let in much light. A giant shower is cool, but that’s a lot of glass to squeegee.

  59. So we bought a brand new home 2 years ago and nixed the bathtub to have a bigger shower in the master. So we have 1 tub in our 4 bedroom home. With 3 young kids (3 to 7) I regret not having another tub pretty much weekly! I loooove the look and comfort of a big shower but really wish we had 2 tubs. I think I’m loving the first option- tub/shower combo. You guys can make any layout look great though! Good luck with your decision!

  60. Maya says:

    I honestly don’t see the problem with the shower-tub combo. You probably don’t have room to make a separate shower and tub feel truly luxurious, while you can make a beautiful combined shower-tub, and then you’ll never have regrets down the road when you suddenly get into a bathing kick (i.e. once kids stop breaking down the door every time you try to shower) :)

  61. Jessie shickel says:

    I say the separate tub and shower is a waste of space! Either combine them and make it really nice (like a wider tub because you’ll have the space) or itch the tub and go for a giant shower.

  62. Amanda says:

    Personally, I’d want a large shower and a claw foot tub because I’ve been swooning over those since I bathed in my grandparents’ as a youngin’. In the case of your bathroom since the shower would be quite small with a tub I’d go for a large double shower with a bench or something to hoist your leg up for shaving. From reading your post it sounds like the tub would be a nice to have but you wouldn’t necessarily use it all that often to warrant the extra used space? Unless of course you can move a wall to create extra room? Good luck deciding and I can’t wait to see the journey!

  63. Kevin B says:

    Large shower, leave the tub in place. I agree with others, having a low threshold makes sense for resale and for people as they get older. A shower is safer. With the new shower options, personalize it
    We’re in the process of doing this at this time
    Claw tooth tub stays, shower stall being added and sink moved to another spot in bathroom. It’s an old farmhouse and we love the atmosphere.

  64. We nixed our tub in the master bath when we remodeled and I have not missed it at all! We have a bench too, which is so awesome for shaving legs and keeping all of our toiletries. The one bathtub serves us just fine in the boys bathroom and kind of “designates” that bathroom for them!

  65. Kaari says:

    Big shower, no tub! We built our house 3 years ago and changed the layout of the bathroom to this. Zero regrets! Although, I had a huge bathtub in my previous home and never used it, so I am definitely a shower-only girl.

  66. Sitota says:

    I think the large shower is the go because it makes showering not feel like a core and it is something new than a regular bath or shower

  67. Carey-Jane says:

    I never ever take baths so I’m in the “only gorgeous shower” category! how often do you use your bath in that bathroom now? If it’s a lot, then perhaps you do want a shower/bath combo…but if it’s very rarely- you do have a bath downstairs. Also greta and Faye girls are getting older and might start to enjoy using your shower too rather than baths, so they can still use your bathroom too!:) I’m also of the opinion that it’s good to think of resale value (like in your earlier post this week) but at the same time if you have no plans to sell for many years do what works best for you! I had no idea I had so many thoughts about this????????

  68. Laurel says:

    I vote for big shower and no tub. I did it in my master bath and I love it. As long as there is one tub in the house I don’t think you will miss having one in the master, especially if you aren’t a bath person.

  69. Laura j says:

    Either combo tub/shower or just a huge shower. If you go tub, I’d get a big soaker so you actually fit in it. My husband is 6’3” and he loves tubs that are big enough to fit his whole self in, but the standard size tubs definitely do not. I don’t see the need for the shower to be separate from the bath tub. What are the odds that you’d want to use both at the same time? If there’s not room for a huge tub, just do a really nice shower. That’s what it sounds like you’d prefer to use anyways. And it may be obvious, but hang the shower head super high. Nobody wants to need to duck to rinse their hair.

  70. Sarhahaha says:

    Personally, I work for Delta Faucet Company and I not only am very familiar with our tubs and showers, I absolutely love the standing shower with a freestanding tub!!!

  71. Victoria says:

    Our master has a large soaker tub with no shower and it’s the stupidest thing. I do like option 1 or 2, just so your bases are covered. You can definitely make either look amazing. Will you be bathing polly in your bathroom?

  72. Nichole M. says:

    A large shower & no tub is for sure the way to go! You have at least one tub in your home already. Also, I noticed you said “might” and “could” a lot when talking about a tub – “we might like a soak in a tub.” If you’re not bath people now, don’t waste the space on something you “might” like in the future. That’s my vote. Good luck!

  73. Debbie C says:

    I feel like you sound most excited about the large shower stall! Also you commented twice that you don’t really use the tub. As far as kids, they could also be bathed in the shower stall (I personally rarely fill the tub to bathe my 4 and 6 year olds). I vote for the single dreamy shower.

  74. Kala Morry says:

    Big shower all the way! A couple thoughts – if you are planning on staying in this house for many years, remodel it the way will make you most happy. If you plsn on staying really long term (aging in place), it will be easier to get in a shower with a low threshold compared to stepping into a tub. Lastly, do you need more than 1 tub? How likely is it that two people will want a bath at the same time? Can’t wait to see what you do!

  75. Monica says:

    Shower! That one with the black doors is gorgeous!

  76. Jess says:

    I vote #2. My previous house was a newer build (2007) with the standard issue stall shower + garden tub combo in the master bath. I was an occasional bath taker, mostly when I had sore muscles. But I hated that I had to leave the bath and drip water on the floor to get into the shower after my bath got cold. Earlier this year I sold that house and moved into an old and much more charming, but fully renovated 60-year-old house. Here my master bath has only a large stall shower. The second bath, that is original to the home, has a standard tub/shower combo. Now when I want to soak, I have to go to the other side of the house (ok, not that far) and drag my towel and toiletries in there too. So even though I don’t take baths that often, my preference would be to have a really nice tub/shower combo in my master.

  77. Lisa says:

    If you have the room to accommodate a larger shower and a free standing tub, I would go that route, only because there is something a little more luxurious about a five piece master bath. However, if you cannot do a larger shower and a tub, I would nix the tub entirely and do a sweet shower! I am not really a bath person and I usually loose interest before the tub is even full, but that’s just me :) Can’t wait to see your plans!

  78. Sarah says:

    Shower only! We renovated our master bath almost two years ago and put in a large steam shower which is heaven on earth..have you considered that? We have three little girls too and two other bath tubs in our home and only ever use one of them. You won’t miss having a second tub, I promise!

  79. Nichole says:

    4th option:
    There is a Property Brother’s I saw recently where they created a large glassed in shower with a tub inside. Like a everything behind the Glass was a wet area. It was for a master bath that wasn’t huge and it worked out great. It was for a Nashville episode.

    • Shawna says:

      I’m gonna have to find info about this episode – this is exactly what my hubs and I are hoping to do – I think it’s such a great idea! Also, rather than putting the shower head on what would be the shorter end, I’m hoping to put it on the wider part (technically the “side” rather than front) because that’ll give my husband the feel of more room without having to add additional square footage. :)

      • Nichole says:

        I just saw them do it again in Nashville. The one I originally saw was better because it was a bit larger. It’s an episode with two guys who have just moved to Nashville. They were really funny, too. And they have two dogs. Good luck!

  80. Heidi says:

    We are currently remodeling and we went with option #3, id love a big soaking tub one day but space was problem and we opted for a large walkin shower! I was disappointed at first, but on the up side i wont have to clean it. I cant wait to see you guys transform this space!

  81. Jasmine says:

    Sounds like neither of you are bath people, so I most definitely vote for shower only. That black framed shower door is my favorite…

  82. Ali says:

    I always go for big shower in the master (we don’t take baths) and a tub/shower combo in another bathroom. If you DO like baths go for separate if possible.
    Our current master (next on the re-do list)
    has a combo but the tub is super deep jetted tub. I’m only 5’4″ and it’s quite an adventure hurdling into and out of the shower every day!

  83. Mel says:

    I would go shower-only for one, purely #lazygirl reason: easier to clean. Cleaning the tub is my most hated chore and I will trade ANY other chore to get out of doing it. But if you did want to do a separate tub and shower without it feeling too cramped (hot baths are nice sometimes) maybe an ofuro-style deep tub with a smaller footprint?

  84. JL says:

    Wow! I’m in the super minority here. We do not have a tub in our master and I loathe it! I can’t wait to remodel and add a tub. We have tub/shower combo in our hall bathroom which our 3 boys share. A good 15-20 soak (I’m not really a bather, per se. I like to shower) in a tub with a few drops of essential oils and Epsom salts is one of the most relaxing things I *try* to do for myself. Besides, we all need the magnesium. It’s a great thing to do for your health. Also helps with sleep. My boys are all under the age of 10 and I have zero plans on sharing a tub/shower with three (future) teenage boys! As it is now, I feel like I have to spray the tub with bleach cleaner before I soak. ;) As an aside, they like to have a good soak in salts + oils as well. They play so hard and have so many bumps and bruises-it speeds healing and lessens pain.

  85. Jennifer says:

    My first choice is a separate tub and shower. I like to take a bath (I’m writing this while soaking right now!????) However, id pick whatever speaks to you the most which might be giant shower. The one I would not do regardless would be the combo. I think it’s very “kids bathroomish” and won’t be as strong for resale purposes.

  86. Anne says:

    I vote for the giant Master shower and no tub.

  87. Emily Worth says:

    Shower all the way. The tub is so unnecessary. You won’t even miss it!

  88. Brianne says:

    Giant shower all the way! You guys are always saying that you should make the house work for you and if you aren’t really bath people (I’m not either) than I say nix the tub altogether. We only have a shower in our master and I feel like having a tub in there would have been a waste of space.

  89. Lu says:

    A separate tub and shower…

  90. Mel says:

    Option 3 all the way! We have a large shower with two heads in our master and it’s fantastic! We love it as we can both shower at the same time in the morning before work and the kids love getting in there too – they call it ‘mega shower’

  91. Nicole says:

    Go for the big shower! We went with the 8 foot double shower in our home and LOVE it. No one has to wake up early just so we can both shower. On the days where we do end up showering at the same time it’s so great because we can actually have a conversation that’s not interrupted by kiddos. However, we are not bath people. But I always tell myself if I want to take one I can always use the kids bathroom. But who has time for that!

  92. Laura Quinn says:

    Another thing to consider is maybe you guys don’t like baths as much because you’re so tall! This could be your chance to pick out a tub big enough so you can fully relax in one. If there isn’t enough room for a large tub I’d say nix it for a huge shower.

  93. Lisa says:

    One bath is plenty. : ) excited to see the transformation unfold. You guys are so talented.

  94. CindyG says:

    I don’t have a vote on your three options here, but I would like to wade in. I noticed that all the shower options you show have clear glass doors. I know that this is all the rage these days, and I always thought that I would love this in my house. However, recently I had the chance to try out a shower with clear glass. The first thing I noticed was the water stains on the glass. The second thing I noticed was how exposed I felt while showering. I think a shower should feel like an escape, but I felt like I was on display in a store window for all to see while scrubbing down my unmentionable parts! It was a bit disconcerting. I would recommend trying out a clear glass shower before installing one in your home, just to be sure you are comfortable with the experience.

    • Alisha says:

      I couldn’t agree more! I love the look of them, but in reality it’s SO awkward! We may be weird, but there’s no way either of us would feel comfortable with the other in the bathroom while we were showering, lol! I’ve seen some that are frosted part of the way or completely that might provide privacy while still letting light into the room.

    • Lori says:

      I agree! Plus with the bath/shower combo with the glass doors, that seems super uncomfortable to me, because I like to rest my legs on the side of the tub when I get too hot while soaking. It seems like a really weird combo of exposed/claustrophobic. Plus it’s just easier to throw a shower curtain & liner in the wash occasionally (plus it’ll hide all the bath stuff that’s inevitably spread all over the shower).

  95. Sonya says:

    I am a bath person. Steamy showers make my hair frizzy on the days I don’t wash it! Our master currently has a shower only and I use the hall bath/shower combo for my baths. I know it is currently trending to not have a tub in the master, but I would LOVE to have one. If you do a tub, I don’t think a huge tub is necessary. I am tall, but I don’t want to have to wait forever for it to fill. I would just go with one that is a little deeper for the days I want to soak more than bathe. I agree with others about the “coldness” of a large shower.

  96. Rachel says:

    Short answer: 3!

    Long answer: Resale value is something to keep in mind with any home, but I think if you plan on staying in your house for the foreseeable future, do what YOU want most. The cramped shower/tub combo seems to be the worst option if you rarely take baths. I love the idea of a large shower and nixing the tub completely. Of course, I’ve never taken a bath in our master. If you almost never take baths, make a luxurious shower and enjoy a dip in a hot tub on your vacations if the mood strikes you :).

  97. Stephanie Reiner says:

    My husband and I always talk about how in our “forever” home (we rent) we would have a huge shower with 2 heads and a bench. Yes, the occasional soak is nice but if you ever truly miss the experience you could always splurge for a spa day or do a soak in the girls bathroom. But the shower you would use everyday. Plus all the natural light with a huge window would do wonders for the space.

  98. Carol says:

    First option, definitely!! Even if you don’t take regular baths, having the option in really nice. One big shower is so much empty space! We have a big shower, and while I don’t dislike it, we take up one area of it while we shower and the rest of the space is just there to look grand but not serve any purpose. I can’t wait to see what you do; it’ll look fantastic either way!!

  99. Ginger says:

    Huge shower only! We built our house a year ago and luckily, we had the space for a large walk in shower and it is ah-mazing! But the key is to make sure it is enclosed. If it’s enclosed it doesn’t get cold because the steam has nowhere to go. Its the first time in any house I have lived in that the mirrors/windows dont get fogged up.We wipe down the glass with an old hand towel after every use, it takes only a minute and the glass looks sparkling clean still. If you do this, its way easier then cleaning tile and doesn’t get mildew like a curtain does. I have not taken a single bath because the shower is way more relaxing. We have 2 baths in our house and if I were to do it over again I would just have 1 bath, I would have kept the one in the master (because we had the space) but I would have nixed the bath/shower combo in the kids bath and just given them an amazing shower like ours. We have 4 kids over the age of 5 and all of them shower instead of take baths. I say there is no reason for 2 bathtubs in a house. If done right, there is nothing more relaxing then an awesome shower!!

  100. Melody says:

    A friend of mine recently did this amazing tub and shower combo where they were in the same space but still had both options. The result looks really airy and lovely but also keeps all the wet spaces in one spot. I remember seeing similar set ups when I was traveling abroad and thought it was such a smart option. I tried to find a couple examples that illustrate the idea better than I’m probably explaining it. Good luck with the design process! :)

  101. Tracy K says:

    If it were for me, I would go with option three! I’m not a big fan of sitting in my own dirty water so I never take baths. ????
    If you do, I would go with option one. I just think the separate tub/shower looks more modern than the combined. Can’t wait to see it!
    Also-I don’t usually comment, but decided I should start after listening to your most recent podcast! ❤️ me some Marcums & a Pugmire!!!

  102. Sarah says:

    I love baths (so does my husband) so we’d love a huge tub. BUT, if you think that the girls’ tub downstairs is enough for an occasional bath, then go with the oversized shower. It’s something that will get used on the daily, so no sense in taking up space with something so rarely used.

  103. Jen says:

    ETA: I WOULD have been worried about resale with no tub, but if your comments are a decent representation of what buyers want, you should feel safe nixing the tub completely.

  104. Jen says:

    Team large, luxe shower!!

  105. Britt says:

    In our last time we did a big two headed shower in the master, because that was all that there was room for . In the kids bathroom we put a nice jetted tub for an occasional soak for us. It didnt bother us at all with only one tub in the house

  106. Teri Moore says:

    Our current master bath has the same exact layout as the second example photo (with the shower and tub separated, only less beautiful) and it’s awful. Have you ever hoisted your foot up to your waist to shave? Let me tell you, it isn’t fun. And I know you’re thinking “Add a stool”. We did. And now we’re so cramped that I knock my elbow on the door while shampooing. So I move the stool around approximately 1000 times every shower. And I’m short. You’re tall. Imagine my discomfort + an extra foot of body to have to maneuver around in a tiny square box.

    I’m team tub/shower combo. I feel like you’ll definitely do them separately because it LOOKS so much more regal. But, unless you have the same amount of space to dedicate to both the tub and the shower equally, please don’t. Please. I beg you. Learn from my stupidity.

  107. Megan says:

    We’re going to be tackling our master bath this winter and we’re going shower only. Baths weird me out–I find them gross. (I’m probably just weird.) The previous owners of our house had a jet tub put into the master bath, and neither one of us are interested in ever using it. However, I am using it as my “storage tub” until we can get finished moving in and organized.

    • Kala Morry says:

      I’m right there with you. One night I thought I’d come home for a relaxing bath. Filled the tub, got in and laid there just thinking this is weird. Then felt like I needed a shower just to make me feel clean. Lol

  108. Virginia says:

    With 6 kids I personally am not even interested in a home if it doesn’t have a tub and shower combo. Although I know people who ripped theirs out for a bigger shower. I love taking baths so it’s a must have-for me. I am unimpressed with master baths that have a tub/shower combo. It would mentally take the luxury down ten notches for me. But I really loathe a small shower!!! If I had to choose one I would go with a big shower since you already have a tub for the girls bathroom! It is the most luxurious option in my opinion.

  109. Erin says:

    Definitely nix the tub. You can always use the girls tub if you want a bath or need to wash a dog and 1 tub is more than enough for resale in a house. Go for the big grand shower with at least 2 shower heads and a bench. I have a large shower, with 2 shower heads and a bench in my own master bathroom and everyone always swoons over it when they see it. It’s the best and I don’t ever miss a tub.

  110. Cair says:

    Just remember you are doing this for you and not us! And if you’re planning to stay in your house for a while you shouldn’t even be doing it for resale.

    I say go with what you think you’ll be most happy with in the safe you have. You have a tub elsewhere in your house so I think frees you from needing one in the master.

    I have a friend who replaced the tub/shower combo with a shower in her only bathroom. She’s retired and never took baths. I lean toward being conservative on things like this and worried about resale. Five years later, when she did go to sell her house was under contract in days. Long story short: do what you want!

  111. Erin says:

    We just wrapped up our master reno and had a very similar layout to yours—closet-like shower and big soaking tub that we used to throw our dirty laundry. We turned the shower into built-in storage with pullout hampers and did a huge walk-in shower with a fixed glass panel door, oversized shower niche and rain shower head. The bathroom feels so much bigger and I have never second guessed the decision to remove that tub for a second. :)

  112. KatieV says:

    I’m sure a hundred people have commented the same thing, but if you think you might always stay in this home, then go with the gigantic shower! If you’re concerned about resale and think you may list this home some time, well, I still say go with the gigantic shower! Haha. :) We recently moved to a family-sized house that has only one bathtub, and I LOVE having just a large-ish shower in the master. As long as the house has one bathtub for babies, I’d be happy.

    • Maribel says:

      Agree completely! If you really want the large shower, go for it!

    • K says:

      I agree with this. We looked at houses with one tub and I was not happy about it (we have five kids). For resale I think it makes it hard. But if you’re not moving then definitely put in what you’d be happy with!

  113. Debby says:

    Why don’t you challenge yourselves to take a bath (maybe in the girls bathroom so you experience an updated space while bathing), at least once a week for four weeks to see if it’s something you would really do, and then a tub makes sense, or if it’s not really your jam, you could go without one, and the odd time you’d like to soak, you could go downstairs.

  114. felicity says:

    When we built our house five years ago, we opted for a luxe shower in the master bathroom with no tub. I haven’t regretted that decision even once. I use that huge shower every day and I adore it. It feels decadent. Definitely put in a bench (great for shaving). If you can swing it, got for two shower heads.

    That said, I was never a bath person anyway. Also, we have a tub in another bathroom in the house.

  115. Colleen says:

    I would go with option 3. However, you need to do what works best for you. I’ve always preferred using a hot tub or taking a shower than taking bath to relax. If you’re worried about resale at any point in the future (not certain it’s your “forever” home), possibly consider option 2 but also consider the area you’re in and what would attract buyers. Personally, if I was looking at buying a home and the master bath had option one I would put that home lower on my list as I would never use a bath in a master bathroom. Option 2 is manageable. Option 3 would put it towards the top of my list. However, I think the comments have plenty of opinions and options to make any of the options work for you. :) Love the inspiration pics, can’t wait to see the eventual outcome!

  116. Stephanie says:

    Everyone keeps saying ‘if you haven’t taken a bath much so far in the house, you probably won’t in the future.’ However, would you take a bath in a brand new, specially picked out by you, deep, spotless tub? Would you take more baths if it was like the pictures above? Another thing is yes, you have a bath in the house, but you do not on the top floor. Given you have a baby and may get a puppy, you might want a bath on the first floor.

    My vote is option #1 and finding a way to make it work (plus as most commenters have been saying, giant showers are cold). Remember John and Sherry’s laundry room? It seemed impossible, but they made it work.

    Next would be #3 and I would not do #2. Doesn’t seem masterish enough.

    Ultimately it will be beautiful whatever you do! You guys are so thoughtful in the updates you’ve done in your house.

    • Megan says:

      I agree with this! #1 and #3 look masterful, #2 really doesn’t. I would talk to a realtor to see if it would greatly impact resale value to only have a tub in the basement bathroom.

      Plus, habits change over time. I used to hate baths, but I now take them at least once a month now that I don’t have roommates. Once you have a beautiful, dedicated space and the kids are a bit older, taking a soak in the tub might be more realistic and appealing!

      It’s also hard to give recommendations because we don’t know the dimensions of the space or the surrounding spaces where you can reimagine or borrow space from. But with a bit of looking, I feel like you could change the layout and borrow a bit of space to make #1 work (if you decide that it’s too much resale value lost to not have a bathtub in the master).

      My parents have their closet off their bathroom, and in doing so, they were able to make their master bathroom bigger than when they were separate.

      Ultimately, you should do what makes you happy and excited to use the room; by the sounds of it, #3 is what you want to do anyway!

  117. Annie says:

    I vote for shower only! And I would add a built in bench, that way you can sit in there and relax and get all the luxury and warmth of a bath. Also, my sister has a double headed shower with a bench and a removable shower head and it makes washing children a cinch. You stand them up on the bench and then rinse them off with the removable head. No more bending down to wash them or lifting them up under the shower head to rinse them off. That’s the true luxury right there.

  118. Isha Mora says:

    Shower only. If you do the shower only, I would suggest to not do that curb that rises up between the rest of the bathroom and the shower itself, it’s so much easier to mop if there isn’t a curb there. My husband and I have a shower where we walk into it. I also love Studio mcgees video where they did a client’s bathroom and how they used large marble hexagons and then smaller marble hexagons in the shower. Also, don’t do what most “stupid” interior decorators do, and put a wool Persian rug as a bath mat in their bathroom. That’s gross.

    • Isha Mora says:

      Oops , we have a shower where we walk into the shower area, so no glass doors. I think if you do a overhead rain shower, this works, but if you do a hand held piece, then a glass door is more useful.

  119. Jenna says:

    I’m definitely on the ‘just shower’ train, but one thing I would add: I’m not a fan of glass doors in showers. My parents have one and when I visit them it feels a little unwieldy to me. It might be just me but I’m not the biggest fan! I much prefer opening a curtain; I’m always a little afraid the glass door will break if I open it too quickly or something. Also, it’s hard to keep glass enclosures looking pristine in my experience.

  120. abby says:

    Since you wouldn’t take baths regularly anyway, I would just do a large shower area. If you ever feel the urge to take a bath, you can go soak in the girls’ bathtub downstairs.

  121. Jackie says:

    The occasional soak is what hotels are for. And bonus, they clean it for you!

  122. Debi says:

    We’re am at a later point in life than you – we’re grandparents of five. I also spent several years caring for elderly parents.

    With an eye to the future, I suggest lose the tub. Go for a big, true, walk-in shower . Include several shower heads, especially a handheld, and a large bench. Here is my reasoning:

    While I still had four young children at home, I broke my ankle in four places. It was a very long recovery. Trying to get in and out of our tiny shower was a nightmare. An easily accessible shower with a handheld would have gone a long way to making me feel more independent.

    In our area, people are not only taking out bathtubs in the master bath, but also in the other bathrooms. Even some new homes are being built this way. A realtor told me buyers rarely care about the tub.

    We had a large tub at one point but used it so rarely that it seemed ridiculous to be wasting that real estate.

    While my children enjoyed the tub, they rarely used it after the age of six or seven. None of my grandchildren ever use a tub – they have always strongly preferred a shower.

    A shower is so much easier to clean than a tub.

    The day will come whether through accidents, disability or age, easy access to a shower is ESSENTIAL. We are going to put in a true walk-in shower, one without the “curb” to step over. In my parents last years, that 5″ curb became a mountain for them. Their tiny shower also made it very awkward to provide the assistance they needed to safely get in the shower, seated on the bench and then back out again. A family member with MS has also redone is shower toward the day when he may need to roll a wheelchair into the shower.

    Just my two cents. Love your blog and podcasts!

  123. Karyl says:

    Before I officially vote, do you have a sketch of the existing floorplan? That would help the brainstorming. Unofficially, I like option 3 (since you could benefit from a spacious shower) or option 1 (for flexibility). We went with option 3 ourselves on a new build. We have 4 kids and we do use the second stand-alone pedestal tub in our master occasionally, especially now that the girls are older. Our shower is also 60×36 so it was able to remain spacious, despite the tub. Even though I don’t use the tub as much as I would like to, I have to admit, it does just make happy looking at it!

    • Karyl says:

      Oops, meant to type that we went with Option 1 (large shower + stand alone tub), but I could see you going with either option 1 or 3. Also, I echo what one of the other readers mentioned is that with a nicer tub, you might find that you enjoy taking a bath. Regardless, although 2-headed showers look swanky–in practicality they rarely get used at the same time to justify the expense (plumbing + fixtures). However, you might consider going with a steam shower, especially if you forego the tub. They feel great on the bones and can be rejuvenating and would give you that spa experience. Either way, add a hand shower–aside from using it for kids, etc, they are extremely useful in cleaning a large shower.

  124. Anna says:

    I’d go for option 3-shower only!

  125. Maggie says:

    My husband and I previously lived in a newly renovated house, and the master had a huge shower, no tub. We moved this past spring and we miss that shower every day. The house had another bathroom with a tub, and we found that was enough. Neither of us takes baths often, but we still had that option, say, if we were sick. Since you already have a bathtub in a different bathroom and you don’t particularly care for baths, I say go for the large shower! But definitely consider a built-in bench. Ours didn’t have that, but it would have been really convenient (where do I prop my leg when I need to shave?)

  126. Cara says:

    Panasonic whisperwarm heater+fan combo just outside your giant shower = toasty warm before, during and after your shower even during the coldest months. Ultra quiet and takes up no space since it’s on the ceiling. Especially nice for those of us who don’t keep our whole home thermostat very high yet don’t want a cold bathroom or expensive radiant heated floors.

  127. Sarah says:

    Separate tub/shower or shower only! The combo defeats the luxuriousness of a bath. You just sit there closely inspecting the space where you shower every day and noticing all the ways in which it COULD be cleaner.
    You’ll either miss the separate tub or you won’t, but if you pick the combo, you won’t ever be grateful that the shower you use is tub-shaped (especially if there is a tub for practical tub-related stuff like dogs and kids elsewhere in the house).

  128. Phoua says:

    it doesn’t sound like you will be selling any time soon so go for the luxe shower! Design the space to suit your needs. If you decide to sell, the new homeowners can add a bath if they want to. Don’t make your decisions on the “what ifs.” I’d also recommend sketching out how the space will look with the various options outline in your post to see which one you like better!

  129. HeatherB says:

    OPTION 1: Since you are not really bath people, I would nix doing both. It sounds like there isn’t enough space to do both really well. You’d end up with another small shower and that is just no bueno. Even though I am a bath person, I would choose no bath over a too small shower which would be used daily.

    OPTION 2: As to the combo, it can be done well and look really upscale, but I agree that it isn’t “masterful”. Our master has a large shower/tub combo, and I hate it. Climbing in and out is ridiculous. I hope one day we can redo the master and separate it out.

    OPTION 3: If I were you–even though I am a bath person–I would just do shower and make it the most super luxurious dream shower EVER! :-)

    So, there’s my input!

  130. Sara says:

    If you don’t regularly take baths, I’d definitely just go with a large shower. As long as you still have a tub in the house, which you will, I don’t think that hurts the home’s value. We hope to add a master bath and that’s our plan.

  131. Erin says:

    I was going to come here and say something along the lines of, know your market- do buyers expect a tub in the master? But then I realized that *I* don’t have a tub in the master, and I never even thought twice about it. We bought our house remodeled, and I was just in love with how big the master shower is (my 6’4″ husband can do pushups) I never even realized we were sacrificing a tub. I also, don’t really take baths, and in the 3.5 years we’ve been in our house, I don’t think, aw man, I wish I could take a bath. (Our second bathroom has a standard bath/shower combo). So go for the large shower if that’s what YOU want. If you ever decide to sell, your potential buyers may be limited slightly, but I doubt you will lose much value for not having a master bath.

  132. Jamie says:

    loose the tub!

  133. tracie says:

    Those inspiration pics are great! My 1st vote is for separate bath and shower – the last pic with the glass in the shower over the tub would be perfect for a small shower so it does not feel claustrophobic. I don’t take a bath very often, but I would be loathe not to have my tub! That being said, the 2nd group tub and shower, if you could do one like those, they are fantastic. My 2nd bath is tub/shower combo but very standard with no room to make it bigger. Hope that helps! (the steam shower with the transom at the top, heavenly!)

  134. Catherine says:

    I would love to see a layout of the entire space you have to work with- you might be able to get everything on your wish list! In our family of 3 boys (ages 3-10) they use our tub for playing but most of the time they are stealing our walk-in shower when it’s time to get clean… avoiding their own shower/tub combos. We are building a new house and have decided to do showers only for the kids baths and have just one tub, in the master for the entire house since it’s so rarely used. I find large showers to be cold and very inconvenient in the fall/winter/spring months. Our current walk-in shower is perfect at 3’ 10” square, though a bit more space would be great for a bench. You only need 2’ 6” x 5’ 0” for an enclosed toilet, though more is always nice. Can’t wait to see what you do!

    • Julia says:

      That’s good to know the dimensions of an enclosed toilet space! We have one currently but it’s situated on a weird angle–it’s so weird! I’ll definitely take pics and share a full layout soon!

  135. Kate says:

    Option 1 or 2 – As my girls have gotten older (teens), I have noticed they like to take baths and we occasionally have a small squabble over who gets to use the one we have first. I have also heard that a large shower can be cold even with multiple shower heads.

  136. Elly says:

    Definitely not the shower in the tub – that’s our current set up. Stepping over the side is always so blah, and it just feels like a real meh solution. I vote the beautiful lux shower with the added window! Natural light in the bathroom?! Do it! It sounds amazing!

  137. Kimberly says:

    I vote for only a shower. It doesn’t have to be huge, but it seems a tub will waste so much space. Since you already have a tub in the home, it’s not like you’d be completely missing out.

  138. Rachel says:

    Standaloe shower, or separate shower and tub. A combined shower/tub combo never feels as elegant or updated. If you’ve got one good tub in the house, you’re probably fine going with the standalone shower, especially if it’s super roomy and sophisticated. However, I personally love a great soaker tub, and would die for the first picture you have. Also, as another commentator noted—if someone is into baths, having to go to the kid’s bathroom strips away all the elegance and luxury of a soak. :-)

  139. Kacey says:

    Have you seen where the whole room is basically a shower and then the bathtub is set in it?

    • Julia says:

      Yeah, i love that option! But we just don’t have the room in here.

      • Katie says:

        We have only one shub (Shower/tub) in our house and three bathrooms. The other two bathrooms have just showers. I am not usually one to take a bath but I don’t want to share a bathtub with my kids (and dog -winter only). I say keep the shower and the tub. Although I would go claw foot or something like it vs what you currently have! PS Love your bathroom renovations!

  140. Hannah Seward says:

    We have a 2.5 bathroom home, and all the bathrooms are tiny. Our master bathroom has just a shower, and our hall bathroom has a tub/shower combo. We’ve been without our master bathroom shower for a few months due to leaks and the need to renovate, and I miss it so much. I’m a shower person, and getting in and out of a walk-in shower is so easy and relaxing, which sounds ridiculous but the tub just feels like a waste. We’re keeping the hall bathroom the way that it is for when we have babies, but even when I was young, as soon as I could take showers, I never went back (I also busted my head open getting out of a tub one time, so… nightmares for life).

    I vote a grand luxe shower, since your girls’ bathroom has a beautiful tub. I think more people are shower people over tub people!!

  141. Carol says:

    If you go back and read what you wrote, it’s pretty obvious that the large master shower is your answer – you sound so much more enthusiastic about it than the other two options. I think people live too much of their lives thinking about something way down the road (“resale,” in this case) instead of what would make them happy right now. Like you, I’m not a bath person, and I suspect deep down in your heart of hearts, that comment, “an occasional soak could be nice” doesn’t at all reflect the reality of your life.

  142. Camille says:

    I am experiencing the same thing at home! We ended up choosing a large shower because we have another bathroom with a large tub. Since we take baths only on cold winter days (or sick days) we wanted to maximize the space for our day-to-day use!

  143. PJ Musick says:

    Picture series#3, picture #2 – the one with the French paned doors. I would however most definitely have a roll in shower, no “curb’ but a slanted shower floor.

  144. Johanna Morrise says:

    We’re in the middle of a master bath remodel and I had all these same questions. We are not really tub people, but we ended up ordering a Japanese soaking tub. It’s not installed yet and I couldn’t find one locally so I’ve never even sat in it, but it definitely felt like the best solution for our space planning. The tub is short, but extra deep so the shower is a foot longer than it would be with a normal sized tub.

  145. A separate tub seems like such a waste of space to me! But at the same time, I love taking an occasional bath, so not having a bath in my master is a no go for me. Baths are such an luxury, adult experience that having to go to the kids bathroom would take all the romance out of it.

    My opinion is to do the combo shower/bath. Here’s the deal: it’ll only feel standard and not master-like if you make it so. There’s no reason you can’t do a higher end, more special combination. You’re totally capable of making something special, so I wouldn’t over think it.

  146. D says:

    The bathrooms in my house are each 5×8. When I redid one my bathrooms, we needed a bathtub and therefore I chose the Kohler Underscore. It was a drop in bathtub that was narrow (30″) but still modern. However, when it came time to redo the small master bath, we removed the bathtub. I wanted the best option for us, rather than for a future purchaser. We already had one great bathtub. Having a great shower was a better use of the space, especially since the majority of the time we shower.

  147. Megan says:

    100% just a shower in the master bedroom. You have a tub with the girls bathroom.

  148. Andi says:

    Option 3! If you didn’t have a tub at all in the house, I would say to go with the combo shower/tub. But since you do, I would go with a large shower. Gotta go with what you use more of.

    As for the lowered ceiling above the shower, our house had that too! It ended up being where the vent was, so we rerouted the vent to add height to the ceiling. I can’t believe how much it opened up the bathroom. You can take a look at our bathroom if you want. It doesn’t sound as roomy as yours, but we made it feel bigger by letting in a bunch more light. Good luck!

  149. Melissa M. says:

    We have gotten rid of our tub and just gone with a big shower in 2 master bath renovations. I would not trade it for the world! Especially since we are not bath takers. Having a large walk-in shower was so much more important and fit in our small footprints we had for our bathrooms. I have been in a 2200sf and now a 3200sf house and 1 tub (for kids) is plenty according to our local realtors. Go with what you want and what you think will best suit your family.

  150. Marcia says:

    I like the separate shower and tub the best. Next best the shower/tub combo. Last the shower only. However, this depends on how you use the same. My husband and I actually both enjoy soaking in an Epsom salt bath. In our last house we were deprived of an effective soak because our tub was so shallow. Our new house has a wonderful soaker tub that I’m so excited to use when we close! However, my dad and stepmom got rid of their tub because they never used it. They now have a huge shower only and love it.

  151. Kate says:

    I guess my first question would be, in the last 4 years how many baths have you taken? If the answer is less 4 (yearly), I would say nix the tub. If you’re really wanting a bath, you can always take advantage of the one downstairs. Growing up my parents had a whirlpool and separate shower. I think my mother spent more time cleaning the tub then actually ever using it.

  152. Morgan says:

    we are planning to redo our master and do a shower only. we have a big ole garden tub and a tiny “space ship” shower and we only use the tub for drying wet gym clothes. we talked to a realtor and he said as long as there is a tub in the house it’s fine for resale.
    y’all are so dang tall, you aren’t gonna take a bath! go shower all the way.

  153. Maria says:

    A lot of commenters are saying that a large shower is a little chilly in the winter, and I would piggy back that and say that having a window in a shower can be really cold in the winter, too. We had windows in showers in two of our houses, and it’s COLD! Maybe the combination of window and big shower would be REALLY cold.

  154. Ken says:

    There is a tub that is as big as a shower pan you can check it out a video. this is a brand-new patented tub.

  155. Nicole says:

    Looks like you answered your own question! In Option 3 you said “I love the idea” and then in you next post you said that you have no plans to sell your house. If that’s the case, don’t remodel based on what your audience says is “right”, it has to be right for you, especially if you are there for the long haul. If you aren’t a bath person, why do you need two bath tubs in your house? You have a wonderful one in the girls bathroom, if you DO ever want to take a bath, just commandeer theirs!

    Think about what the ladies from The Home Edit said on YHL podcast. You can have the object or you can have the space, you can’t have both. If you don’t use the object, don’t have it take up space.


  156. Carly says:

    I commented on IG but I have new thoughts based on your inspiration pictures. I think I would do the tub/shower combo. You could do a bigger tub and in turn have a bigger shower. The ones you showed are beautiful as opposed to something like what is in your daughters’ bathroom (which is beautiful but standard). I would hate to not have a tub in my master but I would agree that a larger shower would be nice. What about where the vanities are? Can you move it all around? I also love the very first image. But that’s me. It’s a personal choice because I do use a tub. I know 3 people in my neighborhood who have redone their bathroom recently and they all got rid of the tub. Would you really go downstairs to take a bath? Can’t wait to see what you do! I wish I was getting ready for a master remodel!

  157. Katie says:

    I personally think that having a combination shower/tub in a master bathroom will make it seem less like a master and more like a typical kids/guest bathroom. For resale, I’d keep a tub. If you don’t care about that.. giant shower!

    • yasmara says:

      My parents have a tub-shower that they want to remove & have just a walk-in shower! If your buyers are interested in aging in place, have mobility issues, etc. a shower-only is actually better. I think the “you must have a tub for resale” advice is outdated.

  158. Liz says:

    We bathe our toddler in our shower all the time. We just hop in there with him. Also, once the girls are older, they will be able to use your shower if needed- no tub required. I say go for the big shower since that’s what’s going to be most used in the long run. The only perk to the tub is occasionally being able to bathe the girls upstairs. But will you do that frequently? Couldn’t you use the shower? And this is just a season of your life. You will use a large shower even past when the girls grow old enough to bathe themselves. :)

  159. Jen says:

    I would NOT do the second option. Even though those look great…it’s just not “ensuite” enough!

    I think you’ll love either 1 or 3!! If you do the first option consider a free standing tub and maybe that will eliminate some of the space needed around it for it to be built in. And in this option do a wall shower sprayer AND an overhead rain shower. That way if you want or need to shower together you both have your own water.

    Option 3 of just a big shower would be awesome. I agree that if you are gonna be there a long time then do what YOU want and stop worrying about resell. Plus having a closed water closet is such a big selling point…maybe as much as the tub you take out. And the thing is…your house is already SO UNIQUE and so upgraded that you will find a buyer that doesn’t care about the tub missing becasue they just HAVE TO HAVE your house and style!

    Either option 1 or 3 are a win in my book…both look amazing and you will love the decision (no matter what it is) once you make it! The agony of MAKING the right decision is the hardest part!

  160. Love all the inspiration pics! I’m a kitchen and bath designer for a Design+Build firm in Alexandria, right outside DC and the houses here are mostly older and don’t have room for gigantic master baths. As a result, I do a ton of luxurious bathrooms in not very big spaces. Some things I’ve learned: Don’t try to do a combo soaking tub/shower. It’s one thing to combo them when your tub is only 14″ tall on the side. When it’s 20-22″” tall, stepping in and out of it is annoying and sometimes dangerous. If you want a tub but are worried about size, consider something like the Kohler Highbridge, which is basically an updated version of the tub you have but I know you could make it look modern. I love an undermount tub but the stone surround can take up precious inches in a tight 5-piece bathroom. A lot of houses I do end up nixing the tub in the master. Depending on the amount of space you have, large showers can be awesome but there is a tipping point where they become cold (the water only sprays so far!). You can do a really nice shower in a 3×4 footprint. Invest in things like a thermostatic valve and multiple water sources that can turn on at the same time, like a hand shower and a shower head on different walls if you want the shower to feel luxurious in a smaller space. In terms of floor plan, I can’t quite get a sense of where everything is in your bathroom but you might want to think about combining your shower and toilet in one “private area” closet. I did a master bathroom where the toilet and shower were both in a room that could be closed off by a pocket door. It was just a product not quite having enough space to put the toilet in its own room, but it ended up making it a little easier for the couple to both get ready in the same space–and for one to run interference so the other could take a relaxing shower without kiddos interrupting! Good luck with the renovation! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

    • Marcella says:

      This is an excellent and informative comment. Especially the part about not making the shower TOO “grand.” I’ve used showers before where you basically have to walk across the room to get to your soap or shampoo or sit on the built-in bench, and it’s really cold once you’re outside of the water spray!

  161. BC says:

    It’s a much bigger job than just renovating the current space, but I would swap your closet and bathroom locations. When we were home shopping, we thought it was very strange and awkward to walk through the bathroom to get to the closet. Conversely, we bought a home where we walk through a very well organized closet to get to the bathroom and we don’t mind it at all. It’s like walking through a hallway with built-ins.

    A huge shower + bench would be nice, especially if you make it a steam shower to get some of the bath benefits.

    • yasmara says:

      Ha – and we thought the opposite. It was really weird to walk through a closet to get to a bathroom! This seems like it’s totally a personal preference.

      • BC says:

        Too funny! I just kept thinking of how annoying it would be if one of us was using the bathroom and the other had to get to the closet. And the closet getting steamy or smelly being at the end of the flow.

  162. Sarah says:

    This is an odd idea, but why don’t you just nix the toilet as you have the hall bath right next to the master? Would give you enough space for both a shower and a bath.

  163. Jeanne says:

    We bought our house a year ago and the previous owners turned the master closet into a bathroom as there was no previous master bath. They put in a huge double shower with two shower heads. It’s nice, and we haven’t had the issue of keeping it warm like some have mentioned.

    However, I do miss having a tub in the master, even though we have one in the hall bathroom right next to our room! I also dream about having a smaller shower to accommodate a double vanity. I think it’s just one of those situations where you wish you had done the renovation yourself. :)

  164. Ling says:

    An important question is if putting in any tub would be large enough to be comfortable soaking in, given that you are both tall :) I would go with just one big luxurious shower if you don’t have the space for a nice big soaking tub. Also not sure if tub -within- shower was a possibility in that space? Like (but probably not so spacious :P) Looking forward to seeing how you guys transform this space!

  165. Hannah says:

    The few times I’ve taken a shower in a “grand shower” (oversized) I have felt way too exposed and quite breezy even with multiple shower heads/sprayers going, so I would avoid that on personal preference! They *look* really nice and fancy but I haven’t enjoyed actually showering in them. So one of the two tub options would be my vote!

  166. Karen says:

    Have you considered a wet room area in your bathroom? It’s a modern and upscale option that might be a solution to your space configuration. Plus…. think of all the gorgeous tile you could use!–learn-more-about-this-bathroom-trend

  167. Karen says:

    It looks like your current tub is BIG (although that could just be how it photographs). Have you considered doing a high-sided free-standing tub which would have a smaller footprint? It may give you the option to make the shower stall a little bit bigger – I find even an extra 6 inches can make a huge difference in a shower. Whatever you do I’m sure it will be gorgeous; can’t wait to see the final result!

  168. Juliet says:

    I’d say either the large shower or keep them separate. Having a combined tub/shower doesn’t feel as “master” bath to me – as long as there’s space for it. Having a tub that’s just large enough to be comfortable – it that allows the shower a tiny bit more space – using that idea photo of the glass partition, might be a good compromise. But if you get in that shower all the time and think – this is just not a good feeling, then you have your answer.

    I would caution you about one thing with a giant shower. They can be hard to warm up to be comfortable in a cold climate in the winter. Mine is 3×4, and I have heated floors. I have never been so happy to have heated floors. Have been in friend’s bathrooms with large showers and have just felt frozen in the winter. Enough space to feel comfortable while still reasonable to get warm in the winter is a good bet.

  169. Ashley R says:

    We have a combination shower and tub in or master. We like that we can bathe our kids in there if we have guests staying (they would then use the hll bath that our kids usually use). I think the main thing that sets it apart is that the tub is taller, as is the shower head and curtain rod. We’re not bath people either, but occasionally, when I’m not feeling well, I like to soak and I can actually do that in our tub. Hope that helps!

  170. Catherine says:

    We have three kids and option three IS WONDERFUL for us. We have a giant/luxurious shower in the master. No bathtub. Then one bathtub for the kids to share next to their rooms.

    We occasionally put the kids in our shower (even the baby) and hose them all off, but more often than not, we just enjoy our crazy-huge/multi-head shower all to ourselves :)

  171. Beth Ann says:

    We recently (4 years ago) built a house and decided to forgo the tub in the master bathroom and do a large steam shower (all tile with an inconspicuous steam unit built in) with multiple shower heads. At the time all of my children were under 6 and I rarely had time to relax in the bathtub. Now that my children are older there have been a handful of times that I wish I had the master tub to soak and relax in, but that handful of times doesn’t even come close the to the number of times that we have used the steam shower or every day that I enjoy the multiple shower heads and a relaxing shower.

  172. Debbie says:

    What if you did a smaller soaking tub, something like this or this, which both feel very spa-like, but don’t take up much room. Then, you could increase the size of a separate shower.

    We did a combined tub / shower in our master and I don’t love the line between the tile and tub. So hard to keep clean, and nothing that says “luxurious master bath.” The above options would give you everything you want, preserve resale value, and keep your shower easy to clean. :-)

  173. Me says:

    For resale, I would definitely keep the tub. I would never buy a house without a tub in the master bathroom.

    • Leslie says:

      I understand how some people would not buying a house without a tub, even as a non-bath-taker, however I think this often depends on where you are geographically. A 5 piece bathroom in an urban area or in an area with historic homes is VERY hard to come by! I would think that this basically comes down to resale and you deciding what is right for your family vs. being concerned with what would meet the ‘standards’ for resale in your area.

  174. Holly says:

    Just a shower all the way. We are going to do the same to our bathroom next spring, rip out the never-used tub and put in a nice shower with rain head, hand-held shower wand, niches, etc, which we actually need/use. We have a tub in our kids’ bathroom, so we don’t feel like we are sacrificing anything at all. It feels like a smart improvement to us, actually, to have the house reflect how we live. When we bought the house 9 years ago, we thought the big tub would be nice, but I can count on one hand the number of times we’ve used it in 9 years. Just not necessary if you take a shower every day. I like the comment above that I’d rather clean something I actually use. My two cents. :)

  175. Jenna says:

    My vote is shower only! If there’s no room for a separate tub, I think a grand shower is still luxurious enough for a master bath. Especially since you already have a bathtub elsewhere in the house. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  176. Leslie M says:

    I’d go with a large shower. I currently have a tub and shower but I rarely use the tub.

  177. Colleen says:

    Speaking as someone who actually got rid of our tub in our master bath, you need to seriously consider if you really want a bath tub. I kind of missed it. You know that whole you only want what you can’t have! We recently moved and we have one again and I’m definitely using it! And let’s be honest, there’s no way you’re getting in the girls tub.
    If you decide that a bath just isn’t going to fit or work with the design, definitely up the luxuriousness of the shower. We did a rain shower and body jets and it definitely helped fill the bath tub void. I loved the rain shower so much we paid out the nose to have it in our new house. I wasn’t crazy about the body jets. You need to consult with a good plumber if you do body jets because they need to have an increased flow rate to make them worth it. We did that and they still didn’t have the power to make them worth it to me to have in the new house.
    One other thing, I remember reading (houzz & garden web) forums about how open showers are cold…and thought no way and it wouldn’t be a problem since we were in SC. Well, it was definitely an issue in the winter. Being you’re in the “cold white north”, definitely consider this! Maybe heated floors help with this? We now have an enclosed shower and its gets all warm and steamy to the point I don’t want to get out.

  178. Lauren says:

    Shower only. If you don’t take baths, then it doesn’t make sense to have a bathtub take up so much space. (And it might sound nice to take luxurious baths, but if you haven’t so far, you’re not likely to do so in the future.) Make the room work for you. Regarding only one bathtub in the house, I think it’s fine! You have three girls, but I imagine Greta is reaching the age where she may want to start taking showers versus baths, so soon you may have only two little ones needing a bathtub. And a big shower might come in handy should you have another large dog in the future. (Unless the master gets to stay a pet-free zone?)

  179. erika says:

    It’s all so good. But I love the look of separate shower separate bath. Like a little claw foot tub action. Heart eyes left and right.

  180. Allison says:

    I would normally say go with the larger shower and skip the tub. BUT, the sticking point for me is that the tub is in the basement. Not having it on the same floor as the master (and another bedroom) would be a problem area for me, and we’re a “rarely takes a bath” family as well.

  181. Erin says:

    This is a tough one! I love a bath, and would adore a large tub for a nice weekly soak, but I take many, many, many more showers so a fancy shower is probably a better use of space. I’m sort of curious to see the floor plan – maybe you could tuck a tub in elsewhere?
    If I had to choose right now, I think I’d vote #1. But I’m not at all confident in that vote. ;)

  182. Alexandra says:

    I think it depends if you see this house as your forever home. A tub on the main floor, not needing to use stairs, would be important as you age (ie. are seniors). A beautiful tub would be beautiful and lovely, but if you don’t see yourselves staying here forever and you don’t really take baths…you don’t need a tub.

    The only other thing I would consider- if you get another dog, a main floor tub would be helpful as it is close to the deck. I never used to consider this til I got a dog that REALLY loves getting dirty, so doggy baths are necessary. However, a walk in shower with a handheld sprayer could be as effective for the most part.

    • Elaine says:

      I have a dog and can confirm! Walk in shower with handheld makes bath time SO. MUCH. EASIER. Between the handheld and the door that closes to the shower! So much easier than a tub! (My dog is 30 ish pounds. I cannot imagine lifting a large dog into a tub.)

  183. beth says:

    I don’t have experience with anything but a tub and shower but that is my vote. I wouldn’t want to have to clean 2 separate areas. My brother works for an architect and in high end homes with the large shower they need to include a lot of heads to keep the larger area warm. And though you may not use the tub a lot now there may be a time in your life when you will. I recently went through cancer treatment and though previously not a real person, I was in the tub almost every night to warm up and ease my sore body. Those are just my thoughts.

  184. Angela N says:

    I went through this same dilemma. I am a shower person; I hate baths. That being said, while I am not selling my house anytime soon, there will come a day. I feel like for resale people like to see a separate bath and shower in the master. It makes it more “grand” than the kids bathroom. The soaker tubs look so nice but it was hard for me to justify their cost when I don’t like baths and I am just keeping it for potential buyers a long time from now. So, I kept the tub but reused the tub that was there to save money and built a new marble and quartz surround and added new faucets to make it look like new. I added the little luxury in the materials. I also increased my shower square footage and did an all glass surround on the shower to make it feel bigger and built in a bench.

  185. Lauren says:

    My in-laws recently removed their tub to go for the larger shower and in the process a much larger vanity area and it looks amazing! Their tub was hardly, if ever, used and the space it was taking up was insane! If you only think you may want to take an occasional bath it seems more worth it to go full shower and maybe borrow the girls bathroom for the occasional bath :)

  186. Vicki says:

    The only reason I would keep the tub is for resale. The majority of people expect a tub in the master bath. I am not with the majority and my husband and I will definitely be getting rid of the tub in our master when we redo our master bath. Our house is a smaller, empty nester home and it probably would not affect our ability to sell our home.. Since yours is a larger home, it could affect resale. On the other hand, your house is so phenomenal, I think you should do what you want and not worry about resale.

  187. Rachel says:

    Ditch the tub. One in a house is plenty. If you want a long, hot, soak, get a hot tub on your deck. Thats a much better way to relax…with friends too. You couldn’t do that with a tub in your master :)

  188. Ann says:

    We ditched our tub/shower combo in 2003 and have no regrets. We put a Better Bench in one corner and I love it for shaving my legs. The only thing we didn’t do was make it curbless which would have been great when I was on crutches last year. We are not tub people so we have not missed a bathtub at all.

  189. Courtney says:

    I vote for smaller shower and tub. You can make it look great and open, and it does feel “mastery.” We converted our shower/tub combo into a shower only after LOTS of discussions with realtors to make sure it wouldn’t hurt resale. Because we had another bathtub on the same floor (somewhere to bathe babies & pets) they said it was fine, but since you don’t have that I’d be hesitant. I think you could do a lot with the shower/tub combo option, too, to still make it look luxurious. I have no doubt that whatever you choose will be gorgeous and I can’t wait to see it!

  190. Carly says:

    Hmmm… I was going to say the shower tub combo because I think having a second tub would be nice and you could still make it luxurious but everyone else says just a shower so I’m doubting myself! Ha. I guess I wouldn’t get a tub with jets it anything bc that sounds like a lot of upkeep. Can’t wait to see what you do!

  191. Sarah says:

    How soon are you planning going on reselling? If it’s in the next 5 years, tub+shower makes a lot of sense. If you see yourself sticking around for a good long time, then whoever buys the house is going to want to redo the bathroom anyway, so follow your heart.

    For me, I don’t take many baths, but I very much enjoy them when I do, so I’d still want a bath of some sort. I’d be tempted to throw the whole room onto CAD and disregard the current plumbing and see if there’s a way to make things fit better so that I could have a tub and a bigger shower. If you’re going to put the money into it, then you might as well do the thing right!

    Just my two cents, but with the caveat that I flip houses, so I’m looking at it as an investor :)

  192. Sara says:

    Shower only! Agreed that the tub/shower combo does not feel “master” enough. It sounds like you really won’t ever use the bath in any form. How many times have you used it so far? Once? Twice? Weigh that against cost, effort, and precious bathroom real estate…is it worth it to include it for the 2 more times you’ll use it before you move? It sounds like you should rule out the side by side tub and shower just because you already have that and don’t love it. You guys are always saying how you should really love your space. If you’re thinking “what a waste of space!” now, that probably won’t change when it’s prettier. Can’t wait for you guys to get this project started!!

  193. Lindsay says:

    I’m so excited to see what you do in your master and love the bathroom you did for your girls. We’re working on our kids’ bathroom and I am stuck on the floor tile. I’d love to know how the cement tile is holding up in the girls’ bathroom and what you’ll use in your own. I have a little boy so I’m worried about maintenance- especially around the toilet ????

    I’ll cast my vote for the large shower only/ whatever will make you the masters happiest- our toddler and little guy are doing just fine getting showers while we work on their bathtoom which is the only one with a tub in our house :) The baths are pretty and I love the look, but I’m all about getting the most function out of my space and making it work for me.

  194. Erin says:

    A couple years ago we had a house with a large walk in shower and double sinks in the ensuite and no tub. When we were trying to sell, our realtor told us that the number one complaint about our entire house was that the ensuite had no tub. We had a tub in the kids bath just steps away but apparently that wasn’t good enough for most people! So for resale… I say keep the tub. Also, I currently have a very large walk in shower in my new house’s ensuite and I actually wish it was a little smaller. It’s a paint to clean and its very breezy in there!

  195. Fiona says:

    I love grand showers personally, but my husband enjoys baths so that’s just a dream for me. Based on the info given, I would probably opt for the combined shower and tub. That way, your shower is bigger but you still have the option of a tub just in case. The one option I would nix is the separate shower and tub since you say the shower is cramped now and it seems like moving the toilet would make more sense. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  196. If you’re not big bath people I think option three with the large shower is the way to go. Plus, because it’s so big and tall, it’ll feel really luxurious and “master”. Whichever you choose though, I’m sure it’ll come out beautifully.

  197. Tara @renovatingschmidt says:

    We are mid-master bath remodel (really whole house remodel but the master bath is about to be started). We went for a big shower with a bench and a separate toilet room. I would have liked to fit a tub in but there isn’t enough room. Now that it is all framed out I’m so glad we went for the shower! If you aren’t bath people I don’t think you will regret it. We only have 1 tub in the house and will have 4 bathrooms when it’s done.

  198. Nat says:

    My vote is for #3. Since you and your husband don’t often take baths, I think you’ll appreciate more having a large, luxurious shower. Plus, it will still read “master retreat” that way. Lovely inspirational pictures, btw.

  199. Heather says:

    Not a tub person but agree the shower and separate tub looks the most master bath. However, that first tub/shower combo that has the copper pipes and concrete looking tub is amazing–it looks more like a grand shower than a combo. I’d be tempted to go that route.

  200. Brooke says:

    We have a large shower with two heads, and I LOVE it so much. However, I couldn’t imagine not having a bathtub. Truthfully, I rarely use the bathtub for myself, but it is so nice to put my 4 year old in the tub and watch her play while I shower and get ready for the day. But I do think you would be happy with either choice 1 or 3!

  201. Stacey W says:

    You already have a tub in the house, so going with just shower upstairs would be fine. Making it super luxurious would win over shower+tub.

    If you had to have a tub, you could do a small soaking tub (smaller footprint, deeper tub) and still make the shower larger.

  202. Angie RS says:

    As long as you have *a* tub in the house and you’re not big on baths, go for the master shower. That’s a pretty popular option these days, and it’ll probably feel great to have a nice, spacious shower since you’re both tall ones.

  203. Krista says:

    Option 3. The adults in our house rarely ever take a bath – we are shower people. I would love to have a big shower with several shower heads. An the natural light is a definite plus.

  204. Lori says:

    We got rid of our tub in the master years ago and have a very large walk in shower with a built in bench but we also do not plan on selling, have never missed the tub!! but I am not a lay in the tub kinda person either.

  205. Theresa says:

    We built our house in 1999 when big corner jet tubs were the thing. We never use it and have a full bath with a tub downstairs. It’s just an obnoxious dust collector. We dream of removing the tub and doing a large shower. We currently have the large corner tub, and on the opposite wall have a small shower insert that we both hate. My vote is for a huge shower! Maybe it would give me some inspiration for re-doing what isn’t working for us.

  206. Jenn says:

    We went with option three when we re-did our master (large shower, no tub) and never looked back. We were renovating within the existing footprint and didn’t have anywhere to steal space from, so this made the most sense. I think it also depends on your neighborhood – ours is mostly 50s and 70s split levels and ranches so from a value perspective, taking out the tub was not a deal breaker (we still have one bath). Now, if I was building new and my dream home or buying a 5-bedroom house – you bet I would have a grand tub and shower!

  207. Tara says:

    I say stick with the current setup of shower and separate tub because I think the bathroom will feel too big with a combo tub/shower option (you will have a lot of wasted space which looks awkward) and it doesn’t really *feel* like a master. I’ve also heard a lot of people regret having one large shower because it doesn’t heat up enough (unless you spend more for the steam function). Living where you guys do, I would imagine winters are really cold and the last thing you want is a huge shower where depending on how you stand, your bum gets a cold breeze!

  208. Suzanne says:

    I think that because you have that really lovely new tub downstairs you should go with just the shower. Because the downstairs bathroom is so pleasant, it wouldn’t be a problem for you or future owners to go down there if they really wanted a bath! The luxury of a larger shower would totally be worth it for your day to day experience.

    Don’t have a good idea of the layout of that room as it is now. Advice would be to be careful with toilet placement and be sure that you don’t place it so it is very visible when door is open!

  209. Ryan S. says:

    Large shower all the way!! My dream is to have double shower heads! Especially if you guys don’t take baths often, you can always take one in the girls bathroom if you REALLY wanted to. I say the dreamier the shower the better!

  210. Mandy says:

    Selfishly I’d love you to keep your layout as I’m working with a small shower and would love to see what you do with it. But I do think if you feel cramped now and you’re not bath people, than go with a plan that gets you a bigger shower. I just read some comments on an Apartment Therapy post mentioning how cold large showers can be. But if you can make sure it’ll retain it’s heat, this feels like probably the best plan for you and seems like the one you’d be most excited to execute. I personally do really like your inspo images for the bath/shower combo and this is a best-of-both-worlds option if the large shower ends up too big to stay warm.

  211. Erica says:

    We just purchased a home with a separate shower and tub, and while I was hesitant at the time, I seriously love it now. It’s easier to clean a shower on the reg, and the tub is so luxurious.

  212. Antonia says:

    These inspiration images are great! I would definitely go with just a shower or a nice, deep soaking tub/shower combo. Resale value shouldn’t be a concern if you nix the tub as the trend for homebuyers is moving towards the ‘no tub’ camp. Also, if you’re planning on putting a window in the bathroom (which is a fantastic idea), you may want to consider radiant heating in the floor and/or a steam shower option. We have just the radiant heat floor and, in the winter, our bathroom gets incredibly cold (we have a huge window and a skylight!). Can’t wait to see what fabulous ideas you guys end up creating!

  213. Anne says:

    What a tough call! Since you aren’t tub people, I’d totally go with a “grand” shower. As in multiple shower heads. A head for each of you and a rain head in the middle that can be operated independently or simultaneously at minimum. My husband and I lived in a small house with only one big shower with one shower head for over two years, it sucked! It was not luxurious at all! While there was room for both of us, one of was was always cold because of not being in the water stream. Now that we have a bathroom with a combination tub and shower, I appreciate the opportunity to soak in the tub. I have dreams for a grand shower one day!
    P.S. The commenting from ipad or phone is completely wonky because of all the popups. I had to come to a computer to write the comment.

  214. Kate says:

    Option one or three.

    Now are you not bath people because you are both tall and don’t fit in a tub? I was an occasional bath taker but at 5’10” never truly fit so never truly loved it. Then in our last house we installed a curved edge bath tub that was deeper (still normal length). It made baths delightful. My husband even enjoyed them. Now it still wasn’t a weekly occurrence but those occasional baths were enjoyed greatly. Our new house has an itty bitty tub and I find I miss taking baths quite a bit. I also want to add, have you tried an epsom salt bath? Next time you’re feeling achy, sleep deprived or under the weather try it. Epsom salts releieve aches and induce sleep. Even my husband uses them.

    Now if you still are anti tub then embrace it! Our real estate agent (who is awesome) has stated that as long as there is a tub somewhere in the house it is ok for the master to be tub free. Especially if you are adding a dreamy shower it would be fine. On those lines one suggestion, add in a hand held sprayer reachable from the shower door for cleaning purposes. Many add one but put it farther in making it so you still have to traipse over a cleaning product filled shower to rinse it.

    I’m sure whatever you choose it will be dreamy!

  215. Lori says:

    I am absolutely a tub person. I take so many baths in the winter, it’s not even funny. For your house, a lack might not be a deal breaker, depending on how deep the downstairs tub is. That said, I don’t really see a need for a separate shower/tub. If they’re combined nicely enough, it still looks great. I think they key is a super deep tub for a real soak, especially since you guys are tall (something I am actively looking for for when I redo my master bath). I also notice that all of your tub examples have windows above them, and I feel like a window above the tub and lots of natural light is key for making a master luxe. Is a window something you would consider adding?

  216. Lauren says:

    I’m so glad you asked this as I am starting to think about our master bathroom renovation too. We will be taking out our master closet to enlarge the bathroom and I hadn’t even thought about a tub, I actually purposefully put an extra deep tub in our hall bath so if I wanted to take a nice bath, I could do so in there.

    What I think is more important for us, is a shower, possibly two shower heads since we both like different effects from the water. My husband likes a wide spread shower that gets water everywhere and I want just a simple strong stream, so for us to not have to change setting back and forth would be awesome.

    The other thing that we would much rather have is a toilet room, no matter how small, where Seth could close himself off in there (he has crohns and keeps the door closed! Where as I leave the door open haha) but if we had a toilet room the rest of the bathroom would still be useable. As it is right now if I need my contacts or makeup or anything I have to wait on him and that may be 30 minutes or more. Sorry, tmi… but hence why having a closed off toilet would be sooooooo nice!

    Don’t do a tub just for the sake of a tub. If you aren’t going to sell your home do what would be most enjoyed by the both of you.

  217. Emily says:

    Shower for sure!!

  218. Jamie says:

    Large shower all the way!! We got rid of ours in our master bathroom, and it has been so great! It is easy to get in and out of, two people can comfortably fit in there at the same time, and it’s easier to clean. Our bathroom wasn’t big enough to do a separate shower and tub, and the combo bath/shower does not say master suite. And if for some reason you want to take a bath that one time of year, just take one in the girl’s bathroom!

  219. Jennifer says:

    As someone currently house hunting, I would NOT even consider buying a house without a tub in the master bathroom- and preferably an oversized soaker tub. No jets or anything, but a big tub that I can soak in. I’m fine with a tub/shower combo, but no tub is a no deal for me.

  220. Brooke says:

    Our master has a shower/tub combo but the tub is nothing fancy and we honestly never use it. I wish it was just a luxe shower. BUT we do have a really deep jacuzzi tub in our guest bath with a rain shower head and I use that tub all the time.

    My parents are anti bath and they had a huge walk in shower with multiple shower heads and it was amazing. They had a large bath elsewhere in the house and it seemed to be enough for us when I grew up there (for reference, I lived there with my parents and sister and we had 3 and a half bathrooms)

  221. Julie H says:

    I’d like to assume you’ve never had a deep tub!? Oh my, a deep soak for us is devine:)
    Quite possible a tub would be a plus for resale. Not an ordinary tub however!
    Cannot wait to see your finished design, will be gorgeous!

  222. Courtney says:

    Have you thought about putting the bath in the shower? Just throwing it out there.
    I honestly think it will look amazing whatever direction you go, but if you aren’t bath people, I like the no bath because it will also make the room feel bigger. But I have a question. Are you not bath people because you guy don’t really like baths, or is it because you maybe don’t have a relaxing sanctuary to escape to take a bath? I wasn’t a bath person until I build my master bathroom, and let me tell you… I am now a bath person.

    Good luck! Oh…. if you put a bench in your shower be careful if you do it in marble. I did, and it is beautiful but I did slip off one time. It’s ok, the only thing I hurt was my dignity!

    • Julia says:

      We stayed at the Aria in Vegas a few years ago and that’s the first time I saw a tub inside a shower. It was awesome!!! But we don’t have a deep enough space here.

  223. Sarah Jane says:

    I wouldn’t factor in the occasional bath. A.) you can always use the girls bath once or twice a year (right after you clean it ha!) and there’s also the option to pick a hotel room with a spa bath on occasion. I vote large shower! That being said, if you want a tub for resale then go option 2. But skip option 1- who wants to miss out on a big shower??

  224. Nancy R says:

    Shower only. One tub in a house is all you need. When is the last time, and how often, do you use the master tub? If this is a long-term home, you may want to consider a small step-in tub (think elderly access) when the toilet currently is. Move the toilet

  225. Michelle says:

    I’d vote for the large walk-in shower with a built-in bench. With multiple shower heads and place to sit and maybe “steam” for a minute, it’ll add plenty of relaxing opportunities without giving you another fixture to clean, especially if you’re not bath people. Sink the extra $400 you’d spend on the tub into some extra features for the shower. I love the black framed/panes and think that doors just make you feel a little more private and keep the steam in for those chilly mornings. Either way, I can’t wait to see what you do!

  226. Kendra says:

    We went with a tub/shower combo, and I wish we hadn’t. I don’t like baths, and my husband has a bath only a couple times a year, which could easily be done in our other bathroom. If we ever build another house, I totally want a big beautiful shower, because it would look beautiful, and because I wouldn’t have to climb in and out of an unnecessary bathtub every time!:) But I know that whatever choice you make for your bathroom, it will look completely amazing! Can’t wait to see what you do with the space!

  227. LT says:

    We did our master bath last year and got input from both designers and a realtor along with our contractor. The results : a). No tub/shower in a master if you can avoid it. Looks better, and better for resale. b). One tub in a home is sufficient from a resale perspective in a home of our size(3500 soft) (we were also redoing another bath at the same time and removed a tub from there, making our master the only tub in the house). We went with a free-standing tub in the master and it is dreamy to look at and I use it more than I thought I would. We also went with a medium-sized shower (maximized the space as much as we could). Redoing this space was worth every dollar and every once of pain in the process.

  228. Kaylee says:

    Shower, no tub!

  229. Holly says:

    If you’re not bath people, you probably wont become bath people. Go with the lux shower and nix the tub! I know you guys will make it feel like a “master bath” without the need of a tub. One tub is enough!

  230. Aminah says:

    I would definitely go with the walk in shower. If you were to feel like taking a bath you could always use your girls’ bathroom to do so, right?
    There is something so luxurious and spa-like about standing under a “rain” shower that is big enough to fit two people. Plus, that window you’re talking about sounds like it would make the whole experience extra dreamy :)
    Love what you guys do, have been reading your blog for a year and I have taken so much inspiration from your style and choices for your house! You have a lovely family, God bless you.

  231. Wenike says:

    As others have said, having a tub in the kid’s room is definitely a necessity. If you’re not the type to take a bath all the time, why have a tub essentially taking up floor space? Another thought about going just shower in the master bath, you’ll have the room to have multiple jets if you want (and your water pressure can support) and/or you can go double-headed on the shower and essentially do a his/hers setup.

  232. Jenny B says:

    Just a shower! only one bath per house necessary :)

  233. Jacki says:

    If you and Chris are not bath people, go for the walk-in shower. In this day and age, where most folks take showers, one bathtub per house is enough.

  234. Courtney says:

    Shower only!! If you really think you need to take a bath you can do so downstairs every once and awhile.

  235. Jenna says:

    large shower for sure, but don’t make the mistake we made, definitely put in two shower heads, one on each side. the one thing to a large shower that many don’t realize until after it’s done is that it can get cold in there. With a small shower the steam just stays with you, a large open shower, there’s a lot more space for that steam to go, leaving you a little chilly and always wanting to be under the water. However, I will say that after a few months, you get use to the loss of heat/steam and are only reminded of it if you stay in a hotel or somewhere else. Can’t wait to see this transformation!

  236. Laura C says:

    I would go with the large, luxe walk-in shower. You have a tub downstairs for the occasional soak (for you or the kids) and personally, I’ve always found it easier to bathe babies and dogs in big showers with a hand-held sprayer. Just put the baby in one of those little bathing chairs or a plastic tub on the floor of the shower.

  237. Sarah MacPhail says:

    I’m going option 4 – I don’t know what it’s called but Wit and Delight did it in her master. A large “open shower” with a tub in the same area. Search Upstairs Bathroom Makeover on her site – you’ll find it right away

    • Julia says:

      Yes! We saw that idea when we stayed at the Aria in Vegas a couple years ago. I even took a picture! But we just don’t have a deep enough space for it in here, unfortunately.

  238. Kerry says:

    Yes, you are right that a combo tub/shower is less “mastery” than a luxe bathroom with them separate. However, you don’t have the space in your room that some other very mastery master baths have, so I think making a combo tub/shower in your space is a smart solution. You obviously will make it elevated in design (style-wise), so there will be no doubt this is the master bath. And you can move the toilet as you desire. I look forward to seeing what you come up with, I have no doubt it will be exquisite :)

  239. Cindy says:

    Most adults are going to use a shower. I don’t think you need both in one bathroom. as long as you have another tub in another bathroom, you have someplace to bathe kids and dogs. if you have two in a master bathroom, its just another thing you have to clean. Having a shower instead of a bathtub is also better for resale in my opinion. As people age or become disabled, they find it harder to climb in and out of a bathtub. A shower is much easier to navigate.

  240. Hilary says:

    Having an occasional bath is lovely but we also adore having 2 shower heads in our shower so we can get ready together or shower with our toddler. Is there anyway to steal room from your master bedroom? I’m greedy when it comes to bathrooms. But, I’d recommend multiple shower heads if not because, as Cait said, finding a tub that is comfortable for your height could be a challenge.

  241. Alicia says:

    We recently renovated our master bath and built a large shower where the jacuzzi tub was. We LOVE it! Can’t imagine ever going back to a smaller shower. And I didn’t like cleaning the tub that would inevitably collect dust since we didn’t use it.

  242. Monique says:

    When I first read the second option, I pictured a wet room type bathroom with a tub in the shower area rather than a shower head over a tub haha. I vote for the shower-only option. You have a tub in the girls’ bathroom if you’re so inclined to take a bath, and then you don’t have two tubs to clean when the upstairs tub eventually becomes the girls’ as well (as is the case at my sister’s house). My parents redid their master bath by taking out their large jacuzzi tub and expanding their smaller shower. It looks great and they don’t miss the tub (there’s also one in the guest bathroom).

  243. Lindsay says:

    Do the shower! It’s what you really want, you’re just concerned if it makes sense for your home to have one tub. But after yesterday’s post about the worth of your house, a “missing” tub is not going to bring your home’s worth down substantially by ANY means! And once people see the amazing bathroom you are going to create, no one will think “yeah this is nice and all but where’s the tub…” ???? They’re going to be amazed at the space you were able to create! Do what makes sense for you and your family!

  244. Helene says:

    Just a shower or a shower/tub combo. Separating them is a waste of space. The fixture you will use the least, if at all, (the tub) will take up the most space in your bathroom. You will be stuck showering in a small enclosure while perfectly good square footage right on the other side of the glass just sits unused.

    I would skip the tub entirely.

  245. JBKCMOM says:

    Our master is probably smaller than yours, and we went with just the shower and nixed the tub. Its been a few years since we finished. I LOVE our shower with the bench and dual shower heads. I am NOT a bath person, but I would like to soak on the rare occasion. If I do feel like a bath, I head to one of our other two bathrooms that have a standard tub. If I light some candles and dim the lights, I can feel like I’m in a fancy tub. We didn’t feel like it was necessary to spent gobs of $$$ on the pretty tub we liked when we’d only use it for 3-4 times a year. PLUS, it would just collect dust and one more place for me to clean :)

  246. Katie says:

    We just moved into a house with a separate tub and shower from a house that only had 1 bathroom. and that bathroom didn’t have a tub(and we had a baby, sooo many sink baths his first 1.5 years of life)! So that being said, my opinion might be skewed, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my bathtub and you couldn’t pry it away from my cold dead hands! Having a master tub plus a second bath tub was LIFE CHANGING for us! hah!

    We are mostly strict shower people too(for when we are getting ready for the day, etc) but we both do enjoy a bath to relax, like if we have muscle aches from our work outs. If you do get a tub I would be very picky. I’m also tall, and while our tub isn’t overly long it is pretty deep so my tall girl self can get pretty cozy with out sacrificing a ton of floor real estate. I would also stay away from jetted tubs.

    I’m so excited you are finally getting to your bathroom! I dream of giving our bathroom a mini makeover and can’t wait to see what you choose for yours :) Curious, since you just had a real estate agent over, what he thought about potentially converting away from a separate tub/shower set up? Not that you should 100% plan around selling your home if you plan on staying for much longer. just curious on his opinion! I think in our price range, in our neighborhood, it would really hurt both our home value or sell-ability if we dropped the tub.
    Also are you planning on re-tiling your floor, and if so, will you go with heated floors in here even though you didnt have it throughout the house?

  247. Carmil says:

    We struggled with the– “tub, no tub” –decision leading up to our Master Bath remodel in March, 2017. We landed on – no tub–and have been very happy with the decision.
    Additionally, we had a large window above the preexisting tub which became the large, shower area in the renovated space. Our bathroom is very similar to the photo you have under #3. If you removed the teak bench and added a built in bench at the end, you would have our shower. The existing window had to be removed and replaced with a water tight window. We did not loose the natural light and view into the woods–which we loved. I love my shower in the midst of the trees that i now have!

    Although we were pretty set on removing the tub before we determined our contractor–he confirmed our decision by showing pictures of the 10 master baths he had done over the previous year. Nine of ten had removed the tub to optimize layout, create more storage, or general preference. We also respected his advice that –moving the shower to the window area meant window replacement was REQUIRED! He would not renovate and have us spend $$$- only to create a water issue in a wall that was not designed to have water.
    We love our new space, good luck with the project. I gave you a “like” on the instagram pic of the shower- so maybe you will hit 2-3%!!!

  248. Leslie says:

    As long as you have a tub in another bathroom in your house, I’d go for a spacious shower!

  249. RC says:

    Personally I cannot get behind the whole just a shower thing – I am in the camp that absolutely love baths. One of the most disappointing things about a recent vacation rental was the statement on their web listing that they had a bath and we show up and it’s only a shower, no baths for the whole vacation, and after strenuous mountain hiking too! But different strokes for different folks as my mom used to say.

    The other consideration besides your aesthetic desires is what your water heater can handle, how much water use either of these options will take – is your home in a drought area that might need to consider limited flow shower heads and that kind of thing? I know of friends whose water heater cannot heat all the water needed for their giant jacuzzi tub – it runs out of hot water halfway – so a regular tub that’s a little more luxe like with a deeper soaking depth but not super wide might be more efficient, depending on your system.

  250. Angie says:

    Large luxurious shower, no tub. I promise you the tub will only gather dust unless you are avid soakers.

  251. Megan says:

    I vote for large shower. Unless you have the room for a bigger shower and separate tub, compromising on either doesn’t seem worth it. Truly anything you two do will be beautiful.

  252. Jaclyn says:

    I suggest one large shower, no tub. We have a walk in shower in our master and it’s amazing, I don’t miss a tub at all. Trust me, you’ll love it, especially if you aren’t bath people. One tub in the house is plenty for the average family. I’ve been following your blog for awhile and also listen to your podcast, this is my first comment! Love you guys and your style. Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  253. Kristi says:

    We recently bought a five bedroom house built in ’69 that has only one bath tub located in the hall bath. I’m desperately waiting for the day that we can renovate our master bath to add a tub in there as well! I selfishly want to see you do a renovation that involves both a tub and shower, whether separate or combined – but I do agree with previous commenters that if you and Chris are not bath people then maybe nixing the tub is what’s best for you! Especially considering your height – a standard tub is too small for me to enjoy a bath and I’m only 5’3! I think a large, luxurious shower can feel very “master bath” even without a tub – especially if you are able to work in more than one shower head! And I’m of the mindset that your home should be built for you – not necessarily for the next buyer. Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  254. Haley says:

    I agree with Cait. Since you’re both quite tall, a luxe shower area with some extra elbow room would be most beneficial on a daily basis. Plus it would make the whole space feel so roomy and unencumbered by a big tub.

  255. Melissa says:

    I think you should go with what you will use the most and get the most joy out of. We ditched the tub and went with a just a large-ish shower and haven’t ever regretted it. Our bathroom is smaller than yours though! I think a separate toilet room with a door is a better investment than a tub and is generally more appealing to more home buyers.

  256. Heidi says:

    If you don’t use a tub now, no reason to spend the money on one for the future. Build and design it to what you want and will use.

  257. Allie says:

    We built our house three years and nixed the “whirlpool” tub in our master for a huge walk-in shower with a bench. It is heaven. I was not a bath person and nor was my husband. We have three other bedrooms for our three kids and their shared bath has a tub. But now that my kids are 6, 9 and 11, they almost never take baths anymore either and use our shower or theirs. It is also very convenient when you have limited time to shower – room for two! I would say if you never take bath’s (I am tall too and don’t fit comfortably in a tub) ditch it. You will love the shower and not miss the tub for the occasional time you might use it. I feel in my area this is a trend as well, a lot of new builds are putting in big showers and no tubs.

  258. Sara says:

    Shower only. With a bench. We have the same tiny shower setup as you, and I just want to shave without cirque du soleil level contortion. Plus, as a fellow tall person, baths always seem like they’re going to be luxurious and then wind up disappointmenting.

  259. Kimberly says:

    For me I’d go with option 2 but I take baths weekly. I also really value taking a bath and then jumping up to rinse off without moving to the shower. Sounds like that isn’t your routine though. I also see lots of value to having at least two tubs in a large home.

  260. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve lived with a lot of bathrooms. The combo pictures you show have a half wall of glass – I lived with those in England and they made for cold showers because there’s nothing to trap all the warm air in with you. They are visually appealing, but I would never build one, even a curtain provides a warmer shower.
    Same thing with a large shower- we had one with no door and I hated it because there was nothing to trap the warm steamy air, and in the cold months, that matters. So maybe just make sure your shower space can be enclosed.
    We would build a tub, but that’s because we are bath people- me on occasion, and my husband would take one every day if he had time.

  261. Kristen says:

    We completely reconfigured our master bath two years ago with the primary purpose of giving ourselves a luxurious shower (with a window, too.) I am happy in this shower every single morning. We still had room for a tub and put in a pretty one, but I have taken maybe five baths?

    It’s YOUR bathroom. Unless selling is imminent, design it for what will bring you joy every morning.

  262. Mara says:

    We have a jetted tub and I use it almost daily. There is nothing like a relaxing bath after you’ve been hunched over a desk all day or slaving away at a DIY project or aren’t feeling well or just need some time alone to just relax. If this is not your forever home, I’d highly suggest putting a tub and shower in your new design. Anything else, does not say master to me.

    Side note, our shower is so small I HATE the thought of even having to use it. If I could reconfigure our builder grade bathroom, I’d definitely lay out the space differently and more efficiently. Our vanity is small and offers barely any storage, we have a linen closet in the large bathroom (when there’s one in the hallway), our tub can easily hold two adults, yet our shower can barely fit one.

  263. Rebecca says:

    I vote for one big shower, it looks divine and feels luxurious. I never take a bath. Our house has a large jetted tub that works great and is really comfortable,even for me at six feet tall. I’ve only used it once in a year and a half. If you mostly use your shower, why not make it the star? In my humble opinion. :)

  264. Victoria says:

    I would lean towards just a shower because it is the space you use most. The only thing I might consider is if you do ever want to sell your house, a bathroom with a shower but no tub is only considered a 3/4 bathroom, not a full bath (at least where I’m from). So your house would be listed as one and 3/4 bathrooms, instead of 2 bathrooms.

  265. Lara says:

    Agree with just a shower if you’re not tub people and there are space concerns. It’s not really necessary to have both in master as long as the kids’ bathroom has a tub.

  266. Emily says:

    I think for your floorplan and the way you live, it sounds like all shower is the best choice! I feel like you’re leaning toward it just in the way you wrote this post and just want to make sure it is ok. Personally, I went for smaller shower and the freestanding tub but I love me a soak, so you do you!

    • Emily says:

      Ok, I am a crazy person so I just rewatched your fall 2017 home tour video to get a better idea of the space.

      Could you bump out the bedroom wall where your TV is mounted so it was flush with the bathroom door wall and gain enough extra space to get both a tub and shower in? It would probably require your master entrance to go down to one door instead of two but I thought it was worth considering!

      • Julia says:

        Maybe, we really wanted to put another vanity where the toilet currently is but we’re still playing with arrangements (obviously.)

      • Emily says:

        Ok… thought about this more. That would really put the single door at a weird angle so I guess really what would have to happen is that you extend the wall with your entry console to be straight across to the hook wall. Which really gains you nice master square footage that allows you to steal it for the bath. However, you lose half of the hook wall so, give and take.

        Ok, I swear I am done now.

  267. Ryan says:

    I too am not a bath person, and I think that larger shower would be so worth it! Why make the shower small when you’ll be doing that everyday, and for a tub you’ll maybe use occasionally? The larger shower would also be better to wash a pet in down the road. Lastly, I don’t think it will affect resale value due to the girls bath downstairs, and due to the fact that the newer generation of home buyers does not seem to value having a bath as much as the older end does.

  268. Sara says:

    There’s the whole “tub room” or whatever it’s called concept, similar to what Ros describes below that might be a good option for you guys. Where there’s a large room/area that is all tiled, with a shower, but also a tub. It seems like it’ll feel like a large spacious shower but you’ll still have a freestanding tub without feeling like there’s wasted space. Of course with that plan i don’t know how the toilet closet would fix. Anyway, I think it’s a good combo option that still feels extra special.

  269. Lisa says:

    As a person who is cold pretty much all winter, I sometimes find it difficult to get a large shower to feel truly warm and not drafty. I would end up showering in our smaller shower or taking a bath when I wanted to get warm all the way through.

    Maybe this could be overcome with a sufficiently fancy large shower with extra jets or a steam function?

  270. Melissa says:

    We skipped the bathtub, & went for what I refer to as my husband’s “pride and joy”. An oversized shower with dual shower heads and Kohler water tiles instead of body jets. The water tiles are WOW, but plumbing for them was scary expensive. Three water tiles cost as much as 15 body sprays, at the time.
    I was crazy worried about not having a tub in the master for resale value, too, but the shower is so awesome, that is all people ever talk about when they see our master bath.
    We previously lived in a house with a huge jacuzzi tub that I used exactly once, because by the time it filled up the first of the water put in was cold, & tepid baths are no bueno.
    In the end, after 5 years, I don’t miss the tub at all. I am a total convert to my husband’s way of thinking, Super Showers rule.

  271. Amy says:

    This might not be an option with the space you have, but I LOVE the look and functionality of a walk in shower with the bathtub IN the shower. Like this:

    I’d bring the glass all the way up and make it a whole steam-shower-room situation. Dreamy.

  272. Liz says:

    I have always thought I just wanted a large luxe shower but I really do like the look of the first combined tub shower that you posted. Thanks for the inspiration!

  273. Stacy says:

    Have you considered/do you have the space for one of those wet room setups, where there’s a tub inside a large shower stall? I’ve seen a lot of these recently and they can be really beautiful.

    If you’re really not bath people, though, I don’t think it’ll hurt resale to do a walk-in shower and no tub. My house only has one tub (I AM a bath person but won’t be adding one to my master for space/expense reasons) and I never even questioned it. As long as there’s a tub near the kid’s rooms I think you’re fine.

  274. Brandi says:

    We actually just finished our kids’ bathroom and are almost finished with the master bathroom. We took out a small awkward tub in the kids’ bathroom and just put in a shower. Our bathroom already had just a walk-in shower (which I found odd as an original feature in our 1957 ranch), and we just kept a shower since the footprint of the bathroom is already so small. None of us are bath people, but I do occasionally miss relaxing in one. So our plan is to put a nice tub in our 3rd bathroom that doesn’t frequently get used. I think it’s a fair compromise to keep a tub somewhere in the house, because it will not get used frequently.

  275. Carol Frampton says:

    Without a doubt, #3. About 5 years ago, we replaced our tub with a tub-sized walk-in shower with a bench and that was one of the best home decisions we’ve made. We are in our 50’s and it is getting harder and harder to climb into those high bathtubs without slipping. The grout is another story – no matter what I do I can not keep it clean.

  276. Emily says:

    I personally would go for just a nice large shower. I’m not much of a bath person either. However, in your case, I think the separate tub and shower are the way to go. It is more economical as far as plumbing goes, so you can put more into the finishes. And since you mentioned you are not likely to be in this house for the long term, a separate tub and shower will be better for resale. I am loving your inspiration image 2.

  277. Jess says:

    We’ve been discussing this dilemma as well and have come to the conclusion of luxe shower only. We have slightly less space to play with than you and our thinking is that this will make the room feel inviting and spacious rather than cramped. It also means we can spend a bit more on tile for example!

  278. Kristi says:

    A couple thoughts from someone who has a fairly large master shower, a large soaking tub, and another smaller tub for the kids elsewhere in the house: It’s nice to occasionally bath the kids in our tub since it’s on the main floor, it’s nice to use our tub occasionally (having a deep tub is essential for adults in my opinion and I’m not really a bath person per se), and the larger shower is fine but feels like wasted space. We used to have a small shower and that is definitely a drag, so a medium large seems like a good use of space (you don’t feel claustrophobic but you don’t waste space that you can’t possibly use – who needs to run laps in the shower?) Another thing is when our older kids aren’t feeling well and could use a medicinal soak, our larger tub is a little more pampering. HTH!

  279. Annie says:

    We debated this for a long time when we built our house, and ended up doing a large shower and no tub. I have not regretted it once. Our daughters even prefer showering in our bathroom instead of taking baths in theirs because it’s so nice (they are 6 and 2 for reference). Our old house had a similar set up to your current bathroom, and like another commenter, the tub was just another surface to clean that never got used.

  280. Elaine says:

    I personally am not a bath person and only see it as something that requires extra cleaning. If you don’t think you’ll use the tub regularly, may as well remove it and do a giant amazing shower with all the jets (word to the wise, tankless water heater. All those jets go through a LOT of hot water!).

    It’s my understanding, at least here, that people like to see at least one bathtub if there are multiple bathrooms.

  281. Sarah says:

    Our tub is only taking up space and collecting dust, so I vote for number 3! It`s also aesthetically most pleasing to my eyes and if you will feel like taking a bath in the future (Do you currently? If not, how realistic is it that you ever will in the future?) you can always go downstairs.
    I personally would not want to climb into a tub every time I shower and the toilet position where the shower currently is makes the most sense to me.

  282. Kristen says:

    have you seen the photos on pinterest of the freestanding tub that is inside the shower enclosure? it looks soooo luxurious. Not sure if you have the space but I would love to have this some day!!

  283. Brit says:

    So from the sounds of your tone as you explain each one, I think you would get more use out of the shower option only.

    I think the only reason I would mention going any other way (which my preference is definitely go larger on the shower space and reduce the overall footprint of the tub), is 1) you do have Polly who lives upstairs with you guys, so it may be a hassle to take her downstairs to do baths, and 2) if you ever do think you might resell the house at some point, having only one bathroom with a tub may be a negative for selling points.

    I’m not sure either of those two reasons is a big enough because to negate what works best for you guys though. Luxury showers definitely seem to be more and more common, and are still considered a huge selling point in my book!

  284. Danielle says:

    Shower only…and i LOVE the one with the black doors…so original…good luck

  285. Kelly says:

    I agree with most- just the shower is the way to go. Why take up so much valuable real estate when you only *might* use a tub a few times a year? Especially when that extra room could be used to make a spectacular shower situation. And if you were absolutely dying for a bath you could always use the girls’ bathroom downstairs.

  286. Maetichou says:

    Option 3 all the way. You will enjoy that beautiful shower every single day. If you ever feel the need for a soak (from what i understood that would be once in a blue moon) you can always use your girls’ dreamy bathroom!!!!

  287. Lorena says:

    Hi guys! My husband and I are tall people like you guys and we struggle to enjoy a bath even in a larger tub. I put what I thought was a really big jetted tub into our master but we were also fortunate enough to do a five foot square shower with bench and three heads (rainfall, standard and adjustable). We’re finding that the giant tub is still not really deep enough to be comfortable and the luxurious shower wins every time. If you’re a tall person with this space constraint, I’d go big shower every time.

  288. Maggie L says:

    I would go for option 2. I am not a bath person either and have a tub/shower combo. A small shower is the worst! Plus it is nice to have the choice to soak every once in a while. Plus, those pictures you posted are beautiful! I think you cannot go wrong with this option. And, not that you guys are looking to sell BUT I feel nixing the shower all together could hurt resale value in the future.

  289. Malissa says:

    We’re also strongly considering nixing our master bath tub for a shower only – I say go for it. Design for you, in your house, for your taste. If you won’t miss the tub – get rid of it! Excited to see what y’all do.

  290. Betsie says:

    I’m a bath girl, so my vote is for separate tub and shower. And further, my vote is for a clawfoot soaking tub. It’s what dreams are made of.

  291. Allyson says:

    We live in a home with option 3 and even though I take a bath nearly every day, it works for us. We have a double headed steam shower, that is pretty fantastic, and when I want to take a bath, I just use the clawfoot tub in my son’s bathroom. I have to say though, my son’s bathroom is pretty similar to your girls’ in that it doesn’t look like a “kids” space. It’s just as relaxing.

    I would definitely not do option 2. It just doesn’t seem worth the inconvenience of having to step over and in every day if it’s not *that* important to you to have a bathtub in there in the first place.

  292. Karolyn says:

    We live in a large home (3500 sf), 3.5 baths. We have only have one tub -in the kids bathroom. The master has a huge tiled shower with waterfall, regular and side jets. It also has a separate hand held head and bench which is THE BEST for saving your legs! My kids 9 and 7 LOVE to shower together, they play games and use all the heads. They haven’t taken a bath in years and neither have I. I vote option 3!

  293. Ryan says:

    I feel like a tub and a shower is the way to go in a home the size of yours (I’m not a bath person ether, but having a tub on the main floor will come in handy), but without seeing the entire floor plan it’s difficult to judge what’s feasible. It is nice that you have the option of moving plumbing around since you have a basement and you’re not working with a slab directly underneath. Is there another way to arrange the room that will help you fit everything in? Good luck!

  294. Annie says:

    I say go with the huge shower! I’m no real estate agent, but I would think since the girl’s bathroom with the tub is also redone and gorgeous, it shouldn’t hurt resale to only have the tub in that bathroom. I personally would look at a luxurious shower as a bigger selling point than either of the other options, and I even enjoy an occasional bath! But I’d rather enjoy the shower I’m going to use every day as much as possible and simply go downstairs for my occasional baths.

  295. Venessa says:

    I’m on Team tub and shower. And if possible to not have them next to each other so you’re Shower can be larger enough because you’re both so tall.

  296. Holley Rogers says:

    We are currently putting in a master bathroom in our house now and only have room for one too! (6×9 room ????). We’re going for bigger shower because like Joanne Gaines says you shower the most and why waste precious space on things you would do once a month if that. You have a nice bathroom downstairs you can always use for a spa night in if the need to bath suits your fancy. Big shower all the way is my vote.

  297. Anna says:

    Although the inspiration photos look stunning, putting in a tub – whether separate or shared – just seems like a lot of money and a lot of cleaning for something that you wouldn’t use often. I’d think twice if you were bath people, but you aren’t. You would get so much more use and enjoyment from a large shower! Your every day would be so much better. For resale, you have the basement bathroom so I think you’ll be okay.

  298. Renee says:

    Option 3! The huge shower is so pretty and I think a double shower is great in a master. Unless you take baths regularly, no reason to waste the space on a tub.

  299. Liz says:

    Large shower… i agree with #2 not feeling like a master bath as much as the other options plus if you’re not bath people it could be annoying – I hate stepping over the tub ledge to get into the shower (lazy haha!). The large shower seems so luxurious and I think if you ever decide to sell your house there will be plenty of people who will want the large shower!!

  300. Trish says:

    I vote one large shower! If you guys aren’t bath people and you already have a tub for the kiddos (don’t you just love bath time?!)……just do it. In fact, we just ditched a combo bath/shower in our teen twin’s bathroom in favor of a walk in steam shower. A realtor came over and told us that because the bathroom looks so beautiful and is beyond builder basic, it’s NBD that we don’t have a tub in there.

  301. Shuchi Singal says:

    Option 3 for sure!

  302. Naomi says:

    I certainly wouldn’t recommend Option 1 for you. It sounds like you’re only thinking of it for appearances sake / resale value. But that’s a lot of wasted space and functionality for you both who actually plan to use that space for years, and potential buyers who want a master bath with a bath typically don’t like “small” baths.

    For general resale purposes my vote is for number two, though your realtor could tell you better how important a bath in the master is for buyers in your neighborhood. If the difference in appraisals is marginal, go with your favorite option the! After all, you’re the ones who’ll live with it. And if you regret your decision when you sell, you can plan ahead to add plumbing connections in the giant shower to put a free-standing tub in there when the time comes.

  303. Taylor says:

    Big shower all the way!! If you aren’t bath people the chances are you won’t take one enough to make it worth it. A big shower is a dream and definitely worth investing in!

  304. Emily Ward says:

    I love the tub and shower option. It does seem a little more grandeur for the master bathroom to keep the tub, even if you dont take baths (no master bath tub could be a deal breaker for potential future buyers). So excited to watch this project unfold. Is your closet in your bathroom?

  305. Vanessa says:

    Not that you’re selling….. but, down the road for yourselves or next owners, the walk in shower is a wonderful way to age in place (not to mention you do have a bungalow). Or if you need the ease of getting in and out of a shower because of a bad back or accidental broken leg, not needing to deal with getting over a tub rim is the best. keeping the layout as is is silly.

  306. Victoria Kennedy says:

    Option 3 for sure! Do you ever have plans on adding a hot tub? If so, you will use the tub even less than you do now.

  307. P says:

    I agree with Ros, above. I saw another bathroom renovation that used that model and it looks INCREDIBLE. Here’s the link:

  308. Rebecca says:

    Grand shower all the way. But I would have a shower head that can become hand held so you could always spray down the kids (or even a dog) in the big shower. It’s also easier to clean with a handheld shower head.

  309. Katy says:

    We’re planning a master bathroom too right now and the thing I keep coming back to is that I have to have a place to sit to put lotion on, clip my toenails, etc. In our old homes, I always had the edge of a tub to sit on. Our current home has a fancy modern vessel tub so you can’t sit on the edge and there isn’t anywhere else to sit and it really bugs me. We aren’t planning a tub for our next master bath (we’re putting a sauna instead!) because we just aren’t bath people. I say make the space it’s highest functioning self for YOUR family and not what feels most “master bath”

    • Katy says:

      Oh I should have mentioned, we are planing to build a bench outside the shower for putting on lotion etc instead of getting a tub whose purpose would mostly be as a glorified seat :)

  310. Joy says:

    I renovated my master bath last year. We opted for a walk in shower only. The room is too small for a side by side. I’m not a bath person either and don’t miss the tub. I don’t have a tub in the other bath either, which may bring on objections when we sell the house, but the space is tight, and showers are preferred by my family.

    This was a hard reno for us—so many nice options for storage and plumbing got very expensive, fast. It is, by far, the most expensive square footage in my house. Good luck!

  311. Haley says:

    The thought of a giant shower sounds amazing. We currently just have a large bath with no shower in our master. I never thought I was a bath person, but it turns out when you have a bath large enough so you’re whole body is covered in water baths are actually kind of enjoyable. If you’re mostly shower people I’d probably just go with the large shower since you already have a tub in the basement.

  312. Lori says:

    I think if you are not truly tub people go with a large walk-in shower. Add a bench for relaxing, shaving your legs, etc. I believe that with your talented make-over skills you will make this as grand a master suite as the pictures you featured. For resale you would still be fine due to having the tub in another bathroom. We are soon to be doing the same renovation, so I’m excited to see your work play out on your blog. Chris Loves Julia – you are the best!

  313. Ros says:

    We built a house with one upstairs bathroom that is AMAZING – luxurious and fantastic. And I recommend the set-up. We have a large walk-in shower (4x6ish?) And a bath that runs right alongside of it (so an area that’s 7×6 or so). It was the best way to get area shower and tub to fit while minimizing the amount of space between areas (and thus the total space), area mount it means that you step out of the bath into the shower (so any water can just stay there… which is lovely when you’re lazy about wiping up floors).

    Granted, we use the shower 95% of the time, for us. I like baths when I’m sick, and it’s handy to have a bath for babies, but if you have another bathroom that’s not necessarily a concern.

  314. Cait says:

    I’ve never lived in a house or apartment with more than one full bathroom, so I have no concept of “master” vs other baths :). But I think you should go option 3—your girls will all be showering soon enough, and you say you and Chris aren’t bath people. And since you’re both so tall, if you were to build a tub suitable for you to take a relaxing bath (and to make the effort worth your while) it would have to be bigger than the current bathtub, right? I’ve used fancy large showers before and they are amazing! I think for your daily life you would really value the shower room, and the downstairs tub is more than enough for tub needs.

  315. Jan says:

    We only have one tub in the kids room. Our master has a large doorless walk in shower and I LOVE it. I had tubs in all my master ensuites before this house and they were never used but always needed cleaning. I would rather clean something I actually use. ha!

    We have had only positive reactions from people who have seen our house with the large shower. No one even notices the missing tub.

  316. Sara says:

    Just a shower! :)

    • E says:

      I say #1 but if you can, steal footage from the bathtub ledge to make a seat in the shower. Our set up is just like yours. Just that little bit more space would have made it perfect.

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