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Top 12 Fall Scents For Your Pura Smart Diffuser —2023

September 22, 2023

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Autumn is well-known for its captivating aromas—the sweet and spicy scent of pumpkin pies, the crisp fragrance of fallen leaves, and the warm and comforting smell of a crackling fireplace. These are just a few things that make falltime feel as magical as it is. I absolutely love a candle o’clock moment, but sometimes you need a set-and-forget situation to keep the house smelling incredible every time you walk through the door. This is where Pura enters the chat. If you haven’t heard by now, Pura is a smart diffuser with interchangeable fragrances, all controllable from your phone. I’ll tell you all you need to know, but the real reason I’m here is because I’ve tested dozens of their fall scents, and I’ve narrowed down my top 12 for you! You’re welcome.

Side note: this is not sponsored. I’m just such a fan of Pura.

Scroll on to see my top 12 Fall Pura scents!

pura smart diffuser

Pura 4 Smart Diffuser | Leather & Leaves | Cardamom Blossom

How does it work?

The magic of the Pura smart diffuser lies in its simplistic yet brilliant design. By just plugging it into an electrical outlet, pairing it to your phone, and inserting the fragrance vials, you’re set. My favorite features are that each device holds two different fragrances, you can set each on its own schedule, AND you get to select the fragrance intensity! Set-up is fairly straightforward, and then you get to sit back, relax, and enjoy a forever-fragrant home.

Pura just got smarter

With the new Pura 4 device, you don’t have to scan any more fragrance vials before clipping them in! Pura 4 uses smart scent technology that automatically detects smart vials, making scent swapping even easier. This is honestly a big deal for me because I always put off the task of swapping fragrances for exactly this reason.

Another new Pura upgrade is that all fragrances are currently transitioning to smart vials. All you need to know is that with these smart vials, your Pura device now considers room size, desired intensity, and user feedback to auto-calibrate the fragrance output. In other words, you’ll be babysitting each device less and less.

Top 12 Fall Pura Scents

Now, let’s get to the fun part. In no particular order, here are my top fall fragrances, paired with an autumnal home scene that you can practically smell through the screen!—A little virtual scratch & sniff, if you will.

If pumpkin spice were considered an evening scent, this would be your daytime pumpkin scent. Instead of a deep and rich fragrance, it’s clean and fresh, and I’m completely obsessed. If you love pumpkin but don’t necessarily want your house to smell like a dessert, then this is the scent for you. So good.

The fall scents of all fall scents! This pumpkin chai is one of Pura’s best-sellers, and I’m not surprised at all. A perfect blend of spicy chai tea and warm pumpkin, it’s reminiscent of the famous Pumpkin Spice Latte, or so I’ve been told.

Traditionally, I’m not a dessert-scent girly, but this time of year, I love a sweet and creamy concoction. The caramel undertones are something you’ll crave.

As the name suggests, this scent transports you to a countryside farm, simmering fresh apple cider over a wooden stove. I have this in a candle, and it’s one of my favorites.

A crisper take on the apple cider aroma. It’s like attending a local U-pick apple orchard with a bunch of your friends and family.

With the earthiness of oakwood paired with the sweet crispness of Honeycrisp apples, you’ve got the best apple scent there is.

A fragrant bouquet of citrus and spices, this one evokes all the cozy fall-time feelings. It’s like a really mature mulled cider.

The juicy tartness of plums, combined with the warmth of fall spices, creates an intoxicating late-fall aroma.

Wow, am I impressed with this sophisticated scent! The great smell of leather paired with earthy autumn leaves will carry me all the way through December.

Time to rake the leaves! This one is a very nostalgic scent for me because, growing up, we’d rake our backyard neighbor’s leaves, and he always smoked a pipe that smelled exactly like this–tobacco, cinnamon, nutmeg, sandalwood, and more.

I’m not at all surprised that this vial smells absolutely incredible. This is what I want my whole house to smell like year-round—warm, spicy yet floral, mature yet effortless.

I’m guilty of having this on my Spring list as well, but it’s such a delicious scent to transition through seasons (and, honestly, year-round). Sweet, earthy, and slightly tangy, this fragrance captures the essence of a ripe fig amidst the backdrop of a serene forest.

Pro Tip: Pair with Alexa

To pair your Pura device with Alexa, first ensure your Pura smart diffuser is correctly set up using its app. Next, open the Alexa app, navigate to “Skills & Games”, and search for the “Pura” skill. Enable this skill, then sign in to your Pura account when prompted. Once linked, go to the “Devices” section of the Alexa app, tap on “Add Device”, select “Other”, and hit “Discover Devices”. Alexa will find and add your Pura diffuser, allowing you to control it with voice commands.

FYI, Pura’s seasonal fragrances have been flying off the shelves. So, if you’re keen on making your space cozy with the magic of fall, now would be the time to snag your favorites!

pura smart diffuser scents

  1. Fig Tree $14
  2. Apple Cider Social $19
  3. Simmered Cider $16
  4. White Pumpkin $11
  5. Pumpkin Chai $15
  6. Spiced Pomander $16
  7. Pumpkin Dulce $15
  8. Honeycrisp Oakwood $17
  9. Cardamom Blossom $13
  10. Leather & Leaves $17
  11. Autumn Plum $15
  12. Tobacco Patchouli $14

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We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 

HI! We're Chris + Julia

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