Our Holiday Card Photo Tips + $250 to Artifact Uprising to Send Your Best Cards Yet.

November 12, 2015

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We have teamed up with one of our favorite photo companies, Artifact Uprising, to introduce you to some really fantastic holiday card options and give one of our readers $250 to their site to spend on cards, prints, photo gifts, art–anything you’d like. Everything is so beautiful!

Last weekend, we called up our friends, the Pugmires, and sold them the sweet deal that if they snap our family photo for our holiday card this year, we’ll snap theirs and then we can all come back to our house for dinner. They took the bait! I’ve found it is so much less stressful when a friend of family member is taking our photo. I also ease tensions by not regulating clothing too much (let’s all just wear something wintry! Sure, Greta, you can wear…Dad’s….hat. Ha!) and setting expectations–I’m not looking for 100 good photo options, I know with little ones and a dog, I will count my lucky stars if we get one! So I told Preston, we just need one good one.

Our Holiday Card Photo Tips + $250 to Artifact Uprising to Send Your Best Cards Yet.

Our Holiday Card Photo Tips + $250 to Artifact Uprising to Send Your Best Cards Yet.

We drove up the canyon until we found some evergreens and the tiniest bit of snow and after about 10 minutes, in two different settings, we got one!! (Not without a few outtakes, of course. Although, sometimes the outtake ends up being the one, you know?) One thing I love about Artifact Uprising’s cards compared to others is there is such a focus on your photo without any distracting fonts or cheesy words.

Our Holiday Card Photo Tips + $250 to Artifact Uprising to Send Your Best Cards Yet.

Our Holiday Card Photo Tips + $250 to Artifact Uprising to Send Your Best Cards Yet.

Our Holiday Card Photo Tips + $250 to Artifact Uprising to Send Your Best Cards Yet.

They even have 3-in-1 cards now that are a card, print and gift tag!

Our Holiday Card Photo Tips + $250 to Artifact Uprising to Send Your Best Cards Yet.

The photo focus makes sense since Artifact Uprising is a VSCO company, which if you haven’t heard, makes the most amazing photo filters. (You can download the VSCO app on your phone from the app store) In all of the examples, the photos are just so breathtaking and have depth and richness and a little bit of moodiness and sometime a vintage feel and that comes a lot from the VSCO presets they were process with. I’ve been using VSCO filters exclusively for my instagram photos (I’m a big a6 preset fan over there), so I decided to try some on our one good photo (literally, the only usable one! And I couldn’t be happier with it!)

Our Holiday Card Photo Tips + $250 to Artifact Uprising to Send Your Best Cards Yet.

Our Holiday Card Photo Tips + $250 to Artifact Uprising to Send Your Best Cards Yet.

^^Processed with VSCO a10 preset

Our Holiday Card Photo Tips + $250 to Artifact Uprising to Send Your Best Cards Yet.

^^Processed with VSCO a5 preset

In the end, the colors and vibe in the latter one felt the most us. We cropped it in a bit and settled on this red, 3-in-1, Merry Christmas card , but all of the holiday cards (they have over 100!), no matter which you choose, are printed on 100% recyclable paper and feature kraft envelopes.

Ready for a giveaway!? Win $250 to Artifact Uprising to spend on anything you choose. Just go browse Artifact Uprising’s holiday card collection (or any of the other products on the site) and leave a comment/link to which one you’d choose! Winner will be chosen November 18th! Take luck. ;)

What do you think?

  1. Lina Haberland says:

    A6 fan over here, too! *Represent* haha.

    Love the simplistic designs on Artifact Uprising. We used them to do our wedding albums! Their foiled cards are beautiful and I love “Bold Stamped Holiday Card” design.

  2. Taryn Nicole Cooper says:

    I love Artifact! Last year we used the multi-image because I wanted to use a bunch of shots of the kids from throughout the year, but this year I’m hoping to get a nice family shot and use it with the Square Gratitude Holiday Card because that’s what this season really is all about!

  3. I love their new line of Stencil Letters Holiday Cards. So unique, but I especially love the little faces unintentionally peeking through the lettering.

  4. Erica Lanagan says:

    They are all so beautiful, but after looking at them all, I love the simplicity and message of “The Square Gratitude Holiday Card.” Man, I would love this giveaway!!!

  5. Kristin Fetterling says:

    Absolutely love the options and simplistic designs! Is speaking to what we are all working on this year so it’s the perfect fit!

  6. Veronica says:

    Oh! I love AU and VSCO! We used them to make our wedding album :) I think their minimalist greeting card layout would be perfect for our Christmas card!!

  7. Ginelle says:

    I buy their calendars every year. I also love the Niall things joy card.

  8. Carly Hansen says:

    To all that will be for my Montana family of 4!

  9. Jen says:

    I do a photo Christmas card each year. I had never heard of this company before – thanks for sharing! I love the Colour block Christmas card ✨

  10. Jennifer says:

    I like the green Merry and Bright Christmas cards.

  11. Jessie says:

    The merry and bright card would be so perfect for us- we have a brand new baby for Christmas, and this card would be such a sweet way to announce her arrival!!

  12. Dara says:

    I had never heard of them before, now i am a fan. i love this one

  13. Julie says:

    Love the “merry little everything” card. But all their stuff is great!

  14. Brad Cowan says:

    I love Artifact Uprising (and VSCO). I’ve been meaning to create one of their books using the images from my daughter’s dance recital… maybe winning will be the motivation to finally do it. Your card/picture looks great!

  15. Jamie Wallace says:

    I think your photo turned out beautifully! One is all you need!

    I love this one the best:
    It’s simple and classic and has such a lovely message.


  16. Leslie B says:

    I really like the Happy Holidays Card (Red Script). Minimalist but still festive.

  17. Huynh says:

    It’s so hard to choose one design but i love the “happy holidays” in black script for this year’s cards. Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. Sarah says:

    I would love to start a gallery wall, so I would choose some frames.

  19. Julie J says:

    I love Artifact Uprising. I ordered print a few months ago and they were amazing.
    I would choose either the If It Is Beautiful Holiday card or the Merry Everything !
    Whoever wins will not be disappointed!

  20. Amy says:

    I love this site, never heard of it before. I’m always looking for a new card site. I love the Merry Christmas Card with the one picture. So cute.

  21. Michelle says:

    I’d choose the Merry Christmas classic card. I just ordered a bundle of single prints of my three older kids and our newborn. The quality is amazing and each print looks like a piece of art!

  22. alex konarski says:

    To The Year Behind Us New Years Card – love, love love it!

  23. Jaclyn says:

    Our 1 year anniversary just passed and I have yet to order a wedding album! I love Artifact Uprising and have used them for cards before. I’d love to finally order a wedding album!

  24. Paulina says:
    I would love to get one of their photo books with my wedding pictures!

  25. Debbie Olson says:

    May Joy Always Card is gorgeous!

  26. Jessica Orlando says:

    I’m a big fan of he VSCO filters! Loving the simplicity of all the holiday card designs. I would choose the Joyeux for our card this year!

  27. mackenzie says:

    love the script cards- especially the “here’s to the good…”!

  28. Swathi says:

    May joy always (in script) is the card I would choose:)

  29. Erin B says:

    Their lay flat books would make an awesome Christmas present for the grandparents!

  30. Lindsay says:

    I love their small flat photo books, we make one a month of random photos and the kids love to flip through them.

  31. Jenny says:

    Oh, all of these are amazing! We missed sending out cards last year due to living in the fog of having a newborn. I have the perfect photo to compliment the “Be Merry & Bright”.

  32. Nicole says:

    I love the simplest things card or if it is beautiful card. And I’d also love to make a photo book of baby girl’s birth. thanks!!

  33. Tanya says:
    is the one I would choose since I don’t usually say Merry Christmas or Happy New Year because I sometime get the cards out too late for Christmas and/or just want to send a neutral note. Plus I have been working on celebrating the simple things in life that make it so special like driving up to an intersection and the light turns green so you don’t have to wait or my daughter finds the first daffodil of the season or getting a postcard instead of bills in the mail! Thank you!

  34. Kelly S. says:

    I’ve never done a black and white card before so I think I might try this:, Merry Christmas Card (Multi-image). Might be a nice change of pace!

    Thank you – Merry Christmas!

  35. Jocelyne says:

    So many good things! I really like the “Happy Holiday Card (black)” but I kinda love everything…

  36. melissa says:

    Merry Christmas red holiday card!

  37. Josette says:

    I would love to make my son’s first year book through Artifact Uprising. I think the quality of work is so beautiful and timeless.

  38. Natalie says:

    Love love love the If It’s Beautiful card.

  39. Oh my goodness me oh my! I have been looking everywhere for the perfect cards for our first married Christmas, and I do believe I have found them! I love the minimal and clean look of these cards. They are simple but soo stunning. I am obsessed with the 3 in 1 cards but am torn between getting the “may joy always find you” in the red or grayscale.
    After browsing their other products, I also am going to make my parents and in-laws a photobook from our wedding. They are beautiful.

    Loving Artifact Uprising… seriously, what a find.

    Thank you for doing such an amazing giveaway and introducing me to this company!

  40. Terryn Stagge says:

    I love Artifact Uprising! The simple approach to their holiday cards is perfect. I am a big fan of this one.

    I also love their large format prints to hang on the wall.

  41. Rebekah says:

    I love the simplicity of these cards! Their holiday ones are great but I would use the $250 for my save the dates! I think this website offers the refreshing style we needed.

  42. Adriane Sherogan says:

    This company does amazing work and I would love to have the opportunity to create more prints for my family!

  43. Nicole says: AU is the only company I want to use for my Christmas cards! Used them last year and plan to again this year! ❤️

  44. Barbara J. says:

    I would choose a photo book or a few large format pics…or both! We went to Italy a couple of months ago and I have some beautiful pics documenting our time there. A photo book and/or some large format pics would be fabulous!

  45. Elise F. says:

    I’d get a lay flat album. I need to get onto documenting!

  46. Mary says:

    Love the Be Merry and Bright card!

    I have artifact uprising square prints from my instagram all over my office and they are so beautiful and such good quality.

  47. Emily H. says:

    Love the “In All Things Gratitude” card!

  48. Nichole K says:

    I love the red Merry Christmas card you chose – so simple – but my love of script fonts is luring me to the Merry Christmas Card (Script) option instead!

  49. momo says:

    I had so much trouble finding a simple and modern photo book company, but this is the one! If I win, I would like to make a photo book for my honeymoon to Italy. Thank you for the giveaway chance and information about this great company. Happy holidays!

  50. lisa says:

    I love the Merry and Bright card…not sure on the color though. So many great choices.

  51. Jennifer says:

    I love their “Best Year Yet New Years Card”! Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. Kristin says:

    I like their photo books. Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. Steph VW says:

    Family photos are always a struggle for us. In fact, we haven’t had any taken since I was pregnant with our second son, who is now 2.5 years old! Oops!

    Having a friend take the photos would make it so much better. In fact, the photographer who took the last ones is a great friend and they’ve always turned out so nicely.

    Picking a card? I think the three-in-one would be excellent:

  54. Beth Ann says:

    The softcover photo 6×8 books – I want to make each of my children a book of their year as a Christmas gift. I would also do the Merry Christmas Card (Classic)

  55. Jessica Covell says:

    “In all things: gratitude”
    Love Artifact Uprising. : )

  56. Caitlin says:

    I’m not in a beautiful holiday card phase of my life (maybe next year!), I would however love the Postcard pack! My sister is making a move across the country next year and I would love a postcard to send her every month to show her how much I’m missing her!

  57. Kaitlin says:

    Artifact Uprising is one of my favorites– we used them for our weddin album! I would definitely pick out some new lay-flat albums or the Joy 3in1 Christmas card!

  58. Noelle says:

    Wow! All of these are gorgeous. I would choose the “May Joy Always Find You” (Script) card. But it’s so hard to choose!

  59. lyndsey says:

    I’d love to use the ‘Merry and Bright’ cards!

  60. Chandan D says:

    I would use the gift card toward a photo album of our wedding pictures!

  61. jaime g says:

    I would choose the Happy Holidays card in Red, multi. Love it!!! What a great site for everything pictures!!! :)

  62. Shar says:

    These cards are fantastic! Thanks for sharing. I’d probably select the blue Merry Everything card! Love it!

  63. Rachael says:

    I hadn’t heard of this company but I’m super impressed with Christmas card selection. I’ve been looking at every site around for some good Christmas card options and I think we’ve found the winner. I love the simplicity!! I think I’d choose the Modern Christmas or Merry little everything.

  64. Charlyn says:

    I love

    We have 5 kids so the multiple pictures allows individual shots of each child.

  65. Ellen G says:

    I love all the simple designs! But this one is my fav.

    The photo books also look amazing! It would be hard to choose!

  66. Rebecca N says:

    I love the Merry Everything card! They’re all great though…

  67. Caitlin says:

    I would totally go for a framed print! Our house is lacking in artwork, gotta fill up some walls!

  68. Jessie says:

    I think I would choose the Modern Merry Christmas….but it is so hard to choose just one!!

  69. Nicole says:

    I love the “Merry Little Everything” card. So simple but captures it all!

  70. Annie Wensley says:

    I would get my mom and dad a photo book and calendar from my first year alone in the big city (NYC!)

  71. London says:

    Love the Merry Everything holiday card. Also love their photo books.

  72. Sarah H says:

    I’d have to say I’m a fan of the joy multi image grid card because I can put multiple photos of the joyous occasions from the year in one organized way.

  73. Kallie B says:

    I love the gratitude card – how fitting for our family phrase of “gratitude turns everything into enough.” :)
    Great products!

  74. Katie j says:

    I love the three in one cards – especially the 2016 card!!!

  75. Amy says:

    Lovely family photo! I would love to have a collection of the Softcover Photo Books for my various vacation photos.

  76. Jessie says:

    Love how your photo turned out! I have a landscape photo for our card this year and I love this one for it:


  77. Nicole Z says:

    I love the Merry Everything in blue! But I also recently ordered square prints from them and they cam out so nicely, I would definitely get those again too. It’s such a nice way to print out photos from Instagram which I typically forget about printing!

  78. Hope says:

    I love their photo books and would love to have one made of our wedding photos from August. Fingers crossed!

  79. Brandi G says:

    I love the happy holidays with script writing !!

  80. Kristin Bates says:

    I love every single one of the holiday cards! I’d decide on one, scroll down, and fall in love with another!! In the end, I think I would go with:

  81. Kirsten says:

    This is wonderful! I was just admiring the “Hello New Year” card–my (new) husband and I are just sending out cards for the first time and it would be perfect!

  82. Haley says:

    The site it stalling on me so I cannot check out the options just now, but I got engaged in Aug so we want to send out something special this year so I hope I can still be in the running. Thank you.

  83. Colleen Hartling says:

    I love the personal feel of handwritten fonts! I would definitely go with the “Merry Christmas” in script! Simple and yet so beautiful and really lets the focus be on the photograph! Well done on your holiday pic- so nice!!

  84. Carleigh says:

    “The Year Behind Us” card is beautiful! Our new home flooded this year so we’ve been in renovation mode (which is why I frequent your site steadily – your design advice is top notch). Everyone who goes through unexpected renovations knows how both trying and rewarding it can be and I believe that card truly expresses my thoughts about this year and our optimism going forward to next year. We are eager to get back into our house and can’t wait to spend many more years there enjoying the space.

  85. Sara says:

    I would choose the ‘Merry Christmas’ in script card. I love that family can just pop it in a frame after for a picture that lasts through all the seasons!

  86. Hannah Thomas says:

    I have been a big fan of Artifact Uprising for a while, but have always been intimidated by their picture perfect marketing. My photos just don’t look as awesome as their promo stuff! But I’ve decided to take the plunge this year for holiday cards. And I might even put a photo book together, because I have so many photos I would love to print. Thanks for the giveaway!

  87. Alyse says:

    I’m making our holiday cards this year, but if the budget allows I would LOVE to get our parents one of the lay flat photo albums. They are so special!

  88. Sarah says:

    Joy Classic card!

  89. Jess says:

    I love the card you picked! And your picture is just gorgeous. My favorite part is Faye’s little piggy tails sticking out! Adorable! :)

  90. Gretchen says:

    I like the modern merry christmas. It just feels wrong to me to take the Christ out of Christmas on a card – no happy holidays from us.

  91. erin says:

    merry everything or joy to the world! guess it’s depends on the family picture! thank you!!

  92. Tami R says:

    I love the Best Year Yet card.
    Love your photo – what a beautiful family!

  93. Laura says:

    was just looking at these cards! love the three in one design. would love to do this to do a combo announcement of our new baby boy and christmas card!

  94. Christi says:

    Love the year behind us card.

  95. Tanja says:

    I love the everyday card. Something you can pop in the mail to send to a friend to let them know you are thinking about them.

  96. Mary Kate says:

    Wow. Love these. Hard to choose–I think I’d go with the Merry Christmas Serif card. Thanks for introducing me to this brand!

  97. Teri says:

    The Merry Christmas in script is lovely. Thank you for the giveaway. (your pictures are great, btw)

  98. Laura T says:

    I’d definitely get one of their gorgeous photo books to document our daughter’s first year!

  99. Cathy says:

    I’ve never heard of this company, but am glad to learn about it. I too like the simplicity of their cards. My favorite is the Happy Holidays Card in Red Script.

  100. Gina says:

    It’s so hard to choose- I like the generic holiday cards with script though for sure.

  101. Bethany says:

    Very cool giveaway! :) I would choose this simple merry christmas one. I just got married and while i’d love to send out christmas cards, it doesn’t make much sense to after we just sent out thank yous!

  102. April says:

    Love the Happy Holidays card in red script! ~A

  103. Jennie says:

    We just got married and also went on an amazing 2 week honeymoon to Italy. We could really use a few hard cover books!

  104. Janna says:

    Beautiful options, all of them! I’d pick the Two Thousand Fifteen holiday card!

  105. Jen says:

    Your fam is so adorable! I love that you keep it simple. We (hubs, 2 li’l boys and our four footed friend) walked to the park down the street with camera & tripod in tow. So much money (and stress) saved and if they don’t turn out all that great you can always try again, no loss, and we had fun playing at the park! ;)

    Love Merry Little Everything!!

  106. Katie says:

    so hard to choose, but I think I’d go with the “merry everything” card in blue :)

  107. Tara Figi says:

    I love the merry + bright holiday card.
    So cute. Finally got professional family pictures done this fall with the sole purpose of using for Christmas cards this year! Would be awesome to win this. Thanks for the giveaway.

  108. CT says:

    This is a great giveaway opportunity with a great company. For the past few years we have done a happy new years card since it is also our wedding anniversary. So I would definitely vote for the “to the year behind us card” Cheers – CT

  109. Erin says:

    I love artifact uprising! I would love to get a few of the print + wood cleats, and the new large format prints look gorgeous!

  110. Meagan Briggs says:

    I love this giveaway!! I never really looked twice at these simple cards to be honest, and reading what you said about the text/font not taking away from the picture really resonated with me. Simple text it will be for this card!

    And my stupid android won’t copy and paste! But I like that simple Merry Christmas 5×7 one. So beautiful.

  111. Alexandra R says:

    I was just looking at their calendars today! I think the wood board on them is so nice, would be a great christmas gift!

  112. Megan says:

    I love the deep set frames, they are just gorgeous!

  113. Emily says:

    I’m loving the multi image, Hello New Year card! The print and wood cleat is calling my name too though!


  114. Charlene says:

    I would love a hardcover photobook of my upcoming wedding!

  115. Betsy says:

    I love it all!! The cards are to die for. And that print + wood cleat is amazing. Oh, I love the wooden box too!! It’s all perfection.

  116. Jessica Cranney says:

    Nice! I like the Merry Christmas script! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  117. kerri says:

    Gorgeous! I like the Joy holiday multi-image one

  118. Sarah says:

    Love that Merry Little Everything cad!!

  119. Jenny says:

    Love having multiple images on my Christmas cards to share events/activities from earlier in the year.

  120. Heather says:

    I’m already working on a photobook to chronicle the first year of my son’s life, but we’re doing holiday cards too. I can’t pick which one until we have our photo, but I like the merry little everything card and the classic cards a whole lot.

  121. Sadie says:

    I LOVE Artifact Uprising, their photo books are the best. We’ll be getting the Merry Little Everything cards for Christmas and then January 1st I’ll be ordering my 2015 photo book :)

  122. Katie says:

    The original look of the “Merry Little Everything” makes me swoon.

  123. Susie says:

    Love artifact uprising. So clean and focused on the pictures!
    Here’s my fav:

  124. Carrissa Brown says:

    My husband and I are expecting our first child next year so I would choose this card

    So many cute options!

  125. Meredith says:

    Love the Merry Christmas in script. So simple and beautiful.
    Your family pics are so sweet

  126. Abby says:

    Love the merry little everything photo grid card! I’ve already got all our pictures set to upload and make it! Also love just about every single thing in their gift section…calendars would be great for grandparents!

  127. Kaitlin says:

    I’d love to make a 12-month calendar for my dad, he’d just love it since he got me a DSLR for Christmas last year.

  128. Steph Brown says:

    What a great giveaway!! I have been meaning to capture a picture of my family for a couple of years! This card seems very fitting for the last year of our life… In all things gratitude. I am very thankful for my family! Happy holidays!

  129. Such a cute idea and beautiful photos! I’d chose Artifact Uprising’s “To the year behind us” New Years card because of what feels like a monumental year my husband and I have had in 2015. xxoo

  130. Leah says:

    I love the hardcover photobooks! Simple and elegant.

  131. Allison says:

    I like their Merry Christmas (script) cards. And I was JUST asking a friend about swapping family photo shoots! We just need ONE good photo for Christmas cards. Yours turned out beautifully!

  132. Emilyjane says:

    You’ve totally inspired me. I was in the process of preparing for a formal family portrait tomorrow (bow ties and all). It was stressing me out. I saw this and bam! Inspired. I cancelled the plans, tomorrow we are going on our favorite hike with our German Shorthair, 3 young kids and jackets. So relieved.

  133. Stefanie says:

    I love Artifact Uprising! Their cards are so simple and lovely. I’ve had my eye on the Merry Christmas script card – sweet and elegant.

  134. Joni says:

    Your family is darling – great pic! I have been wanting a large format maple frame.

  135. elif says:

    I love the large format fine art prints! Great give away.

  136. Adam says:

    We like to keep it simple and classic… this “JOY” card would be perfect!

    Thanks for the opportunity

  137. Andrea says:

    I love the Merry Christmas Card (Classic)

    Love the simplicity of all the cards. Such a great alternative to all the flashy ones out there!

  138. Monika J says:

    2016 New Years Card (Bold). Beautiful, minimal design.

  139. Laura Davis says:

    I love the “May Joy Always Find You” in red, and the layflat photo books!

  140. Jessica says:

    I love the “merry everything” cards!

  141. Christina W says:

    Love the lay flat photo album and all the Christmas cards are gorgeous! You’re family photo is so fun and I’m totally inspired by the casual look for our family photos on Sunday! Thanks!!

  142. Marie says:

    I got married in 2012 but haven’t printed out many of the pictures. I’d love to do a photo book with my wedding pictures!!

  143. Roxie says:

    Love AU! I have their square prints in my office at work and they are such high quality paper!

  144. Amy says:

    I’ve been lusting after Artifact Uprising’s photo books for a while now and would love to make 1 (or 2, or 3!) of photos from a trip to New Zealand!

  145. Emily says:

    Love this one – Simple, fun red lettering, get to show off several pictures! :)

  146. Katrina F says:

    I’ve ordered prints but never knew they had cards as well! I love the “May joy always find you.” My mom, named Joyce, passed away recently and would love this card to honor her at the holidays.

  147. Tara says:

    I love the year behind us and years ahead of us New Years cards. The sentiment is so simple and beautiful! I want these so badly!!

  148. Lauren B says:

    Love the simplicity of the multi-image 2015 hoilday card!

  149. Allison B says:

    I already got my Christmas cards, but my husband and I recently got married and I would like to frame a couple of my favourite photos in our home, so the gallery prints are my favourite!!

  150. Meredith says:

    I am currently scouting our Christmas cards, and love the Modern Christmas card with the different languages listed. Simple, classic and festive! Plus, being in school for Spanish makes me want to buy anything with Spanish script on it! :) Thanks for the ideas!

  151. Tanya Thomas says:

    I’d choose the Merry Christmas script.

  152. Mary S. says:

    I love your pictures and card choice! I think I would do the Merry Christmas Card (Serif) with the pictures we got this fall! Thanks for the ideas!

  153. Lena says:

    I’m in the process of planning a gallery wall, so the large format prints would be great!

  154. Alissa says:

    I’d be really excited to pick out images for large format prints. Really, all of their products are lovely!

  155. Jill says:

    The wooden calendars are so unique and would make excellent holiday gifts!

  156. Amanda S. says:

    So many beautiful cards to choose, I am loving May Joy Always Card (Red Script).

  157. Kate says:

    I like the “merry little everything” cards!

  158. Adina T says:

    What cute pictures! I love the merry little everything card! The simplicity of these holiday cards is awesome and definetly something I could see myself using.

  159. Dani Grebe says:

    Artifact Uprising totally speaks to our style. We’re newlyweds (ish, 1+ year) and this year we became part owners of the architecture firm we’ve been working for for 5 years! Lots to announce and celebrate via these beautiful cards!

  160. Mariah says:

    Ooh – I have been looking for a place to print our wedding photos in a lay-flat book, and would splurge on that if I could!

  161. Steph Miller says:

    The Wood Calendar is adorable!

  162. Sarah says:

    I love the best year yet cards!

  163. Kelli says:

    I’ve been obsessed with their multi image merry Christmas card for a while! No other company comes close to the beauty and simplicity of Artifact Uprising.

  164. Heather says:

    I can’t decide! I love this one:

    But I also love this one!

    They have the best sentiments. Not too cheesy but also simple and meaningful.

  165. kates says:

    I am terrible when chosing cards because I think the photo helps with the message…but if I had to choose my favorites are the To The Good New Years Card (with multiple images), Simplest Things New Years Card, or the Joy to the world card. With a new baby born in September and my lack of sending a birth announcement I want this card to do double duty so I might just have to create my own – Which they have as an option!

  166. Anna says:

    I am determined to start buying 1 layflat photo album every year, because we need more family pictures that we can flip through, not look at on the computer (! Also, I REALLY want to get a large print with a deep set frame for our master bedroom ( BUT I seriously love everything on that website and want it all ;)

  167. Danielle says:

    Those 3-in-1 cards are just brilliant! I love that they have a second (and third!) life after being received.

  168. Janette says:

    It is a hard choice, but I think of go with – “May the simplest things bring the greatest joy this holiday season.”

  169. Jonna says:

    Would love to turn pics from our Cape Cod vacation into a Lay-Flat book!

  170. Nathan Arnold says:

    We’ve wanted to try Artifact Uprising! This is our simple choice:

  171. Erin says:

    love their large format fine art prints :) they’re my go-to!

  172. Betsy says:

    We’ve skipped cards the last few years but I’d love to send a New Year’s card this year. I love when they come that week after Christmas, feels like a bonus!

  173. Lauren Schawe says:

    I love it all! I’d love to make some of our wedding photos into thank you cards!

  174. Michelle says:

    Loving the 2015 Holiday Card with 12 images! Great for kid out takes. :). I’ve ordered a calendar from Artifact Uprising and it is gorgeous, so glad to see they have cards too!

  175. Caitlin says:

    Ooh I’ve been interested in artifact uprising’s prints for a while. I would probably get some wall prints and a photo book

  176. Jolene says:

    I love the boldness of the happy holidays in black, or the happy holidays in script. Lovely giveaway, thanks!

  177. ryan says:

    i think this is the year i’m going to start doing holiday cards…even if it is just me and my two pups! i love this one:

  178. LAUREN says:

    The “Merry Christmas Card (Script)” is my jam! The fact that it looks like a vintage Polaroid with a little message written at the bottom of it is yes….just YES!

  179. Christine says:

    I’m currently working on lay-flat albums for our families—it will be my first project with Artifact Uprising—and a giftcard would be very, very good! Thanks!

  180. Kennan says:

    I love their photo books — so fun to put together, such great gifts.

  181. Heather says:

    I like the Year Behind Us cards. I never manage to get cards out before Christmas so like the idea of New Year’s cards.

  182. Stefani G. says:

    Loving The Year Behind Us cards, we’ve had quite an eventful year! New jobs, new state and getting married :)

  183. Rachel says:

    I’m kind of loving this one and the merry everything card! As long as I can type a message on the back!
    Also, this one!

  184. Danielle says:

    Love your Christmas card photo! And what an amazing giveaway!! I’ve been wanting to try Artifact Uprising for quite a while now. The cards all look great, but what I would really love is a framed print. We have so many vacation photos that I would love to display as part of a gallery wall.

    thanks for sharing!

  185. Ariel says:

    I would totally go for “Merry Christmas Card (Classic)”. Just so simple and pretty!

  186. Kristin says:

    So many choices…right now I would choose “merry and bright” but with so many great options I will probably change my mind a few times!

  187. Sarah says:

    Definitely this one:

    I just love the saying: “Here’s to the good that found you and the great that awaits”

  188. Allison says:

    We’ve already ordered our Christmas cards (through Artifact!), but I’ve definitely been eyeing their beautiful Hardcover Photo Books ( I’m dreadfully behind in making my wedding album, so this would be perfect!

  189. Isaac says:

    Merry Everything Card (Blue Vertical)!!!!

  190. Jessica Haile Bagge says:

    We’ve used Artifact Uprising for our wedding album and for some photos to frame in our house. I’ve been meaning to do a honeymoon album for a while now, and we’re also looking at starting to do family yearbooks. We really love the way that their albums come out!

  191. Haley Bilunas says:

    With the holidays quickly approaching, I’d LOVE to put one of these albums under the tree!

  192. Natalie says:

    Of course it’s super hard to chose but I adore the message on this card! Beautiful family pictures:)

  193. Julianne says:

    The Merry Christmas card in red looks nice and festive. My husband would like that it’s not “fussy.”

  194. Holley says:

    The red Merry Christmas…it’s so simple and classic!

  195. Casey says:

    I love the VSCO filters on my phone and just downloaded the free ones they have online for Lightroom! My favorite (pending the outcome of our holiday family photo shoot tomorrow) is the “All Things Gratitude Card.”

  196. Laura says:

    Love the “Merry Little Everything” card:

    Full bleed photo? Be still, my heart!

  197. Veronica Adinegara says:

    Love this one: Joy Holiday Card (Multi-Image Grid)

  198. Beret says:

    The Year Behind Us New Years Card… That would be my choice. Happy Friday!

  199. Stephanie says:

    I would love to get a ton of square photo prints and string them across a wall!

    the modern calendar is gorgeous as well :-)

  200. Maya says:

    “Happy Holidays” in red script!

  201. Stephanie says:

    Their holiday cards are beautiful. Love the idea of the gift tag and pic. This multi-lingual one is perfect!

  202. sarah says:

    I love the script-y Christmas cards. So simple and pretty. But the site was sure slow loading on my computer. (maybe it’s just me?)

  203. Karen Glass says:

    I would love to gift this gift card to my newly engaged friend for her save the dates! My favorite is the classic holiday card (vertical). So simply and classy!

  204. Sarah Blodgett says:

    Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win! I would have to choose the hardcover photo book. We’ve been married 3 years, and still no wedding book. I’m ashamed.

  205. Anna valentine says:

    Oh man! We love all things artifact uprising in our home! We had our eyes on the merry Christmas script with 9 images! You guys have the best giveaways! All my favorites!

  206. Kari says:

    I have always loved the Instagram friendly book, but these are amazing too!

  207. Kait says:

    I LOVE the modern simplicity of these cards. They are all so pretty. Last year I waited until the last minute and ended up with kiosk christmas cards. Not a good result….I almost didn’t even mail them out. Bookmarking their site now so I can order this year’s cards! Here is my favorite…

  208. Bethany says:

    Photo books! I’m dreadfully behind in documenting our lives in print.

  209. Ashley Pollard says:

    I love love love Artifact Uprising. I jumped on board with their instagram print special a couple months ago and just loved how easy it was to select photos straight from my account and the prints came in days! Sold!
    These 3-in-1 cards are so clever! Love them too!

  210. Brianne C. says:

    Merry Little EVERYTHING!

  211. Laurie says:

    I like the Merry Christmas Multi-image! Since they are square I think it would be fun to put my favorite instagram pics in there!

  212. Alisia says:

    I have been obsessed with all things artifact uprising! I wanted to use them for my holiday cards last year buuuut procrastination got the best of me. I really like the happy holiday card in black :)

  213. Courtney Miller says:

    I love their wooden clear frame and their prints! LOVE this company!

  214. Adriana says:

    The Best Year Yet cards for the new year — love them!

  215. Gail mcfaddin says:

    I have never done holiday cards but I would love for these to be my first ones! I think the “joy” cards are my favorite! Very simple and chic! Now to get some photography done!

  216. Jen says:

    JOY classic, love the simplicity!

  217. Courtney says:

    This would be the best win ever! Dave Ramsey says that Christmas cards (unfortunately) are not in our budget this year! But we do have a whole family photo session that we are surprising my parents with, so we will have some great pics!

    Here’s my fave!

  218. Kristel says:

    I love the Merry Christmas or the JOY multi image cards!

  219. Marci Moe says:

    It’s a hard choice but I love the ‘in all things gratitude’ card.

  220. Kayla says:

    So many beatiful choices! If we manage to get a picture this year – I love the one with the phrase about Joy!

  221. Lucy says:

    I like the Merry Christmas Card (Seriff)- simple and elegant. Plus, my pug would look great in it ;)

  222. Andrea says:

    I just found out about artifact uprising through your post today. I am in love! That wood cleat print tho!

  223. Emily says:

    Great giveaway! I’ve never heard of Artifact Uprising, what stylish cards they offer!
    My favorites are “may joy always find you” “happy holidays script” and “PEACE” :)

  224. claire says:

    I would pick “Hello New Year” because I love the font treatment and it’s also a nice reminder of a fresh year starting, plus I like the use of multiple images too!

  225. jane says:

    love “the year behind us”. too sweet.

  226. Nans says:

    I’m big into the photo books right now. So far I’ve transferred 2012-2014’s pictures each into the square hardcover photo book. I’m working on 2011 and 2015’s books. I’d like to splurge on the layflat option for 2009’s pictures when I traveled for 6 months around the globe.

  227. Annie says:

    I would love to get a bunch of the square photo prints!

  228. Jeasica says:

    I am absolutely in love with the layflat photo albums! They are going to be perfect for our wedding photos. I can’t wait to start designing.

  229. Jillian wright says:

    Oooh these are just perfect!! If I won I’d definitley choose the joy to the world one! So beautiful!! Thanks for the chance!

  230. Heather says:

    I would probably change my mind a million times but at the moment choose merry & bright –

  231. Michelle says:

    I love the Merry Christmas vertical style card in red. Sweet photo!

  232. Bren Delgado says: This one is my favorite. I like being able to include other images, like branches, snow boots, something cool from the shoot, along with the people subjects. Our dog, close ups where someone made the perfect face and someone had their eyes closed (crop them out!), and of course the bloopers!!!

  233. Keegan flaherty says:

    I’ve been eyeing that signature print and wood cleat for months now!

  234. Austin says:

    We are currently renovating our entire downstairs. When we are finished, we will need some new prints to hang. Rather than holiday cards, I would opt for some large format prints:

  235. Haley says:

    Your family photo is too cute! I tend to send out New Year cards since I can’t get my stuff together before the holidays. I love this “Here’s to the Good” holiday card

  236. Michelle I says:

    Now to take the family photo with a three year old, newborn and feisty golden :)

  237. Kaley says:

    I love Artifact Uprising! I want to start making yearbooks for our family. I used to scrapbook, but with three kids under 5, I have no time! Plus, I love how clean and pretty all their albums look. I want to display the yearbooks in our living room, so my kids can look back over the years at how our family has grown. Much easier than a bulky scrapbook!

  238. AshleyM says:

    I love the ”merry and bright’ card! So appropriate for my little boy who is just lighting up our lives with his presence. AU is wonderful- I had the 25 square prints done and am adding them to family Christmas gifts this year. So lovely!

  239. Emily H says:

    I would get the “year behind and ahead of us” card. So sweet and appropriate to the things that happened this year.

  240. Cara says:

    Love love love Artifact uprising!! I would use the Modern Merry Christmas card this year.
    Can’t wait to see your final card.

  241. Allison says:

    I love the idea of sending a New Years Card. This one is perfect since we just got married.

  242. Celeste R says:

    I love the simplicity of this card. Very clean and classic. Thank you!

  243. Deborah K says:

    I love the Great Awaits New Year card.

  244. Lauren B says:

    Be Merry and Bright card in green.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  245. Mel says:

    Great pic! I want their gallery wall frames so bad!

  246. C Brogan says:

    My fav holiday card would have to be the ‘merry little everything’

  247. Aubrey says:

    I’m a big fan of the Artifact Uprising photo books, especially as you can steal directly from your Instagram feed! Since having kids I’ve made it a habit on Mother’s Day to create books for both grandmas with pictures from the previous year. Since we live a long ways from both of the them (and they don’t have Instagram!) I love that I can gift them a bunch of informal little moments from throughout our year, but that the books are still beautiful enough to be on display. I need to get going on year books for myself now!

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