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How to Transition Your Home for Warmer Months

April 5, 2024

We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 




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As soon as warmer weather hits, I’m ready to shed layers! Purge in every way. I want to put some of the heavier house things away and lighten up the house. Sure, packing up your sweaters for storage is a great way to refresh your closet (scroll to the end for my opinion on that!) But I have some other tricks up my sleeve for making your home feel lighter as we transition into spring. It’s time for some seasonal decor swaps!

Swap Out Heavy Bedding

Chris Loves Julia | Primary bedroom with lightweight sheets and covers

Shop the Primary Bedroom

If you have a thicker down duvet or comforter, it’s a good time of year to swap in your lightweight bed toppers. Change those warm flannel or jersey sheets for cooler poplin, percale or sateen sheets. More breathable sheets means better sleep from spring through summer!

Shop Spring Bedding

Consider Rugs as Movable Decor

Chris Loves Julia | Front entryway featuring a wood floor

Two Tier Chandelier | Sconces | Round Table | Faux Branches

Every spring, I put away some of my scatter rugs to make the rooms feel more fresh. It’s fun to see things seasonally — for instance, I have a runner in my hallway I put out around Christmas that feels joyful. I think runners are something I like to do for colder months, and in warmer months I want a clean slate.

Consolidate Your Heavy Throw Blankets

Chris Loves Julia | Living room with couch and one throw blanket

Bradley Sage/Olive Rug | Kipton Sofa | Liza Lumbar Pillow | Floor Lamp | Coffee Table | Picture Light | Boucle Swivel Chairs | Mirror | Curtains | Round Table | Lamp | Scalloped Bowl | Acrylic Book Stand

One thing I do every spring is put all of my throws away that are draped over the couch and armchairs. I still like to have a basket by the couch for watching movies though — after all, coziness knows no season!

Switch Out Kitchen Supplies

Chris Loves Julia | Kitchen range with a copper pot

Cabinet Hardware | Mirrored Sconce | Pot Filler | Copper Kettle | Vase (similar) | Faux Hydrangeas | Spoon Rest | Oil Cruet

If you’re a seasonal tea or hot cocoa drinker (I drink protein hot chocolate most nights!), you might want to put away your kettle on the stove. I do consider my copper kettle to be a decor piece. Will I put it away? Probably not, but you could. Maybe you bring your ice cream maker back into the kitchen, in case that was put in storage.

Make a Scent and Stem Swap

Velvet Blue Bed | Wallpaper | Dinah Pillows | Boucle Throw | Judy Natural/Ivory Rug | Nightstand | Vase | Frame | Bunny Lamp

This is the time when I’ll put away my winter decor and swap in spring stems and candles. I have a bin for the stems, and I have a whole candle closet (I love them, ok!?) That’s where I store out-of-season scents that are more pine-forward or autumnal. An easy update that feels — and smells — so good!

Bring in New Coffee Table Books

Chris Loves Julia | Entryway table with coffee table books and a vase

Paper Mache Bowl | Sideboard | Sconce | Faux Eucalyptus | Vase (similar) | Coffee Table Books | Candlestick

This is also a fun time for me to switch my coffee table books. Like for instance, I have a cabin design book and an evergreen tree book with beautiful pine and spruce photos. It felt very wintery, so now I’m putting out more floral-focused coffee table books and lighter home design.

Close Down Your Fireplace

Chris Loves Julia | Living room with blue couch and light beige couch

Shop The Living Room

We always close the flue on our fireplace and put away the fireplace tools. If you have a gas fireplace, you may want to extinguish the pilot light for the summer to save money and protect the longevity of your fireplace. Just open the front of your fireplace, tun the pilot knob to “off” and turn your gas shutoff valve to “off” too.

Update Your Door Mat

I love to get a new door mat for warmer months. Usually after winter, ours are spent! In the winter I’m looking for something like coir because you’re wiping your feet more. In the summer I don’t need something as thick. You can always layer a nice all-weather outdoor rug under it.

Tackle the Coat Closet

We have a packed coat closet that we barely even used this winter (that’s North Carolina for ya!) But now’s the time to put away heavy coats, snow boots, warm hats, all of those things. Just make sure to label any storage well for next season.

Organize Your Storage Solutions

Chris Loves Julia | Storage bins with labels

Notecards | Notecard Holder | Bins | Shelves

Speaking of labeling, we love to get just basic notecards for storage. We put a notecard holder on the side of our bins and that way we can easily swap out what’s in it. It helps when I can list out everything inside the bin. My mom has clear and just writes on a piece of paper and puts it inside the bin. Whatever your method, don’t skip it!

Confession time!

One thing I’ll admit to is I’ve never been the type to put away some of my closet. I’m often cold anyway, so I like having access to sweaters and pants throughout the year! However, we are gearing up for our closet and bathroom renovation, so I’m going through EVERYTHING and packing away quite a bit!

Chris Loves Julia | Julia standing in a primary bedroom closet

How do you change your home for the warmer months?

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  1. Patricia says:

    I switch pillows from winter to summer. The blue and white prints and ikat weaves come out to play now and all the darker printed pillows go back to the pillow hotel on my daybed. Leopard print can go either way. I consider leopard print to be a neutral.
    Wool blankets and furry throws get tucked in baskets, still handy but not displayed.

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We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 

HI! We're Chris + Julia

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