It’s 11 days before Christmas and it seems every other blog is serving up all of the details on DIYing your own tree skirt, making ornaments, and gift guides galore.  Our simple decorations are up.  Our neighbors have been gifted.

Even though we have been in a little online mini series for the past few months, we are no movie stars–unless you count Chris’s painfully late (the movie came out it 2008!) and overdone (not by Chris, but by everyone)

Dried navy beans and my Sharpies playing nice. Here’s a little glimpse at my side of the desk as we’re all waiting patiently for the big reveal tomorrow (Me?  Not-so-patiently)  In other news, another big reveal has been made.  Pantone


Decked Out.

This weekend, we took some time and finished getting up all of our Christmas decor.  I would describe our Christmas decor style as …simple.  Our home’s decor is pretty clean-lined, so it makes sense that when we put up our