Wow.  We are done with the guest room and office.  We are done. We are done. We are done!  We had a very late night last night furnishing and decorating our basement, that would have been a whole lot later


Shopping Day!

Today is a pretty monumental day here at Casa Marcum.   It is the day where we finally get to (and have to–because our deadline is Friday morning) buy all of the furniture, bedding, art and accessories to make our

Last night with the help of Chris’s brother, Cam, and his wife Kasey (yes, the one that’s 9 months pregnant–check out the baby shower we threw for them a couple weeks ago here) we got a LOT done in our


Eight Candles

Yesterday, I blew out eight candles because I turned 26 and 2+6 is eight.  I have had the same Cinnamon-Pistachio Bundt Cake for my birthday since I can remember and I just scarfed down the last slice right after snapping


Cones Own

Friday afternoon, Greta and I took a quick trip to Ikea just because.  I promised myself I would stick to the As-Is section and see how many deals I could score.  The answer is a lot.  But then I also

Woot hoot.  Our next video in our online mini series went live this morning.  And this time we are spilling all the details on how we installed recessed lighting in our guest room (we teased before and after pictures in