10 Home Design Trends I’m Grasping onto in 2023

January 9, 2023

We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 




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Forecasting home design trends is a tricky business (for me) because I never want “trends” to be the focus of what we do at CLJ. Above all, we really value individuality and uniqueness and hope to inspire all of you to LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE, regardless of the trends that come and go. With all that being said, you might think of these trend predictions more as my personal opinions, things I’m excited to see more of in interiors, and hopefully, something you see here inspires and excites you!

Let’s get into it.

1. Chic Parisian Aunt is in

Image Source: And Studio

I feel like the grand millennial style came in fast and furious and left just as quickly. Alternatively, the design style I’m seeing and loving more could be personified as a “Chic Parisian Aunt.” I still see traditional home elements, but they’re elevated and tidied up! I really want my home to be cozy, but I want to explore more polished art deco vibes incorporated into our Modern Colonial home. Athena over at Eye Swoon and Mallory of Reserve Home do this really well.

2. Mural wallpaper is still trending

Image Source: Ashby Collective

In May 2021, I wrote an entire blog post dedicated to trending mural wallpaper, and guess what!–it’s still trending. Of course, this is good news to me since the study is covered in the most charming scenic wallpaper that I’m still very much in love with. This wallpapered bedroom was recently featured in Architectural Digest, and for good reason. It’s a show-stopper.

3. Wood-paneled walls

Image Source: Marie Flanigan Interiors

I have an entire Instagram saved folder called “Wood-Paneled Walls.” My heart has fallen head-over-heels for wood paneling, and can you even blame me? We were planning to do this in the rec room, but I’ve recently been toying with possibly doing it in the living room with the addition of the skylights. How beautiful would that be?

4. Colorful stone countertops

Image Source: Ashley Montgomery Design

For the last couple of years, we have been seeing really heavy veining in stone, and I think this is the year we are going to be seeing even more colorful stone!

Image Source: The Flint House

The colorful veining in The Flint House kitchen is beyond gorgeous, and I think this look has opened the door to getting even bolder and braver with colorful stone.

Like the bathroom below for example.

Image Source: Chan & Eayrs

I’m anticipating seeing stone slabs that are blue, red, green, and beyond!

I absolutely love the soapstone we used in the laundry room, but my only regret is that I didn’t go bolder with color. If I could go back in time, I would! Maybe in our future bathroom renovation, I’ll have the guts.

5. Molding on molding

Image Source: Joanna Gaines

Last week I went Live on Instagram and was asked for my recommendation about painting a wall without adding any trim. My two cents is I would (guilty) absolutely paint a wall without first adding trim. But in my opinion, trim is best. A home with custom millwork looks so elevated, classy, and historical. I don’t want a single room in my house that doesn’t have molding added to the walls and even the ceilings.

6. Structured upholstered furniture silhouettes

Image Source: Eye Swoon

For the last few years, we’ve seen really relaxed, cozy, cushioned sofas and chairs. Now I see a lot more taut shapes and silhouettes in upholstered furniture emerging. I’m really looking forward to this shift in my own home because I sure am getting tired of fluffing my sofa cushions before every photoshoot or guest arrives!

Image Source: Reserve Home

Couldn’t think of a more perfect example of this than Mallory at Reserve Home!

7. Darker wood-toned furniture

Image Source: Sean Anderson

Wood furniture is getting darker and darker! Remember years ago when all furniture and cabinets had to be white? We opened ourselves up to some lighter wood tones and, eventually, mid-tone wood, and we’re finally embracing darker woods!–walnut, cherry, espresso, mahogany… yes, please.

8. Unique lighting

Image Source: Jean Stoffer

Lighting has evolved into being the “it” factor in a room, and I can’t think of a better example of this than Jean Stoffer herself. I think of lighting as the “bling” or the “jewelry” of the room. A room doesn’t quite feel complete without it, and without being overstated, it can completely transform the look and feel of a room entirely!

Image Source: Jean Stoffer

When we set out to budget our projects, I almost always choose the lighting first and allot the biggest chunk of change to it. Don’t skimp on your lighting!

9. Pastel tones

Design: Alisa Bloom

For a while now, jewel tones have been coming back in paint. We’ve graduated from accent walls and are seeing entire walls and ceilings fully immersed in jewel-toned paint! I think this is a direct result of going too hard with whites and neutrals and then swinging drastically to bold and bright! But now, color goes beyond walls and into upholstery, rugs, tile, curtains, and cabinetry. No one’s playing it safe–and it is SO EXCITING to see. This year, I think we’re going to see a lot more tonal pastels mixed in, which I’m less comfortable with, but that discomfort really excites me because I love trying new things. Maybe the light blue in the mural room will be just perfect after all.

10. Polished, more elevated finishes and decor pieces

Image Source: Katrin Mood

There used to be either Maximalism or minimalism and the lines are blurring. This more “fancy” design trend is making room for fewer space fillers, and more elevated, intentional pieces, while not skimping on trim on trim and ornate details in those pieces.

What do you think of this list? Is there anything else you’re hoping to see? Anything you’re NOT excited about?

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What do you think?

  1. Barbara says:

    I’ve always been very sensitive to light and the predominance of bare light bulbs these last few years has been, well excruciating. I’m looking forward to stunning beautiful lighting that has frosted bulbs and warmer diffused ways of evenly lighting! From foyer to dining to bedside & bath sconces! Thank you for asking❣️

  2. Roberta Holt says:

    Yea the wood walls in my 1955 house are in style. We have been remodeling this house for several years and we decided to keep the wood walls. We added white baseboards and window trim.

  3. Stefanie Mead says:

    While you focus on trends it limits the imagination. A home isvthe castle, the nest, the safe and familiar walls where we dream, play, invent, cry and do human things. Some of your 0hitis actually are painful to look at. There is a cold, sharp edge which might be suitable in a museum or a place where unyielding, unfeeling, empty humans reside but in all honesty the real world wants warmth, love, character, light framing and surrounding simple lines, deep comfy furniture, the mysterious presence of nature like impish gnomes peeking out at us and saying “Welcome home oh weary traveler.”

  4. Cindilou Peniston says:

    I also love molding. Your examples are lovely. I loved the first photo with the tall drape I have never seen that before. I am fond of sheer drapes. They can also elevate a room and dress it up. Thank you.

  5. Ester says:

    Beautiful! I love its Very inspiring ❤️

  6. Can’t wait to see more colorful and bold countertops and so tired of fluffing the sofa cushions 😆

  7. Rabiya says:

    I always love the inspiration photos you post. So unique and artsy but still homey; it’s really memorable. The only thing I’m scared of is the veining in the granite and stone running up the wall. I don’t know if it will age that well, I would get tired of looking at it. Very excited about darker wood furniture coming back and love the trim! Really elevates a room.

  8. Juliet says:

    I love all of these, and o love trim on the walls. But I do think some architectural styles. For example, you would not see ornate trim in the walls in a home in southern Spain. Nor would you in a Spanish-style home – or even an historic Craftsman-style home. So I certainly don’t think you have to be a slave to your home’s architecture; I also don’t think slapping ornate trim on the wall in an historic Craftsman home is always appropriate for the home. But that’s just me.

  9. Donna Butcher says:

    The Parisian chic aunt style..looks like a museum and not a home. A home is a place you want to live in and not look at.

    • Hannah Wolf says:

      I’m always here for the molding on molding and IMO that is classic and always ages well. Looking to add a paneled fireplace wall this year to our vaulted living room and could not be more excited about it. I actually love the Parisian aunt vibe- that’s a very historic look as well. Not pumped for wood paneling- though I think it can be done well, history isn’t kind to wood paneled walls in general 😂. The stone veining is striking but also makes me nervous. Love the structured upholstery too. Those of us on a budget would do well w these type of things on something that only lasts 10 years anyway (like a sofa) vs countertops which are so pricey to replace.

  10. Yasmeen Sabir says:

    Beautiful. Calm. Serene. Exquisite.

  11. Love love love! But I have to say with discerning restraint my hubby & I implement all of these! People should follow their hearts about who they are, how they wanna live, & what do they want to live with in their homes…

  12. Maureen Page says:

    Excellent !

  13. Fran Dorn says:

    Loved these ideas. I’m a craftsman design lover so very fond of dark woods. Just remodeled my kitchen with wild and crazy leathered granite, so feeling ahead of the curve!

  14. Marguerite L Amason says:

    These rooms are beautiful. I loved something in everyone of them. Thank you very much. God bless!

  15. Helen Hanratty says:

    Superb stuff

  16. Tonya Sutter says:

    This is a sweet list and I love everything as there’s a lot of just classic stuff. Any list that doesn’t include painting of wood furniture is fine by me! 😊

  17. JS says:

    Please not the wood walla. Clearly whoever thought these should come back didn’t grow up with them. They are miserable to clean.

  18. Cynthia Brown says:

    Loving the unique sleekness and contemporary combinations you have so elegantly put together. I like a little more color myself but then again i’d never b able to afford anything so lavish as what is displayed here. Thank you for the peek

  19. Joanne Hoffman says:

    This is the first time I have come upon your post. I am impressed and delighted and look forward to reading your thoughts and loving your designs. Thankyou.

  20. Paty says:

    I have dark wood end tables which I love I’m happy to see they are in style for 2023. I think would paneling would keep my house warmer but darken it too much.

  21. Annie says:

    Absolutely agree about molding. I wish I was more equipped to do it myself or had the budget to take it on our house. The walls in our house seem so blah no matter my paint choices due to a lack of molding! Hoping to make these updates in time because I think trend or not – it’s always going to look good!

    • Tonya Sutter says:

      I’m going to be applying crown molding and while I might not do it for the base trim, I’m looking to see if foam wouldn’t be cheaper?

  22. Nancy acevedo says:

    I am with you and love your designs, however, back to wood paneled walls? Not sure about that. What is your thinking?

  23. Shar says:

    Love the entire list

    • Brigitte says:

      Some things I liked – some not! I’m not a slave to fashion, nor to furniture, countertops, etc. Fluent, native French speaker. Spent a decade living in 3 European countries + born in BEL. Again, liked some things, disliked others. Opportunity to make up own minds!

    • Roseanne Chobanuk says:

      Agree. Not fond of wood paneling. Lived with it for too long & I don’t care how fresh it is I never want to live with it again.

  24. Julie Kay Nelson says:

    Great article. You have fabulous taste.

  25. Candy crush says:

    All I see here are 10 things that will look completely dated in 5-7 years. Much of it back to the 60s and 70s. Why are we always moving back and not looking to the future in our home interiors?

    • History will always repeat itself in a fresh way

    • Michelle says:

      How do you suggest people look to the future? Fashion is cyclical and very often the past comes back because nostalgia transforms it. My parents were raiding farms and antique shops digging out old things and declaring them chic. Some of it was, some of it was, well… an ox harness with a mirror in it is unlikely to come back even though it was a DIY darling in its day. But I also think people want things that are both new and familiar. If you’ve spent decades in a certain kind of look, the 60s and 70s were a long time ago after all, those looks are suddenly different and new to you. If you are genuinely asking (and not complaining) you are either young or just not paying attention (no offense intended).

  26. Mary says:

    What color would you use instead of the black soapstone in your new laundry room?

  27. I. Mallin says:

    Very good ideas, especially the 1st image of minimalism with warm neutrals. However, most light fixtures in other photos were too impractical due to naked bulbs and were not visually stimulating. Viewed marble was a good idea although overdone. You would get tired of seeing it after a while, and it would become dated.

  28. Brenda Aycock says:

    Fantastic !!! Loved the designed picked!

  29. Lori says:

    I feel like Chic Parisian Aunt is majorly swinging for (updated) Art Nouveau, and I hear for it!

  30. DD says:

    I’m indifferent to all these trends except for loving clean, polished spaces with richly-patina’d wood furniture. I’ll be interested to see how you incorporate elements from each trend into your own house. Cheers!

  31. jenn says:

    What an amazing list of predictions. I’ve read so many trend predictions and have not seen most of these. I literally was just clearing out all my clutter yesterday, trying to make my living room more streamlined and neutral after a fling with my 2022 obsession with all things English Eclectic.

  32. Tanya says:

    Excited for this list! Curious though on your thoughts, if you have a newly built home in modern style (flat roof, square set plaster etc) , does trim work on the walls?

  33. Cici Haus says:

    I’ve used a good bit of color in all my previous homes but my current home is all open enough (even open to the downstairs) that we really have to stick with white and I’m surprised by how much I love it! I am craving some wallpaper though.

    On the statement lighting, I’m all for it except that I do like open bulbs, even frosted, and my husband is super weird about shadows so it eliminates a lot of options for us.

  34. Mark Royal says:

    They don’t even use paneling in trailers anymore.Paint the paneling in the room will look more up- to-date

  35. Patricia Smolsky says:

    Pastel tonal is what I went with late last year in every room of my new townhouse. I bought in AZ in May after living in PA my entire life. Nowhere out west uses trim and so far I got the downstairs windows trimmed out. Saving up for the stairwell and remaining bedrooms. Trim changes everything.

  36. Mark Rutledge says:

    Like the idea of purchasing the lighting fixtures first. In the past tried to fit light fixtures as a finishing project making it very difficult to find the right one

  37. Sarah B. says:

    I could be happy in that kitchen for the rest of my life. I’d definitely have moments where i’d desire a lighter color of cabinets, but that marble is perfection! And I’ve always loved the eclectic elegance of Parisian style.

  38. Janie Claiborne says:

    I agree that you can set your own trends with the things you love. I like to tweak with inspiration from trends though. Who doesn’t love a good mural!?

  39. Jana - the_jana_design says:

    I love the oral wallpaper and hope it stay in for a good while. I love most of these new trends, because truthfully they’re solidly traditional, and that will always be “in.” The bolder solid surfaces, I don’t think I will do again. It becomes dated quickly. If it were as easy as wallpaper to update, I would. But….

  40. Breanna says:

    I’m definitely adding more color to my home this year. And I loved your tip about keeping your main living/ open spaces a neutral color, and then having the pops of color in the rooms off of that. A did a deep muted earthy green in the bathroom! So fun!

  41. Kristina Tomkie says:

    Gosh, I’m actually excited about the darker wood-toned furniture. I bought it for my bedroom a couple years ago just because I loved it but haven’t been able to figure out how to design the rest of the room so hoping to see some inspiration!

  42. Nicole Mangum says:

    I’m definitely excited about more color. It feels bold to commit to color in wallpaper or something more “permanent,” but I love experimenting with paint. I also love all the trim and wall treatments that are resurfacing. The trim in a house really does help it feel more intentional and less like a builder grade box. I’m hoping we can add trim to every room in our house soon.

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We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 

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