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Ep. 40: Real Talk on Being Professional Bloggers

In this week’s podcast, we are diving deep into all of the questions we have gotten about blogging and have an open and honest conversation about what it takes. For the first time, we’re also discussing why, when and how Chris quit his job, and the lessons we have learned about separating criticism from critique. We share a few tips on how we have grown our following organically. We also answer some tough questions you’ve asked, like “Do you feel like you’re at the mercy of your readers to survive financially?” and “Is there room in the field to start a blog today?” We’re holding nothing back and can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this week’s episode. You can stream the episode right here: OR listen to the latest episodes on: iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher. In this episode, you will hear us refer to a few things, including: • Our new gallery wall in the dining…

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Ep 34: Selling Your Old Stuff and You Put WHAT In The Dishwasher?!?

It’s time to Springify the house, and we’re talking about how that happens for the Marcums. We talk about best practices and places for buying and selling used furniture and house items on-line. Then we play a game revealing things you wouldn’t believe you can put in the dishwasher. It just might blow your mind. Listen to the latest episodes on: iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher. Reader Question: Buying & Selling Online • Knowing when it’s time to sell something • Different websites where you can sell things • Things to include in a listing • How to decide a price • Tricks that will help you get top dollar Game: New Uses for Your Dishwasher • Things you may not have considered cleaning, or cooking, in your dishwasher. Can’t Get You Outta My Head Julia: Julia finally traded in her $6 concealer for a higher quality option, the Smashbox number shown below. I also mention how I only really wear 6 pieces of…

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Mix And Match Layered Doormat Options + A Podcast Update

Before we get into the meat of today’s post, I wanted to give you a podcast update. It’s hard to believe we have been doing The Chris Loves Julia Podcast with Preston Pugmire for 5 months now! But even before that, it’s been a year since Preston sat down at our dining room table and pitched us the idea, “You should do a podcast. We should do a podcast.” As a musician and audio engineer professional, we didn’t want to and, frankly, couldn’t do it without him. It’s been a complete riot to sit down every week and talk and laugh hysterically about diy, home design and family in a very candid way. We love doing it. And the overwhelming positive response from all of you makes us even more excited to record and brainstorm new episodes. Although the momentum is strong, because of the time each episode takes–about 10 hours…

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