Trimmed Out and Butterflied.

January 22, 2013

We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 




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We ended yesterday’s post saying we decided to trim out the grasscloth wall.  Luckily we were able to get most of it trimmed out on Saturday after we finished wallpapering, but I had to finish spackling holes and caulking before giving you the full reveal.  Here she is:

We used the same simple trim we used throughout the house for baseboards–5 1/2 inchers for the top and bottom and slightly thicker for the sides to cover up the gap between the grasscloth and wall (my bad). But we’re gonna call it a happy accident because the result is crisp!

While we were framing out the grasscloth, we decided to update the baseboards, too.  Eventually the whole house will have these 5 1/2 baseboards, but we are taking it one room at a time (we’ve already done the guest room, family room, laundry room and now Greta’s room) so we don’t get too overwhelmed by the idea of replacing all. of. the. baseboards.  So far, it is working well.

Oh, and you can see we decided to stick with the taupe/light, light, light yellow paint.  It goes so well with the grasscloth and, I mean, we have plenty of gray in the house already.  But back to that framed out grasscloth.

Originally we thought that the grasscloth + tall pillars from the headboard would be enough interest for that wall, and then I came across these little black 3D paper butterflies from Hip and Clavicle in early December and screamed!  Since Greta’s room is inspired by Serena’s from Gossip Girl, we had to include the black butterflies. Before I stuck them up on the grasscloth (they come with sticky backs), I laid a general design out on the carpet and started playing with them.

I discovered using a bowl in the center helped me keep a circular shape and then I let them “fly” out more freely after that. Once I started getting them up on the wall, I still moved them around more until it felt organic and just right.  That meant loosening up the center circle and just leaving the idea of a circle.

The butterflies. Mmm. They’re so pretty and come in a variety of different sizes. They are folded into facets that catch the light and are a mix between swallow and round butterflies.  Greta was so thrilled with them, I wish I caught it on camera.  It was something like a really high squeal followed by “Oooo!! Butterflies!!”

I only wish I had sixty more.  Jacqueline makes these in 129 colors. 129!! Check them out here.  We went with classic black to coordinate with the frames on the opposite wall–but that’s a post for a different day.  Very soon.  ;)

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  1. This looks great and am looking to make a copy of something like this! After look for hours on end Eades Wallpaper( defiantly had the cheapest wallpaper on the internet! Thanks for all the information!

  2. Monica says:

    Looks AWESOME Julia! LOVE the butterflies! How creative! Are you going to do a tutorial on updating the baseboards? Would love to see that! Good luck on the rest of the room!

  3. Julie says:

    I really covet that bed! So much character. Looks great against the grass cloth.

  4. DoublClik says:

    Juuuuulieee, I didn’t know where you were going when I saw the Wolfgang Puck bowl lol my first thought “Hmm a clock with no hands is a bit ambitious for a toddler” hahaha. This is so chic and playful! And is so smart and artistic to have the appearance of a circle in the middle, it looks so natural

  5. Anonymous says:

    LOVE the grasscloth! However, not a fan of the butterflies in black. Looks like a horror movie – eek!

  6. Those butterflies look AH-MAZE-ING!

  7. Gorgeous! I just started reading your blog and I am absolutely obsessed! You guys have done amazing work in your house! I have always loved Serena’s room in Gossip Girl and dreamed of doing it for a nursery one day. I’m so glad you post tutorials and even colors you guys have used. It is very helpful! Keep posting! I just love it all.

  8. Kristine says:

    looooving this room!

  9. I’m going to order 20 squash color ones I think. Do they stick good?

  10. Maria says:

    HOLY MOLY, that looks gorgeous! Great job recreating your inspiration pic. I love the butterflies.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I love Serena’s room on Gossip Girl, and I think you’re doing a fabulous job recreating it! LOVE the grasscloth. I hope you don’t read this as a slight – I wish you had gotten the butterflies in a color – the black just seems awfully stark for a 2yo. Pale pink would have been faithful to the inspiration, but warm it up a little for a little girl. :) The black is still very posh.

    • She has so many different color options, it was HA-ARD to choose. On the opposite side of the room we have several black frames filled with colorful happy art–so in the end, black butterflies kinda tied it all together. But I agree, pink would have been a good choice, too.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Impressed with the trim. I would have never thought of that…just would have punch myself in the arm and bought another roll of grasscloth. But that was a great idea and looks terrific. Probably even better than you previously planned. I like it!

  13. Man… I wish you were my mom so you could come style my room! Geez! You go girl! Those butterflies are seriously breathtaking. What a fun idea to do grasscloth in her room. How do you come up with this stuff. P.S. We just replaced all the molding, trim baseboards, window trimming in our house and it was hell! Oops…I probably shouldn’t say that but there are no other words. Smart going room by room! Come visit me in Oklahoma!

  14. Kim says:

    Greta is one lucky girl! She is going to have an amazing room! Love the arrangement of the butterflies.

  15. Oh my goodness! I love it! I love it! I love it! The grasscloth is GORGEOUS and the butterflies are too perfect! *swoon*

  16. Looks beautiful! Love the butterfly design!

  17. Missy G. says:

    Holy schnikes. I mean, I, I just, I can’t even. Amazeballs. I want Greta’s room!!

  18. Rebecca says:

    Love the framing – what a happy accident!!

  19. Breanna says:

    wow! So many color options! It looks fantastic!! You did a great job choosing the color, so posh :)

  20. jenn says:

    yikes! dont ever let your daughter watch ‘the mothman prophecies’, made me scared black moths forever. almost 10 yrs later i still have nightmares of a swarm of them getting caught in my hair alfred hitchcock style *shiver*

  21. BAH! I am head over heels, really! Normally I’m not a fan of the stick on butterflies (or any of those pins or magnets decals), but this looks so, so posh. Your “pattern” is so perfectly imperfect – the eye of an artist.

    Whoa. Like, I am in awe.

  22. Love it all! Framing around the grass cloth definitely looks even more like the inspiration with the pretty trim. And those butterflies. Oy! Beautiful!

  23. This is gorgeous! I am loving where her room is going. I can’t wait to see more!

  24. Framed grasscloth looks soooooo good! And the butterflies, wow.

  25. Haleigh says:

    Wow! This is gorgeous- great job! I found your blog some time ago and it has quickly become my favorite to read daily. Keep on doing what you do and I’ll keep drooling over your brilliance.

    Can I just say how jealous I am of Greta’s room!?!

  26. I want those butterflies!!!!!

    I may just copy you when we get into our new place!

  27. I absolutely love the grass cloth. I don’t even have words for the butterflies but I NEED some! They are freakin’ awesome. What a lucky little girl!

  28. Emily says:

    Very pretty! Love the circular design with the butterflies.

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We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 

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