Once I woke up, Chris went and got Greta and brought her into our bed. She was so happy and kicking. Kick. Kick. Kick! That’s how we know she is really loving her life–she kicks. Then Chris brought in a

 We had a lot of family come and support us as Greta received a name and a blessing at church.  She is such a special girl and was so wonderfully behaved yesterday.  Hearing Chris bless our daughter was a very


Nuk it

I remember when the nurses at the hospital asked if they could give Greta a pacifier while she was in the nursery. “Uhh, sure?,” I replied. I was really so UNsure.  In the following weeks and even now I wonder,

Did you know that baby shoes cost the same as adult shoes?  That doesn’t make sense.  Greta is gettting blessed this upcoming Sunday, May 2nd.  We have been looking for little white shoes for her to wear.  Either the shoe


Sick Day

Nothing cures sickness better than a good night’s sleep.  I went to bed last night not feeling very well.  Greta moaned all night.  I was awake listening to her, just waiting for her moans to turn into cries and they


2 months

Greta turned two months last week, but had her appointment today.  It was very obvious to us that she is a growing girl…but here is the breakdown. Length: 24.75 inches 97% Weight: 12 lbs 14 oz 90% Head Circ: 15.1