I’m only 26 years old. My hair is falling out, my joints crack and I think I’m even starting to develop a twitch. How could this have happened so early? I’ll tell you how: baby. Now before you jump to


the recap

2009… that was a big year. Thinking about where we were a year ago, versus where we are now, it’s hard to recognize that we’re living the same life now that we were then. Let’s do a quick synopsis of

Remember when candy was life? It didn’t matter what kind or what time of day it was. I remember receiving an advent calendar from my uncle, Victor, when I was little. Every day in December I got to open a

While sifting through my box of paintings and drawings this morning, I found a treasure wrapped up in a manilla envelope. It was a survey I filled out as part of a young women activity, written to my future self.

(Iron Chef Marcum and Chef Marcum) I got my first chef’s hat, apron (pictured above) and cookbook for Christmas in 1995. I immediately put them on and started my own at-home restaurant, JULIE’S PLACE. Serving up my family all of