Week 1

Yesterday it started. Our diet. The one we have been talking about and promising ourselves we would stick to since our cruise to Mexico last summer. But I was pregnant…so we decided to wait 6 months until I wasn’t. Wow,

Last night, Greta slept in her crib in her nursery. I had a mental breakdown about 1 am. I just didn’t like her being so far away. I was so paranoid that I wouldn’t hear her. Chris calmed me down


Our baby girl.

She’s been a long time coming, but she’s finally here. She’s healthy, tired and the cutest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. We instantly fell in love with her and are so grateful that Heavenly Father has allowed us to

I’m a relatively private person. I haven’t shared too much about my pregnancy because I am afraid if I start talking about it, I wouldn’t be able to stop: referred to as “Word Vomit.” So, I will leave it as

I’m only 26 years old. My hair is falling out, my joints crack and I think I’m even starting to develop a twitch. How could this have happened so early? I’ll tell you how: baby. Now before you jump to