…I finished my curtains!  It’s one of those things that got really repetitive and I couldn’t wait for them to be done.  And now that they are–I am so happy with the result.  Soooo worth it.  Remember what it looked

Are you singing the very end of Blackstreet’s No Diggity?  “Nicky in full effect. Tomeka in full effect.” Classic.  Gotta love the 90s.  Speaking of: Okay, total confession here–  I have never seen “Billy Madison” all the way through.  When I



Remember how I had “finish painting the hall” on my big to-do list.  Well, I checked that one off.  Woohoo!! Our hall no longer looks like this: Monday night, during commercial breaks from The Bachelor I added two coats of


Treasure Hunting

A couple weeks ago, RC Willey was having a promotion where the first five people to send in a recipe for their favorite appetizer would win one of those big old fashioned popcorn makers.  Everyone else who sent in a


Work in Progress.

Make that workS in progress.  I realized today (as I started eyeing our huge windows in major need of cleaning on the outside) that I am working on a lot of different things right now.  And every day I can

I returned curtains to Walmart yesterday.  You know, the ones that have been hanging in my living room and dining room area.  4 sets totaling just under $80!  I couldn’t possibly keep them with the new paint color: See?  They

Yesterday, we did it!  We painted the whole front area of our place.  It feel so good and peaceful and fresh.  Here’s a reminder of how it looked before: Beige walls…no more!  Although, Chris never referred to our walls as


Grey de la Grey

We picked up about a dozen paint samples from Home Depot on Friday night and another dozen from Lowes.  We taped them up on the walls in various rooms all weekend and watched how they looked at all times of