Chris and I have been working on a secret project.  And when I say “secret” I mean, it isn’t our business to share all the details and photos.  Chris’s brother, Brandon and his wife, Stephanie just closed on a house

The cool thing about blogging is if you don’t want your readers to see something (like the laundry piled up in your closet) you just don’t take a picture of it.  This perk has been used quite frequently when photographing

When my rockstar of a friend, Jane, approached me about getting her hands on some of my art–specifically the falling blocks I created over Christmas–I was thrilled with the opportunity to work with paper and collage again.   So thrilled,


Ikea Latt Hack

Ah, the classic, cheap and standard Ikea Latt table.  We got this set for Greta for her first birthday nearly a year ago (I’ll have a two year old next month.  Pinch me.).  Of course to a toddler a table

We love our open shelving in the kitchen.  It is so convenient to have our everyday dishes handy.  That being said, it has been a slippery slope keeping it organized and looking good.  When we put the shelving up back