A Passed-Down Piano

This home is full of interesting angles and indents when it comes to the walls, especially in the great room. The wall in the living room (on the opposite side of this wall is the reading room) has been a

The area rug for the nursery arrived in the last 24 hours, so the corners are still a little curled, but the rich color is a stunner! It’s the Bursa wool rug in merlot (currently sold out) from West Elm.


The Studio Project

Last week I mentioned that I wanted to start painting again. The first 6 months of last year, I was working on commissions and selling paintings and prints out of my Etsy shop almost daily and it was everything I


8 Projects on Deck

I just finished uploading all the photos for this post, and I am already second-guessing our ambitions for this year–especially since I have to take it easy (doctor’s orders) these next 3 months and then we’ll have a newborn and

Over the holidays, Chris and I sat down on many occasions and talked about our goals for this blog in 2014.  It’s a little funny, because we have never really had goals for our blog. If you ever dive into

2013 has been the most eventful and unexpected year of our five years of marriage. It has been stressful, but wonderful too. It has been a year of growth and change–lots of change–and surprises. We all feel…tired and a little