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December 12, 2019

We believe we should all love where we live.

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I’m an art lover, and I’ve often said that hanging art in your home will give it more character and personality than just about anything else. And while I’m a print-lover, through and through, today I’m making a case for collecting original art.

Original art is one of a kind. If you connect with a piece and hang it on your wall, you’re showing off your style and personality in a really unique way. Nothing will ever match the aesthetics of the OG — while I’ve seen and collected some pretty incredible prints in my day, nothing beats the colors and texture and literal depth (and emotion!) of the original.

Original art comes with a story. “I found this artist while on a trip to Atlanta…” or “I discovered this artist during the winter when we were remodeling the house; he always takes me back to how that felt.”

This time of year, it’s an incredibly special gift to give: whether to a long-time collector or someone who is just starting out (a goal of mine!). Original art appreciates in value. It can often be worth more the longer it hangs on your wall, and even having been pre-owned. So, the gift of original art becomes an instant heirloom, something they’ll pass down to their grandkids some day.

And the best news? Original art doesn’t have to be expensive. We’ve rounded up collections under $500, under $250, and under $100. At these prices, you’ll have enough cash leftover to invest in museum-quality framing. — Or, you know, a piece for yourself, too :)

  1. “Path In The Lake District” by Rosemary Burn, 16” x 12”, $387.50

2. “Portrait Of A Man In A Brown Hat” – Vintage, Artist unknown, 15” x 14”, $354.66

3. “Brücke” by Jurij Frey, 16” x 16”, $458.37

4. “Bike and Fish” by Jennifer Davis, 12” x 16”, $400

5. “Christy’s Legs” by Maria Iciak, 9” x 12”, $285

6. “2 Wheels Nano 06” by Stephanie Ho, 4.7” x 4.7” x 1.6”, $440

7. “Julia Summed Up” by Miriam Tribe, 12” x 16”, $465

8. “Stay Cool” by Teddi Parker, 20” x 20”, $400

9. “Sophia” by Loralee Nicolay, 8” x 10”, $299

  1. “Dinner Served” by Katherine Corden, 9” x 12”, $250

2. “The Poet’s Daughter” by Misty Mawn, 11” x 14”, $225

3. “White Swan” by Irene Meneconi, 11.8” x 15.7”, $213.28

4. “Morning Mood” by Nataly Derevyanko, 6” x 6”, $150

5. “Blue Artwork” by Nikolay Naydenov, 13″x 13″x 2″, $200

6. “Espresso with Lime” by Donna Ceraulo, 20” x 20”, $194.65

7. “Love Story” by Victoria Bradley, 9” x 12”, $150

8. “Rose Study No. 14” by Elizabeth Becker, 9” x 12”, $140

9. “Carpinteria Bluffs Plein Air II” by Sharon Schock, 8” x 10”, $210

1. No longer available

2. “Wandering” by Debi Hinshaw, 10” x 8”, $75

3. “Right There with You” by Sara Schroeder, 8”x8”, $60

4. “White Garden Roses” by Jason Walcott, 8” x 10”, $99

5. “Abstract Black and White” by Aga, 10” x 12.5”, $65.70

6. “Original Portrait” -Vintage, artist unknown, 9″ x 12″, $98

7. “Figure III, November 2019” by Juana Almaguer, 9” x 12”, $55

8. “Landscape Painting” by Bill Fox, 8” x 8”, $55

9. “No. 1 Noir” by Josh Young Design House, 8″ x 10″, $98

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  1. Laura Davis says:

    My friend hand carves blocks for block printing and sells her prints and other art here! Main focus is on nature.

  2. Julie S says:

    Buy original art by all means! But do it because you love it – most pieces will NOT appreciate over time, for sure. My mother has worked in prestigious art galleries for the past 30 years and while there is an aspect of investment art with the modern masters, the majority of original art will not hold its purchase value.

  3. Thomas says:

    Beautiful seascapes, sculptures and spiritual art at or @jentolmanart on instagram

  4. Hello. My name is Scott Higginson. I own FourSquare ART. I started the online, original art gallery for the sole purpose of getting more original art into home and work environments. I’ve been thrilled to witness many of the emerging artists I’ve represented, particularly, mother artists wanting to develop and grow their talent while being a mom, eventually be picked up by larger, well-established galleries. We have much in common. We should talk. Here’s the link to my website: where you’ll discover a wide assortment of genres, styles and prices.

    I think it would also be helpful for you to read this interview I did with Vision of the Arts, a non-profit I do volunteer work for that offers grants and scholarships to mother artists and others seeking to improve their talents. We raise funds each Spring and Fall with an art auction of 5×5 paintings, many of them selling for less than $500. Here’s the link.

    Please call, we have much in common and I always love to talk art.

  5. Jolene says:

    ArtStartArt is another good resource for original, affordable artwork. The site features curated work from art students at 150 different universities. It’s a great way to support student artists and be able to purchase original work.

  6. Danny says:

    If you are looking for beautiful wildlife paintings or stunning underwater scenes, you should check out Vancouver Island based artist, Joshua Hansen. His work is available on his website:
    Or you can see what he is up to over on Instagram:

  7. Danny says:

    If you are looking for beautiful wildlife paintings or stunning underwater scenes, Vancouver Island based artist, Joshua Hansen, has some incredible pieces available over on his website: Or you can see what he is up to on Instagram @joshuahansenart

  8. My husband, Steven Baris, is an abstract painter. His work can be found at, his newish website which I designed last summer. There is a range of sizes, from large canvases to smaller work on Mylar, which can be hung on the wall without framing. Thanks for looking!

  9. So appreciate the inclusion of my work in this Roundup, thank you!

  10. Jessica Anderson says:

    Joseph Alleman has the most incredible paintings. I want to climb inside each one and live there. or @josephallemanart on insta.

  11. Sarah says:

    Yes! I love prints to keep the expense down but also simple custom portraits of my pets are my fav in my house but would be great easy and sentimental gifts! has cheap pet portraits we used

  12. Barbara says:

    I purchased some James Christensen giclee art. Tho I enjoy it, the framing is very dark. Is it ok to re-frame it? What is your thought on giclees in general? James Christensen art?

  13. Lyndsi Greer says:

    @kelseyshieldsart is a Colorado artist who does beautiful mountain scenes. On her website you’ll find prints & they’re all under $200, most are under $100.

  14. Richard says:

    My wife and I really love Sarah’s abstract art from Innerglow Art! She’s an abstract artist that makes custom paintings for homes here in the local Dallas area. She also has a range of affordable original art too. Cannot recommend her enough! Her instagram is @innerglowart

  15. Sarah says:

    I coincidentally just ordered a small painting from Irish artist Emma Cownie: Her prices are very fair and ships to US and Canada too!

  16. Katie says:

    Would love to see a variety of mediums! If you love fiber art, check out @wooltimber and @sunwoven !

  17. I do custom paintings that fit in these price categories!

  18. Kates says:

    My favorite for original art is Kari Johnson Art.

    She works in many different mediums and has a wide range of ocean and coastal inspired work. I own a few of her pieces and they are perfect in any room of the house.

  19. Nora says:

    My all time favorite is Samantha Louise Designs. If you love blue, this is your girl. She’s San Diego based and uses natural elements to her abstract paintings. They remind me of sitting by an ocean and hearing waves and they are wonderful. We have 4 in our home!!!

  20. Kristen says:

    Christina Hewson Art. She’s on Instagram. Or you can find her work on her website….
    She does wonderful originals and commissions. But she also very affordable prints if you aren’t ready to fully commit.

  21. Jill says:

    AJ Alper is amazing at portraiture art and will make a custom oil painting based on your photo. I have all my children’s painted portraits in my home!

  22. Kristie Johnson says:

    Jay Hill, Portland, OR for whimsical animals, abstract & commissions from photos. Always <$100. Can contact through Facebook or see his work at Stars in Sellwood, OR.

    Also @beautox_art on IG

  23. Tara E Severance says:

    There’s a local artist in NW Florida who works out of the Redbird Gallery in Seaside named Jamie Babula. She paints beautiful, moody abstracts and also does showstopping hyperrealistic sketches. She also does commissioned works.

  24. Jennifer Smereka says:

    I love looking through the artists in these comments. My personal favourites are @colleenelizabeth_art @gisellesdenisfineart (she painted live for us while we watched- it was amazing) and hopefully my next piece will be from @erinelizabethrosspainting

  25. Deryl Kathryn Campbell says:

    @kimkreisart her flower ladies are so bright and happy! I have one in my daughter’s room!

  26. Sara says:

    @hellobonniegrace makes gorgeous hand embroidered abstracts in muted earth tones – most under $100

  27. Elizabeth says:

    This post is so helpful! As an artist part of what I do is help build confidence in people to jump in a buy – any art, not just mine. Art truly does make a space. I love offering affordable art because I feel like I’m sharing more of myself by making it accessible to many. -@elizabethwadestudio

  28. Kate F says:

    Definitely not in the “under $100” category, but my husband had a portrait of our two older children punted a few years ago by Suzie Baker, an incredible artist based in Texas. She came and met them and took photos and then did the rest back in her studio; I wish I could post a picture here because he said we loved the style and light in Sargent portraits and no joke she pulled it off. We have to do another eventually now that we have a third child! Anyway, a big investment but an absolutely priceless thing to have. Her landscape work is fantastic, too.

  29. Patience says:

    My sister has a really colorful, cool style of painting. She is local to Calgary, Canada. She sells her work and posts on Instagram @signsbyceleste

  30. Most oil paintings are on stretched canvas so don’t need the added cost of framing to hang them which makes them more affordable. Also fading and glass reflection are not issues. I love the originals we have that once belonged to my great grandmother. Every house should have books and original art!

  31. Haley says:

    Check out Margaret Brown for some beautiful, moody abstract art. @mlbrownart on insta or

  32. Kristafarrell says:

    Springwhitaker is an amazing artist who does mostly animals and florals in the most incredible unique combinations!!!

  33. BOOK ART

    Every piece is original and mindfully created to bring animals and creatures to life on an array of books.
    Thanks for supporting the art world, Julia :) your artistic gifts shine through in all your renovations.

  34. Some of the most treasured heirlooms we have are paintings my great grandmother owned. I’m an artist and try to let folks know there are so many affordable paintings that don’t require framing (added cost). Without glass you eliminate the reflection problem. Oil paintings won’t have the fading issue of prints. So many pluses in addition to enhancing your home!

  35. Art Enables is an Art Gallery and Vocational Arts program dedicated to creating opportunities for artists with disabilities to make, market, and earn income from their original and compelling artwork.

    Investing in pieces from their many talented artisans has been a pleasure! What a true difference you’ll make in the life of a worthy artist who may typically go unrecognized.

  36. Kate says:

    My husband is a wonderful photographer (alittle bias, I know) We have his photography, which is of modernist buildings and structures on our walls, plus photos of our travels.
    You can find his work at: or on Instagram at kazstrankowski

  37. As someone who supports the arts and an artist myself, thank you! Adding original artwork to your home is a wonderful way to show your personality in a home and it touches the lives of artists (real people) in a very direct way. There are thousands of talented and worthy artists out there, but if you are partial to still lives of well loved objects associated with him, check out

  38. Ashley says:

    My talented cousin is a fantastic artist in Ireland. He not only does canvas or birch pieces but he also does large murals. We recently purchased some items of his for our pre-teens bedroom. So colorful and fun!

  39. Lauren field says:

    Love original art. I’m really into Candice Duvall. She does amazing alcohol ink work. @candiceduvallart

  40. Hannah says:

    I just got a beautiful art from Lindsay Letters for my girl’s playroom. Can’t recommend her enough. ❤️

  41. Amanda says:

    Jess Franks! It’s all gorgeous and colorful. I love it so much. I have prints and her calendar is my favorite gift the last few birthdays. I dream of a commission piece of the temple my husband and I were married in. Someday.

  42. Katie says:

    Check out for beautiful paintings of nature and home!

  43. Angela says:

    Check out Brynn W Casey and Catherine Freshley.

  44. Jake Fox says:

    Julia, I so admire your great taste and thought you may like the work of KT Merry. I came across her wedding photography (so dreamy) but learned she also sells prints of general photography. In fact, she has a brand (Render Loyalty) where they give a donation from each purchase to an animal charities. Enjoy! :)

  45. Andrea says:

    Photography: I don’t know if other people consider it art, but I like seeing the different perspectives. Especially when I see a completely different view of a place I’ve been or have seen a lot of the same photo angle; it’s like you and the artist have a secret. One of my favorites is the Louvre from this photographer or IG @nawgoo

  46. Jennie says:

    My friend from college, Jamie Peterson, paints beautiful seascapes. She also does commissioned portraits, including pets. I’m asking for one of her seascapes for Christmas! Check out her work here:

  47. Yessica says:

    I just found an artist on IG recently and I love her. Her handle is and she makes beautiful feel good art. I just love buying art knowing that the person that made it did it with love, and it truely reflects it.

  48. Tamara Mathews says:

    Amazing artist that takes a standard temple painting and turns it on its head and creates an abstract/impressionist/cubist work of art. Shedoes commissioned pieces but also has an amazing g variety in her shop.

  49. Ashley Cooper says:

    @allisonhobbsart is AMAZING!!

  50. Maggie Engstrom says:

    I try whenever possible to buy original art. Yes it is more expensive, but it will last forever and it is so much more fun having unique pieces in my home!
    Here are a few of my favorite artists that have items that are under $500:
    And a wonderful source of original vintage art that has been restored:

    I can never buy enough art!

  51. Joia Woods says:

    Oil pastels on textured paper

  52. Hi!

    Shameless self plug here but you can check out my art at They are all original
    black and white india ink floral paintings. Also check out new and upcoming work via my instagram @amylaurenart. Thanks Chris and Julia for sharing independent artists work. Love everything you guys do. Also thanks for openly sharing daily updates of your home. I get so excited to see all the progress videos and pictures on Insta. :-)

  53. Julia says:

    My favorite artist is Hilary Butterworth – @butterhi on IG!

  54. I do some art ☺️ @rayvivienne.handmade

    Curious about what you think of it!

  55. Zula’s Boarding House says:

    I am in no way affiliated with this artist, just a long time fan, but check out
    Leslie uses oil to paint images of silver pieces, and her work harkens back to those perfect antique still life paintings we are all chasing. Her work is stunning. I had to convince my mother in law they were paintings; she thought they were photos. You can send Leslie a piece, like your grandmother’s silver platter, or the cake server you used at your wedding, and she will paint it for you, so your painting has personal meaning. Or you can choose from her gallery. I promise she is a FIND!

  56. Sara says:

    This holiday my husband and I decided to have his parents favorite photo of three generations of their boys fishing on their family land in Colorado, painted, as a gift. It will be hung in the new home they are building on the land two of those generations were raised. They aren’t art people per say but we know the sentimental value of such a heartfelt piece will be so special to them.

  57. Rachele says:

    Yes! Prints are great and still supportive of the artist’s work! But there is something special about having an original! Check out Brynn W Casey! It’s mostly open water and beach scenes but so peaceful and beautiful!! Check her out on insta!

  58. Love this post! My husband and I have been talking about slowly building a gallery wall of original art that we love. Something that we can pass down to our son. Thanks for such great and affordable ideas!

    Check out for original pencil fine art or special commissions for under $500!

  59. Victoria Irwin says:

    Hey there! Love your interest in artwork in your home. I especially love the prints you chose for Greta’s bathroom! I am a Salt Lake City artist and I do custom acrylic pet portraits in various sizes for less than $120. My art instagram is @victoriairwinart for anyone who is interested! :)

  60. Kelly says:

    I love a house full of art that has meaning (original or prints). We have a mixture of original, commissioned, vintage, and prints that have special meaning.
    I have two lovely friends that create affordable, original art. You can find them on Instagram @rebekahmay_

  61. Molly says:

    @capsuledenver on Instagram has beautiful vintage original portraits and nude drawings by a local artist that is now 95 years old! Worth checking out ❤️

  62. lizzi says:

    Kendra Castillo has fantastic original abstract art that’s affordable!

  63. Sara says:

    Thank you so much for the mention!

  64. Angela Sewell says:

    I’m very interested in this topic! My question is, how do you know that the price you are paying is a good value?

  65. Thank you so much for featuring our artists. You’ve made their day!

  66. Emily H says:

    A few years ago, a very talented painter friend of my husband’s approached me (a photographer) to do a swap. I took his family’s pictures for a few years, and he painted us an original piece (that was based on a song my husband wrote about me—ya follow? ????). It is a highly treasured item and is such a conversation piece!

  67. Lily Cain says:

    Hello! My architect BFF told me about your site and the artists you feature for work under a threshold. I’m an artist from Colorado (went to the royal college of art for my masters) and just set up a studio shop with work under 300$. It would be an honor if you featured me or anything I did. Check it out and my Instagram is. @lilycainstudio. Thank you so much!

  68. I can’t imagine how much you’re making these artist’s Christmas. Such a thoughtful post – with such beautifully curated art.

    Now for the print of your new living room window… Haha!

  69. Debra says:

    If you want great affordable landscapes, watch for the “Plein Air” events across the country from March – October. The top landscape painters from around the US attend these to paint on site and win awards and cash prizes. You can often get great paintings for less money enabling the artist to not have to ship them home. There are 2 excellent ones in your hood! Driggs Plein Air and Jackson Hole Plein Air.

  70. Molly says:

    I Love this! I’ve been working on purchasing original art lately, and while it is an investment, to me it just looks better than prints and really makes me happy when I see them hanging in my house. Thanks for the rundown of some great pieces!

  71. Lydia says:

    Student art shows at colleges are also a great place to get more budget friendly original art. Good line up of art!

    • Leslie says: does original, beautiful abstract art and has some pieces under $500. I bought something from her Yosemite series and love it. Also, I just bought a photo from your sister, Andi. Can’t wait to get it!

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We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 

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