How Often Do You Change Your Air Filters?

March 3, 2015

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Us? Honestly? I think the last time we changed our air filters was a year ago. We had just finished the floors and there was a baby on the way shortly and that was a part of our we’re-going-to-do-everything-right check list. And, yeah, we haven’t since. It wasn’t until FilterEasy reached out to me wondering if we’d be interested in partnering for a post (this post, fyi) that I even remembered about that necessary nuisance. I paused before accepting the sponsorship because we aren’t exactly the poster blog for changing our air filters (I learned in the year we went without changing our filters, we should have changed them at least 4 times!), but then the more I explored the service, the more I realized we are exactly the people that FilterEasy was made for.

FilterEasy is a subscription air filter delivery service that ensures consistent clean air and easy breathing without the hassle associated with changing air filters. And boy, do I know that hassle. Oh we haven’t changed our filters in a year (what!?)? Let me run to the store. Get to store. Realize there are a bunch of different sizes. Run home again. Check size. Back to store. Back home. Two babes in tow.

FilterEasy offers an easy ordering process that you only have to do once:  You enter how many filters you have in your home, the individual size of each, how often you want them changed, and the level of allergen protection. And that’s it. FilterEasy ships you the exact number of filters, in exactly the right sizes, just when you are supposed to change them, so you never have to remind yourself, and you always have the right ones on hand. The hard part is done. The filters are delivered right to your door!


Lest you think actually changing them is the hard part, do you know how long it takes to change the air filters in your house? About 13 seconds. Literally:

Most homeowners and renters forget to change their air filters (guilty!), but when they do, they notice how disgustingly dirty the old ones were. Guilty again. Ours were downright embarrassing:


As you saw in the quick video, we popped out the old and placed in the new in seconds.



It’s that time of year when we’re all thinking about spring cleaning and this would be the perfect jumping point. Changing your air filters on a consistent basis saves energy since clean air makes for efficient air flow, provides clean air to breath by removing allergens, pet dander, dust, and bacteria and lowers your carbon footprint and saves on energy costs.

This is something that every renter and homeowner needs to do at least every three months. We just gotta. (Did you know that not changing filters are the leading cause of expensive HVAC repairs?!) So why not use a subscription service that delivers it right to your door for cheaper than you could buy them at a home improvement store? No brainer! Here’s the best part:

FilterEasy is replacing all the filters in all of our readers’ homes for free! Your entire first month’s order is on the house when you use the code CHRISLOVESJULIA at checkoutclick here to redeem! And really, when is the last time you changed your air filters?

Update! Although it isn’t listed in the main drop down menu, FilterEasy also offers any custom size or 4” filter.  Email and mention CHRISLOVESJULIA to get the deal. Thanks!

This post is sponsored by FilterEasy.

What do you think?

  1. Christina says:

    This service is awesome… but impossible to cancel. You have to call or email your account number to cancel–you can’t do it on their website! After three continuous days of leaving a voicemail I still have not received a call back so I moved my next shipment date to 2017…hopefully they’ll cancel my subscription before then…

    Buyers beware!

  2. MARY says:

    My lovely daughter shows me this post. And I just realized that 10 months I didn’t change my filters. Aw… Thanks a lot for your post :)

  3. Leslie says:

    My husband just came in and said we need to change our filters. I said wait! I remember seeing something about a filter subscription! I found this post and signed up. Thanks for the discount code!

  4. Brocky says:

    I’m pretty good about changing mine two months. I have a new furnace that was installed right before we bought our house and both times.I remember how painful it was to purchase the $25 filters at my house and that is so much easier.I’ll share with my friends.

  5. Missy G. says:

    Finally remembered to check my filter size this morning and get signed up! Just in time for warm temps here. This was definitely a great sponsorship for the blog and your readers. Thanks so much!

  6. Joseph says:

    I’ve just changed it last month . I usually do it every 5 months .

  7. Jenn says:

    I change my air filter every three months. I have environmental allergies, and a cat. I don’t mess around with that stuff! ;)

  8. AshleyM says:

    This was such a funny post for me to read because I am very ‘type A’ about the air filters. I change them every two months without fail. This seems like a neat service. We have a Subscribe & Save set up with Amazon to bring a set of two every four months.

  9. Meagan Briggs says:

    A HUGE perk about our complex is that they give you free filters whenever you need them. Our AC panel will blink “filter” when it needs to be changed out. So when it does, I stop by the office and grab one and change it out right there. But before, we had to go and buy the filters so we RARELY changed them. Always forgot the size. and never remembered to actually buy them. Thankfully we only have one filter. Pretty sure my parents have to change 4. I should tell my mom about this service. She would totally jump on board!

  10. Haley says:

    geez, I’m almost sold and I don’t even have central heating and air. This is such a great idea and I’ll have to file this away in case we need it for our future home.

  11. Shaina says:

    Just a heads up, they only sell the 1″ filters. So if you have the big filters, this service won’t work. Ours are 25x16x4.

  12. Amanda says:

    This is the first sponsored post I think I may act on. I have allergies and two dogs in the house, so we REALLY need to start replacing the filters like we’re supposed to. This may be a good solution!

  13. Cindy says:

    This is brilliant. I’m signing up right now.

    (Sponsored posts are really tricky, and I know you’ve become sensitive to doing too many. I really appreciate that! This was a good one. Good job, Chris and Julia.)

  14. We haven’t changed ours since we moved in because of the exact reason you outlined…went to store, wow there’s a lot of sizes, went home got size, went to store – they don’t have our size, forget about it until…forever. This would be perfect for us and is a genuinely appreciated sponsored post!

  15. Kathy says:

    Very excited about this sponsorship! We have one wall unit AC in our home and to be honest – we haven’t changed the filter since we moved in four years ago! The base unit is outside too, so I’m scared to see what it’s going to look like when we (finally) pull it out. I noticed that the unit was not running as efficiently last year and made the mental note to get that filter changed before the NJ summer starts.

    Funny how babies on the way really make you get your act together! Our to do list is five miles long before our first arrives in August.

  16. Rebecca says:

    I just did this this past weekend. I finally put a recurring event in my Google Calendar.

  17. Emily says:

    I’m pretty good about changing mine every month. We have a new furnace that was installed right before we bought our house and both times I’ve had people out to look at something I’ve asked what kind of filters they recommend and both technicians, who are from different companies, said that unless there’s a serious allergy in the house we should buy the cheap filters and change them more frequently. So that’s what we do! I go to the Ace right here in our little town and buy 3 or 4 and just leave them stacked there ready to change when I think of it. I remember how painful it was to purchase the $20 filters at our old house and this is so much easier.

  18. Jennie says:

    First sponsored post I’ve ever read on any blog that will have me purchasing something! We try to change our filters every 3 months but it’s SUCH A PAIN to go out and buy the new filter and we can never remember the size, either!

  19. Claire says:

    This post is so funny for people like me who don’t live in America! When we bought our house a year ago, it had warm air heating – it’s really unusual and old fashioned in the UK, so we ripped it out and replaced with “wet” central heating – ie. radiators… but I know that’s something you guys don’t have. Sometimes “across the pond” feels like a whole world away…

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We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 

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