Giveaway Gold: I Once Was Blind, Now I See.

April 9, 2012

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***This giveaway is now closed***

Congratulations to Jenette (number 109) who said her basement that resembles a dungeon is in dire need or some help.
After Blinds.com let us pick out some blinds for our family room (we’re still working on getting those curtains done), and we all gawked at what a difference they made, they decided to offer up $100 to one of our readers. They have every different kind of blind (if bamboo isn’t your style) and even curtains, too (I’ve got my eye on their light-blocking ones for Greta’s room)!  Something for every style. 
And although window treatments are in the top two things that can take a room from meh to marvelous, we know that getting the other critical and fun details in order can also be daunting.   So get this, Blinds.com is also paying for the winner to receive a custom mood board! Our just-for-your-space mood boards serve up paint color, accessories, furniture, layout, lighting and textiles that will finish off the look you want to achieve, or help you define a style if you don’t know what direction you’re going.
So basically, today’s giveaway is the first major steps in getting your space looking spectacular. All together now, “Thaaannnkkkssss BBBllllinnnnddssss Doootttt Coommmmm.”

  • Prize:  $100 to Blinds.com and a Custom Mood Board for any room you choose.
  • To Enter:   Leave a comment telling us about a space or room you are struggling with most.  Right now, we have a room in our basement that is still in disarray from a little flooding last year and don’t even get me started on our landscaping. Yikes!
  • Giveaway Closes: Thursday, April 12th at 11pm MST
  • Number of Winners: One
  • Prize Ships:  Anywhere in the US
  • Fine Print:  Only one entry per e-mail address, people. We’ll summon random.org after the giveaway closes to select our winner and announce it on Friday as an update to this post.  Go. Go. Goooooo!!!!!
  • What do you think?

    1. Alana says:

      We’ve been in our house for about 2.5 years and are still struggling with how to get the best use out of our small family room in the basement. We’ve tried a few different layouts, nothing seems just right for us.

    2. Wright says:

      The Basement, we have been working on it forever! Right now it is a mixture of random furniture!

    3. ALowery says:

      Our Dining Room is in serious need of some help! It is especially challenging since one wall of the room is a sliding glass door.

    4. Laurene says:

      My french doors in the dining room are getting an overhaul. Sure would be nice to do it for FREE.

    5. Tiffany C says:

      I’m struggling with our dining room! It’s a big room with one loooooong wall of nothing on it! I can’t figure out anything to put on it to make it look nice. I need help!

    6. Jessie McKinley says:

      Our bathroom is a scary place!! Pink walls, cheap laminate flooring, dingy tiles…need I say more?? I need some serious help and blinds + a mood board would be the perfect start to a solution :)

    7. Sarah says:

      The room is currently referred to as the ‘Goldilocks Room’. It seems to be where all the extra furniture/random stuff ends up.

    8. Jessica says:

      Our finished basement room is desperately in need of a refresh. As is our landscaping. Ugh.

    9. Kellyaolsen says:

      I am struggling with every room in the house if we’re being honest :)

      But actually, we just had our house broken into on Wednesday. I’m sure it didn’t help that I had extremely sheer curtains (because I love bright rooms) in our kitchen and that our glass kitchen door had no kind of curtain or blind — you could see right in and see my laptop on the kitchen table, which was stolen. Now I am struggling on whether or get curtains or mini blinds on the backdoor, and if I need to beef up the kitchen curtains :( and lose my light.

    10. the cape on the corner says:

      we are slowly finishing our basement…i have a basic sense of what will go where, but it’s the sofa placement/wall decor thing that’s giving me trouble. i’m thinking a big ‘ol shelf with leaning stuffs.

    11. Where to start? My whole house needs a lot of help! We have a plan for the kitchen, which is overwhelming me (painting all of my 57 cabinets white – I will be referencing your tutorial). But at least there’s a plan. I have a beautiful bay window in my living room and we cannot decide on a window treatment for it. We are overwhelmed at how expensive it’s going to be since it’s going to need to be custom done. Not sure how I can DIY. And we are lacking in wall decor. So I’d have to go with my living room!


    12. Katherine Quick says:

      ugh..it’s a toss up between our den – which is like 24 feet long but only 12 feet wide and is half carpet/half concrete sub-floor or our “formal” living room/dining room which right now is a big empty space leading into the kitchen because I can’t decide what I want it TO function as. I DO know the vertical blinds in that room HAVE to go!!!

    13. Shirley says:

      Struggling so hard with our master bath. It’s pretty narrow and I want to add everything. Also has some unusual features (pitched ceiling with short outer wall)

    14. Tamara Gray says:

      Even when we clean the whole house for guests, we hide our bedroom. It is the one room without color, purpose, or personality. It is just the place we collapse right now, along with all the homeless “stuff” we haven’t the energy to locate or toss! :-) I dream of someday having a room that is a retreat, not the room that makes me tired as soon as I wake up.

    15. braelin says:

      Oh- I have a window treatment dilemma: front room (facing the street), large picture style window. I have curtains hung on either side, but no actual blinds. We never close the curtains (too much of a pain). I don’t know what types of blinds to do and bamboo just doesn’t seem right here (would otherwise be my go-to choice). I was thinking of some sort of shutter actually, since we have a somewhat more traditional look in this room, but I don’t know how to do this. Sigh. I would LOVE the blinds.com giveaway, for the gift card, but mostly for the mood board too!

    16. Jessica Peconi says:

      Well, the only window coverings we currently have in the house (yes, sad I know.) I made fun of thinking they were from the previous home owner and Pierce never changed them. Whoops, apparently he picked them out himself. Which would have been fine, if it were still 1992. Love the beans out of him for trying! :)

    17. Nicole says:

      My biggest struggle is my living room. I just can’t seem to pull it together the way I want to.

    18. Lisa R says:

      well my son just moved out and it was always hard to get through his mess and now we are moving my daughter in there….just foung out the blinds were a mess

      sibabe64 at ptd dot net

    19. Wendy says:

      Our second bathroom is in… well, remodel limbo. Our home was remodeled 2 years ago but that bathroom never got done. We’ve just now begun finishing it!

    20. Kristie D. says:

      Our living room and bedroom have crazy fabric blinds. .I would love to get different ones! Especially in the bedroom (sliding glass door). kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

    21. 1955nurse says:

      O~M~G — Our “Front” bathroom – it’s stuck in the 80’s & totally needs revamping! (Including the blinds!) Pls pick me, I really need it!!!((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com)) Thanks for the chance…..

    22. Daniel says:

      the drab feeling i get when i walk into the bedroom might need some help; the paint is blah, the walls are blah, the light is blah, i could go on.

    23. Leah S says:

      We are currently struggling with my grandmother’s room. The roof was leaking last year and we’re still waiting for our handy man to come out so he can replace and repaint it!

    24. RobinMichelleBlankenship says:

      My room needs a lot of work. It is so Blah


    25. Jenette says:

      Basement, no windows down there, looks like a dungeon.

    26. Katy (lovekatydid) says:

      Our front rooms of the house is a disaster, our dogs have broken the cheap metal blinds and it looks terrible!

    27. SueBunting says:

      we are struggling with out whole house. we just bought it 6 weeks ago!

    28. Felicia says:

      Our living room is awful, yellow and blue paint with peeling flower border. Our blinds are all broken plastic from wal-mart. :(


    29. Deirdre says:

      I am struggling with a 1973 wood panelled family room with a boring (not cool) brick fireplace wall. A large window on one wall, a doorway and pass-through on another…need paint, blinds, curtains, and HELP! (0: Would love to win! Thanks for the chance!

    30. djwashingtonson says:

      I need a special big blind for the kitchen window…I don’t want to go snowblind indoors in the winter!

    31. Wendy r says:

      My bedroom needs new blinds!

    32. Deb Anderson says:

      Definitely my bedroom. I require privacy but want light, so the light-filtering shades would be perfect for me.

    33. Amanda Jasinski says:

      I have this small second bedroom that has a nonfunctional window and no closet doors. It’s turned into a storage pit though we’re in the process of turning it into a meditation/reading/relaxing room.

    34. Renee says:

      We are starting to finish our basement hopefully this month, and yeah, I have no idea where to begin….

    35. Mrspoofa says:

      Right now it would be the front room. We have a big picture window (that is only 1 foot off the floor) next to a sliding glass door. They currently botyh have the roll up blinds & they are both broken, so I have to roll them up by hand & tie them up to keep them up I could really use some help. Thanks

    36. We’re definitely struggling with our bedroom! Its so bland right now and needs some serious decorating help… we just always seem to put it on the back burner since guests don’t typically see it. Would love to have it look nice for us though! :)
      octoberthings at gmail dot com

    37. Deannalw says:

      The den. It’s a mess.

    38. Harold D says:

      Our master bedroom is a mess and that’s what we’re struggling with.

    39. Elisa says:

      We’re actually working on our den, aka the entire downstairs. It’s basically one giant room, which I DO love, but can sometimes be difficult to decorate!

    40. Daiva says:

      My kids toy room has low ceiling and windows are different widths and height so I need something custom to fit them well

    41. Amy says:

      I’m struggling with my bedroom. Currently it’s just used as a storage area in our tiny apartment and doesn’t feel very homey!

    42. Stephcrs339 says:

      Struggling with my kitchen. we have a beautiful window in there and no funds left to redo the kitchen, just looking to dress it up and make it look nice!

    43. Onecheaplady says:

      Our living room needs an overhaul for sure!

    44. Kim G says:

      We’re moving and I’m worried about what we’re going to do in our new living room. We have chocolate brown furniture that is fairly new, so I don’t want to replace it, but everything in the new house is slate grey. It doesn’t fit.
      kirbycolby at gmail dot com

    45. Sam Kelley says:

      I’m trying to redecorate my bedroom so hat it actually looks like somewhere >I< live.

    46. Michelle Peterson says:

      We are almost done with our kitchen, we just need window treatments. Our next big project is our Master Bedroom and downstairs bedroom. There is always so much to do! barnyardbeanies(at)gmail(dot)com

    47. Emily Acker says:

      Our kitchen.

    48. Jamie Knupp says:

      Our living room is hideous right now, and its the first room people see when they walk in. We’ve finally gotten new furniture and are working on replacing the carpet. There are 3 huge windows that have ugly blinds right now, new window treatments would definitely help this space!

    49. Diana Hatch says:

      I have a storage room downstairs thats a disaster

    50. mrsnaweiss says:

      definatly our living room, i need to figure out how to store my sons toys in here

    51. Sue G says:

      Just moved in a few months ago and my basement has been completely neglected and could use the most help! A great just a bunch of random furniture in a space that I think has great potential!

    52. Ashley says:

      I struggle with our dining room – it needs the most work.

    53. Laura Jacobson says:

      Im having the most problems with my Dining room! Needs updates but is so small. My blinds broke…so they do not open or close anymore. We have a pool outside that we will be opening soon, and cannot even sit and look out at it. LOL…..

    54. Amy Le Grand says:

      We have a completely empty room that I have no idea what to do with! It is supposed to be the eat-in kitchen/breakfast nook, but we always eat in the dining room!

    55. Lorena says:

      I’m struggling with our home office.

    56. Krista says:

      We are moving into our new (to us!) home in a few short months and will need new window coverings in nearly every room– powder blue mini blinds just won’t cut it! $100 gift certificate would surely help!!

    57. Alexis G says:

      Oh where to even start! Ha … I would love some help with the upstairs bedroom which I would love to be my master bedroom but the space has some awkward walls/closet space and leaves me struggling with furniture placement! And who doesn’t love Blinds.com I was just on their website last week scoping out some much needed blinds to replace my temporary paper blinds since I just moved in.

    58. Ashley says:

      I’d actually like to help out my mom. She (doesn’t know it, but) is struggling with her living room. My parents have lived in the same house for 20 years and I think it’s about time for an update!

    59. Genevieve B says:

      I’m a new home owner so I’m working on all the rooms, but my bedroom is the biggest struggle so far. I hate the layout right now, but I can’t come up with anything better because of the placement of windows, closets, doors, etc. I would love some creative input, and new curtains would be wonderful as well!

    60. Tiffany says:

      I have done some redecorating in my family room/office/master bedroom, but would like to do more.

    61. CasandarBoyle says:

      We just moved into a new apartment. The main living room, which is open to the kitchen will now have to serve as an office, living room, and space for puppy/fish things.

    62. Katie says:

      I have no idea what to do with our bathroom! It’s painted terribly right now and I’ve been meaning to paint it for a year, but I can’t figure out what color to get!

    63. Laura H says:

      Our kitchen- which underwent one renovation since it was orginially built in the 50s. It’s time to demo!

    64. Ja Rosal22 says:

      HI, what a great giveaway. We are in full house remodel right now and are focusing on the most used room of the house, the family room. It’s got a strange set-up, which I love but am having trouble separating the space to accomodate a lounge and library. We have two custom sized windows that surround the fireplace that I would love to get some Shades for… Thanks for all the great tips on your blog. I’m an avid reader! :)

    65. RK says:

      Stuggling with our bedroom – we’ve lived here for almost 4 years, and still having trouble finding a place for everything

    66. Our bedroom! Right now its horrible, we have our mattress on the floor (its a King, and way too big for the space, waiting for our Queen), boxes of stuff from storage waiting to make its way onto walls and dressers. We can’t decide on anything!

    67. Veronica says:

      my living room needs blinds in addition to some art and color

    68. Nicole says:

      It’s a toss up between our eat-in kitchen with a HUUUGE picture/bay window and our super long living rooms that runs from front to back of the house (w/ several doorways in and out and a fireplace along one of the long walls). Figuring out furniture placement for these rooms is driving me nuts. Of course all of this is being done on paper right now b/c we’re actually closing on this house on Friday!! It’s our first home!

    69. erica says:

      I am struggling with our living room because of a lack of functionality. New blinds and a mood bood would help a lot!

    70. kate says:

      The hubs and I purchased our new home about a year ago. It has a nice open floor plan, but we (really just me) are struggling with how to decorate the main living space, which includes the kitchen, dining area, living room and entry. We are also missing something to cover our sliding glass doors that lead to the back yard, so this blinds.com deal would definitely help resolve that!! :]

    71. Brian M says:

      Master bedroom – long with lots of windows and not so many easy places to situate furniture.

    72. Julie Miller says:

      Pretty much every room on our first floor is struggle right now, but the living needs the most help. the front wall is all window, with a huge 5×5 pane in the center. need a better window solution than just curtains!!

    73. Lucy says:

      my front room, the one everyone sees, peeling paint, wrong color and did I mention the moose. Yes one very large moose that is non negotiable and really no where else to put him.

    74. Shellie says:

      I have a dedicated craft room/ office all my own- well I would if it wasn’t currently full of random junk and absolutely no design! Blinds are definitely on the loooooong list of things it needs!

    75. michelle says:

      i have been thinking to get your advise on a “room” that is handing me fits…what a great opportunity. it is actually a screened in porch between my house and garage. it has become the dumping ground for EVERYTHING. ooooo i hope i win!!!

    76. Cool give-away! I need to get on some updates to our bedroom and was drooling over the blinds options at blinds.com, but they are a bit too spendy for me right now. Husband likes to have lots of privacy at night but some sunshine peeking through in the morning – someday perhaps these kinds of blinds would be just the thing! :) (PS Did you see what YHL did to make light-blocking curtains for Clara’s bedroom? More work of course than buying so not for everyone! But seemed like it worked out well for them :) )

    77. Lauren2028 says:

      Our TV Room! 6 windows and a slider + a pass through opening. Kind of tough to style with such limited wall space. But, I could definitely use some blinds for this bad boy:)

    78. Jane says:

      Last week we were struggling with our living room. That is until I got the mood board you made for us. I would love blinds for the windows in the room. Next room we will be struggling with is the kitchen and spare bedroom.

    79. Lindsay @ Off for the Season says:

      I really need help for a bedroom/games room above the garage. It’s a great big space but right now it’s our dumping ground.

    80. Emma Lou says:

      I’d love to get rid of the horrible blinds in the kitchen we inherited when we purchased the house. They’re just awful!

    81. Allisonmuety says:

      Our laundry room/boiler room needs so much help. We have a window and door that need some blinds.

    82. Meghan says:

      The bedroom. I don’t know what to do and people don’t tend to see it so I just keep ignoring it.

    83. Teresa says:

      As of now we have redone pretty much every room in our home. We haven’t gotten to the den yet because there is a door that we are wanting to remove. There is a big window in there that we custom made when we got new windows two years ago when we bought our house. Currently we have nothing on them because I don’t really know what I want or what would look good. Any ideas would be very helpful. :-)

    84. Jennie D says:

      I have two smaller windows in my bedroom and dont want to do the traditional shutter blinds!

    85. Liz A says:

      we currently just moved to Nebraska for school…and our bedroom needs some major help. It has beautiful features like oak trim around the window and…that is about it. We need HELP! New blinds would be so great! Right now we have a blanket to cover our bedroom window…WOW…we are kind of sad!

    86. JENNIFER CROCKER says:

      I’m struggling the most with my living room. We spend most of our time there, but I’m just kind of stuck. I’m considering stenciling an accent wall, but I just can’t decide.

    87. Sarah austin says:

      I am struggling with my bedroom. It’s in a new addition so the walls are a very pretty blue, but I can’t find curtains that aren’t flowery. The windows are huge also and my poor husband gets woken in the night to the moon shining in his face.

    88. Mharshman12 says:

      We are finishing up our bedroom and are struggling with what blinds to go with.

    89. Brooke says:

      Sadly our master bedroom is were junk goes to die. For the life of me I cannot pull it together.

    90. A Cash says:

      My house was built in 1942 and the living/dining space is awkward. I have painted but I am currently struggling with how to arrange the furniture so that the space feels cohesive and “flows.” Can’t seem to find the right window treatments either!

    91. Kathywestwood says:

      Our most difficult room would have to be the master bedroom. I frequently need to sleep during the day, and we both have discovered that the darker it is, the better we sleep. There are sliding old wood windows that I’d love to replace, but they’ll have to wait. So there is no space to put a blind inside the windows. I cobbled together some recatngles using naugahyde (sp?!!!) and some room darkening fabric. They work ok, but are held in by pushpins! Not exactly fashionable. Then what will we do about curtains on top? Too many dillemnas… We have lots of light oak furniture and could use some color to liven it up, but don’t really know what to do. It’s probably the last room to get redone in our house, excluding the basement, and that’s totally another story. Any help would be appreciated.

    92. Amanda W says:

      MASTER BEDROOM! We have a huge focal point with four windows, a half circle on top above a big 50″x50″ square with two vertical 25″x50″ rectangles on either side. And guess what? The bottom three windows are covered by $3 paper blinds left from when we moved in TWO YEARS AGO. They are completely blocking our lake-and-mountains view because we can’t just pull those up and down. I really need a set of top-down bottom-up double-cell blinds for the room! There’s no point in decorating the rest until have I something better than PAPER on the windows!

    93. Jeanie-Beanie says:

      I’m struggling most with my family room. We got it painted and a friend put in new trim for us but I can’t figure out what to do for a window covering for the sliding patio door. I’ve been struggling with this for several months. :(

    94. Barb says:

      My bedroom is so bland. I have no idea what color to paint it, it is a real struggle to make it look like a grown up room. I think it is next on the agenda after we finish with your living room advice.

    95. Allison says:

      My kitchen has vertical blinds on a sliding glass door. I like the sliding door, but HATE the plastic vertical blinds!!

    96. Susan Koble says:

      Oh, pick me, pick me! I need blinds!

    97. Tim says:

      I need help the most in my living room. My dog ruined one of the 4 blinds that are in there, and when I replaced it, the color was off. Now I have mismatched blinds in the living room.

    98. Jennifer says:

      I would love to win…..I need new blinds for my bedroom and I know my mother could use some in the spare bedroom

    99. Lisa Yacoubian says:

      Um, our living room is in desperate need of a big window treatment; the entire one wall is a sliding glass door, and we are at a loss how to cover it, especially since we live in a condo and this opens up to the street! We love the ideas that blinds.com offers “struggling” decorators like myself!

    100. Gina says:

      We travel so much that we are struggling with every room of our house. ;). Well, technically not the nursery which I actually finished with a beautiful wood blind from blinds.com. A mood board for our living room would be great!

    101. meaganbriggs3 says:

      Brinley’s room is just sad. I want to get better curtains that block out the sunlight too! And maybe make some of those pouf balls for a reading corner. She would love those!! I’m ready to kick the baby feel in there and get a good dresser for her and a new bed. All this summer I hope!

    102. Margaretcoley says:

      Our living room is my biggest struggle right now. We have empty walls and some furniture but that’s it!

    103. Alisonjennings says:

      I would love some help with our bedroom. We have never done anything to that room and I would have no idea where to even start.

    104. jessica says:

      I am struggling with our living room, nothing seems to feel right….it’s an odd shaped room.

    105. what an amazing giveaway! our living room is what i am struggling with most. the walls jut out right under the windows, so floor length curtains are impossible. the prior owners had short curtains, but i hate that length…just feel like it dates the room. i think attractive blinds are the answer!

    106. Cindy Medrano says:

      I don’t know what to do with my living room!! I need help! It’s big and there’s a weird and ugly half wall separating the dinning and living room. If that wall wasn’t there, I could do tons!

    107. Andrea W says:

      Our front room/dining room would GREATLY benefit from curtains. It would be nice to be able to block out a little more of the hot Arizona sun every once in a while.

    108. Tanja says:

      I am struggling with our family room. I am not sure if I should wait until I can afford to do everything I want or replace the carpet which is disgusting right now.

    109. nick wright says:

      Our craft room is in need of some help. Right now it is just random.

    110. Haleigh says:

      My bedroom is in serious need of..something! Currently it’s a big white box that definitely needs some attention. Maybe someday…

    111. Leila Waddell says:

      No Struggles since you helped me out with my living room , dining room and nursery. Now I could really use the blinds for my bedroom :)

    112. Nicole Collins Rushing says:

      I am struggling with our home office. It is a disaster zone right now and eventually needs to house my computer desk and files that I use to work from home, our book collection, plus all of my husband’s sports memorabilia.

    113. Ashley says:

      My living room has the UGLIEST blinds…and being poor law school students we just don’t have the moolah to make the room everything we want it to be. I’d love some new blinds to make a statement in there!

    114. Kristen Peterson says:

      My bedroom hasn’t really been done the whole 5+ years we’ve lived in our home. It’s the bedroom/office/gym right now so it hasn’t given me much inspiration. Some help would be amazing!

    115. Jessica Gehman says:

      My bathroom has beaten me, it’s not even a struggle any longer. I wish I could afford to take out the large amount of 4×4 white tile and start over, but that is just not in the budget. So for now I clean grout until my arms hurt.

    116. Danyl H says:

      Currently, I’m struggling the most with my basement since we’ve been in the process of remodeling it for the past 16 months. We’re making progress slowly but surely, BUT I can’t take the mess anymore!!

    117. My parents’ master bedroom still has brown butterfly wallpaper that my mother swore would be the first thing to go when they moved in…20 YEARS AGO.

    118. Gena says:

      I struggle with my kitchen and living room… I’m in a rental and everything is old and outdated so I’m doing my best to ‘perk’ things up. At least my landlord lets me, thank goodness.


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