Ear Ye. Ear Ye. And A Bucket List.

September 14, 2012  —  Written by Julia 

We believe we should all love where we live.

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We were up early, early this morning to take Greta to the hospital.  Our little girl has been hard of hearing for a long time.  We first discovered it when she was 18 months old.  Her pediatrician said that she had a lot of fluid in her ears, but it would clear up on its own.  Fast-forward a year and it was only getting worse.  When she failed her hearing test completely a couple weeks ago, we decided we weren’t going to wait any longer for it to clear up “on its own.”  We took her in to see a specialist and he said she was hearing at underwater levels and has moderate to severe hearing loss.  Our girl had even learned to read lips!  Fortunately, he predicted that putting tubes in her ears should help significantly, so we took the first surgery slot that was open.<

When we checked in, Greta was still bouncing off the walls.  She loved her new “clothes” and that there was a television and stickers and a new dolly just for her.

I took a few minutes to try to explain to her that she was going to go to sleep for a little and then the doctor was going to fix her ears.

But, I mean, she is two.  So really she just wanted to get back to her stickers and coloring.

And jumping all over that bed.
Eventually they came in and gave her a pre-sedative to calm her down before the anesthesiologist did his work.  It kicked in just in time for them to roll her away.  And then Chris and I were left in our small room without Greta–which was hard.  We tried to talk and stay busy with emails, but every couple minutes one of us would say, “I wonder how Greta is doing.”
When she was returned to us, the doctor said her ears were as bad as they could get–the mucous was so thick behind her eardrums. He warned us that things would sound very loud to her for a little while.
We couldn’t be happier.  Our little Greta-girl can hear! The first hour after surgery was rough.  She was disoriented and I’m sure everything sounded new to her.

But if you give a girl pop and a popsicle, chances are she’ll be better in no time.

We are home now and recovering–mostly Chris and I from sleeping 3ish hours last night.  Greta?  She has almost completely bounced back. C’mon. We couldn’t get one cuddle day?!

Oh and during our waiting time, Chris and I put together a fall bucket list for us. For you. For anyone that wants to make the most of thee most wonderful time of the year. We’re all about sharing around here.
Anything to add from your bucket list?

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  1. Alana says:

    As a mommy of a little one that went through a similar journey that ended in tubs – this Dec. will be 1 year post surgery and his speech is much improved and he is going to see a speech therapist through the school district to help him ‘catch’ up on what he missed all those months he wasn’t hearing fully.
    Post surgery, we let him wear a beanie that covered his ears around until he adjusted to how loud everything seems to him now. Maybe a cute headband can do the trick for you guys.
    Some things still are *too loud*: dog barking, loud concerts, etc. but it’s amazing what two little pieces of plastic tubing has given him!
    Good luck on your little girl’s recovery!

  2. Christie says:

    So happy to hear that Greta is doing better and that you decided to listen to your gut instead of that first doctor.

  3. Stephanie Marcum says:

    Yeah. I am so glad all went well. Love you guys.

  4. So glad that she is doing well! She is absolutely adorable in her cute little hairdo! :)

  5. sue372 says:

    So glad that it all went well. She is just so adorable!

  6. Tiffany Cardon says:

    Jules…You’re pictures are touching. What a great photographer you’re becoming! I seriously had no idea Greta was going through that! WHat a GREAT sport. I think you and Chris are incredible. That must have been stressful to watch, and how great that it is hopefully BEHIND you! Remember that old recipe blog of mine that I never update? I think I posted 2 pumpkin recipe’s on it that really are awesome! Pumpkin scones with spiced glaze, and Pumpkin Coconut bread. Both really great! I want pictures posted of this Halloween party you throw. Our friends through the most INCREDIBLE one last year. I could send it over to you in an email if you were curious on looking at it. It was ridiculous.

  7. Angela Gonzales says:

    I am so glad she is able to hear… this touched my heart what a sweetie. Thank goodness she has you two as parents! Love, Angela

  8. Rebecca says:

    You did the right thing by taking quick action and I hope Greta has a quick recovery! My son had sleep apnea and at 5 we got his tonsils and adenoids out – I only regret not doing it sooner.

  9. Amy W says:

    So glad the surgery went well- I don’t know how I would deal with one of my babies having to have a procedure on them.
    Great fall bucket list! I’m sure I’ll be whipping up one soon with my fall-obsessed sister very soon (because Brad won’t). One craft I was thinking of doing is a yarn wrapped wreath with some pzaz of some sort. Good luck with the bucket list and your little girl’s recovery!

  10. meaganbriggs3 says:

    Can I come too? :-)

  11. Michelle Mez says:

    Poor Greta! My nephew just had his tubes put in too so it seems to be pretty common now.
    I’m hard of hearing in my left ear but no tubes will fix it so its really great that her was fixable!

  12. Andi says:

    I was teary eyed the whole time reading and scrolling through pictures. I guess it was a mix of Greta going through something hard, knowing how beautiful and strong all of you are together, seeing you as a mother…on that hospital bed with her…and ending it on such a strong note of “everyhtng we have in store” you are unstoppable, and i love you all

  13. Megan says:

    I am so glad that you got this taken care of, and that so far it is successful. She is too cute!

  14. We are hoping and praying that the blocked eardrums are behind us for good! But she’ll continue to see an ENT and audiologist until we are sure she (and her ears) are in the clear. Seeing your child be put under is–gah! horrible! I feel ya.

  15. Thanks so much, Ann. Our thoughts are with your tot, too!

  16. Oooo! I hope everyone is bringing something to share! We have to get through our big costume party first and THEN we’ll start planning our Friendsgiving.

    I’m totally teaching her A Whole New World. Look for the vid.

  17. I went through her noun book yesterday and took a video of her repeating after me a TON of words, so hopefully in a couple of weeks we can do a comparison video and I will OF COURSE share it. Lexy, you’re in charge of an amazing dessert for Friendsgiving. Be there.

  18. Ooo! Share your pumpkin bread recipe with me?? I can’t believe you are going to be a family of four in less than a month. Girrrrlllllll!

  19. I’m drooling just thinking about it! We have never tried to make our own so that is definitely a possibility. Mmmm.

  20. Alyson Webster says:

    This makes me so happy! I can’t wait to hear how different her life is after this. Congrats little Greta!

  21. Lizzy says:

    Those are the sweetest pictures! I hope your little girl is doing better? Is the fluid/mucous something that would come back or was this a one time deal?

    My son will be 2 next month and needed surgery to fix a small hernia. It was the hardest thing for us – but he acted like nothing happened an hour after we got home! I broke down just talking to the anesthesiologist beforehand – so she basically told me to stay in the waiting area and that my husband would take my son in while they started to put him under. I don’t know how parents with chronically ill children deal with it!

    Glad everything went well and I hope your little girl is adjusting to and enjoying her new take on sound! :)

  22. Ann Ehlert says:

    So glad they have surgeries like these. Our 2 1/2 year old has hearing aids so she understands what its like to have a moderate to severe loss. Praying for little Greta as she heals and takes in new sounds!

  23. Elaine - visual meringue says:

    oh my! Poor little monkey. So glad she got her surgery and by the looks of it, she took it like a champ! Thanks so much for sharing, these pics are just so sweet.

  24. Victo says:

    Yay! We’re so glad she’s OK. Wow — it’s a whole new world (which should be the first song you teach her with her new-found hearing :).

    And we love your bucket list. We’re totally checking those off, too. Our Friendsgiving dinner is slated for Saturday, November 17, and I think we have 30 people coming. Eek!

  25. Emily ACanDoAttitude says:

    I had to have surgery on my ears when I was 16 as the result of hearing loss due to an accident. I appload you for jumping on top of it and being so responsive. I think he quick recovery is just a sign of how quickly kids heal and what a good decision you made.

  26. Greta-girl! She is so precious. I’m SO happy to hear that everything went well and that she’s hearing now! Poor thing – everything must sound so new! But she’ll adjust. And she’ll be so happy! I’m crying thinking about it! You’ll have to post a vid in a month or two and share her success!
    And I’m down for Friendsgiving. :)

  27. meaganbriggs3 says:

    Gretaaaaaa you sweetheart. Seriously, you guys. I am so proud of you for getting this taken care of so quickly after the specialist told you she was at underwater hearing levels. Can you even imagine?? I can’t wait to see/hear her excel in her speaking abilities. Skype date for sure in a few weeks to see how she is! We love you guys so much. Glad everything went exactly according to plan.

    Nooooow, the fall list. I totally agree with everything you had on there and I think we have most of those things taken care of!
    -getting pictures taken around thanksgiving time for our christmas pictures
    -co-hosting Canadian thanksgiving (mid october) with my new friend from my ward who is also a proud canadian.
    -totally have a new recipe for pumpkin bread that is different than all the other recipes I’ve used. but I want to maybe try a dinner recipe…interesting…
    -ooo seasonal craft. I need to think about this one a bit more.
    -ahhh no halloween party for us this year. But we hope to make an appearance (as a family of 4!!!!) at the ward party.
    -tooootally looking forward to carving pumpkins and going on a hayride! I LOVE fall!
    -and Florida doesn’t have any canyons close by, so not sure how we are going to fulfill that one, but I’m sure we will go on plenty of drives to see the pretty fall leaves.

  28. Heather @ AccomplishingDreams says:

    Your pictures of her are adorable and I am very happy to see that she is doing well! If you haven’t done it already, I suggest pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips – they are to DIE for!

  29. melissa says:

    Great!!! so happy!!! :-)

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We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 

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