A Quick Turnaround Project!: The Guest Room Plans

In this week’s podcast (live now, right here!) we talk a little bit about some upcoming projects we’re gearing up to tackle, including the guest room. Our previous guest room, that is now the girls’ bunk room, was thrown together in 2 weeks before my sister came to stay with us. It served us well for 3 years before transforming into what it is today. Before: Then: Now: Since wrapping up the One Room Challenge, we moved the army blanket wrapped bed into Greta’s old room (I’ll snap a picture as soon as the sun comes up!) and donated the nightstands and lamps to a family that needed them thinking I would have plenty of time to find something else before our guests started rolling in for the holidays. But here we are, 2 weeks prior to welcoming family from out of town and our current guest room situation stands wanting….

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Casual Friday

We left last Monday night, the 21st, for Florida to spend Thanksgiving with Chris’s brother and family. It was an amazing time filled with food, that warm sun, swimming, and, yes, we took the girls to Disney World, too. We got home Wednesday night and these two went straight for their bunkbeds. There were a few questions about Faye transitioning to a bunkbed out of the crib when I posted the snapshot on Instagram. She actually doesn’t sleep down here yet. We have a goal to make the transition fully by the end of January. But every night, she comes down and lays in her bed and we read books all together and then I tuck her into her crib. She is very anxious to sleep in her bunkbed, which is exactly what we want. For her to sleep all night in a big bed, and still take a good nap during the day…

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A Half-bath refresh

Earlier this year, I was asked to be a part of IKEA’s Ambassador program, which was the easiest “yes!” If you’ve been reading for any amount of time, you probably have caught on, we’re long-time IKEA fans. Not only did we use their cabinets for our kitchen (and the Pittsburgh kitchen), there is an IKEA piece or DIY in almost every room in our home, and our last home. I went through some training when I first came into the Ambassadorship and I learned so much about the brand (like, did you know IKEA is an acronym?), but one thing I loved most was their focus on Democratic Design for the home.  IKEA focuses on combining the right mix of form, function, quality, and sustainability at a low price so it can bring good design to the most people. It’s not something that they just check one or two off—they are committed…

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CLJ Gift Guides: Gifts for the Empty Nesters

“What are we going to get our parents” is a topic of conversation between Chris and I and all of our friends during the holiday season. Because they always just want something like…a letter. (It’s true, my mom always asks for a letter.) And while I love writing her a nice long card every year, it’s also a little mind-boggling to think of something to get people who seem to have everything. So we decided to make it a part of our gift guides this year! 16 great gifts to get your parents. Right here: 1. A collection of the New York Times front pages from each year since their birth, personalized with their name and birth date, and preserved in a handsome library binding. The collection forms a fascinating snapshot of their history. $99 2. Custom Face Magnets of all of their children, grandchildren and granddogs (as my dad puts it) for the fridge….

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