Founded 2005…Married 2008…Established 2009

Don’t get me wrong, we have had it good. Chris’s grandparents have also had it good escaping to St. George for the winter. They have allowed us to stay in their home. It’s really cozy. The downside: it’s not ours. We haven’t really used any of our wedding gifts. We haven’t even taken them out of their gift bags. We never bought furniture. We never got to decorate. We just kind of dwelled in a home that wasn’t ours. The perk: we got to save some money. But now! Oh now we are moving! A month earlier than expected. We found a 2-bedroom apartment and it is serving as our blank canvas. We will officially move in Saturday, but our new furniture has arrived and is in place. I wanted to cry when I saw everything come together. It’s better than I imagined. We bought a cream-colored sectional and a…

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A Very Marcum Valentine

I was on a mission last year. I was completely absorbed in my work. I promise. However, Valentine’s day 2008 still managed to be sweet as it possibly could be. I was 1357 miles away (thanks mapquest) from my Valentine, and he still managed to make me smile. He overnighted a letter. He sent me a large sketchpad and pencils and 2 boxes of Hot Tamales. He called me his Valentine even though I “wasn’t there for him to take me out to dinner or better yet make me dinner.” He told me to take time to draw something every day because he knew that’s what I loved to do. He wanted me to be happy. Today, and every day since, he has. Valentine’s Day 2009 he made extra special. I first saw Chris in 2004. We officially met in 2005 and this year was our first Valentine’s day together….

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Speaking of Love…

I am in bed right now. Typing it out online. On my new laptop. That my husband got for me. I know, right? I am stunned by his sweetness daily. I have NEVER been able to experience the luxury of wireless Internet until my latest electronic–which to me–kinda makes me wonder why I even had a laptop before?! What was the point? I was always plugged in to a modem. Ugh. I probably sound like I’ve been living in a cave, but no longer. I’m in love. Currently adding love to my scene is sugar-free lime jell-o (my favorite) topped with whipped cream and a Top Chef marathon on the TV. I’m comfortably indulging. :-)

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Valentine Kick-off

Yesterday I was in Wal-Mart picking up a few things. There was a mother and father coaching their son, who looked about 7, on Valentines. He seemed really stressed on which ones to pick. I hung out in the cosmetics department and heard his dad try to convince him to get the CARS ones. His mom chimed in that he “did really like that movie.” There was silence for a couple seconds. It must have been just enough time for him to read some of the sample cards on the back of the box. Those cars must have been saying some pretty romantic things to each other because he said he “couldn’t give that to a girl. That’s gross!” Valentine’s day was so stressful at that age. It was even more stressful for the Bradley girls because we made our own Valentines. Which doesn’t make you very cool at that…

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