Chris’s To-Do List- July 9th, 2009: 1- Do paperwork at work for 30 minutes- spend the remaining 11 hrs and 30 minutes staring at the wall, driving around town giving stuff to businesses and playing dominoes.2- Get yelled at by old man because he can’t figure out how to save a new contact on his phone.3- Have lady come change the air freshener because our store smells like a mix between Bajio and a moldy washcloth.4- Browse Craigslist. Giggle at the funny personal ads. 5- Go with Jules to the doctor. See the first ultrasound of our little baby. :D6- Return to work. Walk in and feel like I’ve been punched in the face because the air freshener is so strong. Happens every month.7- Stare out the front window after 2 hours of having no customers.8- Play a round of lemonade world against Bryce. Lose miserably.9- Have lunch with Camp-Sauce….

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I really scrounge for something to make for dinner nightly so when Thursdays come around, I get excited to eat good food without having to think about it. Thursdays, Chris cooks. He is so creative and the food is always delicious. Sometimes he enlists me as his sous chef and I get to cut things up and watch him in action. Watching him cook is almost as good as eating the finished product. I think I fell in love with him over the years doing just that. It’s effortless for him. One of our very first dates we went to the grocery store and he bought all the ingredients for a spicy, creamy pasta. I still request that meal. He impressed me with his grilling skills many years ago. From salmon to grilled chicken salad to macaroons–he can do it, and he does it well. This past Thursday, he had…

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There is something about warmer days that makes me wish I was more tan, had long hair, whiter teeth, and a skinnier waistline. I basically go through this cycle every year. In the winter I joyfully put on the weight in cookies and homemade bread —nothing beats a warm roll—and hide it all under my big sweaters and coat. Then the first day of 50 degree weather I regret it all. Suddenly there is no coat to hide under and no tan to make my chubby arms look thinner in my bright Ralph Lauren polo that is tighter than it was the last time I wore it. My new year’s resolution to get fit usually doesn’t start until…April. This year, April 7th. Yesterday was gorgeous. I could tell no-coat weather was upon us. Chris went golfing and I went for a stroll. I don’t run, although I wish I could;…

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Founded 2005…Married 2008…Established 2009

Don’t get me wrong, we have had it good. Chris’s grandparents have also had it good escaping to St. George for the winter. They have allowed us to stay in their home. It’s really cozy. The downside: it’s not ours. We haven’t really used any of our wedding gifts. We haven’t even taken them out of their gift bags. We never bought furniture. We never got to decorate. We just kind of dwelled in a home that wasn’t ours. The perk: we got to save some money. But now! Oh now we are moving! A month earlier than expected. We found a 2-bedroom apartment and it is serving as our blank canvas. We will officially move in Saturday, but our new furniture has arrived and is in place. I wanted to cry when I saw everything come together. It’s better than I imagined. We bought a cream-colored sectional and a…

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