A Non-Greta Post

 Something has to be said.  It has really been bothering me lately.  I would say I HATE , but I don’t say hate, so I very much dislike…even ABHOR when I am leaving a comment on someone’s blog and I have to put in the word verification.  Those things are never words and they make them all swirled and very close to real words.  In fact, sometimes I think, “Oh, I know that word —-” I type it in, like no problem and then it turns out being not correct because they wanted me to look closer and notice that it is not the real word I was thinking it was…it was just a made-up sorta thing.  Why?  Just make it a real word, right?

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5 month old love

I love you, my little five-month old. I love your huge, open-mouthed smile that never ends.   I love your chubby thighs and the rolls hidden by your diaper.   I love that one big curl on top of your head.   I love your brown, brown, brown eyes.   I love your little voice when you are talking to yourself in the mirror.   I love that you love oatmeal and bananas.  I do too!   I love that you try so hard to crawl.  It will come, don’t worry.   I love having you.  I am gonna keep you forever.

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Our tropical vacation in paradise.

 Psyche.  We just got back from our vacation to Rexburg.  We now vacation to Rexburg–wow.  We came home a day early so that we can have tomorrow to vacation from our vacation.  If you need a vacation from vacation, then usually something didn’t go exactly as planned.  It’s true: 9 days in Rexburg is just too long.  And if our minds couldn’t figure that out, by day 5 our bodies started rejecting the place.  We have all arrived home ill. But before the runny noses, stuffed noses, coughs, sore throats and headaches set in (and a little bit after all that set in) we enjoyed the rodeo, sharing a full-sized bed (maybe just I enjoyed being so close), eating out at Rexburg’s new chinese restaurant that’s NOT Fong’s and IS delicious, a little jamba juice, seeing my sister from Mexico, laughing hysterically to the tune of Jim Gaffigan, seeing my…

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Words from a Groupie.

Today I felt like I went back in time 3 or 4 years.  I haven’t been shopping in years.  Literally.  The last time I can remember shopping for clothes was pre-mission, and even then, I was shopping for mission clothes.  This morning, Greta and I went to the mall.  We shopped Gap clearance and I got some new clothes for Chris and I.  I got Chris a pair of shorts and two shirts and I got a jacket, a shirt and and cami.  That’s six things for $50.  I am not a coupon shopper, but shoot–I love a good Gap sale. After shopping, we (Greta and I) met Chris for lunch at Five Guys.  Lots of people have told us that we have to try this place out and we are so glad we finally did.  We LOVED it.  The menu was so simple and easy to choose from and…

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