7 Projects We Want to Crank Out in 2017

Yesterday, we shared the nine big projects we completed in 2016 and today we’re sharing where we think we’re headed in 2017. Opportunities are always popping up in my inbox, so we try to leave room for those (and bringing makeovers to other people, like you!), while also knowing in the back of our mind what we would happily accomplish around here, including these 7 projects. 1. Storage Room This one isn’t super glamorous, but it will be impactful. When we moved in, we were initially very excited about a sprawling storage room in the basement. Fast forward 3 years, and you can’t even walk into it. The big issue here is all the shelves are about 12″ deep and equally as high which is great for food storage….and that’s about it. So we’re going to be overhauling this room to create more functional storage that will be way more useful for big…

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Our 9 Big Project Before and Afters of 2016!

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! While we haven’t been actively blogging, we did do some major behind-the-scenes upgrades over the past two weeks, switching hosts and moving to our own dedicated server that will hopefully make the blog quicker and more enjoyable for everyone this year. Every year, we lay out all of our project predictions for the year–the rooms and spaces we hope to tackle in our home–and then at the end of the year we look back, sometimes comically, to see how we did. At the beginning of 2016, we predicted in this post that we’d complete 5 rooms in our home: two bathrooms (nope, nope), the master closet (no, again), the family room/playroom (yes!) and the back deck (yup!). We only checked off TWO of those. Two! But, we did have a fulfilling 2016 even still. So before we break down what we have up our sleeve…

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The Energy Efficient Home – Water Heaters & Connectivity

The Energy Efficient Home - Water Heaters & Connectivity

This post is sponsored by Ruud Heating, Cooling & Water Heating. We’ve partnered with them to share our process of making our home more comfortable and energy efficient. Ruud has been innovating for over 120 years, so if you’re looking at new HVAC equipment, we encourage you to find a Ruud-approved contractor and request that this outstanding equipment be installed in your home. Making a home more energy-efficient seems like a major task. Light bulbs, windows, attic insulation, heating/AC – even down to how well insulated your receptacles on outside walls are. All of this can be daunting and there’s so much to remember, we can sometimes neglect the every day work horses in our homes. One prime example would be our water heaters. You may recall back in September we wrote about replacing our old furnace that was leaking Carbon Monoxide into our home mid spring earlier this year. A furnace going out is…

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Ep 27: Christmas Lights, Negative Reviews, and Compromise

Christmas Living Room

Listen to the latest episodes on: iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher. Title: Ep 27: Christmas Lights, Negative Reviews, and Compromise Hot Topic: Reviews Show Notes: The Gang listens to Chris tell tales of woe from the trials and tribulations of DIY christmas light installation. Then we have an interesting difference of opinion about compromise vs. win/win when it comes to people having different goals with design elements. Then we top it all off by reading and laughing about our podcast reviews. Both negative and positive. Merry Christmas! Please leave a rating and review for the podcast! Theme song Headphones by Preston Pugmire How to Listen (iPhone): 1. Tap the podcast app on your phone. The icon for it looks like this: 2. Search for “Chris Loves Julia” in the search bar and tap on the podcast title, which is “The Chris Loves Julia Podcast w/Preston Pugmire” 3. On the search results page the top section will list Podcast Episodes. Ignore that for…

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