The Reveal: Family Room Before and Afters.

This post has been a long time coming.  It was February, nine months ago (!), when we decided that we wanted/needed to completely renovate our family room.  We installed new carpet, baseboards, built-ins, bought new furniture, installed recessed lighting and even a new window!  This has really been the room of the year, and while I’m sure we’ll continue to tweak things like throw pillows and art, we’re sticking a fork in this room and ready to look back to see how far we’ve come. Get ready for lots of photos and a few words. (I know that’s how you prefer it anyway *wink)
Looking waaayyyyy back, on move in day the room looked like this.  Less blurry, but generally a poop color with lots of junk in it:

However, our starting point 9 months ago, looked more like this:

At that time, the family room was our least favorite room in the whole house, mostly because we imagined it should be the most comfortable, cozy, play-inducing room and it felt so opposite that.  So we put on our work gloves, gutted the room of carpet, old tile, the ceiling fan, the wall on the left side to get rid of that weird ledge that housed the home’s foundation in it and rebuilt it around it how we envisioned. Here’s how she’s looking today:

Here’s a peak at the other side of the room before:
And now:

I even snapped a couple shots of the family room last night, since that is when we really enjoy the room–in the evenings when things are the MOST cozy.

We’ll call this the official “Before and After” shot:

It’s cozy, and family-friendly and there’s no place we would rather be as a family in the evenings.  So, our place for movie night?
(^that just took me 45 minutes.)


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