Who You Gonna Call

You may remember our inspiration photo as far as art goes for the family room from our mood board:
I originally found this photo here, but of course didn’t link the exact post and now I can’t find it again. Pet peeve. 

We have plenty of paintings dabbling the house, and in a relaxed atmosphere like our family/media room I was aiming toward framed posters and less formal art.  Classic and cozy. I love the simple black frames and varying sizes, too.

Behind the scenes, we have been slowly gathering things to decorate this room with.  You know, so when we’re (finally!) done with all of the dirty work–we’ll have something to beautify the space with.   A couple weeks ago, while browsing through Etsy, I came across a shop that made Chris and I both laugh a little.  Print Wolf.  The shop is full of minimalist posters–lots of them movie posters.  We instantly fell for this one and thought it would be a perfect start to our informal collection for the family room:

I loved the colors, the minimalist design and font and Ghostbusters is a movie classic that will be appropriate to hang in an entertainment room for a long time.   When it arrived, I put it in a $5 white Ikea frame I had on hand to get a better feel for it against the wall color:

The colors play so nice with the wall color, but I think a black frame will look better.  And if Ghostbusters isn’t your thing, there are lots of other classic movie posters and even some non-movie posters.  I am digging this Beatles one (which I JUST discovered in his shop):

And this original illustration that is positively charming, but not too cutesy (you know me…I am not a huge fan of cutesy):

Print Wolf, who happens to also be named Chris, agreed to offer 20% off to our readers for a solid week (use code CANISLUPUS).  We would love to hear your favorites from that shop or any other great Etsy (or otherwise) finds you have come across lately.  Spill (and feel free to leave a link, too!)–because let’s face it one poster would look pretty silly hanging above the couch alone.

Also, happy weekend.  I am so, so glad it is almost here.


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