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The Be All, End All of Cloud Wallpaper | One Room Challenge Week 3

If you’re just tuning in, we’re making over our nursery in 6 weeks as part of the One Room Challenge (check out the before here). It’s week 3, and just like last season when we participated, we’re doing it and sharing it in real time. Meaning, the progress you see, is right where we’re at. Last week, we left you with the addition of molding (and earlier this week, we shared how we painted it all). But this week, the wallpaper went up and everything changed. Initially, I had my eye on this cloud mural–which is gorgeous!–but since there was no repeat, it couldn’t be applied to more than one or two walls. For several days I tried to push it and think of ways that we could make it work, but in my gut I knew that a one-walled mural, especially above wainscoting, was not the look I was going…

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