Ep 18: Every Dog Must Have His Day – Living (Happily) With Pets


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Title: Ep 18: Every Dog Must Have His Day – Living (Happily) With Pets
Hot Topic: People Who Don’t Like Animals
Show Notes: Living with animals brings a lot of joy to a home, but it can also presents some challenges. In this episode, Chris & Julia talk about their life with Charly, their 150 lb St. Pyrenees. They share how she has influenced the renovation decisions they’ve made, and how they handle things like hair, drool and … accidents…

And if you’re not an animal lover, they also discuss some common courtesies that all pet owners appreciate, and how to approach visits with your friends who may have pets.

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  • Reply September 15, 2016


    I was surprised that you are hurt that friends ask you to put your very large dog away when they come over, yet you said you couldn’t eat for weeks because your new dog was so large and you thought that she would turn on you!? I am a little nervous around large dogs, so I am curious, would you prefer that a dinner guest turns down an invitation due to their fear of dogs? I’m just wondering what would be the best way to handle this situation on both sides?

    • Reply September 15, 2016


      Never! We love having people over and are always sensitive to fears, especially since Charly is a large dog. I think my hope would be that people would let me know beforehand and allow us the opportunity to do what we feel is best for all parties. If it is just a fear, I think it is helpful to allow Charly to meet that person (whether it be you or anyone else, children included) so maybe the fear could be overcome. If it is a dinner party, and Charly isnt snoring in the corner (haha) we usually do put her in her room so that Charly isn’t eating scraps or pieces that fall on the floor while everyone is trying to eat.

      • September 16, 2016



  • Reply September 12, 2016


    Tell Preston that Ikea’s names are Swedish not Icelandic, silly Preston!

  • Reply September 6, 2016

    Stephanie Winnel

    Loved this weeks podcast, but then I’m loving every week’s episode. You guys are fantastic and it makes me laugh out loud nearly every week as I listen on my walk to work.

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