DIY Leather Herb Labels

A couple months back, we added some herbs to the kitchen window sill–oregano, chives and a leaning tower or thai basil. They were planted in the ever-popular, minimalist clay pots from Ikea and I was itching to dress them up a smidge.
Enter one of Chris’s old leather belts, some “craft lace”–which is really just leather twine I had on hand and a white paint fine marker that I picked up for around $2 at Walmart.
First I cut three, four-inch strips off of the belt to make my tags.  I drilled holes on either side, using a scrap piece of wood underneath.
And then I just wrote the names of each herb on the leather tags without thinking twice about it. I love the organic, non-fussy, imperfect feel that comes with rushed script. Try it–I think you’ll be pleased, too.
To attach the leather tags to the pots (rocket science, here) I threaded a loop of twine through each drilled hole and then pulled the ends through the loop and tied them on the clay pots and voila–
The result is warm, sophisticated, but not too stuffy. It took me 20 minutes and just $2 for the paint pen to amp up our pots. (You could tack on another couple dollars for the twine and a thrifted leather belt if you don’t have those around your casa.)
Do you keep fresh herbs in your kitchen?  We use them so much more now that they are right there.  And now I look at them a lot more, too, because handsome herb pots!
Ps. Another happy pot makeover.


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