The New Kitchen Lighting (Or Fluorescent Be Gone!)

First off, I am doing much better after Monday’s incident.  Thank you so much for your concern and comments.  I was able to get up and walk around and even do some dishes yesterday. Strangely thrilling about the dishes. This week has been challenging for a number of reasons, but we do have a kitchen update to share.  And that’s happy news.
Last weekend, we tackled the lighting in the kitchen!

Chris is excited? Obviously we still have some patch work and painting to do, but the new lighting is eons better than the fluorescent box and off-centered overhead light that was hanging out over the sink. Our friend, Mike, who also happens to be an electrician (woot), came over and helped Chris move wires around and install the lights.  The wires from the fluorescent light were redirected to the pendants–which is why the hole had to be capped.  There are still wires there.

For the wall sconce over the sink, we’ll be able to patch the previous hole because the wire was removed completely and pulled down to where the new light is–with the help of that L-shaped hole in the wall. We had to hang the new light above the sink a little higher than we originally planned because of a header above the window. We’re still debating about whether trim or a roman shade will fill in the gap. Or maybe both?

I wish I could go into more detail on the install, but we’re really glad we had a professional here.  The whole thing only took about 2 hours and we were left with this:

The globe pendants we ordered from West Elm here.  We love having the extra light over the peninsula where Chris (let’s be honest) does most of the prep work.

They are visually very light which works well because the dining room chandelier is very close, as well as the new wall lamp over the sink. Speaking of.

This guy is from Rejuvenation.  It’s the Reed Industrial swing arm wall sconce in black enamel.  The glossy black goes really well with our new pantry door and the design itself blends well with our sconce in the stairwell–which is also from Rejuvenation.  But more than anything, we just, flat out, love the Reed here. With the hanging pendants, another hanging something may have been too much.  It’s also totally adjustable.

I just snapped this nighttime photo so you could see that, in fact, we have already turned the shade in a little more, for no other reason than I think it gives it a little better shape.  Also, I am a chronic tweaker.

Evening shots on home blogs–a rarity.  It’s feels so elusive and mysterious. In this case, I’m not sure it even counts as myterious, because we’re talking about lighting…so that kind of just makes sense to see them on.  But, I gotta say, I’d love to see more of my favorite home interiors (Dana! Kim!) at night. You?

Update: See how the kitchen turned out with before and afters right here.

A special thanks to Rejuvenation for outfitting our kitchen with their Reed light fixture.  They were one of the very first companies that ever partnered with us nearly two years ago and we can’t get enough of their fixtures or the company behind them.


  • Reply February 9, 2016


    Hi Julia!

    I am undergoing a reno right now and am looking to purchase two of the west elm pendants like you had in this kitchen. Could you tell me which size you got? (Looks like they come in 8″,11″ and 14″)


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  • Reply October 30, 2013

    Lindsey Marson

    OOO…and I forgot to opt in to notifications in case you haven’t lost all hope on this post! Thanks guys!

    • Reply October 30, 2013

      Julia Marcum

      Luckily, I was already responding to some other comments. Hope it helps, Lindsey!

  • Reply October 30, 2013

    Lindsey Marson

    We are considering these West Elm pendants and it seems like everywhere else has used recessed lighting with them! Do you think they provide enough light to be the only source in the room? We’ve got a peninsula where all of our prep work is done..and an additional light above the sink as well. Just scared to jump on these guys and then be left in the dark!

    • Reply October 30, 2013

      Julia Marcum

      Hmm. We had these and a sink light and we were set. Although our dining room chandelier wasn’t too far away. I think you should be just fine!

  • Reply March 23, 2013


    I love evening pictures! A lot bloggers end up apologizing for them, but I just think they make spaces look super cozy!

  • Reply March 22, 2013

    Dana @ House*Tweaking

    Three things:

    1) So glad you are feeling better! Hope you continue to heal and rest.

    2) Isn’t it awesome knowing an electrician? Your lighting makeover is spot on with those newly painted cabinets and pantry door. Love it!

    3) I get you on the evening pictures. I’ll see what I can do. It might not happen ASAP but, I promise you, it will happen ;)

  • Reply March 22, 2013

    Lauren Monique

    Looks lovely! I especially like how they allow you to have a clear view of your gorgeous paintings too.

  • The new lighting looks great! Glad you’re feeling better :)

  • Reply March 22, 2013

    Kristi Lynn

    Oh my gosh I love all the new lighting! That swing arm is the best! I actually like the night time shot. I think they keep it real and I’d like to see more! Glad to hear you are doing better! I ended up in the ER on Wed morning (thought of you). I had to give birth to a kidney stone :( It was my first and hopefully last!

    • Reply March 22, 2013

      Chris Loves Julia

      Kristi Lynn, sounds horrible!!! And painful!! Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  • Reply March 22, 2013

    Jessica Holly

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE it!

  • Oooh, I love those lights!

  • Reply March 22, 2013

    Katherine Sanneman

    I love the new pendants! I’ve been trying to figure out what type of lighting to put in our kitchen and it is HARD. I’ve been eyeing the lights you purchased from West Elm, so it’s fun to see them in your kitchen. I am in the process of redoing my kitchen, and love your choice on Navy on the cabinets. I’m painting mine black, but definately considered Navy after seeing yours.

    • Reply March 22, 2013

      Chris Loves Julia

      The West Elm lights are so affordable, it was an easy choice for us. Good luck!

  • Wahoo, so happy you’re feeling better! Now, stop it with the scares, please.

    The lights? They’re perfect.

    Also, you’re right – we absolutely need to share our home at night. It’s when we’re the coziest, after all! This’ll be a photo challenge; accepted!

  • Reply March 22, 2013


    The kitchen is looking gorgeous! I love the choices you’ve made so far. You and Chris have such a similar taste to me and my husband’s. I’m dyinnnng to get our kitchen done. (Next year) I hope you continue to feel better and get back to normal. :-)

  • I adore you lighting updates!! They are perfect in your space.

    And I heart Dana…her style is amazing!

  • Reply March 22, 2013

    Cait @ Hernando House

    Love the new lights, and I’m glad you’re feeling better!

  • Reply March 22, 2013


    Love your kitchen reno so far! I don’t typically love homes with tall sloped ceilings like yours, but now I may be coming around…and your new kitchen lights are beautiful.

    • Reply March 22, 2013

      Chris Loves Julia

      Funny. I don’t typically love homes with vaulted ceilings either! But this one has a piece of our heart, now.

  • That fluorescent box was baaaaaaad. What a change! I love the hanging fixtures. Are they high enough where you tall folks don’t have to dodge them every time? I hate even the potential of hitting my head on light fixtures. But then again, that’s an odd and rare chance when that happens.

    • Reply March 22, 2013

      Chris Loves Julia

      Definitely. Chris can happily prep (and Greta can sit on the counter to “help”) with no interference.

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