An Easy Closet for Greta–Part II

The last time we visited Greta’s closet, it was just after we painted it a bold pink–Benjamin Moore’s Peony. While it certainly looked good, Greta’s clothes have been hanging out in our closet and we were ready to get some function back in place.

And this weekend, with an Easy Closets closet system we did. I won’t make you wait. Ta-da!
I already shared the cinch-y design process here, and now that it is installed–I can say, the installation was almost as easy.  Of course, there was more physical effort put in, and we did have a few instances where we had to redo a step or two, but they were little things–like, oops!, we forgot to put the knobs on the drawer front before we attached the drawer front to the drawer. We filmed the whole process for you check out–which required setting the tripod up on the roof so we could get the whole closet in the shot.
Thank goodness it wasn’t a windy day, right? Here’s how the whole installation went down–sped up 2000%.

It certainly didn’t take 3 minutes like our time-lapse video portrays. We set aside three hours on Saturday morning and got the closet installed, all of the boxes it arrived in taken to the recycling center and took 2 breaks due to our camera needing recharged.  So–we’re giving this project our easy and diy-friendly stamp. 

The closet system came with paintable covers for the track that we installed very first, so one of the last things I did was paint it to match the rest of the closet, even if it will be covered by clothes most of the time.


We still need to move all of Greta’s clothes back in, but we’re already dreaming of getting all of her things organized.  And also suddenly none of her clothes will have stains and they will always be ironed–while we’re dreaming.  ;)

We’re excited to finish this project up with a few special finishing touches (EEee!!) and share all of the before and afters later this week.  Stay tuned, friends. 

Psst. This project is sponsored by All opinions are my own. Finding their site was like striking gold and we’re thrilled they wanted to team up with us, too.


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