Kitchen Update–Already?

You know what is silly?  Doing a kitchen update before demo has even started in there–but here we are.  We have almost everything ordered–and some things have even arrived–but there have been a few changes to the original plan to catch you up on:

First up, the backsplash.  We were really excited about a moody backsplash.  But, when the sample showed up last week, it left a lot to be desired.  And that “a lot” was any amount of moodiness or gray undertones.

This second photo is truer to life because it isn’t reflecting some of the gray countertop:

So…country blue.  We lived with it, stared at it, squinted for a few days before we were sure that was not the direction we wanted to go. Is our dream, moody backsplash out there?  Oh yeah.  But Chris and I came up with a cost-effective solution we are even more excited about–painting the base cabinets and doing a classic white subway tile backsplash. We really wanted to inject color in our kitchen somehow. Originally, the backsplash seemed like a welcome and unexpected way to do it–but painting the base cabinets will allow us to get the exact color we want in the kitchen and save us a ton of money on tile.  In fact, since white subway tiles are so much cheaper–we’ll be able to tile the entire exterior of the pantry, too!  As for the base cabinets, we’re going with Navy. Specifically inspired by this photo:

I am not sure the cabinets in the photo are painted Hauge Blue, and I am not 100% sure that is the navy we’ll go with–but it is a top contender right now.  Something deep, warm, without purple or too much green undertone.

The other change we made was in our hardware.  And we actually made the switch before we decided to paint the base cabinets.  I was going back and forth between oil-rubbed bronze and nickel and I sprung for nickel pulls from Restoration Hardware.  They were on sale–still more than we planned on spending on hardware–but we decided to splurge nonetheless. Sometimes you just gotta.

We ordered the Gilmore Pulls for all the drawers and the Grafton Metal Pull for the cabinets. And yowza, I can’t wait to see them against the navy base cabinets.

So you’re officially caught up on all of the changes–feel free to weigh in with your thoughts–and I better get back to painting our new pantry door.

P.S. We announced the winner of the Happy Habitat eco-throw giveaway here.


  • Reply February 22, 2013

    Jen @ RamblingRenovators

    Ooh, I like the new plan. Navy blue and nickel is such a classic pairing. Love the pulls you’ve chosen.

  • Reply February 22, 2013


    This is going to be amazing! Can’t wait to see it. FYI… I found your blog via young house love a month or so ago, and just wanted to tell you how much I loves it! :) you guys are awesome. I’m hooked!
    Have a great weekend!

  • Reply February 21, 2013

    Jane P.

    I’ve always loved (and wanted) navy cabinets, but the spouse thinks it’s “a wackadoodle idea.” Whaaa?

    Just in case somebody else is looking for this paint color: It’s called Hague Blue (rather than Hauge). The name comes from The Hague in the Netherlands, where they make blue and white Delft porcelain.

    Love it! Can’t wait to see the results!

  • Reply February 20, 2013

    Caroline Nolazco

    I love how brave you are with color… ITS SO SEXY!!!!

  • Reply February 20, 2013


    I think you should stick with the baby blue tile and rethink the whole kitchen. I’m seeing some wooden geese wearing bonnets. Some cross stitch pieces. You may want to take a new angle Julia. I say run with the tile.

  • Reply February 20, 2013

    Kim @ Yellow Brick Home

    Eek! So happy to see the navy! Scott and I actually talked about navy for our dream kitchen – ha! Great minds, us two. (Or four?)

  • Reply February 20, 2013

    Cait @ Hernando House

    Love the changes! Your kitchen plans sound very similar to ours! We recently decided on white subway tile after vetoing glass tile (I wanted a grayish turquoise), and to paint the base cabinets darker.

  • Reply February 20, 2013


    We love our white subway tile so much we did it in the kitchen and master bath! Are you considering a darker grout? We did that in the kitchen and I really like it. Pics here

    If you like a little shimmer in your kitchen, I highly suggest looking for beveled subway tile. We did our master bath with that and I can’t believe how much light it draws into a tiny little shower. Tile pics here

    Of course, I love HouseTweakings thin subway tile too. So many options :)

  • Reply February 20, 2013


    I’m excited to see the changes you make. We are hoping to do a budget friendly kitchen makeover someday.

  • Reply February 20, 2013

    The Smiths

    Love the changes! Though when my husband bought our condo (before we were married) I found a really similar inspiration and we bought SO MANY blue paint samples and NONE of them were just right! I hope you have better luck than us! We ended up going with red! :) Which surprisingly only took 2 paint samples before we found a winner.

  • Reply February 20, 2013


    do you have any advice on cleaning/keeping up the pulls? a home that i work in has them and they are often disgusting! it’s crazy to me, because i don’t think i’ve ever encountered especially dirty hardware on cabinets (other than normal use).

    • Reply February 23, 2013

      Chris Loves Julia

      Considering we have been living without hardware for almost two years, I don’t have any tricks yet. But once we get ours installed–i’ll let you know!

  • Reply February 20, 2013

    Caitlin @ Desert Domicile

    Love your updates! I used Valspar’s “Indigo Streamer” in my loft and it’s a very pretty, no-undertone navy that I love!

  • Reply February 20, 2013


    Love, love, love F&B’s Hague Blue. Absolutely one of my favorite colors!

    Another deep rich blue that I recently stumbled across is Benjamin Moore’s Mysterious. You might check that one out just to compare it! Good luck!

  • Reply February 20, 2013


    So very exciting!! I LOVE the change and cannot wait to see your finished cabinets! My favorite navy is BM’s Polo Blue – check it out if you need another option for comparison. I just used it on a dresser in high gloss with brass pulls. So good.

  • Reply February 20, 2013


    Ohhh love the changes. I just might have to steal your idea and go buy those pulls. They are GORGEOUS!

  • Reply February 20, 2013

    Amber Nadeau

    Great changes, I thought your kitchen update plans were fantastic before but now they are AMAZING. I might just steal a few ideas :) I look forward to reading your blog everyday so please don’t EVER Stop..hahah

  • Reply February 20, 2013

    Meagan@Meagan Tells All

    LOVE that navy. Holy mama it is gorgeous! I love the clean look the white subway tiles bring. Good update!

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