Greta’s Art Wall!

When I first started browsing art for Greta’s room, two prints became my springboard.  This shiny, gold letterpress print from Sugar Paper (That whole site is…gorg. I’m crushing on everything they have.) that carries a message I wanted our girl to see and feel and know every day:
The second was this pink balloon photo print from the Max Wanger Print Shop. I loved the whimsey and the pink!! (This one was in the running, too.)
And then my sister, Andi, made this fun poster for Greta for Christmas (thanks And!)–and it had to go in her room.

And then I found Greta’s little blessing outfit and had to frame it (and, oops, sorry for not flipping that hanger yet, hanger peeps). Read more about that project here.

And finally, I wanted Greta to contribute as well.  So I set her up to make her best painting yet.  And she blew it out of the water.  She worked on it every day, sometimes twice a day, for a whole week.  I did give her colors to use and implemented these tips as well, but I never touched the brushes.  She just painted and painted until yesterday, we both agreed it was done.
As you can see, it went through a lot of transformations and layers.  Sometimes that’s how paintings go.  You just keep painting until you find what your painting is in all of that pigment.  Here’s how everything fits/looks on her wall:
I was going to stand on Greta’s bed to get a good frontal shot of the whole thing, but she was right there and I didn’t want to be a bad example. Ha! We went with black frames (and a black edge on the canvas) to tie in with the butterflies on the opposite wall and the black stitching in the curtains.  Speaking of those curtains, they got some new swag I can’t wait to share with you tomorrow.  As for this gallery wall, it’s done for now, but we’d love to keep collecting and adding to it as Greta grows. That’s the whole beauty of a gallery wall, don’t you know?  Do you have a favorite piece? I could never pick–each one feels special to me.
 A special thanks to Max Wanger and Sugar Paper for sending these prints to our girl. 


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