A Warm Welcome to Silky Bamboo

This weekend,  we finally FINALLY decided on a grasscloth for Greta’s room and got it ordered (woot!).  We realized it was so tough deciding because we were trying to coordinate all of these natural, warm-toned grasscloths with gray paint.  Which is doable, I’m sure, but it was making my eyes crazy!  The grasscloth samples were turning our beloved Gray Owl paint (seriously–beloved) very cool toned (especially in a north facing room) and throwing everything off.  When Chris suggested, “we could always change the paint color, pick a wallpaper you really love” BAM! I narrowed it down to two and then one. We went with a real grasscloth, instead of the faux ones we were eyeing a little while ago and I am anxious/nervous/excited for it to get here and dive in and share that whole experience with you.
But back to the paint color. Fortunately, painting a room is no big deal to us anymore and we can crank it out pretty quickly.  The other good news was we only paid $4 for the gallon of Gray Owl thanks to a Groupon we picked up last year, so it wasn’t a financial biggie either.  This time around we decided on Behr’s Silky Bamboo, which is a warm, super-light taupe.  And this time, we skipped painting the accent wall, which is making it look a little more yellow-y in this photo.

Breaking open a can of taupe-y beige paint was a new experience for me.  We tend to stick with grays or dark dramatic tones around here, but the color on the walls–although might seem a little boring–will be the perfect backdrop for the art and window treatments we have planned for the room.

Our room is painted a brownish tone (Martha Stewart’s Mushroom) so it coordinates well to have another warm-toned room right across the hall.  Ahem, the gray hall. And most importantly, will coordinate with the grasscloth we selected. At least it better. Ahhhh, it better.

Bottom line, bye bye Gray Owl. Hello, Silky Bamboo. Hope you stay awhile. Have you ever painted over a room within a week?  A month? A day?!  We aren’t new to that game.  I painted over our entire stenciled hallway shortly after I completed the project because I just didn’t love it.  And really, you should love your home, right?!


  • This reminds me of those beautiful sheets! But perhaps too much for one little girls room: http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=26108464&parentid=SALE_APT

  • Reply January 7, 2013

    Rachel O.

    Pretty, pretty! Can’t wait to see the other stuff you guys are going to put up!

  • Ah! It’s so nice to be back on the internet and back browsing the pages of C loves J! Love the warm bamboo for Greta-girl. It’s very calm and inviting. And those sheets? Girl, those are gold. Literally. :)

  • I really loved the Gray Owl but that Silky Bamboo is beautiful too! Can’t wait to see it paired with the grasscloth you chose!

    I repainted the kitchen in our old condo 5 times within 6 months because I just wasn’t happy with the paint colors I was choosing. I ended up settling on the last color we painted because I was so sick of repainting the room but I never was very happy with it. I wish I had your “just paint it” attitude haha

    • Reply January 7, 2013

      Chris Loves Julia

      Wow! Five times in six months. I would love to paint a room dozens of times just to see how every color looked/changed the room. I think it would be a fun experiment!

  • Reply January 7, 2013

    Kim @ Yellow Brick Home

    I would be so scared to use a taupe-y color, too. All the paint in our home (with the exception of my studio!) is in the cool family, with cool grays acting as our neutral.

    I can see how cracking open that paint can be so exciting! That bamboo looks soft, serene and perfect.

    • Reply January 7, 2013

      Chris Loves Julia

      Thanks Kim. It has taken some getting used to, but it’s all for the greater good of the room! Haha

  • Reply January 7, 2013


    So pretty! I’m usually into quite bright, punchy colours. But the soft bedding with the wall colour is positively dreamy!

  • Reply January 7, 2013


    Love this color! Can’t wait to see the grasscloth.

  • Reply January 7, 2013


    That makes sense. I actually painted my Living Room once an awful shade of green. It looked like I had used a green highlighter on the entire wall. I swear the paint was barely dry before I painted right over it. The only memory I have of it now is my brother-in-law who came over that night reminding me how awful that color was. He was right it was awful, LOL.

    Sometimes you just know when it’s wrong, no sense in living with it if it’s just not working.

  • I seriously cannot wait to see how the grasscloth goes! I’d really love to do the bottom portion (under the chair rail) in our dining room with grasscloth and a bold green on the top portion, but we shall see. You’re my guinea pig! ;)

  • It’s very nice! I was surprised to see you changed the paint but it makes sense! We moved into our home a year ago and I want to re-paint my kitchen so bad. My husband thinks I’m crazy. I don’t think there is anything wrong with living with a paint color for awhile and then being over it, or needing to change it to make other elements work. I really, seriously love those polka dot sheets!

    • Reply January 7, 2013

      Chris Loves Julia

      There is zero wrong with wanting to repaint. It’s the easiest/cheapest thing to do!

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