A Shadow Box for the Ages.

Greta’s room is packing a lot of neutrals (or was)–but the art opposite the butterfly wall will hopefully balance that with lots of little punches of color.  And then there is the closet color that you all voted on, which is currently leaning toward a bold pink–a nice big splash of color that will coordinate so well with the first piece “art” on Greta’s wall.

Greta was blessed in our church wearing this little, white, vintage onesie when she was just a few weeks old.  I found it again a few weeks ago while I was attempting to sort through all of her old clothes and clear some space out and I thought, “Ahh! Frameable! For her room!!”  There might have been some tears mixed in there.  Moving on.

The next day I gathered some supplies for the project.  I have seen a lot of framed clothing pinned in place, but I really wanted to use a gold hanger to coordinate with other art we’re using–plus, cute! I ended up just using plastic hanger from Greta’s closet and some gold spray paint from Michaels.  I also got 3/4 yard of bright pink, cheap fabric and a 16×20 shadow box from Hobby Lobby that was on clearance for $16.99.

The back of the box had, like, 15 screws (!!) that I unscrewed so I could “reupholster” the gray with a bright, bold pink.

I was fully expecting to take out the gray fabric and just place the pink fabric in (maybe staple it on the back?) but the gray fabric was glued on the the backing so I rolled with it.  I just lightly sprayed the gray fabric with adhesive and smoothed the pink right over top.

While spray-painting the hanger, I also painted a little finishing nail gold and hammered it in place.  It’s a good idea to put a thick piece of fabric or some sort of buffer over your freshly painted nail while hammering, so you don’t scratch off the paint.  ;)

The finished product is something sentimental, girly, colorful and pretty cute.  Greta loves pointing to it and saying, “Little baby goes to church!”  I don’t quite know if she understands she was that little baby, but she will one day.

Have you ever cried over baby clothes and then framed them?  Ha! Jenny recently did a round up of not just framed baby clothing, but also some great vintage pieces–including bathing suits!  Or, you could always frame barbie clothes. Surprisingly chic!

Update: Here’s a photo of our girl at 9 or 10 weeks old on her blessing day in the outfit now framed above. :)  


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