Tastes Orangey in the Bedroom.

If you were to peek into our bedroom today, you might notice something new:

We found some art for above our bed!  Art above our bed wasn’t something that we felt we needed in our room, but we also aren’t people that worry about whatever we hang above our beds, and subsequently our heads, will fall down on us while we sleep.  I guess we have just been waiting for the right piece to come along.  Not something of a particular size or color–just something that felt cozy.
About a month ago I came across talented artist, Clare Elsaesser’s, Etsy shop, Tastes Orangey.  I immediately fell hard for her work.  The brushstrokes. The moody colors.  The absent faces that make her pieces even more relatable.  And then I saw this piece that almost looked like it could be…us:

I pinned it and a week later I was still thinking about it so obviously I had to pull the trigger. The print itself is12″x12″, but it is printed on 13″x19″ paper and when it arrived yesterday I realized it was centered on the paper.  I guess I was expecting the bottom portion to be larger, but that made the choice about framing it easier.  I was teetering between showing a lot of the natural white border of the paper or cropping it in to just a half inch around the print.  I went with the latter.  But my work was still not done.  Is anything straight forward with me?

More than finding a frame with a mat for a 12×12 print (sounds hard), I was hunting for an affordable frame that I liked that felt clean and modern and no fuss and I would worry about the mat later.  I found this large one with a very thin black frame around the whole edge with a huge white mat at Target for around $24. Perfect.

When I got home, I made new measurements for a 12.5″ square opening and pulled out my mat cutter.

I haven’t cut a mat for, ohhhhh, 6 years and I was a little rusty.  I even cut my beveled edge backwards on my first cut (rookie)–but I got it corrected and it soon felt like riding a bike.  The end result wasn’t perfect, but I was still patting myself on the back for trying and not settling on an ugly frame.

The end result is pretty charming (minus the mismatched paint patches on the walls–let’s just ignore those).  The simple, thin frame really lets the artwork shine.  And even though it isn’t us…it feels like us.
We aren’t opposed to adding more art to the wall next to this one down the road–but we are loving the look of just this one for now.  Our room is happily tiny–there’s only room for what you see–our bed and a couple of nightstands and lamps, so it feels fitting that the art would reflect that simplicity.

Anyone else found a new favorite artist or add art to their bedroom?  Or maybe you have a fear of hanging anything above your bed?  I get it…I think.


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