White Walls and Reader’s Choice: Ceiling Paint Color

After you readers decided you would like to see the studio painted with white walls and a colored ceiling (check out the poll in this post), we decided to take care of getting the walls painted a crisp white over the weekend.
I mentioned it before, but these walls were in terrible shape.   We removed the corner shelves and the window valance and then proceeded to spackle 75-100 holes.  I don’t understand where all of the holes came from!?  The only conclusion I have is a BB gun.  Other than holes, the walls were just dingy, so a fresh coat of paint made a world of difference.
Here’s a reminder of what the room looked like when we moved in…and throughout the past year:
After a fresh coat of white paint:
Ahhh, so much better.  We used Behr Premium Plus (for extra help covering all those soiled areas and the stenciling) Ultra Pure White in Eggshell.  For the most part, I think paint sprayers aren’t that great.  They use a LOT of paint and take forever to clean and it takes about the same amount of time to cover everything you don’t want painted as it does to paint the room with a roller.  All those disclaimers out there, they are great when you don’t care about getting paint on the ceiling or floor–which we didn’t.  The carpet we are gladly ripping out and the ceiling we are painting as soon as you all decide on a color (poll at the end of this post), so covering the window and outlets was no big deal and made for a relatively quick paint job and a hazy looking room.

Check out the difference between the new white walls in the studio and the now-beige-looking door swinging in from the hall:

One of these days I’ll get all of the doors painted and gold hardware replaced, but for now, let’s talk about your next decision for this room.  What color to paint the ceiling?  I’ve narrowed down 175 swatches to 4 for you to choose from.  Of course everyone’s screen might make the colors look slightly different, but pick the one that you would like to see the ceiling wearing:
Your choices are:
1. Martha Stewart Lagoon–the bluest of the bunch
2.  Martha Stewart Araucana Teal–a true teal
3.  Martha Stewart Hummingbird Blue–if 1 and 2 had a baby, it would look like this
4. Martha Stewart Sea Glass–the softest of the picks
Yup, I picked up 4 different brands of paint swatches and landed on all Marthas.  I think our winner is in there, and as soon as there is a clear winner, we’ll get the ceiling painted.
Ready, Set-ty, Vote!

P.S.  While you’re in the voting mood, don’t forget to vote for our Exterior Melodrama right here.

Paint the ceiling


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