One year ago today.

It’s been a whole year since we moved into our house.  A year ago today, we were cleaning our little apartment and filling up this house with lots of boxes.  Our very first house.  I remember how dirty this place was when we moved in.  It wasn’t a foreclosure or even a short sale–just neglected, dirty and outdated.  Which isn’t everyone’s style, but it was just the house we were looking for. After seeing over 90 homes, we knew this one was ours.  It needed help and we were looking to help.  We’ve been able to do a lot in one year, although really, we both feel like we are just getting started.  I won’t go through every room and change that we have done, check out our House Tour page for those details, but here are some highlights of where we started and how things are lookin’ today.
The day we moved in, we didn’t have any furniture to fill the drab, green living room with:

Now it is filled with furniture and has a warm, clean, modern look about it.

Our kitchen is constantly undergoing tweaks while we save up for a full-on overhaul.  But even on an extremely small budget (we don’t like spending tons of money on things we plan on doing over, but still like to enjoy a space in the meantime)  we’ve been able to add our personality to the dreary cornered kitchen:

And that, my friends, is what a little paint can do:

Also this year, we were given the great opportunity to renovate our guest room/office in front of a camera for a little online mini-series for True Value.  It was a huge project. But we both know that the horrifying before shot got True Value’s attention and landed us the gig:

It took us three months to get it not only live-able, but to a point where we loved it:

Our family room has undergone so many changes in our first year here, it’s hard to keep up with.  It’s even harder to believe where we started on day one:

And then for a little bit, it looked like this:

And then we swapped some art, and it looked like this:

 And ultimately, it is still not completed, but for the last 6 weeks, we have been working on a full overhaul to renovate it exactly how we would have it.  Currently,  the same angle looks like this:

More has changed in our home and in our lives.  Perhaps even more miraculously as watching our house transform, is seeing how Greta has changed in the past year.

She has grown up and changed so much!  Chris and I?  Not so much.  We are still immature and looking pretty much the same, although I think I have more dark circles under my eyes.  Chris would swear he has more gray hair.  And we would both agree that our backs are definitely stiffer.

Another thing that has drastically changed over the course of the year is our little blog. You guys–the growing number of you–our loyal readers, have kept us motivated and we can’t say thank you enough for tuning in each day to see what we’re up to.

We don’t have a party hat for everyone, or even cake to share for our first house-iversary, but let’s make it a party at our Etsy shop.  You can take 20% off anything in the shop all week.

Just use the code above, READERLOVE20, during checkout as our special milestone gift to you.  We’ve come a long way in one year and I have a feeling year two is going to be even more spectacular.  So glad you’re along for the ride!!!


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