Shopping Day!

Today is a pretty monumental day here at Casa Marcum.   It is the day where we finally get to (and have to–because our deadline is Friday morning) buy all of the furniture, bedding, art and accessories to make our guest bedroom and office more than just an empty room.  The swell people at True Value gave us a hefty chunk of change to spend at their store getting the room to where it is now and then gave us an additional $500 to spend in the form of an American Express gift card.  $500 isn’t a whole lot when trying to outfit an entire room, but I like a challenge.  I have been scouring the online classifieds and found an amazing bedframe from Pier 1 circa 2006 for $75 and we scored a free mattress as well.

Our good friends at Rugs USA also came through and provided us with an area rug to soften things up (stained concrete floors aren’t exactly cozy).  100% wool.  Dark charcoal.  Modern and graphic.  It took me a full 48 hours (Chris was about to lose it with how much I changed my mind) to decide on this baby:

And now I am just holding my breath, hoping it arrives on time.  We still need a desk and chairs and I am dreaming of a leaning floor mirror with a colorful ottoman cozied up together.  Punchy, bold curtains and neutral bedding with fabulous pillows.  All for around $400?  Probably not.  Most likely this room will take time to evolve just like every other room in our home, but it is exciting to finally get some furniture in there.

Is it weird that I am nervous to go shopping?  I have butterflies.


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